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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on March 15, 2021):
Great design and easy set up. It does sound good, little heavy on bass if you place it on a small room but perfect on a mid big size room. The EQ will fit your tastes. It is loud, and I really mean it, but only after the break down period (read the instructions!!!!). Left it at mid volume for 10 hours and after that time blasted like hell. Impressed indeed. It is VERY loud. Now this is why can't be a five stars: at this price point I would expect a line out to daisy chain two. Lack also HDMI that would be helpful if you want this "monster" replace your TV sound system. Disappointed that they didn't think to use the bluetooth function to connect two or more of these at the same time. I would have purchased two indeed, one for the left channel and one for the right and the bluetooth function and some factory settings would have taken this piece of art to the very next level. I do recommend it, after all I am satisfied. If you want to connect 2+ of these use the Avantree bluetooth hub, will do a (decent) job. Side note - it is heavy, so if you plan to move it upstairs you better ask for help unless you are a weight lifter. Packaging was top notch and product finishing flawless. Good job Fluance. Keep it up! Purchased today their subwoofer as well (which I hope could have been linked via bluetooth as well).Ps - didn’t like the original pedestal, replaced with others legs lol