RT85 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Fluance RT85 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Record Player with Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, Acrylic Platter, Speed Control Motor, High Mass MDF Wood Plinth, Vibration Isolation Feet

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Elizbeth R May 25, 2023 Pennsylvania, United States

Happily playing many oldies on our Fluance 85RT! Reawaking to vinyl! Thanks to Julie for her valuable assistance!

Tom B May 2, 2023 Illinois, United States

It's here! My first new piece of stereo equipment in 40 years.

Ryan L May 2, 2023 Washington, United States

You've found it. The RT85 is the one. Why are you reading some random guy's review? Buy yours already!

Rick D April 27, 2023 Arizona, United States

Love it! Easy setup and sounds fantastic. So glad I went with the rt85. Also thank you Anton for all your patience with my crazy questions.

G Drake April 26, 2023 New Brunswick, Canada

Amazing turntable, speakers, stands.

Nick RJ April 10, 2023 Washington, United States

Best "bang-for-your-buck" turntable, hands down!

M. Jasic April 4, 2023 Quebec, Canada

After almost 30 years of digital audio, I decided to come back to my “first love”, vinyl. I am an audiophile and always had good hi-fi systems.
I knew what the quality turntables looked like in 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s but had no idea what they look like in 2020’s.
After extensive research, many reviews read and videos watched, I decided to buy Fluance RT85.
When I unpacked it and put my first vinyl since 1994, I was stunned. The quality of the sound coming from my loudspeakers was nothing I could compare with what I was listening to in almost 30 years. I am aware that Ortofon 2M Blue needs about 20h break-in period to show everything it has, but since the first moment the sound was full, warm and detailed. I started with my favorite album, The Dark Side of the Moon. I believed I knew every detail on this LP and, however, I discovered sounds that I have never heard before. I continued with some more of my favorite albums, and the experience was amazing.
As my amplifier has a PHONO input, I did not need to buy a preamplifier. The cables included in the box are high quality product. When I open my amplifier’s volume to more than a half (2x100 W output) on phono, no pickup on the record, no humming, buzzing or so can be hear. Just a silence. Perfect to enjoy the music.
RT85 construction is very solid and elegant. I bought one with a beautiful walnut finish and it shines in my living room. Set it to the level is very easy with its three isolation feet and the wood plinth has a mass that kills the vibration. However, because of the floor that moves quite a lot in my living room, I had to buy an isolation platform and my turntable is completely vibration free now.
RT85 is equipped with a fantastic acrylic platter that gives a good mass and stabilizes the speed which I measured and was highly accurate.
Fluance has also an amazing technical support. I had a minor annoyances with platter that could not prevent me from listening to the music, but was just strange. I contacted the Support Team, and they were very fast to respond and lead me through the debugging procedure. One of the best supports I have had in many years, equal to the quality of the product.
So, I rediscover vinyl and am rebuilding my LP collection with this fantastic turntable, RT85. It is worth every cent that I invested in it. And I know why it is considered as one of the best turntables in its category, praised by many reviewers.

Sylva G April 3, 2023 British Columbia, Canada

Just got it set up the only disappointment is the auto stop does not work. There is something about it not working on all LP. This was one of the reasons I got this turntable, my Audio Technica LP120X did not have this. I have only played one album so far I hope it works on let say 95% of the time. Otherwise it was an easy set up and the sound is great.

Joseph p April 1, 2023 New Jersey, United States

Totally impresssed.I recommend going the extra couple hundred and get the rt85. Definitely can hear the difference.Making musical fun again

Adam W March 30, 2023 Washington, United States

Excellent build quality. Combination with ortofon 2m blue makes for great sound.

John W. March 29, 2023 Massachusetts, United States

The RT85, has exceeded my expectations, especially with the blue 2M Ortofon cartridge. It really opened up all my vinyl records, I can hear subtleties of the instruments that I never could hear before! I am so in love with this turntable, it’s the best I’ve ever had!

Tom March 27, 2023 Kansas, United States

The RT85 is a stellar turntable. I think that it is under-rated.

For the purchase price, it is OUTSTANDING. I bought mine in March, 2019, and I couldn't be happier. The fit & finish is pleasant, and the RT85 is virtually flawless in design. HOWEVER... the instructions for setting the anti-skate value weren't correct for me. Setting the anti-skate to the same value as the tracking force (which was stated in the manual) resulted in over-correction.

