Concerto 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player - Lifestyle Cherry

Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player

Concerto 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player - Lifestyle Cherry
Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player

Stereo System with Turntable, Bluetooth, Radio, CD, Aux In, USB, Vinyl to MP3 Recording (RR75C)

$199.99 USD

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Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player

7-in-1 SYSTEM


Plays all of your favorite songs from vinyl records to digital music streaming through Turntable, Bluetooth, Aux in, AM/FM Radio, CD Player and USB



Savor the pure analog sounds of the premium audio components including 3-speed belt drive turntable, sapphire needle, and 4 high performance speakers



Backed by Electrohome’s 100 years of developing high fidelity audio products, the stunning retro modern design adds a vintage flair while offering the warm sound of a wood cabinet



Stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet to enjoy your MP3s or music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music



Digitize your vinyl records or CDs to MP3 files onto a USB drive to preserve your precious music collection for life and play back instantly through USB




Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player
Unit Colour Cherry
Finish Real Wood Veneer
Construction Material MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Record Player Yes
Cartridge Ceramic, Sapphire Tipped Stylus
Record Speeds 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM
45 Adapter Included Yes
Auto Return No
Radio – FM Yes
Radio – AM Yes
Radio Station Pre-sets 9 AM, 9 FM
Bluetooth Yes (Bluetooth 4.1, 33ft range)
USB Charging No
USB Recording Yes
SD Slot No
Cassette No
Headphone Jack Yes
Auxiliary Input Yes
Speaker Size 2 x 2", 10 W, 8 Ohms; 2 x 3.5", 30 W, 6 Ohms
Power Adapter Input 120 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions 12.25 x 17.3 x 13.5 inches / 31.2 x 43.9 x 34.3 cm (HxWxD)
Unit Weight 23.75 lbs (metric)
Amplifier Power 35 Watts
Auto Stop Yes
UPC 061783269480
What's Included
  • RR75C Vinyl Record Player
  • 45 Record Adaptor
  • 100 - 240 V (50/60Hz) AC Power Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Eric An July 29, 2020 Georgia, United States

    Good sounds than I expected and good express old mood

    Jenni B July 21, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

    I bought the Electrohome 7-in-1 after researching how to get better sound quality for my album collection from a product that will also look good in my living room. I have not been disappointed! The sound is great and being able to play old CDs and use it as a Bluetooth speaker has been an added bonus.

    Tyler D June 26, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

    Let’s just say for an all in one, this is possibly the one and only unit to look at. Amazing sound and build quality is the best way to describe this unit. I really questioned spending the amount of money I did for this unit, but after the first time using it I can say it was totally worth it!

    Earl G June 23, 2020 Ontario, Canada

    Great product, looks beautiful, sounds great. Does better than what was expected.

    John K June 23, 2020 Washington, United States

    I love it. Received over 50 Swiss Music Albums. I want to play them plus record them using USB port. I am looking forward to trying this. Also I accidentally ordered two record players so sent one back. the snap chat used to get this done was very professional and efficient.

    Robert M May 27, 2020 Florida, United States

    Arrived promptly, Looks very nice with a high quality build. All functions work great...sounds excellent ...good clear loud and not distorted. The turntable build would be acceptable for this price range...nothing more... it tracks well and sounds surprisingly good. I added weights to the back of the tonearm as I felt it was tracking too heavy. Really like it. I am an audiophile and felt I needed something like this I can use for fun uncomplicated record playing with friends.
    Great value!

    Kathy S. May 8, 2020 South Carolina, United States

    I had a collection of records that I haven’t been able to play for years. Now I can enjoy them and I love the player!! I love the look of it and the color that I chose is perfect for my den ( I picked cherry). Well worth the money!!

    Heather April 14, 2020 Indiana, United States

    I waited on this Record Player to come in stock forever and it was worth the wait. It is beautiful visually and exceptional equality. I am so happy with my recent purchase.

    Matt W April 5, 2020 Ontario, Canada

    Very Awesome Device! For what you pay you get so much in an extremely well crafted package. I love that the sound quality is great whether you're playing a record or cd/mp3. Also it just looks great wherever it is place and adds character to the room. The only downside is I only have two LPs but that will change quickly!

    Ryan K March 26, 2020 New York, United States

    I had the original signature record player and loved it. I decided to upgrade to the Kingston and it's perfect all around. No complaints here. The addition of bluetooth and the ability to connect your own speakers is a huge plus.

    Rita R March 24, 2020 Indiana, United States

    I am very happy! This was a birthday present I gave myself and I couldn't be happier. I haven't pulled out the vinyl yet, but since we can't go anywhere these days, it will happen soon. My CD's sound awesome.

    David B March 24, 2020 Saskatchewan, Canada

    We just received our cherry wood RR75 and it's the best looking and sounding all-in-one console stereo out on the market. I was not expecting to hear such great sound coming out of a console stereo. Well done, Electrohome!
    If anyone wants to read my more detailed review, visit my blog entry on the Kingston, here:

    John L March 20, 2020 California, United States

    The equipment does what was advertised and the sound quality is wonderful. I definitely would recommend this 7 in 1 piece of musical equipment to everyone,

    Jonathan S. March 19, 2020 California, United States

    I purchased two of these. One for my daughter and one for myself. I bought them because we both enjoy records. The unit looks very nice. It plays records as well as my component turntables and again, it looks very nice doing so.

    Look, I enjoy music and refuse to obsess over "sound quality". I listen to music, not equipment. The music coming from this beautiful record player is wonderful!

    Love is friendship set to music. Enjoy life and fall in love with the sound of music. The soundtrack of your life is waiting...

    Raymond C March 19, 2020 Washington, United States

    The design and finished looks excellent on the promo video. However, in person, not so much. After tightening the transit screw all the way down and following all the set up instructions, the platter and the entire mechanical piece seems loose. When playing a vinyl, there’s a lot of wobble. In addition, there’s a 1 inch long chipped piece of wood that’s missing by the mechanism. The speakers sounds good. The unit works well overall. I received a 50% discount on the unit the day it was stocked, so overall I’m a satisfied customer.

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