Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player

Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 Vinyl Record Player

Stereo System with Turntable, Bluetooth, Radio, CD, Aux In, USB, Vinyl to MP3 Recording (RR75B)

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Jaiden E. January 12, 2023 Saskatchewan, Canada

Amazing quality and sound. So happy I made this purchase!

Amazon Customer December 30, 2022

So far, I am enjoying this record player. It was a good purchase.Rainy days, sunny days, lovely days, house parties, friends vintage vinyl player adds warmth with sounds from some of my favorites... Nat King Cole, Mahalia Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Maze, Bos Scaggs, LTD, . I love having this additional option to enjoy more good music.

LeiAnn December 27, 2022

Sound quality is great. Love the features it has, but it would be nice to have a Bluetooth transmitter for wireless headphones/speakers. I bought a Bluetooth transmitter to remedy this not being built in.

William C December 26, 2022

We love it! Our Vinyl sounds great on it and the fact that it has Bluetooth makes it even better. It is a little more expensive then other models that we looked at, but we still love it.

Douglas December 20, 2022

the wood grain and vintage design looks great. The sound is better than my previous system which had two speakers. I'm really enjoying my old vinyl records, CD's and the bluetooth for a modern touch.

Kathy December 20, 2022

Consise electronics that delivers great vinyl playback, cd's, radio, Bluetooth capable, nice looking wood cabinet. Sounds great too! One thing- Bluetooth worked on the 1st try but now having trouble connecting- need to try unplugging maybe to reconnect. But our main goal was to have vinyl and cd options and for this we are pleased!

Happy December 18, 2022

Fairly good sound

J.I.T. December 17, 2022

What I really like is the thought put in to this. I know I haven't discovered all there is to know yet! There is a place in the corner that holds a disc for 45's. There is a lever to brings the needle down! I'm impressed just with that! Sound is great. Easy enough to assemble as well.

shawn December 16, 2022

Best radio on the market. Good quality good customer service.

E. A December 12, 2022

I am impressed with this 7 in 1 sound player. I bought it specifically to play my lp's with, and it sounds wonderful, especially the albums that were never made into CD's that I have listened to on youtube. The CD's also sound great, and it makes me very happy to have in my living room. I'm thankful I could afford it. The appearance is attractive, classy and simple to operate. I chose red for my color. It makes listening to music more appealing than turning on the TV any time. Thanks Amazon for the way you choose and market your items.I always read the reviews. This is my favorite purchase of the year.

Amazon Customer December 5, 2022

This is a beautiful record player with an old fashioned feel. Got it as a gift for my husband and he was very happy! The pictures do not do it justice - the wood is much richer looking in real life. Very versatile playing abilities. A wonderful item!

Carole J October 17, 2022

This is the third vinyl/cd/radio I have bought in the past couple of years. The first two were Victrolas, and I have been very pleased with them. But this Electrohome model is amazing and superior to the other two I bought. A couple of days after I had got it set up, I was walking by (I had the fm radio on), and I stopped in my tracks because I couldn't figure out what that sound was I was hearing, it was the bass: a discernible bass sound! I guess the RCA speakers are making the difference (and this player is smaller than either of the Victrolas).. I heartily recommend this little beauty!

Bert August 25, 2022

Sond is very poor. The volume come and goes depending on the selected media. Also the volume is lower on vinyl than in radio. What is consistent is poor audio quality. I returned the item.

Walker P August 23, 2022

The sound that emanates from the Electrohome is every bit as balanced as a Bose or a Macintosh. Really surprised at the sound clarity.

Susan August 18, 2022

Compared to other record players, this one is a bit more expensive but it is SO worth it! I have gone through several record players over the years and none of them compare to the quality of this product. It is gorgeous and has everything you could want in a record player. I would absolutely buy this again!

Francois p August 15, 2022

to listen vinyl disk and cd and mp3.

Sandra C August 11, 2022

This thing looks awesome and sounds fabulous! I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews...but so far, got nothing to say but good things. CD and radio sound is really great. Haven't tried record player yet but love it so far.

Amazon Customer July 29, 2022

This player has excellent sound quality, is made well, and looks very nice. Great for a beginner with vinyl (i was looking for one that had speakers etc included since I didn't feel well versed enough to manage multiple parts) bonus is I can play my cds and Bluetooth with it as well. Very happy with this purchase!

