All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner

Magnasonic All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner

Converts 35mm/110/126/ Super 8/8mm Film & 135/110/126 Slides into JPEG (FS52)

$89.99 USD





All-In-One Film & Slide Scanner
Display 2.36” Color TFT Display
Focus Range Fixed
Exposure Control Automatic & Manual Adjustment
Recording Resolution 22 Mega Pixels Scanned Resolution
Scan Quality 4100 dpi for 35mm
Scan Method Single Pass
Film Type Negatives: 35mm, 110, 126, Super 8, 8mm / Slides: 135, 110, 126
Light Source LED Backlight
File Format JPEG /still image
Image Playback Single
Built-In Memory 64MB
External Memory Card SD card up to 128GB
Scan Speed 3-5 seconds
Language English/French/German/Spanish/Japanese/Chinese
Dimensions 3.4 x 3.5 x 4.2 inches (86.2 x 88.9 x 106mm)
Weight 0.46 lbs
Power Supply AC/DC (USB), Input: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz 0.5A. Output: 5V, 1A
Certifications FCC, cETL/ETL, ICES, cUL/UL
UPC 061783271841
What's Included
  • FS52 Film Scanner
  • Negative Adapter
  • Slide Adapter
  • 110 Slide Insert
  • 110 Film Insert
  • Super 8/8mm Insert
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Cable
  • 3.75ft Power Adapter (5V/1A)
  • RCA Video Out TV Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Trish November 23, 2022

It does the trick. I am having an issue seeing the images on my Chromebook (from the sd card) but I think it is a memory issue with my computer not the saved image.

Brenda November 17, 2022 British Columbia, Canada

works as stated....effective in quick sorting to prepare to scan to computer. easy operation and does what it should.

Tammy July 12, 2022

This thing works great.

Heather P July 10, 2022

Fantastic little gadget. Slides and negatives to print - fantastic

Pricklycat April 5, 2022

I bought this scanner to digitize a big box full of old family slides. The scanner was easy to use and managed to capture all my slides with reasonable quality. The final product is only as good as the original. It was an easy way to capture the slides into a format that will be easy to share.

Kathy D March 10, 2022

Loved the easy use! Colour of slides seems a bit strange but i think thats due to 1970's film technology!

Big D February 18, 2022

Wish they included instruction on which side is up on slides. On line help most helpful.

Coccinelle February 4, 2022

I bought it for my 80 year old father and he had no problem using it. He was really happy to finally see old memories.

Alex E January 22, 2022

Manufacturer's specs indicate scan quality as 4100 dpi for 35 mm film. That means 4100 dots per 1.34 square inch (36 mm x 24 mm). Multiply dots by inches and you'll get 5.5 megapixel. That's the sensor they use. The rest is software enhanced process called interpolation. The result is terrible. Also the aspect ratio of 35 mm film is 1:1.5. The aspect ratio of their sensor is 1:1.3. That means significant cropping on both sides. Dust removal is required after each scan and it's almost impossible to remove all dust. You will always see white dots on the scan. If you're looking for a quality scanner, pass on this product. The only good thing about this product is that it ships from Calgary. Both, initial delivery and return were fast.

Di January 12, 2022

Scanner works well

Laurent S September 22, 2021

very easy to use but basic device, resolution is quite low, despite the announced 22MPx, the actual level of detail captured is quite low and the filtering is very roughPros: good size, simple device, fast, very easy to scan various types of positives or negativesCons: cheap sensor, image quality is not great, filtering is bad, level of captured detail is low, image feels over-processed and sharpened. Color accuracy or automatic exposure and white-balance is really bad, need a lot of manual (on the device) or Post (on computer after scan) processing to get colors right.

Steve D September 12, 2021

This device is easy to use and will capture images from negatives very quickly. It is easy to transfer the images to a PC or laptop. The image quality is fair. I expected better image quality but this device, like similarly priced competitors, does not truly scan the negative. Rather, it uses a CMOS sensor to essentially take a digital photo of it, and the image may look like a medium quality digital photo. For those wanting to take a highly detailed scan of negatives, a different type of device is needed, such as a Plustek. Those devices will cost hundreds of dollars more, however, and are more difficult to use.

Janice B August 16, 2021

Transfers slide to digital very well without changing color tones

Gladys August 3, 2021

Easy to use and at a great price. It doesn't take very long to transfer pics to pc.

martha b July 9, 2021

I enjoyed getting back pictures I thought were long gone

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