Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

with 2-in-1 Anti-static Carbon Fiber & Soft Velvet LP Brush and Stylus Brush (VB52)

$19.99 USD



Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit
Color Record Brush: Silver/Black
Stylus Brush: Black
Dimensions Record Brush: 105mm x 20mm x 40mm
Stylus Brush: 65mm
Material Record Brush: Velvet/Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Bristles
Stylus Brush: Carbon Fiber Bristles
Weight Record Brush: 99g
Stylus Brush: 2g
Anti-Static Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: Yes
Stand Included Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: No
What's Included
  • Carbon Fiber/Velvet Record Brush
  • Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Ryan D November 30, 2020 New Brunswick, Canada

    Great product for quick and easy cleaning of records and stylus. Keeps dust build up from affecting sound quality!

    Ron H November 19, 2020 New York, United States

    Does it job , great product & price

    JimiM November 19, 2020 Colorado, United States

    Great product, easy to use

    Kyle K. October 29, 2020 Ohio, United States

    Easy to use & small.

    Shawn October 22, 2020 North Carolina, United States

    This kit is solid. The velvet brush with s fantastic and of course the carbon bristles just before you drop the needle. Great addition and a must have.

    M. A September 24, 2020

    It's very nice shape and easy to use. Looks pretty good as well.

    david k September 23, 2020 Indiana, United States

    I feel the Soft Velvet LP Brush gets in the groves more than my other cleaners and the stylus brush is just the right stiffness .

    Chadicus R September 18, 2020

    What can I say about this little brush. It was recommended by the local record shop owner in my town. I was having some issues with a record and he suggested this particular brand of brush. So, I ordered one. It's an okay brush. It's pretty light weight. It comes with a larger brush for records which has two sides - one is velvet covered and the other with fine bristles. I say 'clumsy' as my handle seems to be loose and it wants to rotate - which makes it awkward to use at times. It's hard to describe - as you have to hold the brush in your hand to know what I'm talking about specifically.Other than that, it does a good job at cleaning my records. I find that the velvet covered side of the brush needs to be constantly clean as it picks up quite a bit of lint and dust and other debris. To clean either side of the brush, you can rotate the brush passing the handle. The underside of the hand scraps the bristles or velvet covered side. But I find it doesn't do a great job cleaning the velvet side so I use a lint roller to clean the velvet covered side.That's why I give this little brush a four star - it's still a decent brush. I have no comparisons. I also have a microfibre cloth that I still use as it does a good job too and its faster to wipe my record. BUT if I want a deep clean, I'll use this little brush.

    Shawn C. September 16, 2020 North Carolina, United States

    This record weight is top quality. The rubberized finish ensures that I won’t drop it or it won’t blemish labels. It weighs in heavier than most weights and not only helps with flattening some old warped vinyl that I inherited, but helps keep vibrations and other needle noise down especially on older vinyl.

    DUSTIN R September 12, 2020 British Columbia, Canada


    Antonio G September 8, 2020

    El producto muy bueno pero se echa de menos una funda o algo para guardar el limpiador de agujas; por lo demás justo lo esperado

    FG September 8, 2020 New York, United States

    Excellent tool.

    Amazon Customer September 7, 2020


    Avsky August 31, 2020

    Nice and compact, I appreciate the little base the velvet side sits into. Minor grip is the stylus brush has nowhere to sit, so have to make sure it doesn't get lost. An excellent little kit that I'd definitely recommend to anyone for every day listening.

    Peter V August 30, 2020

    Very easy to use.

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