Ultimately, I used an audiophile-grade test record that had a blank side with no grooves. Only then was I able to set the anti-skate value properly.

To be fair, that was four years ago. But I tend to use "old-school" measures to configure my turntables, despite the instructions in manuals.

NOTE: Be mindful to replace the belts and the styli regularly, and remember to check the tracking force and anti-skate once in a while.

Neil W. March 14, 2023 Ontario, Canada

I have been hanging on to 300-400 LP's for 20years without having a system to play them on any more. Decided to rejoin the 2 channel stereo club and purchased a receiver, speakers and the Fluance RT85. Now I'm happier than a pig in mud. Finally being able to listen to real sound has truly raised my quality of life. Kudos Fluance!!

John K February 28, 2023 Connecticut, United States

Great quality, sounds amazing

Roberto E February 25, 2023 North Carolina, United States

After several months of searching and reading my decition to purchase this model RT85 and I am very satisfied, the only problem was to register the table no serial number could be found to list in the registration form. I am in the process to replace the existing stylus with the Quintet black to obtain maximum performance with several of my collection of London Decca 4 phase Sterio, I hope I made the right good choice.

Paul T February 8, 2023 New York, United States

I really put in the time to research my new turn table. The value and performance for money is exceptional. The sound is incredible through an all tube Harmon Kardon TA-5000X and Vandersteen model 1 speakers. I've never been more satisfied with a turn table than the new Fluance RT85. An amazing machine that I hope to get many years of enjoyment from.

Todd Y February 2, 2023 Minnesota, United States

Great sounding turntable.
Super easy set up

Ramon N. February 2, 2023 Indiana, United States

In my opinion there isn’t a better turntable on the market at this price point. The Acrylic platter and Ortofon Blue stylus with the solid wood plinth offer clean, pure, and true sound. I will never order from another company other than Fluance.

Ramon N January 31, 2023 Indiana, United States

The RT85 is without question the best turntable on the market at this price point. Paired w/ the Ai81and 10” sub provides the most amazing listening experience I have ever had. Brent (Fluance Rep) answered all my questions and walked me through some of the setup over the phone. Fluance is a great company with great staff and great product! I am a lifetime buyer from this point forward!

James S. January 26, 2023 British Columbia, Canada

Very happy with the RT85 in bamboo. The blue Orofon needle has great clarity. Plexiglass platter doesn't collect dust like the regular rubber ones so less cleaning of records is required when flipping sides. The basic assembly was quick and kinda fun in a nerdy way. I really like the auto-stop feature when the needle gets to the middle and you're not in the room (or fall asleep!). It's nice to know the needle isn't wearing out, grinding against the paper endlessly making a crackling sound. I compared the Rega P1 but the extra features at a similar price point sold me on the Fluance. And it's designed in Canada. Bonus. I use it with the Fluance pre-amp, and 3ft cable, then run a long 25ft RCA cable out of that, across the room to the A/V receiver. Works great!

Kelly January 26, 2023 Iowa, United States

The Fluance Rt85 is an exceptional turntable. Very impressed with the sound quality. Looks are stunning and clearly the best turntable on the market at this price!

Buddy K January 20, 2023 New Jersey, United States

I love this turntable! The styling and finish are outstanding and I have received numerous compliments about it. Initially I connected the RT-85 to the internal phono pre amp of my Marantz SR6012 and it sounded fantastic playing through my Klipsch speakers. Then I connected it to a Schitt Mani 2 preamp and I believe I have achieved the next level in what is sure to be a lifelong addiction to vinyl records.

Clinton K January 19, 2023 Saskatchewan, Canada

Easy to setup. Smooth to use. Terrific looks. Great sound. Even better value.

Angela H January 12, 2023 Missouri, United States

RT85 is my first turntable and Fluance did not disappoint. In fact, the bar is now set extremely high. From the packaging, to the impeccable product itself, I am beyond impressed! Also bought the pre-amp, bookshelf speakers, and stand, and I am in love with all of it! Records sound amazing!!!! Cannot recommend Fluance enough!

