Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

with 2-in-1 Anti-static Carbon Fiber & Soft Velvet LP Brush and Stylus Brush (VB52)

$19.99 USD



Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit
Color Record Brush: Silver/Black
Stylus Brush: Black
Dimensions Record Brush: 105mm x 20mm x 40mm
Stylus Brush: 65mm
Material Record Brush: Velvet/Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Bristles
Stylus Brush: Carbon Fiber Bristles
Weight Record Brush: 99g
Stylus Brush: 2g
Anti-Static Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: Yes
Stand Included Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: No
What's Included
  • Carbon Fiber/Velvet Record Brush
  • Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Jack B September 21, 2022 South Carolina, United States

    The record cleaning tool and stylus cleaning tool were both as advertised. Very pleased with the purchase.

    HC September 7, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

    my records and record player sound better already. great price, great product.

    Aaron K June 23, 2022 Massachusetts, United States

    cleans my records off with ease :) I'm a newbie to this stuff and it is a great help for when I get a dusty/dirty album

    Chris S. April 20, 2022 Louisiana, United States

    This Fluance RT82 Reference Turntable has been an amazing upgrade from my old Kenwood direct drive player. I did my research and it has paid off!! Love my RT82 turntable by Fluance! My humble collection has never sounded better.

    Jon L April 13, 2022 Quebec, Canada

    Would be nice if the handle didn't fall off.. Careful not to damage your discs.

    Marianne S. March 10, 2022 Wyoming, United States

    The speakers are FANTASTIC! Thank you for a great product and prompt delivery. We are enjoying our music!

    Steve K March 10, 2022 Manitoba, Canada

    While the brush works like it should every time I use the handle to clean it the handle falls off.

    Daryn W March 2, 2022 Saskatchewan, Canada

    Works great

    Paul R February 19, 2022 Virginia, United States

    Love my Fluance record player. While not the most expensive piece of the market, I was able to plug directly into my Marshall speaker. The overall cost to experience vinyl sound was less than $400. Couldn't be happier

    Jerry G February 11, 2022 Tennessee, United States

    Never heard of Fluance before now, got the cleaning kit to go with my Fluance turntable and speakers, which all are great products!!!!! I truly believe you get more for your money with Fluance, in these days and time that is saying a lot!!!

    Cristian, G February 4, 2022 Texas, United States

    Great product! Setup was quick and easy. I think it’s one of the best options at this price point.

    Andrew M February 4, 2022 Mississippi, United States

    Very well constructed, great quality

    Robert D January 31, 2022 Michigan, United States

    Very impressed. Simple. Great product for the price.

    Daelan D January 16, 2022 Alberta, Canada

    Very impressed with the sound and build quality of the turntable. The piano white finish looks fantastic and really makes the unit pop as the centrepiece of my setup. The YouTube video guides made setting up the turntable very simple to understand. Highly recommend

    Dave J January 7, 2022 New York, United States

    I use both parts (brush and the pad) of the vinyl record cleaner every time I put a record on my turntable. I have had most of my records over forty years and after using the fluance they sound better than ever. The dirt and grime in grooves have been cleaned out. Even where there are scratches the vinyl still sound good. I very good product that is effective and easy to use. You have to be careful using the stylus cleaner. Follow the directions.

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