Stainless Steel Rubberized Record Weight Stabilizer

HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

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Fluance HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

High Mass 760 gram Steel for Vibration Damping (RW03)

$49.99 USD



HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer



Securely couple your records to your turntable with the additional weight of the high mass steel stabilizer reducing unwanted vibrations from transferring to the stylus



Assists with leveling the record surface on warped or imperfect records for better playback by improving the contact between the record and platter



The additional mass of the record weight can increase the inertia of a platter to achieve a more consistent speed resulting in reduced wow and flutter



Coated in an insulating rubber layer further protecting against vibrations with a velvet base that gently protects your record labels



Precision cut out of solid steel weighing in at 760 grams (26.8 ounces), ergonomically designed for easy gripping and compatible with all standard turntable spindles



HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer
Color Black
Height 1.098 inches (2.79 cm)
Diameter 2.760 inches (7. 01 cm)
Spindle Diameter 0.291 inches (0.74 cm)
Spindle Hole Depth 0.732 inches (1.86 cm)
Material Steel with Rubberized Finish
Weight 26.808oz (760 g)
Compatible With All Fluance Turntables and any other turntables with a spindle diameter of 0.74 cm and a height lower than 1.86 cm, and compatible motor capacity
Not Compatible With 7 inch Vinyl Record Requiring 45 Adapter
UPC 061783272824
What's Included
  • Fluance Record Weight
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Ryan C February 2, 2023 Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Excellent product, fast delivery.

Mike B January 31, 2023 Ontario, Canada

Absolutely love this record player. High end quality without breaking the bank also purchased the fluance record weight to go with it can not be more happy with these products

Lonnie H December 8, 2022

Product not worth the price. Im a machinist by trade, centering a hole on a lathe (especially a cnc lathe) is easy peasy so there is no excuse for this. Manufactured in china. Hole is off center so it wobbles on your turntable. Get another brand.

Choops November 22, 2022

Nice sleek design. Weight is perfect.

B. K October 7, 2022

I like the weight of the item and it functions well. I bought this item, partially, because it matched my Fluance RT-85 turntable in both brand and color. The item is priced very high for what it is. I give this item a poor review, not because of the price, but because the Fluance logo was already peeling off upon taking it out of the package. Very poor attention to detail and lack of quality control. It wasn't bad enough to take the trouble to send it back but definitely bad enough to make me not feel that great about the purchase (still functions fine at least). Even if it had been intact properly it appears it would not have taken much to get it to wear off. Should have been engraved for the price they ask for this.

BV September 18, 2022

Heavier than some I was looking at but I figured Fluance knows what they're doing and so got it because it matched my system's branding and, maybe, mechanical performance. The record takes a second to get up to speed on my Fluance player but that's usually passed before the music starts, depending on my needle placement. It's a record weight and there isn't much to say, really. It seems to have made a noticeable difference on my older or more warped LPs but not, so much, on my newer LPs. The Fluance record weight is more expensive than similar products but I don't regret my purchase, at all.

Hariton P September 13, 2022


-=Rudy=- August 14, 2022

I bought this for use on a Technics Grand Class SL-1210G. The dust cover has a low profile, so this stabilizer was perfect to fit beneath it, and had enough mass to make it work properly even on heavier weight records.Be careful when ordering this item, though--the first one I received was damaged in shipping, and the rubberized coating had nicks in it on the top. (For what these cost, I expect them to be perfect when they arrive.) But the Amazon return process was smooth and I received a new, undamaged stabilizer to replace it with.

wedge50 August 14, 2022

The record weight helps to stabilize the tone arm when playing a somewhat warped record

Robert O August 7, 2022 Manitoba, Canada

Great product. Did not receive a shipping email to confirm was shipped. First order wad lost and could not be tracked and order had to be resent. If I had not called to inquire about delays your internal systems may not of detected the problem.

therommy August 1, 2022

This record weight is heavy and it helps a lot with an acrylic platter. Records can slip on an acrylic platter, with this record weight they are held firmly to the platter. I'm glad I bought this one it's worth it.

trent July 27, 2022

Excellent. Heavy weight!

F July 6, 2022

Would definitely recommend it! Use it all the time with my record and you can visually see how the needle wabbles less when the weight is on. It does't damage your records and it's just worth it.

Doil July 4, 2022

It's not super light like others I've seen around here, it's not too heavy, it's perfect! Centered exactly, looks good, feels good and works. A+++++

Jason V May 19, 2022

A tad overpriced but well made. Assists with any difficult sides (small warps / surface marks), and it seems to have made my bass response marginally thicker. I was definitely skeptical at first, so I paired it with an acrylic slip mat. Overall, the stability and richness of my sound is markedly improved.

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