DB12 Mahogany 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer - Beside TV 2

DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

DB12 Mahogany 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer - Beside TV
Fluance DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

for Home Theater & Music - Mahogany (DB12MA)

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DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer



– The DB12 offers thrilling bass for a truly visceral experience bringing your movies and music to new depths



Longer excursion and controlled linearity results in deeper bass and precise sound reproduction while able to go down to 38Hz consistently



The amplifier design provides 240w RMS and 400w peak wattage while ensuring exceptionally low distortion



Solidly crafted MDF wood cabinet for reduced resonance with precisely tuned dual bass ports for deep warm sounding bass



Fine tune your home theater setup by adjusting the frequency output to blend your speaker components and environment for optimal performance



DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer
Speaker Configuration Front Firing Powered Subwoofer with Integrated Amplifier
Low-Frequency Driver 12-inch Long Throw Polypropylene with Rubber Surround
Amplifier Power Peak 400W / RMS 240W
Input Line/Low Level Subwoofer (RCA L/R) and Speaker/High Level
Audio Output Line/Low Level Subwoofer (RCA L/R) and Speaker/High Level
Low-Pass Crossover 40Hz – 180Hz
Frequency Response 36Hz – 180Hz (±3dB) Full Range Anechoic Measurement
34Hz – 180Hz (±6dB) Full Range Anechoic Measurement
Power 120VAC (60Hz)
Cabinet Specifications Precision Crafted MDF Internally Braced
Enclosure Front Firing Tuned Bass Reflex Vented Via Port
Phase Adjustment Reverse & Normal
AUTO FUNCTION Yes – (100Hz signal input reach 3mV, 1KHz input 5mV)
Gain Control Yes
Dimensions 16.7 x 15 x 16.8 inches
Speaker Weight 37 lbs
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, ETL/CETL
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What's Included
  • Fluance DB12 Active Subwoofer
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Fluance Catalog
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Kevin E April 7, 2023 Florida, United States

    Powerful, yet disciplined. This sub is utilized for both surround and music.

    Roberto H December 29, 2022

    Great quality

    Isaac M November 27, 2022

    It's not bad. But it's not great. Good front firing 12" value speaker, I suppose.The pros: Good price. Good craftsmanship.The cons: The sound quality is ah little muddy i.e. not very tight.Can't loop through the RCA loop through without getting a hummm. I solved this issue by using an RCA splitter. Which worked fine. Just a little annoyingSummary: If you're looking for a good quality, good value, subwoofer. And you can get your hands on it for under $300(ish)? I would say go for it. It's better than most, in its class

    Dr.C November 6, 2022

    This is a very good to excellent sub at a very reasonable price. Don't waste your money on big brand names. Fluance makes very good products at reasonable prices. See my review of the DB10, it all applies to the DB12. The DB12 is, however, obviously more powerful i.e. more presence. The review that mentions the amplifier overheating is not an issue with my unit and I drive it hard. The review(s) mentioning damage to their shipped unit is'nt Fluance's fault. These units are solidly built and elegant.

    Billy September 23, 2022 Connecticut, United States

    I love the performance

    David W July 29, 2022

    so far love it. It kind of smoothed out the bass in a way I really like. I have the DB10 also which I do like. Now its unplugged. The DB12 is about a third bigger and just sounds better. During shipping box was handled roughly and was beat up. Now I wish I had not opened it and returned it because I'm worried about damage. Rough handling has me worried-

    Tommy P June 21, 2022 Quebec, Canada

    I wish every company would put the customer first like Fluance does.
    I bought a powered DB12 subwoofer a little over a year ago.

    Love the product. Unfortunately, it died, still under warranty.

    Since I didn’t have the original packaging to ship it back for repair, I took it to a local repair shop to see if they could diagnose what failed – turned out to be a dead transformer and a fried speaker driver.

    It was easier for me if Fluance sent me the parts vs me getting proper packaging and shipping it back.

    They sent me the parts no questions asked and followed up to make sure everything worked as expected.

    Top notch service.

    Many thanks to Rebecca, Anton, and Brent. You folks define what customer service means.

    Don C February 13, 2022

    Does what it is suppose to do.

    Scott A February 3, 2022

    This sub was purchased to replace an older 15" downfiring sub. Though I expected it to be overpowering since it forward firing, it blended very well with my surround system. Not overly boomy, but nice clear bass. It took just a few minutes to get it positioned and adjusted. Took the time to break it in based on the manufacturer suggestion. Played a loud action movie through it to see how well it worked, and was impressed with the sound quality and the proper separation

    Tony January 29, 2022

    This sub replaced an 8in sony unit I had for years. I was looking for a noticeable increase in bass for my home theater and for listening to music. I am not an "Audiophile", but did want noticeably good sound for my system. Great sound; a noticeably good addition to my system, both for movies and for classic rock. If you're an average music fan, looking to upgrade your system, this is the sub for you.

    Drew January 27, 2022 New York, United States

    The Ai60 speakers already sound great on their own, but the subwoofer adds that extra oomph for great music, especially vinyl. The build construction is solid, and the walnust finish matches my speakers perfectly. This is a must-have to round out your bookshelf speakers.

    One note: the 12 unit is BIG. Like, way bigger than I expected. It's a huge heavy cube. I have a small apartment and the 12" feels like too much — the 10" would have been plenty of sound and with a smaller footprint. But, it's all good. Room to grow.

    xRedCrowx January 24, 2022

    This sub sounds great but it died very quickly. I have been waiting months to receive a repaired or replaced sub. This was a complete waste of money.

    Ken December 21, 2021 Saskatchewan, Canada

    Connected sub to my Luxman L-525 amplifier vis high level inputs and the difference in my sound was phenomenal. For the price one cannot go wrong with this subwoofer. Planning on buying a second one.

    Rob December 16, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    I have become a huge fan of Fluance in past 2 year, I decided to upgrade my sound system 2 year with a pair of Reference tower speakers, and I've been very satisfied with the speakers, I enjoyed them so much, I purchased a Fluance RT85 turntable, and recently the DB12 subwoofer to complete the upgrade. I could not be happier, the subwoofer has an almost perfect bass response that compliments all my vinyl. Set up was easy enough although a little more complicated with the Marantz NR1711. I did not use the RC cable hook up and went to the towers through the left and right channel on the back of the sub. (Great option) All in all I am very happy with everything I have purchased from Fluance, and happy to support an amazing Canadian company with impeccable values, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

    Louise Z December 7, 2021 California, United States

    Great fit for our home theater. First one quit working after several months but Julie from Customer Service made the return and replacement so easy. We'll definitely enjoy the new subwoofer!

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