Ruby B July 23, 2022

Perfect for me. I'm so happy I bought this. I love the quality. It even plays my home made CD's. I'm happy with the sound too. I have very poor reception in my neighborhood but this unit picked up stations on both am and fm channels. Thank you Electrohome for making such a great unit. Reasonably priced for what it can do. I've been searching for quite a while on line debating and reading the different reviews and decided on this one I was very blessed to find it. It won't go past 30 on the sound so unless you listen to your music pounding with base 30 is ok for me. I knew that before I bought it. See my video. If you buy it I think you'll be very pleased too.

Ashlie G July 2, 2022 California, United States

I LOVE this product! It completely exceeded my expectations in every way! It looks gorgeous and sounds amazing. I would absolutely buy this product again.

Silver h June 30, 2022

Made with quality craftsmanship!

Jeff M. June 23, 2022 Connecticut, United States

Looks admirably like an old piece of wooden furniture back when I was a kid. But the sound is just awesome and it's convenience makes it more practical than my old Gerard turntable and Marantz set-up

Shane H June 8, 2022

I have this in my office. It plays records great, CD's great, and the radio great. I have not tested the USB or the recording features. My office is upstairs and I can play the sound at full blast (30 on the scale), and still hear it downstairs. Its not going to bump gangsta rap like some of the other machines you can get out there obviously, but the sound is excellent and sufficient for a one room, one living room, or one office. I am mostly impressed with the bluetooth. It connects to my Alexa automatically every time I put it on bluetooth mode. And when I shut it off, it automatically disconnects from alexa without an issue. If you like the looks of this machine, get it. I think it looks great. Nice wood design. You won't be disappointed with the quality.

Florence F June 1, 2022 New Hampshire, United States

Really like a lot: The retro look, sound is deep and rich, cabinet in walnut is very nice, many features including ability to record to USB. Also, the price was very reasonable. The only piece it doesn't have is a cassette player, but that's ok as I have other players for that.

Bethebest May 31, 2022

I wanted greatly to like this, it was very nice looking in person. I bought the warranty and reserved the package based on other reviews. It had a hum from the start that never stopped even when turned off. The sound was otherwise good. The record player and CD player worked. I started recording my cds to a flash drive. It seemed to be going well and then, the CD stopped working. In fact, the entire radio and CD stopped for no reason that I could find. I returned it in original package and received a full refund.

C. A May 23, 2022

Very nice product

Bev May 22, 2022

It looks even better than pictured. I love the remote and that it remembers my favorite radio station.

shasha May 12, 2022

Having various options for music is excellent. The style is beautiful and substantial in weight and feel. The only drawback is the unweighted swing arm. There can occasionally be skipping. A solution is to gently give it a little hard touch to have it more firmly placed. Other than that this is excellent for regular enjoyment of music. I just would not recommend for high value, vintage, or very old vinyl. Otherwise enjoy

Bob B April 30, 2022

Came sooner than expected. Looks great, works great.

Terry F March 29, 2022

Absolutely love the sound!The quality of the wood case is excellent.

Jay N March 26, 2022

I ordered the Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 vintage vinyl Record Player. Had to return it due to the c.d. door wouldn't open. Received replacement and seems to be working good. Haven't tested the recording of USB yet. Sound is okay. Much better than the Victrola and Crossly record players. Which I own both products. That is why I give it 4 stars... for the return and sound.

W. S March 18, 2022

Was excited to get this delivery. Unpacked it, plugged it in, and NOTHING.STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!

Rina D March 11, 2022

Lovely retro phonograph with multiple functions! We have some old 78s that now we can enjoy ... and copy onto flash drives! As afamily of musicians, we are sound connaisseurs and we LOVE this player!

Paul March 9, 2022

Came with a big scratch on it. Records wobble. Very poorly made.

Alan S March 5, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

Versatile audio system. Great quality for the cost. The mahogany looks terrific. Very pleased with my purchase.

Amazon Customer March 4, 2022

When playing a CD, there's a horribly vibrating/rubbing sound!

RCB March 2, 2022

Love it! It is clean and beautiful! I bought a different brand first (less expensive), but the dials just looked fake retro (not vintage). The radio frequency was by dial and difficult to tune, plus the volume always reverted to mid- range, so it turned on loud. The Electrohome Kingston 7-in-1 has a digital tuner. Sound stays at the level you set when it was last turned on....and the 4 speakers sound fantastic! ... so much better than the two speakers on the other brand. My only disappointment is that I did not take into account the clearance necessary to keep the lid/top open on it's own ---because I have a shelf that gets in the way, I have to hold open the top when using the record player- But that's my error...The unit is Great!

