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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2016):
Wow, is what I said when I played my first song, which was Blured Lines by Robin Thick, you can definitely feel the music. The bottom end is there for sure, vocals are smooth and the high end silky smooth, no shrills at all, and I'm very sensitive to high end distortion.
Now Blured Lines is not the only song I reviewed, I'm a old rock fan but I do listen to all types of music from classic to rap, and I have to say this speaker did not disappoint on any of the music I listen to, and I was using the Bluetooth input. I did listen to the FM and had excellent results from the sound and the stations it was pulling in with just the supplied antenna. My only complaint, please add pre-select stations on the remote, really miss that option...
I have the Speaker set-up in my Master Bedroom, 20 X 19, and it fills the room with full sound with no problems at all.
Fluance recommends 10 hours of burn in time for the speakers to reach their full sound break in. I've only had less than 7 hours on them at this writing, but I can't see or hear how they will improve as they sounded great right out of the box...
Great job Fluance, you did your homework on this one, and you got it right, just get those presets in there, and goto the head of the -Verified Store