XLBP Wide Dispersion Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

Fluance XLBP Wide Dispersion Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

Mahogany (XLBP)

$199.99 USD

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XLBP Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers Intro

What do you expect from your speakers?

How about the emotion and intensity of a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home? The Fluance XLBP Bipolar Wide Dispersion Surround Sound Speakers are engineered with premium components that skillfully cater to your audio needs. The powerful velocity of helicopter blades and rolling thunderclaps will encapsulate audiences with the addition of the XLBP bipolar speakers to your home theater.

XLBP Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers 3d Soundstage Overview

Bipolar Wide Dispersion Design

The unique configuration of the bipolar speakers creates a 3D soundstage. This is achieved by having two complete full-range speaker systems on opposing sides of the cabinet. The results are widespread, enveloping surround sound throughout your room. The XLBP are designed for placement beside or behind the listeners for an extremely convincing 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround ambiance.

Thrilling Highs

Your ticket into a flowing symphonic score is available through the neodymium tweeters of the XL Series bipolar speakers. Bullets flying and spine-tingling screams will be heard as the superior tweeters reproduce high frequencies that will engage you in any movie.

Richness in the middle

The highly defined sound effects Hollywood intended you to hear will always be experienced with the XLBP Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers. These powerful speakers are complete with high performance dual 5-inch midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds. The components enhance the home theater experience by replicating the soundstage, tones and notes of your favorite feature films and concerts.

Made for you

The trapezoidal configuration of the bipolar speakers is the right choice in fully experiencing amazing cinema-quality surround sound. Made with engineered MDF wood cabinetry for reduced resonance, the XLBPs provide crystal clear, full-range sound performances. Designed with a rich mahogany finish, and glossy piano-black baffles, these speakers are excellent additions for enjoying blockbuster classics again and again.

The perfect complement to an audiophile’s lifestyle, you’ll be enjoying cinematic performances in your home for years to come.


XLBP Wide Dispersion Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (pair)
Speaker Configuration 2 Way - 4 Driver Bipolar Surround Speakers (Wall Mountable)
Tweeter Dual 1 inch Neodymium Balanced Dome Ferrofluid Cooled For Longer Life
Woofer Dual 5 inch Polymer Treated with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Power Handling 60 - 120 Watts
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 88dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Crossover Frequency 3500 Hz Phase Coherent - PCB Mounted Circuitry
Impedance 8 Ohms
Enclosure Ported Bass Reflex
Dimensions 11.4 x 7.6 x 13.8 inch
Speaker Weight 11.5 pounds/speaker
Speaker Type Bipolar
Certifications CE Certified, RoHS
DOLBY ATMOS Ideal for use as surround sound speakers in a Dolby Atmos™ Surround Sound System
Frequency Response Graph

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Fluance Size Comparison Chart

UPC 061783265116
What's Included
  • Two Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers with Integrated Wall Mounting Brackets (keyhole slots)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Full Lifetime Parts and Labor Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
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    "I don’t think you’ll be able to find a better bipolar speaker on the market at this price"

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Jason M January 2, 2019 Texas, United States

    Great speaker. I was really impressed for the money. So glad I heard of this brand on YouTube. These speakers completed my system. Don’t spend $500-600, not worth it. The speaker mounts make things really difficult. I used these. They worked perfect.


    tigeraki June 4, 2018

    Best Bipolar speaker in these prices. - Verified Store

    Amazon Customer April 1, 2018

    They sound ok. Not what I was expecting. No multi directional sound they claim. - Verified Store

    SMorefield March 24, 2018

    Sounds great with my definitive 600 pro - Verified Store

    ed b February 14, 2018

    works as advetised - Verified Store

    Ryan February 7, 2018

    This has been quite the substantial upgrade to my home theater setup. I've been using KLH satellite speakers for years and years that I originally had bought in high school. After taking a serious look at the speakers I currently had I wanted to make some moves and upgrade. Through lots of research on AVS forums and other online sources I ended up among these.

    I currently have a two row seating situation in a finished basement setting so I wanted to accommodate for both rows. This ended up with me looking into the bipolar surround speakers. With the bipolar speakers and the wide dispersion this enabled me to be able to provide a surround sound experience in both the back and the front row.

