Songo Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter

Songo Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter

for Streaming Smartphones & Tablets to Speaker Systems (3.5mm input)


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Who wants to keep and store all of the wires, adapters and accessories typically used to listen to music? If you own several types of devices, you might need a drawer full of wires just to listen to your favorite tunes. Nyrius Songo Bluetooth Music Receiver eliminates wires allowing you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet to your speaker system. Control your playlist wirelessly while your relaxing on the couch or let your friends take turns sharing their music from their smartphones at your next party.

Superior Sound Performance
Advanced wireless technology delivers high quality, crystal clear audio up to 33 feet. Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) ensures that you hear the music the way that your favorite artist intended. Don’t be limited by your smartphones tiny built-in speakers. Songo is designed to deliver the fullest frequency range of your favorite tunes without any interference, unlike other Bluetooth devices that over-compress audio and can lose connection.

No Limits, Just Music
Whatever devices you own or music you listen to, compatibility is a key concern. Songo connects to any audio/video receivers, speaker docks or stereo systems with a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input. It pairs with smartphones, tablets, laptops - including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, HTC, Windows, Blackberry, PC, Laptops or any of the other 900 million Bluetooth audio devices.

Quick and Easy Plug n’ Play
Freely listen to music through your speaker system without wiring or docking your smartphone. With Songo, setup is extremely simple – plug the receiver into your music system, wirelessly pair your audio device, and you’re set. No software or app required.

Let Everyone Join the Party
When you’re listening to music with family and friends at your next gathering, Songo makes it easy for everyone to share their favorite playlist. Store up to eight paired devices and experience the power of music bringing people together.


  • Entertain guests at your next party by streaming music wirelessly over your speaker dock system.
  • Enjoy the freedom of listening to your MP3 music through your speaker dock while still keeping your smartphone in your hand.


Songo Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter
Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Output Specifications 3.5mm Auxiliary Output
Range 33 feet (line of sight)
Transmission Frequency 2,402~2,480MHz
Dimensions 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.6 inches / 6 x 6 x 1.6
Weight 0.07 lbs
UPC 061783259658
What's Included Bluetooth music receiver 3ft 3.5mm auxiliary cable 100-240V power adapter with micro USB connection Quick start guide 1 year warranty Lifetime customer support

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Marc Nunya July 8, 2016

I bought one of these little things to bring an ancient Magnavox console stereo into the modern age, and it works beautifully. Pairing it with my laptop or my smart phone is quick and painless, and the sound quality is excellent - far better, in fact, than hooking the headphone jack of my device directly to the console''s AUX-IN connection. Not only is the audio signal stronger than the 'wired' connection, it's cleaner, too. Even computer speakers sound better with this unit; I tested it with an old set of Altec-Lansing speakers. The sound quality is remarkable - doubly impressive when you consider the Songo costs less than $20. I will be buying more and recommending this product to my friends. The only quibble I have with it (and it's just a little one) is it is only supplied with a 3.5mm M/M audio connector. A Y-adapter for RCA jacks would be a welcome addition, but the lack thereof does not make me think less highly of the product.

eric October 30, 2015

I have been using this for the past month on my home stereo / home theater system that was installed over 10 years ago. Over time I realized that I was only using it

when watching movies since CDs have gone the way of the dinosaur. After hooking this up, I have been listening to music almost every day. Sound quality is impressive

and I am very happy.

One thing to be aware of: My wife and i have quite the music library on our phones and after setting her phone up, we came home from a weekend away and I could not

connect my phone. I tried for 15 minutes resetting everything and then remembered the last device to be connected was the wifes phone, which was sitting in her purse

on the counter CONNECTED. After turning her bluetooth off my phone connected right away. If you have difficulty connecting, make sure any other bluetooth devices you

have ever connected to this are off or out of range.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Dan October 30, 2015

Came quickly and undamaged. All parts were in the box. Most blue-tooth enabled devices have a button to press to get them into pairing mode. Not this little diddy. Its

just ready to connect. Makes it very cool for parties. Anyone can connect their phone and play whats on that. Much smaller than I thought it would be. Tiny little box

like the size of 2 matchboxes side by side. Very easy to setup and the price was great. I got this for only $15! So far so good. I would recommend this.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

yesD October 30, 2015

Discovery and pairing with Galaxy 4S was immediate. Streaming without hiccups. But when switching to direct connection from phone's 3.5 mm to amp's input for

comparison, the sound quality had noticeably improved. Bluetooth is Bluetooth, aptX or not. Definitely worth its money, but beware sound quality.
Nyrius songo
Bymoses jameson November 15, 2013
Size: Aux / OpticalVerified Purchase
It's a good product if you have a hi fi system this the best one to buy it never disconnect once connected set up is very easy it comes with every thing you need it's

bit expensive it should be like 37$ It can connect to any av receiver too I had nyrius songo for 2 months no problem. Must buy anyone looking for wireless adaptor.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

