Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

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Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaning, 600 ml Tank, Digital Timer (MGUC500)

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600ml, digital timer



Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Make your wedding ring glisten just as beautifully as it did on your special day. The MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will restore your valuables to their former glory. Using only water, this cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves that gently remove dirt and grime in minutes. There are five preset cleaning cycles to choose from, so you can easily control the cleaning intensity you need. You'll get professional results on jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, razor blades, utensils and so much more. Great for business, commercial or home use, this ultrasonic cleaner will have your items looking brand new again.

Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more

You won't believe how your items will shine with just water! Simply fill the tank with water, insert your items, and you'll see professional jewelry cleaning results. A bit of liquid hand/dish soap can be added for enhanced cleaning, but all the work is done by the ultrasonic waves. This powerful unit cleans in minutes without damaging delicate items. So whether it's your dirty everyday items or priceless treasures, the MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will safely make them sparkle again.

Ultrasonic sound waves for a deep and gentle clean

This powerful cleaner packs a gentle punch. 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy waves create millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that gently lift dirt and grime away without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. The motion of the water may look mild, but it's actually producing a deep and thorough clean to penetrate the most difficult areas.

Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles and auto shut off

There are 5 different cycles to choose from (90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds), depending on the cleaning time you require, for easy and precise control. Just select the desired time and watch the digital display count down to the end of cleaning and then automatically shut off.

Extremely easy to operate

The MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is instantly ready for use. Select your cycle and it's ready to go with the push of a button. Insert your items either directly into the chamber or use the convenient basket for more delicate items.

Generous 20 oz (600mL) capacity

The stainless steel chamber holds 20 oz (600 mL), with interior dimensions of 5.4" L x 3.6" W x 2.1" H, allowing you to fit a wide assortment of items into the chamber for professional cleaning.


Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner
Tank Capacity 20 oz (600 ml)
Cleaning Cycles 5 Presets - 90/180/280/380/480 seconds
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Power Input AC 100-120V, 60Hz, 35W
Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz
Display Digital
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Cleaning Technology Ultrasonic Waves
Automatic Shut Off Yes
Dimensions (External) 5.4 x 8.2 x 5.8 inches / 137.2 x 208.3 x 147.3 mm (HxWxD)
Dimensions (Internal) 5.4 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 2.1 (H) inches
Weight 2.2 lbs
Certifications FCC, ICES, cETL/ETL
UPC 871363021090
What's Included
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  • Cleaning basket
  • 4.5ft Power cable
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Arthur E. M. November 21, 2020 Oklahoma, United States

Please, when the unit is finished the red light stays on, the unit is still on, will the red light ever go off, the electricity is still on?

Dana C November 20, 2020 Quebec, Canada

This works incredibly well to clean my Invisalign aligners using just water and baking soda! I couldn't live without it! My cleaner broke after 9 months of use but customer support sent me a new one! (love you guys!)

Jessica September 30, 2020

I was disappointed when I first used it, then another review said to run it twice, voila! My ring is back to its full sparkle. I still get it cleaned at the jeweler's, however, this keeps it pretty clean! I notice that gold jewelry does not get that clean without a polishing after.

Amazon Customer September 30, 2020

Really does a good job on cleaning jewelry without needing any special soaps or chemicals. Easy to use & clean-up

Amazon Customer September 29, 2020

I cleaned my engagement and wedding rings using a few different time settings and was disappointed with the results. It did clean to some extent, but there was still a noticeable amount of dirt and grime even after several minutes in the cleaner with a little dish soap. Was hoping for a better value for this price.

Madolyn J September 27, 2020

I opened this right out of the box. Went to turn it on and it wouldn't even turn on. Tried different outlets around my house and still nothing. VERY disappointed. I wish I didn't have to leave a review like this but I was very excited about this product from it's other reviews.

[email protected] ( September 26, 2020

Either I got a lemon, or they all are lemons ... :(

Ronwald September 26, 2020

I know there are already 11,945 reviews at the time of writing this, but I just had to add mine. This is the first time that I have ever reviewed a product - 58 yrs old - and I am absolutely obsessed with this jewelry cleaner. I added the Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate to the water. My jewelry looks like it has been professionally cleaned. The unit is small and lightweight. I am keeping it on the counter in my bathroom and just toss my jewelry in before going to bed and turn it on in the morning. I can't recommend this jewelry cleaner enough. You will not be disappointed.

Kim P September 26, 2020

Very nice. Even if you only use water it brings a lot of shine without harming the coating on your jewelry. Highly recommend!

bonesonpoint September 25, 2020

It gets the suppressor baffles clean as new but it takes forever due to it having an 8 minute timer. If it would stay on for an hour it would be perfect. Other than the timer shutoff problem, it does the job. I will probably gift it to someone and buy one with a longer timer.

Jan R September 25, 2020

Just like carting all your jewelry to the jeweler’s for a good cleaning, but in your own home for 3 minutes.

Ashley T September 24, 2020

Quick delivery. I wished I'd taken a pic of before, rose gold can get dull. But it made my wedding set shine like brand new.

can y September 24, 2020

This is wonderful. As soon as I unpacked it and plugged it in, my jewelry was refreshed. Even the ones I thought looked good improved the shine and appearance.

KJ September 23, 2020

This is a serious waste of Money! Please don't buy. This is only good as a change holder nothing else.

Amazon Customer September 22, 2020

After having my ring for 5 years and cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner during that time, I replaced it when it broke with this one... what a mistake! . When I remove the ring today, three diamonds had fallen out.

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