    I got the package and couldn't believe how large and decently heavy they were. The build and construction was definitely impressive right out of the box. I was excited to get these hooked up. I found the perfect area to mount given the correct measurements where you want to hang them up in your sound stage. Which during mounting I had noticed that they suggest you to hang four dry wall anchors PER speaker. I ended up just hanging two dry wall anchors on the outside holes and they've been up for months and months since then.

    After hooking it all up and hanging them on the wall I've been blown away by the performance of these ever since. I had a Lord of The Rings marathon with these soon thereafter and they performed quite well in both rows. Just the other day however I tuned in my setup even more (Relying on YPAO on my Yamaha receiver wasn't cutting it well) and increased the volume levels all around on the speakers to a more matched dB level in the main listening position. I've watched a good 5-6 movies since then and WOW even more blown away than what I've been missing out on for months since installing them! Surround sound effects have been awesome.

    At $199 the price point is pretty solid for this pair. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I haven't had a lot of experiences with higher quality surround sound driven speakers but they blew those dinky KLH satellites out of the water. (Picture for comparison before hooking up the new Fluance XLBP's) - Verified Store

    Amazon Customer January 25, 2018

    look good sound good blend well with my other speakers (infinity) nice speakers. - Verified Store

    Atul O August 5, 2017

    I got these speakers for my Desktop, Yea I know they are not meant for it but I just wanted to experiment and was getting them at good price. I also got SMSL SA50 (50 Watts per channel x 2) amplifier. As soon as I plugged in I have been blown away with the quality of these. I m hearing on 25% amp power and volume turned 30% on laptop. - Verified Store

    Tein C March 17, 2017

    Great price for the sound... replaced my old more expensive brand definitive Mythos and actually sound better than them. - Verified Store

    Var February 19, 2017

    one of the best for movies - Verified Store

    Fletch February 6, 2017

    Huge pair of surrounds tough to beat at $99 a pair. Sound great in my humble man cave/theater. - Verified Store

    JoeSixPack January 30, 2017

    Fluance must be planning some upgrades because these are a steal at the sub hundred price tag... for me these serve to supplement some very high quality speakers... is there a difference between $1000 speakers and $100 speakers? Of course. The highs are higher and lows lower in more expensive ones.But these do exactly what the frequency range says they should - their sound is clear, but rich and full are really the adjectives that come to mind when listening to them as stand alones (I recommend these as a bookshelf speaker - in my case they bridge sound between two rooms sitting on a half wall) - and I haven't yet reached the break in period so the sound will be getting better.The components here are quality so you're getting a speaker that will last for awhile - and at the very least if one upgrades these will always have great value in any surround sound system.Special thanks to Fluance and all the various distributors that work with them for high quality customer service... knowing that anyone on the fence about these or Fluance should take a chance on these, or anything else the company sells. - Verified Store

    Diane E December 17, 2016

    Great sound! - Verified Store

    Christian Fahel September 14, 2016

    Their much bigger then my other set of bipolar surrounds which are made by jamo. The quality and performance is very good for the money probably the best bang for your buck that you can find. Free shipping i ordered yesterdat and it arrived super fast overnight 1 day shipping cant be beat. The 4 star is because the vinyl veneer isnt the best and looks very thin. The gloss black paint looks super cheap and get fingerprints all over it but honestly on eog the worst gloss black paimt jobs i have seen on a speaker. My kanto bluetooth speaker black gloss finish is much nicer and more refined. The other annoyance was the mounting brackets on the back they didnt supply any screws and was pretty hard to install ended up scratching the black bracket becausr the screws i were using were to big. But to sum it up pretty good experience the price was affordable the quality is good the shipping in my experience was lightning fast and the trial period give you the confidence to take thr plunge to order. Dont hesistate best price to performance ratio for surrounds in my oppinion.

    Jesse Platts July 13, 2016

    These are very good speakers, a large upgrade from the rear speakers I was using on my 9.2 system.
    The customer service from this company is very responsive. I contacted them because I really wanted to mount the speakers such that one was up firing off the ceiling and the other down firing.
    I wasn't able to do this, as I would have had to re drill the cabinet. If I had a drill press I would have felt more comfortable with the task, but not with a hand drill.

    The only reason for the four is that I would have wanted the cabinet to come with speaker mounts that would have allowed me to mount them in the orientation I wanted.

    These really fill out the rear of the sound environment, just using them as designed.

    Excellent deal, great build, good looks, improved sound environment.

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