All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner

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Magnasonic All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner

Converts 35mm/110/126/ Super 8/8mm Film & 135/110/126 Slides into JPEG (FS52)

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All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner
Display 2.36” Color TFT Display
Focus Range Fixed
Exposure Control Automatic & Manual Adjustment
Recording Resolution 22 Mega Pixels Scanned Resolution
Scan Quality 4100 dpi for 35mm
Scan Method Single Pass
Film Type Negatives: 35mm, 110, 126, Super 8, 8mm / Slides: 135, 110, 126
Light Source Panel Backlight (with 3 white LEDs)
File Format JPEG /still image
Image Playback Single
Built-In Memory 64MB
External Memory Card SD card up to 128GB
Scan Speed 3-5 seconds
Language English/French/German/Spanish/Japanese/Chinese
Dimensions 3.4 x 3.5 x 4.2 inches (86.2 x 88.9 x 106mm)
Weight 0.46 lbs
Power Supply AC/DC (USB), Input: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz 0.5A. Output: 5V, 1A
Certifications FCC, cETL/ETL, ICES, cUL/UL
UPC 061783271841

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

DT January 26, 2021 New Jersey, United States

I almost never write reviews but this product exceeded my expectations. I purchased the FS52 to scan 2500 old slides in order to share the images with family members. I was pleased with the speed and ease of scanning slides. This review is based completely on scanning 35mm slides, I did not try scanning negatives or movie film. Image quality was good and looked fine on a computer monitor and on a 50 inch TV. Some of my slides seemed to fit tightly in the adapter and required light force to feed them through but I believe this was due to some of the slides being warped slightly. I did not experience this with the vast majority of slides. One thing to remember is the last slide you feed into the adapter will not scan unless you follow it with one additional slide to push the last slide into scanning position. I scanned my slides one box at a time so I needed to do this at the end of each box. The adapter also had to be removed after each box to clear the last couple of slides. I tried the brightness and color adjustment but decided to forgo this in exchange for speed of scanning and planned on performing any adjustments post scan using PC software. The only slides that required any adjustment were slides that had poor image quality to start with. Although you can scan without additional memory in order for it to be usable with more than a few slides at a time a memory card is a must. Overall I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it especially for creating digital images of old family slides that can then be easily shared.

Zero December 26, 2020

I really want to like this photo scanner as it is easy to use and quick. The results are not worth the effort though and I can't recommend this for scanning color negatives.The scanner is easy enough to use. Just stick in an SD card and find the right slide holder for your film or negatives. Then it's just a matter of positioning the negative and pressing scan.The problem is the resulting photo. I compared a 35 mm negative scanned with this Magnasonic to the same 35 mm negative scanned on my 2009 model Epson V600 flatbed set at 2400 dpi. There's about twice as much detail in the Epson as in the Magnasonic. The colors are very yellow on the Magnasonic where they come out just about natural on the Epson. If you plan to scan a lot of photos you don't want to have to retouch every one of them in post.I like the idea but the image quality is just terrible.

veggie December 25, 2020

Super easy to use. Even able to scan glass slides, just remove the slide feeder.

Dr. B December 15, 2020

The quality of the results was poor. I returned the unit for refund..

D l December 1, 2020

This is a fantastic little device. I found it very easy to use on my first go-round and it certainly made me glad I hadn't yet thrown away the negatives that I didn't yet have developed. If you have a lot of photo negatives floating around, this is so handy and a great way to view the photos. I did not use the cable to connect it to the TV, just used the viewfinder, but the hour I spent browsing definitely brought a smile to my face.One star off because the plastic of which it's made feels a little light and I think it could be priced a little lower, but overall, if you're looking for a way to display/view negatives, I recommend!

Julie November 16, 2020 Minnesota, United States

This scanner is quite easy to use, but unfortunately. if you are planning to scan negatives so you can later turn into quality prints, you will be very disappointed. I have super sharp negatives shot on a very high quality Canon camera and I was so disappointed in the low resolution output. The only reason I purchased this was to scan negatives and have the photos printed. Super bummed.