Amazon Customer February 21, 2022

I purchased a "good quality" returned item. No scratches or flaws whatsoever. Very happy with this little beauty.

Tom D February 6, 2022

I tried to find out if speakers could be hooked up to it any never received a response

Gregory S January 15, 2022

This is a great stereo. Good sound, sharp looking, great radio reception and very nice turn table. However whenever I play CDs at about the 16th or 17th song it sticks. First time it happened I thought it was the CD. After playing a few CDs this happens EVERYTIME! This is very disappointing. I decided to get the more expensive stereo but should have gone with a cheaper one since the CD player sucks. I wonder if anyone else that has purchased this has the same problem? Or was it just lucky me?

Scott b January 8, 2022 Washington, United States

I found a stereo unit in the trash cleaned it up WD-40. It's a great little unit for free works great don't you ever threw it away for the rest of you out there try to repurpose the trash

Michele L January 7, 2022

Radio stopped working after one year. Called the manufacturer to report and they said there was nothing they could do for me.

Dee D January 5, 2022

I don't know if it is the player or the CD's but the CD player skips and stalls a lot in one place. Haven't had very good luck with it yet. I am going to buy some better recordable CD's and see what the outcome will be.Tune for more later.

Tammy G December 31, 2021 Manitoba, Canada

We love it! Loud enough for our purposes. Nice full
Sound. Looks great and easy to use!!!

Al B December 30, 2021 West Virginia, United States

I bought this for my husband for xmas (obviously for me too though haha), and we both LOVE it! It is beautiful to look at and listen to. Our records play beautifully and the record player itself has an incredible deep resonant sound. I highly recommend.

Mark F December 18, 2021 Illinois, United States

I purchased this unit less than a year ago and the record player is now distorting like crazy. Customer service has been a trainwreck. First they recommended I replace the stylus even though it has less than 300 hours on it. Then a long delay getting a new stylus (that I had to purchase). Once the new stylus arrived it (surprise!) didn't fix the problem. Emailed with no response. A couple days later I did a chat online with an agent who didn't email me back until I opened a new case on the unit. Then I was told in 24 hours I'd have instructions on how to return the unit, but it's been more than 24 hours and I have nothing. This is awful.

The worst of it is that my daughter's entire Christmas stash is made up of records that she really wants but will not be able to play. Electrohome could have made this right by shipping me a new unit, but it will undoubtedly be a long, drawn out process to get this thing replaced, and, frankly, the emotional damage is done with this machine. Christmas is kind of ruined for my daughter, though I guess she can look at the records until the new unit arrives in ... oh, I'll guess late January. Thanks, Electrohome - I should have known better.

Rosalind, R December 14, 2021 New York, United States

I absolutely love this record player. It is gorgeous and makes my room look 10 times better. It plays records perfectly and has so many other options that I haven't even used yet.

Jimmy Z December 14, 2021 Nevada, United States

My wife and I love this system. We burn our own cds, I mix 20s,30s radio broadcasts, music and commercials. Our friends that come over, have a blast from the past. Sun City you know. Haha Loads of fun.

Mike, S December 10, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Got this kingston 7 in 1 for a christmas present. Initial impression was that it was beautiful looking, sounded good and had alot of features. That lasted all of 20 minutes when out of the blue the digital display in the front ceased to work, just went blank. The only thing im happy about is that it broke during the return period. Returning for refund.

Ken S. October 15, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Electrohome customer service has been great and the Kingston has excellent sound quality in comparison to other units in it's price range, although the volume SHOULD be able to go higher than "30", as some recordings are much quieter than others. Next, the ceramic stylus that is provided with the unit is not the greatest by FAR. It has a much shorter life span than an actual diamond tip stylus AND it produces rather lousy sound quality. I highly recommend to upgrade to a diamond stylus. Next - USB recording. The Kingston's software only allows it to record at 128kbps.. which is quite bad by 2021/2022 standards of sound quality. The Kingston's software is SCREAMING for an upgrade! Once you record more than 20 songs on your 132GB USB stick, the sound quality becomes frightfully terrible to the extent that it's actually PAINFUL to listen to! This was a huge disappointment since recording my vinyl to USB was the primary reason I made this purchase. Also, when playing 45's, the Kingston has a couple more shortcomings. It can't play ALL 45's. If the grooves span too close to the centre of the record, the Kingston will stop playing your 45 before the song is even finished!... not so great when you're trying to record songs onto the USB! Speaking of 45's, the centre piece/45 adapter appears to be defective - so essentially, the 45's don't sit properly centered on the platter which allows for wobbly and awful sound reproduction. So, my overall recommendation?? Upgrade to a diamond stylus (RIGHT AWAY!), and also make sure the records you are playing are in good condition and properly deep cleaned for optimal sound quality, and KEEP YOUR NEEDLE CLEAN as well! If you're recording your LP's and 45's onto USB, prepare to be sorely disappointed in the sound quality!

