DB10 10-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer (Mahogany)

Fluance DB10 10-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer (Mahogany)

for Home Theater & Music - Mahogany (DB10MA)


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DB10 10-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

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10-inch Low Frequency Powered Subwoofer

10-inch Low Frequency Powered Subwoofer

Bass so powerful you will get goosebumps. The Fluance DB10 Subwoofer offers cinematic, room shaking bass for a truly immersive experience bringing your movies and music to new depths.

Add Power to Your Home Theater

Add Power to Your Home Theater

Smooth, precise and explosive, the DB10 will change the way you spend your Saturday nights. Feel the punch of a kick drum, or explosion of an action movie right in your core. While most recordings contain bass frequencies that traditional speakers cannot easily reproduce, the Fluance DB10 is designed specifically to reproduce those ultra-low bass frequencies - an integral part of any home theater.

10 inch Long Throw Driver

10 inch Long Throw Driver for Increased Bass Performance

Equipped with a front firing driver the DB10 offers longer excursion and controlled linearity for a deeper bass performance. This ensures you are hearing the lowest frequencies on every track consistently without any unexpected roll off.

db150 powered subwoofer back Solidly Constructed and Acoustically Tuned Enclosure

Solidly Constructed and Acoustically Tuned Enclosure

The DB10 has been ported and precisely tuned to the enclosure and designed to reproduce both low and ultra-low frequencies. The solid cabinet construction uses engineered MDF wood for a warm and distortion-free sound. Having a minimal footprint allows two DB10’s to be integrated into one system for the ultimate 5.2 or 7.2 system that creates an even more immersive home theater experience.

Powerful Low Frequency Amplifier

Powerful Low Frequency Amplifier

Highly efficient, effortless amplifier power drives the DB10 into a perfectly refined yet heart pounding experience.

A Passion For Great Audio

A Passion For Great Audio

Fluance has successfully revolutionized home audio. Utilizing only superior components and expert audio engineering, the DB10 is a testament to the performance that can be achieved when a passion for music takes center stage. The perfect complement to any audiophile’s lifestyle, you’ll be enjoying live performances in your home for years to come.


DB10 10-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer (Mahogany)
Speaker Configuration Front Firing Powered Subwoofer with Integrated Amplifier
Low-Frequency Driver 10 Inch Polypropylene with Rubber Surround
Amplifier Power Peak 120W / RMS 45W
Input LFE/Low Level Input & High Level Input/Speaker Levels
Low-Pass Crossover 40Hz – 180Hz
Frequency Response 38Hz – 180Hz (±3dB) Full Range Anechoic Measurement
35Hz – 180Hz (±6dB) Full Range Anechoic Measurement
Power 120V (60Hz)
Enclosure Front Firing Tuned Bass Reflex Vented Port
Phase Adjustment YES
AUTO FUNCTION Yes – (100Hz signal input reach 3mV, 1KHz input 5mV)
Gain Control No
Dimensions 15.7 x 11.9 x 16 inches
Speaker Weight 24.7 pounds
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What's Included
  • Fluance DB10 Active Subwoofer
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Fluance Catalog
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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    Overall Rating:

    James J. December 8, 2018 Virginia, United States

    The DB10 sub has given my room a more dynamic sound experience.More low end feel through the sofas.

    Kevin B October 3, 2018 British Columbia, Canada

    I must agree with the comments left by others. This unit gives incredible sound and performance. I would never have thought the quality of sound and workmanship would far surpass the price I paid.

    Robert M August 1, 2017

    This piece is not only beautiful to look at, the deep bass it provides is great for video games and movies. Crank your favorite tune and rattle the foundation . We love it. - Verified Store

    Malcolm March 28, 2017

    Recently purchased this to add to my XL5f's. They were already an incredible bargain but I wanted that little extra for music. The DB10 also surprises!! Properly set up it goes very low and tight not boomy! I only listen to movies on occasion but even then it hits hard!
    This brand has surprised me for the price and I've had all sorts of gear over the years all the way up to 5 digits but now you can get some really great stuff at budget prices that will really satisfy 99% of people.
    I believe the DB10 to be perfectly suited for music based on its size. I'm very impressed with this brand. I look forward to seeing what you will come out with in the near future. If you're looking for a small sub that goes beyond the price tag......do NOT hesitate!

    Bob February 2, 2017

    I replaced my Martin Logan 8' down fire sub with this and so far I'm happy about my purchase. This Sub compliments the Fluance tower speakers XL7F I have purchased over a year ago. This setup works GREAT as a 2.1 stereo setup. This sub HITS LOW - Verified Store