Dayhome M November 15, 2020

I feel like such as ass right now. I needed this device because our photos have been damaged from decades of storage and rummaging through them, and I wanted to make new prints of some favourites. I've always kept my negatives in order to do such a thing, and yet, when I tore through all the boxes, not a single negative could be found. Not a one! At some point in my life, I threw threw them out, I guess, and I can't imagine why, because now I'm in tears knowing I won't ever be able to to re-print my photos from graduation, wedding, vacations, and the first memories of our youngest who was born before digital.I wasn't able to use this product to review that function, but I can say that it's a well-built, compact gizmo with lots of little accessories to make using it easier. It has clear, coherent instructions and even an SD card reader so you can look at memory cards and choose what to print from there without loading onto a computer - that would be great for bringing photos to a grandparent's house and letting them decide which they want, rather than overwhelming gmail with full res originals.

Crazy C November 7, 2020

I want to give this scanner a fair shake - we have some really old film from that from my parents' place that were begging to be scanned and properly archived digitally. The resulting images were a little blurry and lacked detail compared to what I've come to expect but the truth is that the film came from god-knows-what camera they had decades ago and pretty comparable to the prints that they have in the hard-copy photo albums they have... so maybe this scanner is doing the best that can be expected of it?The scanner works reasonably quickly and I found it was easy to use.

momof3 November 4, 2020

We got this to try and save some images off an old super 8. Film reals are dated around 1964 The screen is very small making it near impossible to actually see what is on the film. We tried hooking it to a computer and a tv and the image was still very blurry to the point you cant even make our what is in the picture. We have tried a few different films and they all did the same thing. We have not tried it with 35mm negatives or anything as of yet. It is easy to use and comes with different sized film holders that you slide into the device to look at.

Marco November 3, 2020

This machine is not perfect but I like it. I received it the other week and have used it a few times and here are my immediate impressions:- The internal storage is only 64MB, so there isn't much internal space if you plan to scan a lot of images. So, you will need an SD card to store all the scanned images.- The SD card option is better even if you have only a few films to scan because SD card can be removed and inserted into your laptop to transfer images easily. If you save in the machine, you then have the hassle of connecting it to your computer through cable. So, much easier to simply save everything in an SD card. Makes storing and transferring images much easier.- It takes about 5 seconds to scan a film. That's not bad in my opinion. I am happy with that speed.- When it comes to the quality of the scan, it all depends on the state of your film. If it is really old and has suffered through the elements and has faded away or damaged somewhat, you will get a scan that reflects that stage of deterioration. So, I am surprised by other people's comments saying this doesn't scan well. I don't agree with that. I have several films with really bad state, and they scanned alright. I also had 10 year old films in pristine condition, and those scanned really well. Are they as good as a photo your current camera takes? No. But are they really good considering it is generating an image by scanning a 10 year old film? Absolutely. I am very happy with the overall performance.- Finally, I really love the palm-size unit. It is small enough to fit in your shirt or pants pocket. So, you can really carry it with you in a backpack. That tiny size is a huge benefit.

M. R November 2, 2020

We had about 600 slides to scan and it was very easier to do. Very happy the quality of the scan.

Ma?gorzata K October 28, 2020

The "Magnasonic All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner, High Resolution 22MP, Converts 35mm/110/126/ Super 8/8mm Film & 135/110/126 Slides into Digital JPEG, 2.4" LCD Screen, Built-in Memory, Fast Scanning (FS52)" is an easy to use tool if you have very specific format film sizes or negative sizes that fit in the supplied trays. I've found that the slides have to be adjusted before scanning (for tone and colour) otherwise they come out very red. The image quality that results is grainy, so overall, this is better than having nothing and a bag of old negatives and slides, or you can scan them and have them available digitally. I will say that if you are looking for a very high quality result, this is probably not the machine you want.

B W October 27, 2020

I was so excited about this little scanner, I immediately went rummaging for my boxes of negatives so I could try it out right away. I have negatives I've inherited from family members and of course plenty of my own from the good 'ol days.This one does ok with 35mm black and white, but colors don't always come out consistently, even on pictures that were similar and taken close to one another of the same subject and same light. My slides were really hard to get into focus to look right.I don't know that I'd use the images from this for my archives, as my grandfather had a larger scanner that did a much better job on the same negatives. But for a fast job to see what you have it's not bad. Not sure it's worth th money.

Larry M October 26, 2020

Works on very old slides. Reproduces accurately.Easy to use.

scarlet October 26, 2020

Easy to use. Fast scans. Good pic quality.I did old slides and negatives from the early 60s while watching a movie with my wife. Now loaning to friends Everyone has old film.Scanning negatives is easier then scanning pictures and results have better quality.

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