HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

Fluance HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

High Mass 760 gram Steel for Vibration Damping (RW02)

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Jeff H December 26, 2022 Texas, United States

Nicely machined, heavy, shiny chunk of metal. Velvety bottom. Makes the record one with the turntable. Good feedback control. Probably get at least 10 db louder before feedback. Louder than you would normally want to listen. Does what it should! Worth the cash, I would say.

richard b September 10, 2022

il fait tres bien son travail,stabilise vraiment.
Translation: It does its job very well, really stabilizes.

Michael D August 30, 2022

Heavy,beautiful. That's all. You need. Low profile.

Liang-Jang C August 1, 2022

It's well-made and well-finished . Be careful to handle it to preventing vinyl records from incidental injury .

Eytan H July 17, 2022

Good weight, nicely surprised. Great product!

CatherineCatherine July 12, 2022


G F July 7, 2022

Great weight that provides playback consistency and platter steadiness.

Kathi H June 22, 2022 Nevada, United States

The stabilizer works wonderfully on slightly warped records. Give a more solid sound.

R L May 11, 2022

Sound takes a nice step up when using the beautifully built record weight.

A P March 22, 2022

I grew up with vinyl. Over the past decade, many of the new records I've purchased have been warped, which really bugs me, so after buying a Fluance RT85, I found out they make a record weight that supposedly helps flatten warped records.In short: it doesn't.I tried it out on half a dozen warped records, from slightly warped to very warped, and it DID NOT flatten any of them.This Fluance weight actually weighted the center down so much it LIFTED THE EDGE OFF THE PLATTER of many records. It taco bowled them! See My Photos.I like how heavy it is, but beyond the tactile and aesthetic element, I don't see anything of value. In fact, I think making the record edge lift like it does probably makes the needle ride at an angle in the grooves, which would not be a good thing.Also, it is not centered. When I removed it from the box the hole looked off center. After measuring the hole to the edge with calipers, I found it was definitely not centered.The company offered to give me a few bucks back to keep the out-of-round weight, but I had to email them several more times for a week or two before they actually did anything they said they would.

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