Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit

with 2-in-1 Anti-static Carbon Fiber & Soft Velvet LP Brush and Stylus Brush (VB52)

$19.99 USD



Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit
Color Record Brush: Silver/Black
Stylus Brush: Black
Dimensions Record Brush: 105mm x 20mm x 40mm
Stylus Brush: 65mm
Material Record Brush: Velvet/Anti-Static Carbon Fiber Bristles
Stylus Brush: Carbon Fiber Bristles
Weight Record Brush: 99g
Stylus Brush: 2g
Anti-Static Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: Yes
Stand Included Record Brush: Yes
Stylus Brush: No
What's Included
  • Carbon Fiber/Velvet Record Brush
  • Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Judy W June 4, 2021 Colorado, United States

    Amazing turntable for the price! Great attention to detail right down to the white gloves provided for assembly. Love it!

    Hector C. May 27, 2021 Texas, United States

    After diving back into vinyl, I knew I would need these accessories. I did want something to be able to clean the vinyl and cartridge. Very pleased with the tools. The brush handle could have been secured a little better though.

    ryan l May 18, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    A clean stylus and record results in amazing sound quality and this does the job very well
    A clean record and needle vastly improves the quality and this does the job quite well. It is everything in one

    Joseph March 29, 2021

    Realy good and easy to use

    Bill G March 29, 2021

    It really cuts down on noise on the records.

    Chris March 29, 2021

    Works fine, seems to reduce the amount of static.

    Adam March 25, 2021

    It is unfortunate that this is the bestselling record brush on Amazon.ca. It is even worse to think that thousands of people are probably using this brush and slowly ruining their vinyl collection.After using this brush on a white vinyl, I noticed around 100 little hairs scattered throughout the record. My heart sunk since I was previously looking at a pristine white vinyl surface. Then my heart sunk even lower when I realized I had used this brush on other records in my collection. The little bristles are obviously not visible on a black vinyl surface.I thought the other reviewers who also had falling carbon fibre bristles may have been using an improper technique with the brush. Even with the correct and gentle technique, fibres were left throughout the record.If you want to take care of your vinyl collection, avoid this brush.

    Matt U March 23, 2021

    I'm getting way better sounds since I bought this. Pretty easy to leave by your turntable and give your records and needle a quick clean before every use and the sound quality you get out of it is worth it

    Michael J March 18, 2021

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This item does not match the quality of fluances audio equipment. The plastic cover/handle/whatever rotates depending on which side you are using... but it just pops off frequently because its so flimsy. It does the job but that plastic cover sucks so bad.

    Surlycannonball March 18, 2021

    Best carbon brush I have ever owned, love the felt side as wellStylus brush is a money saver

    John B March 17, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    I was very surprised how effective this record cleaning kit was. It is simple to use and if you follow the instructions the record is clean.

    I especially like the holder because when you put the brush back in there is a bar at the top which cleans the brush.

    Having tried many brush/gadgets over the years I definitely will but this again.

    Nick R March 17, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    These brushes do their job! Easy to use. Wish the stylus brush fit in the stand too.

    Amazon Customer March 16, 2021

    Effectively removes dust from the vinyl surface. The anti-static brush bristles are less flimsy than other brands I've tried but will not damage the grooves. Stylus brush is a great bonus.

    Tovar March 16, 2021

    El funcionamiento es bueno, es el único en su tipo que he usado pero noté que se desprende algo de fibra (pelo) del cepillo, por el precio pensé que no pasaría. No es caro pero ví otras opciones mucho más accesibles.

    Camille March 14, 2021

    great product, very easy to use and comes with instructions. could’ve been a bit cheaper for what you get, but works well and gets the job done

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