Rosa M October 10, 2021

Looks and works great. Sound is better than I expected. Great value!

Allie G October 1, 2021 New York, United States

Awesome! Lovely sound, style and quality. Not crappy plastic covered fake wood like other brands. Super easy to use and a great value for money. Arrived quickly and well packed. Great player!

Ivan September 23, 2021

Nothing broke so far, works fine. Sound quality is not great at all, but you still get decent sound for recreational purposes. Looks nice. Buy it if you don't need super good quality and it's more for decorative.

A. L September 12, 2021

I might have returned this but missed the window. That said, it's good for what it is -- a low-cost turntable, CD player, and radio. Radio reception is poor but it might be where it's placed. Sound quality is ok, not terrible and not great. But again, you get what you pay for. Form factor and aesthetics are pretty good.

Christopher L September 9, 2021

Bought this for my son to listen to old Raffi records, works great. Having the radio and Bluetooth is nice as well. Haven't used the usb as of yet. Sounds much better than I thought it would, so that was nice.

Mary September 6, 2021

Love all the options to listen to music all in one unit

Jessica L August 11, 2021

This unit is far better than the Victrola unit I purchase and sent back sound quality is good and the turntable functions well the CD player works good the radio OK I'll get some stations in the Bluetooth works quite well it's made nicely with wood and far better than the plastic of the Victrola I do recommend buying it

Jodi L August 4, 2021

I really just wanted a record player that didn't sound tinny and could also play cd's and the radio (without spending hundreds of dollars). After reading all the positive reviews, I took a chance and am glad I did! Sound quality is really good- just wish it was a bit louder. But no tinny sound while playing vinyl. Easy set up, but had to play a few records to get it "loosened up". Now, it's great! Like the presets for the radio and the remote is always nice. Good sound quality for an inexpensive unit that can do more than I need it to. And aesthetically, it's fun & interesting.

Gerald D July 31, 2021

Very happy with sound quality, ease of setup/use. Great value for the money. Highly recommended.

Randy A May 15, 2021 Iowa, United States

I don't know where to start. The design of this machine is so beautiful. The sound impressed me and has the power if you really want to jam out. The radio and cd player works well but playing the vinyl made me fall in love again with some of my childhood favorites. I feel like it's definitely worth the money!

Sean H. May 3, 2021 Texas, United States

A hearth for the home to huddle around when our family members days intertwine. Love it!

Dmitri April 29, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Beautiful record player. Fast shipping

true1shot April 22, 2021

I bought a Victrola first because of the name. What a mistake the sound was terrible and I sent it back. This Electrohome is wonderful! The sound is beautiful, craftsmanship is excellent! It fills my living room with beautiful warm music. Just exactly what I wanted!! 5 stars !!

Sally P April 21, 2021 Illinois, United States

So far so great! I wanted this mainly for the turntable and radio so have not used all the features yet. The turn table and radio sound great! Love the retro look too. It is so great to play our vinyl again.

CHRISTOPHER April 20, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

I am very pleased by the Kingston record player.
It is a solid machine with a great design.
Also it was shipped on time and packed well.'
The sound is also excellent!

VZ April 20, 2021

This item was shipped and arrived ahead of schedule. It was well-packaged. It offers better sound, a remote and outputs that were not available in a prior version. But the prior version stopped working after 2 years, so I can't give an unmitigated positive review for this item until it has shown some longevity. I would have been willing to pay for better, more long lasting components.

Kim D April 20, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Being born in the 1950's we were raised with Electrohome products. So when we began looking for a compact stereo with a turntable it wasn't difficult for us to select the Kingston Electrohome stereo. After placing our order updates from Electrohome were amazing. We are using our stereo in our living room which is approximately 14' x 26'and the sound is amazing. Since receiving our unit a few weeks ago we have listened to records every evening. Thanks for a great experience and a wounderful product!

Lala B. April 20, 2021 Arkansas, United States

Bought as a gift for my husband a man who is hard to buy for and he loved it!

