Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

600 ml Tank, 3 Minute Cleaning Cycle (CD2800)

$34.99 USD

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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

Make your wedding ring glisten just as beautifully as it did on your special day. The MAGNASONIC Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner will restore your valuables to their former glory. Using only water, this cleaner generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves that gently remove dirt and grime in minutes. You'll get professional results on jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, razor blades, utensils and so much more. Great for business, commercial or home use, this Ultrasonic cleaner will have your items looking brand new again.

Bring Back the Sparkle and Shine

Make your fine jewelry, eyeglasses, precious coins, and other household items sparkle like new with the Magnasonic Cleaner. Using ordinary tap water, this cleaner safely treats your jewelry and avoids the uncertainty of harsh chemicals and rigorous scrubbing while still leaving your items with an irresistible shine. Remove dirt, grime, rust, lime scale, fungus, and any residue from jewelry, small parts and hard-to-clean surfaces, and you can even clean items without taking them apart. With its transparent cover and illuminating light, watch first-hand the cleaning power of this cleaner as millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles clean in ways no hand or brush could match!

Easy to Operate

Restore your jewelry back to the day you fell in love with it. Simply fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning results in just 3 minutes. With 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second, the vibrations created by the device leave a sparkling shine on even the most stubborn jewelry.

Quiet, Compact, and Built to Last

With a generous 20 oz stainless steel tank, this device will polish both your fine rings and large eyeglasses alike. Quiet, solid state circuitry and ease of operation make the cleaner an easy choice for anyone looking for a serious shine.

Avoid Expensive Cleaning

The high cost of professional cleaning prevents many people from getting their jewelry cleaned to remove accumulated oils, tarnish, and grease. Make a wedding ring shine for a highly personal anniversary gift. Using ultrasonic cavitation reduces the risk of damaging jewelry settings or losing a stone.


Cleans jewelry, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, coins, eyeglasses, keys, diamonds, silverware, metal badges, watchbands, waterproof watches, shaver heads, razor blades, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, valves, nozzles, machine parts, printer heads, and other valuables! 

Professional Uses: jewelers, opticians, collectors, dental labs, dentists, artists.


Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner
Tank Capacity 20 oz (600 ml)
Cleaning Cycles 1 Preset - 180 seconds
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Power Supply AC 100-120V, 60Hz, 35W
Power Input AC 100-120V, 60Hz, 35W
Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz
Cleaning Technology Ultrasonic Waves
Automatic Shut Off Yes
Dimensions (External) 5.5 x 7.97 x 4.9 inches / 14.0 x 20.2 x 12.4 cm (HxWxD)
Dimensions (Internal) 5.4 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 2.1 (H) inches
Weight 1.71 lbs
Certifications FCC, ICES, cETL/ETL
UPC 871363003423
What's Included
  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  • Cleaning Basket
  • 5ft Power Cable
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Jennifer G July 30, 2020

It seems to work great. The one on the box is different than the one I received. It has on and off button but nothing else.

Ann L July 23, 2020

I cleaned all my jewelry and they came out shining just using a few drops of dish soap. Very glad I purchased this. Much easier than trying to use a brush to scrub the crevices.

Ms S July 19, 2020

Really easy to use. Follow the simple instructions. It has cleaned my glasses and jewellery successfully. I recommend you buy the cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaners: add a capful to the water.

PepperCat July 18, 2020

I'm honestly shocked at the good reviews for this product. It did NOTHING for my ring. I could see, in my ring, areas where stuff had accumulated and it needed to be cleaned out. I ran this machine FOUR TIMES and it did absolutely nothing. My ring looks exactly the same as it did before, and the crud is still in there. Really disappointed in this product.

Caroline L July 17, 2020

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to always have shiny jewelry. It made my engagement and wedding ring sparkle like it was BRAND new after just one 90 sec cleaning. I used water and dawn dish soap. And for the price you can't beat it!

Tina m July 13, 2020

We purchased this to clean jewelry and my husband's vape accessories. It works amazing!We have cleaned soo much jewelry that has just been sitting in our safe. I love this thing!!

Amazon Customer July 13, 2020

Like this product. Bought one for my daughter and have one for each of my homes

Amazon Customer July 9, 2020

Ran the unit about 8 times, between two batches of jewelry, it worked well. Definitely works wonders on diamonds and white gold! First photo is before, the last two are after. Can definitely tell the difference in person. Would recommend.

Anonymous July 7, 2020

Works very well!

Amazon Customer July 6, 2020

I was hoping to avoid having to go to the jewelry store twice a month to have my morganite ring cleaned to restore it's vibrant sparkle so I purchased this based on ratings and price. For the money, it cleans up diamonds ok, but not gemstones. My morganite stays just as cloudy and dirty in this device even after scrubbing, dawn, and using "professional" cleaning solution. So it is not serving its purpose and if I want to restore the luster in my morganite, unfortunately, I still have to go to the jewelry store to have them make it look like the day my fiance bought it.

julie June 30, 2020

Love love love! I put some pretty dirty jewelry in and it came out looking new after a couple rounds in this! This would make a great gift for someone also! It couldn't be any easier to use! Definitely a 10/10 recommendation!

Betta M June 24, 2020

This product is amazing! I've cleaned my husbands glasses! They came out sparkling. I've cleaned dentures. Amazingly the came out so white! I've cleaned my make up brushes and the are so clean. Should have bought this long ago!

Samantha E June 23, 2020

did not clean anything. jewelry keys coins or glasses! was a complete waste and too late for me to return it

Kara M June 21, 2020

Bought it to clean my engagement ring and it's the best investment ever!

Melissa June 19, 2020

This jewelry cleaner is a game changer! I've been using the jewelry cleaners with the little brushes. They never clean them well enough and the bristles on the brushes always come off. This was so easy to use and got every space of the jewelry clean!! I poured 1 cup of water in and 4 cap fulls of Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner concentrate. It says to use 4 cap fulls with 5 oz of water, but the Ultrasonic says not do use any less than 1 cup. I decided to stick with the 4 cap fulls and not add more since I was just testing it out. I put in my wedding ring and only did it for 90 seconds before I manually turned it off and you can see the results!! (On all the photos left is before and right is after.) Then I checked the listing because the directions were for the ultrasonics with the set timer option. For the rose gold jewelry I did the automatic turn off, it goes for 180 seconds. They're beautiful!! So worth the investment!!

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