Signature Series Natural Walnut Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding Speakers - Lifestyle 2

Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding Speakers

Signature Series Natural Walnut Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding Speakers - Lifestyle
Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding Speakers

Natural Walnut HFFW

$599.99 USD

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Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-way Floorstanding Speakers

Premium Components


Mastering precision and sonic accuracy, the Signature Series uses only premium components that ensure high fidelity sound transporting the concert into your living room



Powerful dual 8” woofers provide optimal linear movement resulting in a low frequency bass performance that is clean, deep and controlled



Ultra high-end Neodymium tweeters produce high frequencies with captivating clarity



Unique midrange pointed dome (phase plug) allows sound waves to travel directly from the center of the woven glass fiber cone for an enhanced soundstage so every song is indistinguishable from the original recording

 Precision wood crafted cabinets


Acoustically inert, the cabinets are precision crafted with audio grade MDF wood to create a warm, distortion-free sound; A solid 1.4” thick front baffle bears chamfered edges to significantly decrease sound diffraction




CNET Review of the Fluance Signature Series Tower Speakers

CNET Review of the Fluance Signature Series Tower Speakers

"Where the Fluance shone, though, was in intelligibility and open-ness. Big songs sounded even bigger, and male voices sounded especially expressive and natural. And this helped every type of music we played though these speakers."

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CNET Review of the Fluance Signature Series Tower Speakers

Home Theater Reviews the Fluance Signature Series Tower Speakers

"I liked the HFF's ability to create a natural, compelling sense of space."

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Audioholics Review of the Signature Series Tower Speakers

Audioholics Review of the Signature Series Tower Speakers

"The Signature Towers deserves special consideration from a range of people: those who want good bass but do not want a subwoofer, those who want a speaker that will sound great for a home theater system that has to share the living room and thus has to look reasonably nice, those who want a party speaker that should look good and cover a broad area with good sound, and those who have a large room and a modest budget."

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Gunter v g March 16, 2023 Alberta, Canada

Had an issue with one driver,Julie helped out sent a replacement, couldn't be happier,great speakers for the price!

Malcolm, M January 12, 2023 British Columbia, Canada

I purchased these along with a Fluance turntable. They are fantastic. I am powering them with an NAD C399 which has room correction. I am in a medium/large room with lots of hard surfaces. They can easily handle the 180w per side of the NAD. I have bi-wired them which seems to help as well. Am thinking of adding a couple of subs as I like to really rock out to some 80's metal and rap. but they also the have the clarity to play the 90's new wave I also listen to. I am not sure if my neighbors really appreciate them or my taste in music.

Triple L January 4, 2023 Michigan, United States

My Findings from comparing My Fluance signature series tower speakers vs the Sonus Faber Venere S. This was a little while back when my local hifi store was closing out the venere s for 2k off msrp, i was very interested and he allowed me to bring in my speakers for a comparison.
First and foremost I'm a big Sonus Faber Fan, it's likley my favorite speaker brand.
Very Interesting findings, They both have very different sound signatures. Both Speakers were connected to the MAC gear in the photos The Signatures have a more livley sound for sure. This really stood out to me when listening to rock music. Which I perfered on the sigs, they simply sounded more dynamic. That said when listening to Jazz, classical and Rythm and blues, The Venere S sounded a bit more seductive, symbol clashes and even the piano attack stood out slighty more and overall the S offered better bass perfomance top to bottom, Both speakers threw out big sound stages and were comparable in that category. Later we added a rel t-7 sub to the mix and the bass performance gab was closed quite a bit between the two. That said in reality it was not much of a performance difference between the two performance wise. I took my time a repeated some tracks back 2 and 3 times and overall i decided it was not worth upgrading. I was interested in the Venere S because
they were being sold for 2000 off msrp and i was gonna grab some other discontinued mac gear along with them also.
But after my listening comparison i decided to past.
Interesting that it's not much of a difference between a 800 internet direct speaker vs a 5500 dollar retail speaker.

Samuel T December 24, 2022

Amazing speaker! Really love them. Super punchy bass and clear sound!

Mr M December 19, 2022

Great packaging to protect these giants, the holes for the outriggers have threaded Inserts so easy to bolt on but move with care to avoid damage to floor.These speakers look good, are well finished and sound good at low volume with great bass response and crisp high frequency, you won't be disappointed if you buy these.

Matt W December 18, 2022

Great speakers. I already had a Fluance turntable and it sounds great run through these speakers.

Armin K November 30, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Purchased 2 Signature Floor speakers and 2 bipolar surrounds to replace old speakers in the home theater.
Good quality and well-built speakers. Highly recommended.
The sound is very excellent

Jojo H November 10, 2022

Very good sound quality and customer service.

Rick B August 2, 2022 Alberta, Canada

I have these speakers in the home cinema system I'm building. I'm building as I get the money but these speakers do an awesome job filling my room and providing good bass without me having a sub yet. Volume up for movies and music they sounds amazing.

My only downside I would say is they're not great at recreating vocals which can be drowned out but my centre speaker makes up for that.

I was happy to find a Canadian brand which is what swung my purchase to Fluance. I also read good reviews of their customer and warranty support.

Keep up the good work, I'll be getting the 12inch sub next.

ron July 18, 2022

crystal clear highs; solid lows...i don't hear any unusual or unwelcome bass emphasis, as some reviewers report (check subwoofer balance; loudness button; internal settings; EQ; etc., if/as may apply)...the speakers are very heavy...they were incredibly well-packaged in a double layer of heavy cardboard with foam-lined was very quick, esp. for my rural location...i've only had them for a little over 2 months, so can't say anything about the longer term...would definitely recommend...

Drew April 29, 2022

Good speakers and good sound. Not happy that one of the wiring posts is loose, hopefully it will not cause problems down the road.

Chip F April 24, 2022

I did. He has NEVER written a positive review. Look at his history. Click and find out before you take his opinion into consideration.

Jean-Guy P April 11, 2022


ALI R April 1, 2022

Excellent sound! Need 8-10 hours of break in period. Music just keep sounding better and richer after that. Beautiful looking too!

Lori C March 10, 2022

great sound even at low volumes. but out of the box one bottom sub was rubbing on the voice coil. couldn't find any damage to the packing box. removed the sub and found a defect on the spider. at this price the speakers should have been sound tested on the factory floor. i find it hard to believe that are. going to cost me a extra $200 to replace 2x bottom subs. I'm a electronics engineer so repairing them is easy. not recommended for a average joe.

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