Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers

Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers

with Class D Amplifier & Wireless Bluetooth aptX (Natural Walnut)

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Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers



Experience true stereo sound with these high performance active bookshelf speakers with an integrated 100W Class D amplifier designed to deliver a crisp, deep and accurate response



Level-up any sound system in your home including your turntable, TV, computer, or Bluetooth speakers to experience unparalleled sound in any set-up



Meticulously developed with 1" silk dome tweeters and 6.5" woven drivers producing stunning highs, balanced mids, and powerful rich bass



Hand-built with engineered wood, creating a warm, distortion-free sound for exquisite audio reproduction



Pair these feature-rich speakers to any source through Bluetooth aptX, RCA/Aux, Optical, PC/MAC USB, and add more bass with the subwoofer output… if you dare




Speaker Configuration 2 Way – 2 Driver Powered Bookshelf Speaker System with Integrated Amplifier (Pair – 1x Active 1x Passive)
Bluetooth Yes; aptX Codec
Inputs RCA L/R, Digital Toslink Optical, Micro USB
Tweeter 1 inch Silk Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer 6.5 inch Woven, Glass Fiber Composite Drivers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Amplifier Power Class D 100 Watts Continuous Average Output (2x 50 watts)
Frequency Response 35Hz – 20KHz (DSP Virtual Sound)
Internal Lead Wire 18 gauge Internal Lead Wire to Reduce Signal Degradation
Power Input: 100-240V; Output: 24V 3.0A
Crossover Frequency 2600Hz Phase Coherent – PCB Mounted Circuitry
Enclosure Acoustic Suspension Design
Dimensions 13.1 x 7.8 x 9.2 inches / 33.3 x 19.8 x 23.4 cm (HxWxD)
Speaker Weight 29.3 lbs
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, ETL/CETL
Subwoofer Output Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.3%
WiFi Casting Pairs via Bluetooth with Google Home, Amazon Echo and AppleTV (Ai60 is not a WiFi speaker)
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UPC 871363024794
What's Included

Ai60 Speaker Line Out

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Ai60 Speaker Line Out

  • Fluance Ai60 Powered Bookshelf Speakers (pair)
  • Remote Control
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • 100-240V Power Adapter
  • 8ft 18 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 3ft 3.5mm Aux to RCA Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Fluance Catalog
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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PC Mag Reviews the Ai60 Bookshelf Speakers

"The Ai60 speakers can get exceptionally loud, and on tracks with intense sub-bass content... the drivers deliver powerful bass response."

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The Soundbar Annihilator - Review by Joe N Tell

"This thing can actually play down to 35 Hz and at significantly loud volumes - that is a huge surprise"

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

BruceS November 20, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

I am around 6 months with the Ai60. Before buying, I considered, among others, the Audioengine A5, Kanto YU6, and the Ai60. Settled on the Ai60. Like to note right now that I'm using the Ai60's optical audio input, exclusively. Source is supplied from iTunes on a MacBook Pro that has an optical out port. Music files are ALAC, AAC, and a few MP3s. I also listen to Internet radio a lot. I needed to downsize, and did so from a full-size rig (integrated amp, speakers with sub, various sources). It would be fair to describe the former gear as budget audiophile or better. so I was concerned about sound quality. I bought in early June and have been listening since. Although I deliberately set out to find things I did not like, that was tough—the Ai60s met or exceeded my expectations. One thing they don't do is give you a lot of "feel" of deep bass. You can certainly hear the bass, which does go deep, but you do not feel it as you would with a good sub. A sub is not part of my current picture, so that is what it is. Due to the DSP deployed, the speakers can sound...well, loud...not a bad thing at all! The remote's volume control isn't in fine gradations. The speakers have a good amount of detailed sound, are attractive, and appear to be well-built. It's worth noting that the Ai60's are sensitive to quality of the source material. If it's not that great, what you'll get is not that great, and in painful detail. But with decent source, you're good to go! No issues at all with hissing or other noise for me. I did test with Bluetooth, which works, but it's not what I'd use with these or any other speakers for optimal sound quality. It's optical in for me. After 6 months of listening, I'm happy with these guys. No, they are not at an audiophile level, but they are quite nice and offer much bang for the buck.

Wayne S October 8, 2019 Ontario, Canada

Excellent sound, great value! I'm using these as PC speakers for music and gaming in my home office. The entire range of sound is excellent, and the bass is solid. I definitely don't plan to add a sub, but that might be an option in a larger room. Slight hiss from tweeters regardless of input source but I only notice when I'm leaning in close. I primarily use optical out from my PC, and occasionally bluetooth from my phone. Both sound incredible!