SHANE C January 12, 2023 Texas, United States

Purchased the RT85 w/ the pre-amp & absolutely love it. Sounds amazing. Easy installation. As others mentioned, hard to read the #'s on the weight. Outside of that, absolutely wonderful sleek-looking turntable. I have mine going to Sonos speakers. I have listened every single night & day since it arrived. Can't get enough & already had a noise complaint against me :)

Andrew B January 11, 2023 Illinois, United States

High quality and finishes, superb sound

Tony A January 11, 2023 Michigan, United States

Replaced my 42 year old Technics with the RT85. I am totally delighted with improvements in sound quality. Highly recommended turntable.

Dean V January 9, 2023 Indiana, United States

Recently purchased the RT85N and am quite pleased. Solid build quality and superb sound. The Nagaoka MP-110 is a great match with its full, rich signature. Easy setup took about 15 from unboxing to dropping the stylus on a record.

Gary C January 5, 2023 Arizona, United States

I suppose I've been listening to albums on $150 turntables too long so I thought I'd spend to few $$ and buy something better. Wow!
Why didn't somebody tell me to do it sooner. What a difference in the sound / reproduction. Beyond the sound, the build quality, appearance, and packaging are a work of art.

Steve January 3, 2023 Florida, United States

The audio and aesthetic upgrade from a basic AT table to the RT85 was remarkable. I researched turntables for a long time and I am very pleased that I trusted Fluance with my hard-earned money, even though sight and sound unseen. I paired this unit with my Sonos AMP and multiple Sonos speakers and bridged it with a Cambridge Audio Preamp Duo and get a great sound and experience that I highly recommend to anyone one from a beginner to an audiophile.

Anura December 30, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Great Turntable and sounds amazing with the Ortofon Blue. Though I have given 5 stars, There are few things that I would like to see them corrected in the future. 1) Like many have mentioned, number markings on the counter weight is hard to see. I have seen people commenting about this in very early reviews and surprising why they have not fixed it already. 2) Tonearm lock leaves a mark on Tonearm (it happen after within first few records) and looks like it scratch the paint and reveal the aluminum. 3) Auto stop is a great feature but wish it stop bit sooner.

joypatton December 28, 2022

The sound quality is excellent! Take the time needed to property adjust the arm!

David S December 26, 2022

Absolutely love this turntable. Easy to setup and looks amazing in my audio cabinet. I can't believe that it came with the Ortofon Blue cartridge. Very happy with this purchase.

Scott C December 23, 2022 Missouri, United States

Perfect turntable for my needs. The turntable seems to be built quite well, even better than I expected. I also love the bamboo color.
My only disappointment is the small ac connector in the back. Its given me no issues, but I would have liked to have seen either a solid cord coming out, or a heavier duty connector. But I can't subtract a star because it works fine.

Christa G December 21, 2022

Great personal turntable

Daniel R December 21, 2022 Utah, United States

Beautiful and remarkable for the price. Unless you just like high price tags, this model is pretty end all for any vinyl enthusiast. Quality build, materials and support. Wouldn't have anything else. I've had mine about a year now, and nothing has gone wrong or come up yet, VERY HAPPY!

Robert B December 18, 2022

Great mid level turntable. Easy to setup and use. Good quality sound from a reasonably priced product.

Jeff December 18, 2022 Colorado, United States

So far so good. No issues other than the set up. Balancing the tone arm was a little challenging. However, I did not have the counterweight seated properly. Once I figured that out, everything worked as expected. Still very early on with the turntable, but like the overall quality build and stylus (Ortofon Blue). The plinth is also well designed and of good build quality. Only playing issue is static, which is correctible with cleaning. Records must be cleaned in order to be static fee. Even a small amount of dust is picked up by this stylus. Overall, good starter turntable with very good build quality for the price.

dion g December 16, 2022

I suggest watching the video on YouTube for the tonearm balance; otherwise set up was easy and the quality is outstanding.

