NY-GS10RX - Additional Receiver

Nyrius NY-GS10RX - Additional Receiver

Additional Receiver Only for the Nyrius 5.8 GHz Wireless Audio/Video System (Sold Separately) -Transmitter not included (NY-GS10RX)

$19.97 USD


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NY-GS10RX - Additional Receiver

Transition your household to complete wireless freedom with this additional receiver for the NY-GS10 Transmitter and Receiver system. Easily add another television or projector to your home entertainment setup and wirelessly receive your DVDs, CDs, MP3s, satellite/cable, PC, gaming console, streaming video and more on any TV or stereo system in your home or office.


NY-GS10RX - Additional Receiver
Transmission Frequency 5.8GHz
Remote Control IR Frequency 38/56KHz switching
System Latency none
Range Up to 225 feet (obstacles/interference decrease transmit distance)
Transmitter Connections RCA audio/video composite jacks, external IR extender jack
Receiver Connections RCA Audio/Video Composite Output
Ports & Interfaces RCA Audio/Video Composite Output
Remote Type Infrared (RF remotes not supported)
Remote Control Signal range up to 100 feet
Built-in Directional Antenna Yes
Selectable Channels 4
Output Impedance 2K ohm
Output Signal Level 1.0 Vpp +/- 0.2 Vpp
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, CUL/UL
UPC 061783257401
What's Included 5.8GHz Receiver with Built-in IR Extender, External IR Extender, 110-240V AC Power Adapters, Audio/video Composite Connection Cables, Quick Start Guide, Lifetime Customer Support, 1 year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

RaySing4Carrots March 21, 2020

I love this product, proof of which is the fact that I have purchased several extra receivers. My only complaint about this most recent receiver is that the included power cord was dead. Tried it with 3 different outlets (all failed) and then tried power cord from previous purchase (successful, so at least I knew it was not receiver itself that was faulty.) Did not want to return whole kit since only power cord was bad, but no other option was offered. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this product.

David L. February 27, 2020 California, United States

I have been using for years to get stereo audio around my home. I have 3 receivers, all in straight line from single transmitter. Goes through 1,2,3 residential walls 15,20,35 feet distances. My comments:
- highly sensitive to channel selection, pick carefully.
- easily blocked by a hand or human body passing between.
- high audio quality. Better than FM transmitters I have tried.
-I have not found anything easier to set and forget. Chromecast Audio is better quality, but much harder to select audio sources. (I have not figured out how to use my Yamaha receiver as the source device.)

Gabriel Q August 18, 2019

Works decently. Sometimes the remote does not recognize on the other side.

scott s June 7, 2019

Works great to send Dish signal to bedroom in my fifth wheel RV

Theresa October 13, 2018

For tv and find it fantastic and no interference

Tahoe61 August 28, 2018

Simple to install and works very well, now able to feed TV to both the exercise room and a bedroom.

DB August 13, 2018

Product has 4 channels for my use only one of them worked but it worked fine. The sound quality was good.the quality of the amp/receiver and speakers definitely impacts the quality of sound coming out of speaker. I use it to hook up speakers to my jukebox. I do NOT crank the jukebox up when using THIS PRODUCT. The transmitter/receiver cannot handle it. to get stereo you need two transmitter/receivers one for L/R. I'm not running stereo and as I mentioned only one of the 4 channels offered worked so if I tried to do stereo I might be unhappy. I gave a 3 star rating because only one channel out of 4 worked.

Barbara J November 24, 2017 Maryland, United States

Bought the additional receiver for the bedroom, which is line-of-sight to the transmitter in the family room and 1st receiver in the kitchen. Picture in bedroom is as good as the one in the kitchen. It's nice to be able to continue watching my programs as I work around the house going from room to room. Also nice to be able to change the channel from any room too.

Jonathan D September 15, 2017

The product arrived without a power cord. I got it to work only because I happened to have a spare cord. - Verified Store

Tibeb July 26, 2017

In 32.808 ft the sound not coming and the picture is not clear.

Amazon Customer July 9, 2017

works - Verified Store

Len June 14, 2017

The NY-GS10RX works great just like the other receivers. Good stuff.

magicmarmot May 9, 2017

I got these for some remote monitoring for puppet shoots. There is a lot of motion and metal lighting stands and other equipment, and at the 5 GHz operating frequency means that there is a lot of multipath distortion and the picture fuzzes out quite often.If you can set these up in a stationary line-of-sight manner, you can probably get a very clean signal. - Verified Store

Eb J March 10, 2017

This system works great. I needed to add one more tv and this fit the bill. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 27, 2017

Great ! Love it... - Verified Store

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