Jin P. September 12, 2019 California, United States

Very good sound and amazing craftsmanship. The only reason I would not give them 5 stars is that the customer service was poor and a bit rude.

Jim S September 9, 2019 Texas, United States

I bought the Ai60 speakers as an upgrade over my Edifier R1280DB speakers. I have them matched to my Fluance RT80 turntable and I could not be more pleased. The Ai60 speakers perform well above their cost. The sound is clean at loud levels and the highs and lows are nicely reproduced. The remote control is fantastic! I love that I can adjust the bass and treble from the remote. My vinyl sounds fantastic! And football games, WOW! I will probably add the sub at a later date, but I think the speakers sound great, even without a sub.

Kevin W September 2, 2019 Ontario, Canada

Very good sound, excellent low end. Build quality is very good.
In comparison to Kanto YU 60, the sound range is better and connectivity is nearly as good. Slight buzz on bluetooth but turn down the monitors and turn up the source and it's acceptable. I have already recommended these speakers to friends.

Nick G August 30, 2019 Florida, United States

These speakers sound amazing for $300. I returned another set of powered speakers after hearing these. The amount of bass these put out greatly surpassed my previous speakers. So far I haven’t felt the need to plug in my sub. I’ve been using them as speakers for playing music via Alexa and my turntable. I would have liked it to have an “auto on” feature but it’s not a dealbreaker.

Andrew H August 29, 2019 New Jersey, United States

Before I bought this I had an expensive sound beam and it sounded great. It was very clear but the bass was lacking. These speakers were perfect. Especially for the music I listen to like EDM. The lows are awesome and the bass adds what I'm looking for. If you want good all around sound then these are it. No $600 subwoofer needed.

Andrew K August 21, 2019 New York, United States

I can't believe how good these sound. The sound quality is excellent. I thought I would need to augment these with a sub woofer, but I don't see the need. And the connectivity options make these the only speakers I need: I have these paired with my RT82 turntable via speaker wire, to my TV via optical cable, and then I can stream from all my devices to bluetooth. The build quality is top notch — these are hefty speakers. They are also beautiful. I chose the natural walnut with the white fronts and they add they have an elegant appearance that adds to the rooms decor.

I highly recommend the Ai60.

Bill July 30, 2019 Missouri, United States

I have bought many pieces over time to build up my home theater system. I could not be more impressed with both the quality of the finish materials and the audio reference. My only wish is they expand their product line!

Cabot S June 24, 2019 Utah, United States

These speakers are awesome! 300 dollars for a set of speakers that sounds great after breaking them in for around 70 hours. When I first opened the box I had the issue with them of when I hit a bass heavy spot the speakers would muffle. I talked with Fluance and worked through this with help from Sean and their team. They were great, timely and I ultimately decided to through 70 hours on them and see how they sounded. The issue went away then I changed the speaker cable and the overall quality did improve a little more. These speakers have pretty good bass, I will get the sub eventually (you always need more bass). Overall, these speakers are loud, clear, has good bass and if an issue does a rise Fluance stands by their products and offers to replace them.

Bowers June 23, 2019 Ontario, Canada

Ridiculous! The Ai40s are fantastic and these are better. More bass, obvious with a larger driver but cleaner, clearer high end as well. Great imaging too. Impressive kit is becoming a trend with this company. And from my country too!

IsmaelG June 20, 2019 Virginia, United States

Big sound out of a little box

Kurt K June 19, 2019 Michigan, United States

Give these babies a little time to break in and you won't be disappointed. From a small full range speaker perspective these have no problem filling a normal room with crisp clean sound. I am using mine with an RT81 turntable set up with a 2M Red stylus and couldn't be happier. On a side note, I have a 7.1 home theater set up, all Fluance and it too is a stellar performer! At any price point, Fluance is a rock solid product!

Osmel M. June 17, 2019 Florida, United States

Hello, very happy for the sound that this speaker has, I thought that being a sealed speaker the bass would not be felt in the lower frequencies, but they have a very good presence in the lower frequencies, being able to hear the sounds that in other speakers are not it could be heard. Very good work (DSP Virtual Sound) that takes a very high step in its range, they are very heavy and say a lot about the quality of their construction, the sound is very warm and relaxed in the high and medium frequency sounds. Tickets for all kinds of use as aptx bluetooth for wireless use, I recommend it a lot

Robert June 16, 2019 Texas, United States

These powered speakers are truly amazing, I ditched my sound bar and purchased these along with the 12” subwoofer. I was blown away from the sound quality of these, completely satisfied and impressed.

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