Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaning, 600 ml Tank, Digital Timer (MGUC500)

$39.99 USD

Tank Size:

600ml, digital timer



Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Make your wedding ring glisten just as beautifully as it did on your special day. The MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will restore your valuables to their former glory. Using only water, this cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves that gently remove dirt and grime in minutes. There are five preset cleaning cycles to choose from, so you can easily control the cleaning intensity you need. You'll get professional results on jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, razor blades, utensils and so much more. Great for business, commercial or home use, this ultrasonic cleaner will have your items looking brand new again.

Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more

You won't believe how your items will shine with just water! Simply fill the tank with water, insert your items, and you'll see professional jewelry cleaning results. A bit of liquid hand/dish soap can be added for enhanced cleaning, but all the work is done by the ultrasonic waves. This powerful unit cleans in minutes without damaging delicate items. So whether it's your dirty everyday items or priceless treasures, the MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will safely make them sparkle again.

Ultrasonic sound waves for a deep and gentle clean

This powerful cleaner packs a gentle punch. 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy waves create millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that gently lift dirt and grime away without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. The motion of the water may look mild, but it's actually producing a deep and thorough clean to penetrate the most difficult areas.

Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles and auto shut off

There are 5 different cycles to choose from (90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds), depending on the cleaning time you require, for easy and precise control. Just select the desired time and watch the digital display count down to the end of cleaning and then automatically shut off.

Extremely easy to operate

The MAGNASONIC® Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is instantly ready for use. Select your cycle and it's ready to go with the push of a button. Insert your items either directly into the chamber or use the convenient basket for more delicate items.

Generous 20 oz (600mL) capacity

The stainless steel chamber holds 20 oz (600 mL), with interior dimensions of 5.4" L x 3.6" W x 2.1" H, allowing you to fit a wide assortment of items into the chamber for professional cleaning.


Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner
Tank Capacity 20 oz (600 ml)
Cleaning Cycles 5 Presets - 90/180/280/380/480 seconds
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Power Input AC 100-120V, 60Hz, 35W
Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz
Display Digital
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Cleaning Technology Ultrasonic Waves
Automatic Shut Off Yes
Dimensions (External) 5.4 x 8.2 x 5.8 inches / 137.2 x 208.3 x 147.3 mm (HxWxD)
Dimensions (Internal) 5.4 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 2.1 (H) inches
Weight 2.2 lbs
Certifications FCC, ICES, cETL/ETL
UPC 871363021090
What's Included
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  • Cleaning basket
  • 4.5ft Power cable
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Mireya July 31, 2020

I purchased this exclusively to clean my wedding rings set and one diamond ring I use everyday, and I ended up using it on every single piece of jewelry I own. I used the magnasonic with blitz and OMG... I had no idea everything was so dirty. I had cleaned my diamond rings with the Weiman cleaner a few days ago and they were all significantly cleaner and more sparkly, but with blitz and the ultrasonic cleaner everything looks brand new probably better than they did when I purchased them. I cleaned silver, yellow gold , white gold, and some gold plated things some stuff had diamonds some had CZ and other stuff had white sapphires . Everything was fine. I rinsed everything under cold tap water then used a microfiber towel to dry everything then used a jewelry polishing cloth to take off the loosened tarnish. It was super easy , it took me about 30 minutes to clean over 30 pieces of jewelry including polishing. I'm going to look around for more stuff to clean.

J. B July 31, 2020

Love this, works like a jewelry store cleaning. I will admit that I was influenced to buy this via Instagram and I was not disappointed. Cleaned my engagement ring to a bright sparkle. I did purchase the jewelry cleaner and added two capfuls to the water but you don't have to

Amy July 31, 2020

Works wonderful for high end luxury jewelry.

Lauren July 31, 2020

Will not clean older jewelry

Amazon Customer July 31, 2020

Wow!! This machine is amazing!!! It brought all the sparkle back to my rings. 10/10 recommend!!

Smiley S July 30, 2020

With COVID I have not really entered stores frivolously so my diamond engagement ring and wedding band have been neglected a bit in terms of cleanings. I used the machine with water and the Blitz Gem and Jewelry cleaner. Oh my goodness, I am blown away by how beautiful they look. I forgot how sparkly they are! Highly recommended.

BK July 30, 2020

Works well in combination with the Blitz cleaning solution. Removed gunk from daily use jewellery really well - needed a couple of rounds of cleaning though - was expected since it was daily use jewellery. Really happy with how it's cleaned!

Alex F July 29, 2020

I had thought I cleaned my glasses, prior to using this device, thoroughly. I was wrong. The first time I used the ultrasonic cleaner, I had to dump the water several times due to clouding and debris from the dirt removed.The lenses are now crystal clear, and the nose guards are spotless and shiny.Intra-day cleaning with the microfiber cloth feels different - I believe it's because the lenses are cleaner, and have less oil on them, to begin with. I wish I had bought this thing sooner instead of attempting to clean the lenses with microfiber several times a day.

cmac July 28, 2020

Used dawn on gold and silver. Gold chain and silver ring with amethyst. Cannot see a difference even on ring. Chain should sparkle but barely cleans it. I feel like I wasted money on this machine no matter how long I use the ultrasound even numerous times. I wish someone tell me why it won't clean my jewelry.

Amazon Customer July 28, 2020

Used this product to clean glasses and rings. Worked great!

Thomas C July 28, 2020

Wow! Great cleaner.

Jan D July 27, 2020

It is exactly what I thought it was

Mike S July 27, 2020

Best home cleaner we have had, but takes several timed runs for thorough results.

A. C July 27, 2020


C. E July 26, 2020

I purchased this in 2013 and I've been using it mostly in my shop for small greasy items, tools, etc. It has held up well to abuse, I have treated it with no respect and the only clean part is normally the inside, where it always performed well. It might have lasted longer but I accidentally dropped it in a sink of water while giving it a rare cleaning. I think 7 years was great, especially considering how I AB/used it.

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