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Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging

Product Review (submitted on June 13, 2021):
I'm a fan of the design aesthetic of this clock and will probably use it for a long time.I don't expect super audio from a small radio alarm clock or I'd have purchased something more along those considerations. This may only be the one I have but, it does not get very bright. Mine's not even as bright as the one pictured but, I can see it in a darkened room and unlike the last couple I've had.. I don't have to put something over it because it's dimmest is too bright to sleep by. The design is very clean and has a modern retro Black & White CRT feel to it though it's LCD. I had hoped for more dynamic dimming range from somewhat brighter down to maybe as dim as the one I have's brightest. Still, it does the job and looks good doing it. I have no real complaints with it as a bedside alarm clock radio.And, it's still pretty slick with it's clean lines and design.