Theresa A April 20, 2021 New Jersey, United States

Definitely a 5 star and worth the money. Me and my husband were cleaning my grandfather house out and came across a bunch of old records and decided to get something to play them and we came across this machine and we fell in love with it. I must say the red wood is even more beautiful in person!

Paul M April 20, 2021 other

Absolutely love it, looks great solid unit made from real wood. We have been looking for a record player to suit our vision but didn't want some cheap price that just looks OK. Paid a lot on import duty for this model and really love it. Just had to be cognisant of the voltage, Europe is 240v and this is 110 so need a step-down converter.

Laurie T April 19, 2021

This worked out perfect for our family room. No need for all the components, like in the old days. Plays Cds, bluetooth, vinyl, USB, radio and I can connect my I pod! And I have used them all! Worth the price, to update my old tower system would have cost thousands! This is just what I needed.

Andrew S April 19, 2021 District of Columbia, United States

Sound quality is wonderful and records play all the way to the end - can't say that about my prior turntable. CDs play so well too. Very satisfied!

Michael G April 16, 2021 Wisconsin, United States

I just got the Kingston vintage stereo I could not be more pleased I've been using the time stopped since I got it 3 days ago however I didn't give it five stars because there's a few things that I would change about it 1 does the antenna wire having it hard wire to the stereo I wish it was detachable it would be easier to fix or running outside antenna 2 turntable I wish it was metal set of plastic other than that I would really change anything about it definitely worth the money

Kim D April 16, 2021 Ontario, Canada

First of all communications from CWD concerning our order were excellent. After reading the reviews on the Kingston Electrohome stereo we decided to order one. It meets all of our expectations and more. The size is perfect for our 14'X25' living room. We have listened to records every night since receiving it and love the rich sound for a stereo of this size. Being in our mid 60's we were raised with Electrome products, so having one in our home again is pretty cool.

Rick E April 16, 2021 Michigan, United States

Standing product would recommend to anyone to buy do used to listen to the radio records MP3 players or CDs love the remote to.Recommend this item the Kingston record player is a very outstanding product.

Fred E April 15, 2021 Texas, United States

I read the reviews when the 7 in 1 was out of stock and thought if it is half as good as what the folks say it will be a good deal. Big surprise! It is a GREAT deal! The sound is really good and the look fits in great in our pool room. I highly recommend the Electrohome 7 in 1 Vinyl Record Player.

Michael O April 14, 2021 California, United States

Bought this electrohome unit as an upgrade to my "starter" Crosley suitcase style player, as I was looking for deeper sound and more volume. And my unit has delivered, as the sound is 1000% better than the Crosley. In doing some research, I saw that the electrohome has a 35W amp as opposed to the 5W offered by the Crosley. The difference in sound quality and volume between the two is significant, and on newer records, you would think you're listening to a cd the sound quality is so good. Craftsmanship is also remarkable, which I was not expecting. This is a nice piece of furniture, a conversation piece, and something to hang on to for many years. I could not be happier with my purchase!

Kathleen W April 14, 2021 Ohio, United States

I had bought a deferent brand of record player and was very unhappy with it. So I got on line and searched. I found this one and am so very happy I did.

Barbara C. April 14, 2021 North Carolina, United States

I absolutely love this!! I wanted an all-in-one record player and I went thru 2 Victrola’s already. The Electrohome is great, sound is perfect.!!

Susan J. April 13, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Absolutely love the beautiful wood the cabinet is made of! It looks great in our family room and everyone from the grandkids to the grandparents like listening to the old records and Cd,s. I would defined purchase again and am thinking of buying one for my brothers!

bigigirl. April 11, 2021

Pleased w/my choice & glad I got it when I did. Everything worked. Sound is great. Bought it for my rental, however it's so nice, not sure if I want to let it out of my sight.

Jerry L April 8, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Love the Art Deco style & rich sound from our Kingston It's a keeper
Thanks to Julie for replacing my lost discount coupon

Frank S April 5, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Kingston record player is very well built. Sound is excellent along with the recording capability.
Cannot miss with this purchase. Very satisfied.

BritishGirl March 16, 2021

Nice to have everything in one place. Hooked up exterior speakers.

Miles N March 10, 2021

nice style,easy to use. sound quality could be better.

John B February 25, 2021 Ontario, Canada

The Kingston 7 in 1 Record Player is amazing! Using the record player for the first time in many years is great and the sound is better than digital! All the functions are great. The overall system looks great and the craftsmanship is second to none. I highly recommend the Kingston 7 in 1 Record Player. And listening to vinyl records again brings back great memories. Thank you Electrohome!

