High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables

Fluance High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables

Compatible with RT82/RT83/RT84/RT85 (AP03)

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High Density Frosted Acrylic Platter For Fluance Reference Turntables
Thickness 0.62 inches (16 mm)
Dimensions Diameter of Platter: 12 inches (30 cm)
Material Acrylic
Weight 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
Compatible With RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85
Not Compatible With RT80, RT81
UPC 061783269114
What's Included
  • Acrylic Platter
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Dale C July 26, 2022 Illinois, United States

    Nice platter. Definitely doesn't resonate or " ring " like the original platter when you flick it with a finger.

    Gary A. July 26, 2022 Wisconsin, United States

    I purchased an RT82 about a month ago, and decided to do my own upgrade with a Nagaoka MP200 cartridge and the acrylic platter. The cartridge greatly improved the stereo separation and dynamic range over the Ortophon OM10, as expected. But the big surprise was the impact of the acrylic platter. I had expected the platter would offer a dramatic upgrade in appearance, and it does. But I thought the sound improvements would be only subtle. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The acrylic platter produces a noticeable deepening and strengthening of bass, it removes sibilance from recordings prone to same, and it completely changes for the better the sound of solo piano. With the aluminum platter, piano notes in lower registers never sounded natural when compared to a real piano. With the acrylic platter, the notes all sound natural. The acrylic platter is not just a cosmetic improvement; it provides a significant improvement in sound quality.

    Keith M July 21, 2022 Florida, United States

    Love my new Fluance,, makes my hobby ( collecting
    And playing records fun again ) last turntable flimsy with terrible sound … Fluance is very sturdy great sound and a beautiful turntable.

    Michael P June 3, 2022 Michigan, United States

    Looks great performs even better

    Glenn W June 1, 2022 Kentucky, United States

    Almost the best purchase I’ve made from Fluance but it belongs to the RT84 but a very close second. There was an immediate cosmetic improvement it looks so good but then comes the unbelievable acoustical balance of sound that filled the room. I think you get the picture it’s a must have.

    Darren G May 17, 2022 Ontario, Canada

    Looks 100 times better than the aluminum platter.

    Gone are the days of platter mats coming off with the record.

    Ray S April 8, 2022 California, United States

    I bought this to upgrade my RT-82 hoping to eliminate static. I had a lot of pops and crackles previously. I actually did a few upgrades but this and the preamp upgrade seemed to help the most. My full setup is schiit mani, FT-82 with acrylic platter upgrade and my handy ZeroStat which I run multiple times on every record I get. I have nearly no static now on truly clean records, it's fabulous. This is hands down one of the best upgrades I have done, I was skeptical at first. If you're getting static and looking for a solution, upgrade to an acrylic platter!

    James W April 3, 2022 Kentucky, United States

    It looks and sounds fantastic. I started with an RT-82 now I essentially have an RT-85N. I noticed that the acrylic platter helped bring out some more detail from the warmer sounding Nagaoka MP-110. In my opinion, it was an excellent upgrade.

    Gerald M March 25, 2022 Ohio, United States

    Nice upgrade. Additional weight really adds smoothness. Next to upgrade cartridge. Original turntable is a RT-83.

    Matt G March 23, 2022 Ontario, Canada

    So far I’ve been really impressed by all of the offerings from Fluance. I purchased this to upgrade my RT82 and it does two things out of the gate: it makes my turntable look hella slick, and it does seem to improve some of the stability. Couple this with the weight and it’s quite a combo. There are reviews that dig into the audio improvements, but my primary driver was one of aesthetic. Recommend it in either case.

    Chuong March 23, 2022 Florida, United States

    Game changer. All the statics are gone once I have this acrylic platter installed. Highly recommended!!

    Jason l March 9, 2022 Ohio, United States

    Absolute awesome product. I know not a lot of people notice a difference but I can tell in the mids and highs a big difference.

    Allan M March 6, 2022 Nova Scotia, Canada

    Like a lot of comments on here i noticed better bass and better stereo separation plus it looks great on my rt82

    John A March 4, 2022 New Jersey, United States

    I do hear a sound improvement and Less static And of cause just looks cool. Great add on improvement to be offered t Fluance

    lorin j February 27, 2022 Wisconsin, United States

    I like the rt82 a lot.

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