Turntable Bubble Level

Turntable Bubble Level

For Reference Turntables (BL21)

$14.99 USD


Bubble Level for Fluance Turntables

Confirm your turntable is perfectly calibrated with the Fluance Bubble Level. Our Reference Turntables feature adjustable feet and when used with the bubble level you can guarantee they are setup to the highest degree of accuracy. A level turntable is important to allow the stylus to precisely follow a groove reproducing the analog audio as it was recorded. The compact design means it can easily be stored in a safe location and the high degree of accuracy ensures you can play your favorite LPs with confidence that they are sounding the best they can.


Turntable Bubble Level
Material Plastic
Compatible With RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85
UPC 061783269091
What's Included
  • 1 x Turntable Bubble Level
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