Amazon Customer January 8, 2021


Brett C December 30, 2020

You are paying for solid wood construction and elegant design. No cheap veneer here! The sound is quite good for the price point. The arm of the turntable is lightweight...a feeling that borders on flimsy, but the sound quality from records is still nice. CD player made a disconcerting noise at first (a whirring/vibration as loud as the music itself), but it hasn't done it consistently. The blu tooth connection is simple and strong.

Mario M December 28, 2020

would have given it 5stars but feel it could use a little more volume. I use it in my living room. And I am a 62 yr old-time rocker.

Kelly J December 25, 2020 Minnesota, United States

The appearance of this player is beautiful. The cherry finish looks even better in person than it does online. The only reason we couldn't give this 5 stars is that the player arrived and the stylus appears to be broken and won't play properly. So far customer service has been supportive. Hopefully will have this issue resolved quickly.

As far as sound, first impressions are good. CDs, radio and bluetooth sound great. Good bass. Clean look, like the large speaker in the front. Would recommend to a friend.

Vanessa December 24, 2020 New Jersey, United States

I love it!! I bought it more for the style and modern features. I’m buying another as a gift.

elzdavis December 23, 2020

Looks great and the sound is just fine for the casual listener. No complaints at all. Glad we bought it!

Rocko B December 20, 2020

First thing is I got the wrong color, which is okay, but not what I ordered. The operation of the unit is easy and straightforward. The sound quality is lacking, too bassy, but that evens out when listening to old records. But with modern music and the use of bluetooth it sounds very muffled. The overall look is great (except for the color), it doesn't look cheap, which is nice. I would recommend this product.

terry d December 16, 2020

This turntable/all in one is exactly what I wanted. The sound is great, the record player works and having the bonus of being able to record from my LP's is amazing. I also like the look.

Nickophobia December 15, 2020

Just got it today. They said it was a used item but looked new when unpacked. Looks great and sounds good for the price point. Great for a small room like a bedroom. Fast delivery! Good seller.

Amazon Customer November 30, 2020

Really user friendly. Great sound ! Love that it's Bluetooth enabled as well as plays records CDs,and radio. Looks great in livingroom

Antonio M November 26, 2020

Value for money, the unit is quite good

Rosa S November 25, 2020 New York, United States

The sound is fantastic--it really fills the room, and the bass is great! It's so easy to use, and incredibly stylish.

Louella H November 23, 2020

Ive been researching and comparing record players for 2 months now and went with this one primarily because of the EQ adjustments. The sound is awesome, the player is beautiful and I love all the features! I am SO happy with my purchase. I got it on sale for $169 but Id pay the full $199 if i had to do it again!

Suzanne L. November 5, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I just love my new electrohome stereo, cd and radio player. I have been using it everyday since I've received it. The sound is amazing for such a small player. I'm very impressed with the quality and the price.

Jeffrey H October 27, 2020 Vermont, United States

I have a decent amount of of LP’s in my basement that I haven’t listened to in years. Once I received the Kingston 7-1, I started breaking in the speakers to improve the sound. While it isn’t comparable to what I had in the 70’s, it isn’t bad, and the price was right. I particularly enjoyed listening to Mantovani. It carries the highs and midrange quite well.

LeWolf October 24, 2020

GREAT ITEM!!! The vintage looks are impeccable, and the sound when playing back anything is crisp and clear with no hum. I can't speak to more than my own taste, but the volume is perfect for the first floor of my home, WITHOUT forcing the neighbors to enjoy it in their home as well. Bluetooth pairing was a snap, and transcending from shipping mode to home play mode was a breeze. For the price, this is a great player to enjoy your modest platter collection. If you're a purist and Hi-Fi snob, why are you even reading the reviews of a $200 all-in-one stereo anyway? Seriously, a great item and addition to our home. We have a lot of wood furniture, some cherry and cherry stain, and the red one that we bought aesthetically adds so much to the room in which we have it!!!

Pete October 20, 2020

I initially went with "Amazon's choice" on another brand around $100; unfortunately, you often get what you pay for. I wanted better sound quality. Found it! Kingston is fantastic - 4 speakers, acoustically tuned, real wood, outstanding sound and EQ options as well. My father bought one for his game room after I got mine and he heard it.Of note also, this is from the parent company which also makes Fluance speakers, which gave me some confidence.Not just Vinyl - also plays CDS, radio, and doubles as Bluetooth speaker. And - maybe best of all - it does have RCA outs, so you can hook up powered speakers to the unit. It gets nice and loud, crisp, full sound - but nice to have the option to hook up external speakers.Overall, the quality, feel, look and especially - sound quality will impress. $200, it's not a cheap unit compared to many others here on Amazon, and with good reason. This is a real step up in quality.