BobS October 30, 2015

Instead of getting bluetooth speakers, I bought this for my wife to play music wirelessly from her phone or iPad. It is very easy to setup, quickly pairing with a

couple of iPhones. It did take awhile to pair with the iPad for some reason, I had to unplug it to "re-boot" then try it again before it would pair. The range is not

great but we can easily play music from our kitchen with the stereo in the adjacent family room. This device also comes with digital optical which I normally prefer vs

rca cables. The device needs a power source and thankfully my stereo has a spare (two-prong) input for power. This way the device goes on and off when I turn the

stereo on and off. Otherwise I think you have to unplugg it as I don't remember a power button.
Overall its much simpler than hooking an iPod/iPhone etc into the stereo with an aux cable and would recommend the product.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Carlos Johnson October 30, 2015

Great product, small enough to be placed beside your stereo or on top, silent including at the pairing moment.
The feature that I loved most is the power supply adapter which is 110 / 240 volts so you can bring it when you're traveling or in a country with 220 volts; no heat in

power adapter after hours of use. if the Nyrius songo is not in use the blue light is turned off to save energy and the receiver passes to discoverable mode.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

M Jordan October 30, 2015

Easy to set-up and works great! I'm very happy with the Nyrius - everyone in the family can now stream music from their phone or laptop to the receiver in the living

room - as it can store up to 8 Bluetooth connections!
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Terry October 30, 2015

The device connected quickly to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Samsung Smart PC Ativ and the sound quality is great. Range is average. I connected it to my Yamaha

receiver with the optical cable and sound was great.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Bcapollo October 30, 2015

I bought four different units and returned all but two. The BR51 was the best... expensive compared to many but you get what you pay for... works awesome, great

distance. I can push music from my Samsung S5 sitting at my pool 50' away from my living room receiver... none of the others worked reliably beyond 20'
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

Roodpart October 30, 2015

I love the Nyrius its plays smoothly from my Galaxy S5 and Chromebook. My friends Macbook's and PC's have no trouble connecting steaming. The only lag I've seen was at

the beginning of Youtube videos, which is quickly corrected by restarted the video or letting it load a second.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

danilo October 30, 2015

This wireless receiver works great. When I get home I just play
Music on my phone and it automatically connect me to my home theatre. not much sound is lost compared to wired listening and the receiver's bluetooth is always in

discoverable mode
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

southman October 30, 2015

First of all if you have an apple product then you are probably not going to get the full effect of APTX encoding. Your phone probably does not support this feature.

Im not sure about the Iphone 6 or newer Ipads so I do not mind being corrected. You will get the lower bit rate and it will not sound as good. However if you have a

transmitting device that supports this feature you will be impressed. I am using a Galaxy S5 which supports APTX. It paired flawlessly. I connected my Songo using the

optical link to my Yamaha receiver. I am impressed. I have a home theater with 12 Athena speakers and 2 subwoofers. It will reveal any flaw that is present. I tried a

direct connection then bluetooth. The bluetooth sounds better. This is because the signal is being process by the Yamaha on board digital to analog converter. I tried

a direct rca connection from the Songo instead of the optical connection. I prefer the optical because there is absolutely no background noise between songs even at

maximum volume. I am really impressed. One more thing to note. Do not mount this device behind anything. It could possibly block the signal. I placed mine on top of

the receiver. I was able to go about 30 feet before losing signal. No drop outs either. I tried an IPhone 5 and was able to get 20 feet or so which is still plenty.

The sound quality was OK but not nearly as good as the Galaxy S5. Sorry to tell you Apple guys but you may not be able to take full advantage of this gadgets

capabilities. Check your device to see if is APTX before giving this thing a bad review. It's only as good as your transmitting device is.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

N. R. Schandelmeier October 30, 2015

Have really enjoyed playing Christmas radio stations thru our component system from my iPhone. Phone must be within eyesight of the receiver, though, and my wireless

network doesn't reach the receiver, so it's tricky to get the phone where it can relay the signal and still be connected to the component receiver. Otherwise, would

have been a 5 star.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

SL October 30, 2015

Not a bad little device for the price. There is a little bit of buzzing at times when the volume is low, but most of the time it's barely noticeable. Also, the audio

out connection is a little wonky and sometimes requires some jiggling.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

sdavidso October 30, 2015

Sounds great. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so, the NFC pairing feature is convenient and the Apt-X compatiblility adds to sound quality. I connect to my Schiit

Bifrost DAC via Optical SPDIF. I'm happy.
- Verified purchase from Nyrius trusted store. -

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