High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables

Fluance High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables

Compatible with RT82/RT83/RT84/RT85 (AP03)

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High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables
Thickness 0.62 inches (16 mm)
Dimensions Diameter of Platter: 12 inches (30 cm)
Material Acrylic
Weight 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
Compatible With RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85
Not Compatible With RT80, RT81
UPC 061783269114
What's Included
  • Acrylic Platter
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Michael H August 14, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    Impressed and surprised at the improvement in sound quality with the acrylic platter on my RT 82. Definitely some highs and lows coming out of the vinyl that was not there before. Would have thought though that there might have bee an installation or product sheet in the box other =than just bubble wrap.

    Brad E December 14, 2020 Minnesota, United States

    After a shipping accident made my first new platter unusable and with some great customer service from Shalamar getting the replacement I finally got to try out the Fluance acrylic platter. I have improved my turntable in an incremental fashion. I started with ordering an RT82. I loved the sound. Then I added an acrylic platter mat and that helped a little bit with static and sound. Then I added the 2M Red cartridge creating still better sound. The platter was still more improvement. Like others have said I should have gone with the RT85 right away as I'll likely take the next step soon with the addition of the 2M Blue cartridge. Plus this platter looks awesome.

    Mike B December 4, 2020 Ontario, Canada

    Very solid aesthetic upgrade for the non R85s. Looks very complete. It also has helped with the bit of static that would come along, usually on B side when flipped and the little pops that causes. I'm very happy with it. I can't speak to the improvement in over all sound as my system likely wouldn't notice.
    I did have an issue when it was delivered first as it was just put in a small bubble wrap envelope and a plastic envelope. It looked like it was dropped during shipping and damaged. Fluance couldn't have been better with a super fast return and replacement. The replacement was shipped in a box in perfect shape. These things happen, and you won't find better customer service. Dawn was excellent helping me through it.

    Mike B December 4, 2020 Ontario, Canada

    This platter looks fantastic on the turntable if you didn't get the R85. It seems to have helped with static, which has helped get rid of those little noises that come up now and then, especially where I have it located. I probably should have just got the R85 to start, but absolutely love the upgrade either way. I'd need a better system to tell if makes too much of a difference quality wise, but it really completes the turn table.

    James a. November 27, 2020 Alabama, United States

    I wanted to try the new platter and it does definitely improve the sound across the spectrum. Plus it looks pretty cool. Not a bad buy to get better sound. I have the RT-83 turntable. Try the upgrade I think you will enjoy..

    Benjamin November 2, 2020 Maryland, United States

    Buying the acrylic platter was the best upgrade I could have done to my RT84 turntable. It had improved the overall sound. I’ve read all the reviews and thought snake oil. The only problem was the packaging, big box and paper plastic cover was off the platter swimming unprotected in the box. Great product but you need to do better on the packaging

    Jeff W September 15, 2020 Arizona, United States

    Much higher mass than the stock platter, which keeps speeds even more stable (and W&F is already pretty good with the stock platter.) Looks pretty slick when the turntable's sitting there without a record on it.

    Only criticism I have is that mine isn't quite cut with diamond precision... when it's spinning, there are noticeable dips and valleys on the edges that don't affect performance but just don't look very good, especially because light is refracted really well through the sides. Again, not a performance issue, and the top is perfectly flat. It's mainly just the corners of the edges where I notice it. Just a cosmetic thing; you can see the little imperfections going around and around endlessly, and it's hard not to look at it.

    Pete August 3, 2020 Oregon, United States

    A solid upgrade from the standard and lighter aluminum platters. Several advantages here: extra weight, reduced vibration transmission, elimination of the need for a TT mat.... and beauty. Best feature is probably the extra mass of the platter for that fly-wheel effect to assist the motor/belt drive to keep the platter turning at the correct speed consistently. And it certainly adds an extra flair or pizzazz to an already beautiful table. 5-stars.

    Andrew S July 5, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

    I picked this platter up for my RT 83 because of the supposed benefits of acrylic (sound dampening, improved frequency response, speed stability, etc.) and found that it didn't really improve on any of these aspects of the listening experience over the stock aluminum platter in any significant way. Speed stabiity was the only measureable (but still marginal) improvment of the acrylic platter; however, the speed accuracy and stability of the RT83 when equipped with the stock platter was already averaging slightly above Fluance's advertised specs so the turntable was already performing very well in this area. The one area of turntable performance where I noticed a pretty significant improvment was in the reduction of pops and crackle resulting from the greatly reduced accumulation of static during playback. The platter also looks very nice paired with the walnut of the turntable so, aesthetically, it in an improvement. Overall, I would say that my experience thus far with the platter, it does not signficantly improve the sound or performance of the turntable and I don't think that the $160 price is worth it if you are already happy with the performance of your Reference series turntable with the aluminum platter.

    TL;DR: Looks nice, reduces static, but not much else to justify the high price.

    Yannis S. May 20, 2020 Massachusetts, United States

    Nothing to add other that has already been said.
    Static is eliminated a lot. There are some believers on Audioholics that claim that the whole acrylic platter is a joke. Too sad to hear so poor statements.
    I’m very happy with the acrylic platter, I don’t know though if I need to readjust the cartridge.

    Ben K. April 23, 2020 Virginia, United States

    I bought an RT84 about two months ago. It sounded great, but I noticed a lot of static, both from some excess clicks and pops and pretty substantial cling when removing records from the platter. About a quarter of the time, the rubber mat would come off with the record.

    The acrylic platter eliminates the static almost completely. It also improves the overall soundstage quite a bit, especially the character and clarity of the bass.

    If I had to do it again, I'd buy an RT85 off the bat. But if you have an RT84 or below, spring for this when you can. It's well worth it.

    Hedley D March 10, 2020 Arkansas, United States

    Upgraded an Rt83 with this platter. Sound quality improved. It appears 'cleaner'.

    Kenneth February 18, 2020 Kentucky, United States

    I exclusively listen to records through headphones because I don't have space for speakers right now. This killed a lot of the small sounds and fuzziness encountered during playback so things sound way better and clearer. I barely even have to use my brushes anymore.

    Jason, A February 7, 2020 New Jersey, United States

    Is bass better? Sure, but stereo imaging greatly improves, as does the reduction of noise. It doesn't hurt that the platter looks simply amazing on the walnut table. Easy install....maybe 5 min. Without reading instructions....Don't wait. Buy it!

    Kenneth December 16, 2019 Florida, United States

    I bought this as an upgrade to my Fluance RT 83 turntable. It did not disappoint! I was expecting better bass, and more detail, however, I noticed greater stereo imaging.

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