Angie A October 19, 2020

This was a gift for my boyfriend who absolutely loved it!

Heather F September 15, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I wish it would go a little louder. It only goes to 30. For some CDs and albums, this is enough, for others, it's not very loud at all. The sound quality is good though and I love the look. Maybe my neighbors are happy it's not louder.

Nancy S September 15, 2020

Looks like a well made self-contained unit. Sound quality is great

Stephen M September 12, 2020 Florida, United States

Very happy with it - solidly built, sound quality better than expected, even the radio worked better than I had expected.

Robert P August 29, 2020

Looks great

a r August 23, 2020

Great for the price, and stylish to boot.

Jonathan R. August 20, 2020 New Brunswick, Canada

I have had experience with Electrohome stereos in the past and was not at all disappointed. I have tried the new Kingston just recently purchased, radio, phono, and CD player so far and I'm impressed by the overall quality of the product. And the retro look in the cherry colour makes it a handsome machine.

James August 15, 2020 Indiana, United States

Great purchase if you are starting to get into vinyl and looking for an all in one unit! Phenomenal looks, superior sound and great customer service. Thank you Electrohome!

P. D August 10, 2020

Easy to operate. Speakers sound really good for a small unit. Not the thin, tinny sound of similar units that I have owned. Looks really cool. Would buy this again.

Jody August 2, 2020

Excellent sound! Very well made. Great instructions for unpacking, no assembly. The first one I ordered arrived damage from the shipping company and Amazon approved myEasy return. The second one arrived perfectly. So excited and love the classic look.

Eric An July 29, 2020 Georgia, United States

Good sounds than I expected and good express old mood

Capt R July 24, 2020

Very happy

Jenni B July 21, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

I bought the Electrohome 7-in-1 after researching how to get better sound quality for my album collection from a product that will also look good in my living room. I have not been disappointed! The sound is great and being able to play old CDs and use it as a Bluetooth speaker has been an added bonus.

Carolyn S July 16, 2020

I love it! It's easy to use, sturdy and worth the money. Great sound on all formats!

Tori L July 7, 2020

Has great sound and effects would reccomend to any vinyl lover. Cd player is pretty good. Love having the controller on the unit as well. Best sounding vinyl player for the price

John B July 6, 2020

Looks very sharp. I was impressed with the sound quality.

Tyler D June 26, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

Let’s just say for an all in one, this is possibly the one and only unit to look at. Amazing sound and build quality is the best way to describe this unit. I really questioned spending the amount of money I did for this unit, but after the first time using it I can say it was totally worth it!

EMMANUEL R June 26, 2020

Love the look of it. Sound is way better that those $60 vinyl disc players. And being able to transfer those vinyl to usb is great.

Earl G June 23, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Great product, looks beautiful, sounds great. Does better than what was expected.

John K June 23, 2020 Washington, United States

I love it. Received over 50 Swiss Music Albums. I want to play them plus record them using USB port. I am looking forward to trying this. Also I accidentally ordered two record players so sent one back. the snap chat used to get this done was very professional and efficient.

Amazon Customer June 6, 2020

What drew me in was how aesthetically pleasing the player was, and after reading other reviews, I was sold. Having so many functions and it's own speakers were important to me as I have very limited space. And those speakers are great! The SOUND! I love my records and I am happy with this purchase. It's great to look at and listen to!

Robert M May 27, 2020 Florida, United States

Arrived promptly, Looks very nice with a high quality build. All functions work great...sounds excellent ...good clear loud and not distorted. The turntable build would be acceptable for this price range...nothing more... it tracks well and sounds surprisingly good. I added weights to the back of the tonearm as I felt it was tracking too heavy. Really like it. I am an audiophile and felt I needed something like this I can use for fun uncomplicated record playing with friends.
Great value!

Disco54 May 12, 2020

Arrived promptly, Looks very nice with a high quality build. All functions work great...sounds excellent ...good clear loud and not distorted. The turntable build would be acceptable for this price range...nothing more... it tracks well and sounds surprisingly good. I added weights to the back of the tonearm as I felt it was tracking too heavy. Really like it. I am an audiophile and felt I needed something like this I can use for fun uncomplicated record playing with friends.Great value!

Kathy S. May 8, 2020 South Carolina, United States

I had a collection of records that I haven’t been able to play for years. Now I can enjoy them and I love the player!! I love the look of it and the color that I chose is perfect for my den ( I picked cherry). Well worth the money!!

SS May 6, 2020

I bought two these wonderful stereos. One for my daughter and he husband and one for myself. The play records! Right now I am listening to the soundtrack from "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" on vinyl and the experience is nothing short of FUN!The record player comes to a stop when the music is over and while it doesn't have an automatic tonearem return, I can life with that! The CD player works great too and so does the BLOOTOOF! I play through my catalog of ove 20,000 songs on this stereo via BLOOTOOF and they sound just like MUSIC! Everything sounds just fine on this gorgeous retro styled stereo. I have far more expensive separate component turntables from Technics and Pro-Ject to name but two manufacturers and they play just as well but outside of my 50th Anniversary Sgt. Pepper's Pro-Jectcommemorative model, none make me smile as does this little Electrohome.I look at it and the Sgt. Pepper's model as time machines due to their styling. Part of the vinyl experience is visual and the Kingston has that in abundance. I have mine in Mahogany/Cherry and my daughter's is in walnut. Look, everyone has a soundtrack to their lives. This Kingston allows you to take it a step further (or backward in time?!) and set the mood just by looking at it. And listening to the music it reproduces is fun and engaging.Highly recommended? Remember, I bought two of them so I say YES!

Heather April 14, 2020 Indiana, United States

I waited on this Record Player to come in stock forever and it was worth the wait. It is beautiful visually and exceptional equality. I am so happy with my recent purchase.

Matt W April 5, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Very Awesome Device! For what you pay you get so much in an extremely well crafted package. I love that the sound quality is great whether you're playing a record or cd/mp3. Also it just looks great wherever it is place and adds character to the room. The only downside is I only have two LPs but that will change quickly!

Ryan K March 26, 2020 New York, United States

I had the original signature record player and loved it. I decided to upgrade to the Kingston and it's perfect all around. No complaints here. The addition of bluetooth and the ability to connect your own speakers is a huge plus.

Rita R March 24, 2020 Indiana, United States

I am very happy! This was a birthday present I gave myself and I couldn't be happier. I haven't pulled out the vinyl yet, but since we can't go anywhere these days, it will happen soon. My CD's sound awesome.

David B March 24, 2020 Saskatchewan, Canada

We just received our cherry wood RR75 and it's the best looking and sounding all-in-one console stereo out on the market. I was not expecting to hear such great sound coming out of a console stereo. Well done, Electrohome!
If anyone wants to read my more detailed review, visit my blog entry on the Kingston, here:

John L March 20, 2020 California, United States

The equipment does what was advertised and the sound quality is wonderful. I definitely would recommend this 7 in 1 piece of musical equipment to everyone,

Jonathan S. March 19, 2020 California, United States

I purchased two of these. One for my daughter and one for myself. I bought them because we both enjoy records. The unit looks very nice. It plays records as well as my component turntables and again, it looks very nice doing so.

Look, I enjoy music and refuse to obsess over "sound quality". I listen to music, not equipment. The music coming from this beautiful record player is wonderful!

Love is friendship set to music. Enjoy life and fall in love with the sound of music. The soundtrack of your life is waiting...

Raymond C March 19, 2020 Washington, United States

The design and finished looks excellent on the promo video. However, in person, not so much. After tightening the transit screw all the way down and following all the set up instructions, the platter and the entire mechanical piece seems loose. When playing a vinyl, there’s a lot of wobble. In addition, there’s a 1 inch long chipped piece of wood that’s missing by the mechanism. The speakers sounds good. The unit works well overall. I received a 50% discount on the unit the day it was stocked, so overall I’m a satisfied customer.

Gabriel Laferrière March 19, 2020 Quebec, Canada

Great versatile and stylish product. I've had it for about two weeks now and it's continually playing. I mostly use the Bluetooth option, radio and record player and haven't had any problem with these so far. The record player is a bit big, but if you have the space I highly recommend it as it is beautiful and does it job very well.

Gary, G. F. March 19, 2020 North Carolina, United States

I am completely satisfied with this superbly engineered record player! It's high quality and the sound is outstanding with it's 4 speaker system with ample power too! I have the walnut one and it is so beautiful just to look at. Thanks!!

Bohdanna S March 6, 2019 New York, United States

fabulous comprehensive music product

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