Ken Ho December 16, 2022 Ontario, Canada

The best turntable and excellent sound quality! I even recorded and uploaded it to YouTube while listening to my vinyl collection while enjoying the music I played with this turntable! (My videos on YouTube with this beautiful fluance turntable
https://youtu.be/E3I0LrYh9s4 )

x6729c December 15, 2022

The turntable is made made in Taiwan which I didn't know when I bought it. I assume the cartridge made in China also. Sound distorted to the point can't listen. Loud rumble from from turntable also poor shock dampening so when someone walks on the floor the turntable jumps all over. This replaced my $200 Sony which is far superior to this as super quiet, no distortion, no rumble, good shock dampening and sound better than live. I actually believe the cartridge is probably bad or needle bad due to poor quality control. I feed this to a tube pre amp and tube amp same as Sony but now replaced the fluance with my sony until I return the fluance or send the cartridge in for repair. I did t know that blue cartridge is only the middle of the ortofone line and several are higher end. When I bought the Sony I was stunned by the sound. I shouldn't have bought the fluance.

BOWIE December 14, 2022

I've been building my dream sound system since I was 14. I'm now 69. My first quality turntable was a Technics, Direct Drive, Fully Automatic. Although it was expensive, I never skimped on guitars, amps, or stereo equipment. Back then, no cartridge or stylus came with the turntable. So I bought a Stanton EEE cartridge. After 50 years of non-stop use, she stopped working.I did my research and my first choice, based on a budget, was an Audio-Technika, model 120XUSB which lists for $279 but is sold for between $349 and $399. Got it home, unpacked it, plugged it in, and nothing. No power. In addition, it was a piece of junk. I've seen some PlaySkool turntables which were better constructed.Let's cut to the chase. After additional research, I decided to spend a bit more and get the Fluence R85. I've never heard of them but my research gave them high marks. Once I had it set up, balanced, and cartridge aligned, I put on my Led Zeppelin 1 album at extreme volume to see if John Bonham could make it skip. This is a precision machine. I like how they say it's fully manual, but it is. When you bring the arm over, lower it, and it gently lowers straight downward to hit the lead groove. The cartridge is unbelievable. It delivers crisp treble and hearty bass. Another nice feature not on many turntables is the auto stop which can be disengaged. At the end of the record, the turntable spins for thirty seconds and comes to a stop, avoiding any damage to the needle.Bottom Line: If you can afford the extra $150 over the Audio-Tecknica, You Will Not Be Disappointed.

Jeffhl December 14, 2022

Decided to get back into vinyl. I had sold off my records and turntable years ago. Read great things about the RT85, and it has not disappointed. Got it in piano black and with the clearish acrylic platter it looks beautiful- kind of a "retro-futuristic" piece. It arrived packed beautifully. Very easy to set up and balance the tonearm. I initially tried it with the phono stage on my Yamaha Aventage AVR, but I am now trialing a couple of high-value phono pre-amps. The sound is great! Much better than I remember with my old equipment. I am starting to rebuild a record collection. Highly recommend this turntable.

DougB December 11, 2022

Awesome turntable for $500. Way better than my previous AudioTechnica. Looks and sounds amazing with the acrylic platter. I recently added the weight. A+

Wayne December 8, 2022

I was very disappointed when I took off the cover and saw all the tiny scratches on the top.I didn't even bother setting up, I can't comment on the sound.

Christopher B December 7, 2022

I still have no idea how this unit sounds because it SHIPPED WITHOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! I normally wouldn't care so much, but it's a $200+ item. How do you ship a turntable without the most important part?? I paid $500 for half a turntable!This is beyond infuriating. Was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my wife. Now it's a doorstop.

Mike G November 28, 2022

I bought this turntable to replace my vintage Technics SL-D2 which was working fine, but I was looking for something to enhance my vinyl listening experience and I was not disappointed. The Ortophon 2m Blue cartridge included with the Fluance RT85 provides so much more dynamic sound and air to LP's I've listened to for years. The turntable itself works perfectly and I really appreciate the acrylic platter which eliminated the static I would get when placing or removing albums from the older turntable. The belt drive motor is silent and smooth. Well documented set up instructions had me listening to music in 20 minutes from opening the box. Well worth the money!

Vince P November 23, 2022 Texas, United States

Love it! Replaced a 40 year old turntable that died. Didn't realize how its performance had deteriorated. This turntable has such a remarkable sound.

Phaedrus November 17, 2022

Beautiful and well constructed turntable. Flawless performance from a well constructed player with an outstanding cartridge. You can spend more and get better, but your not going to find better at this price.

D.H. November 13, 2022

This is a beautiful turntable that's easy to setup and sounds great.No preamp in this model, so be aware you'll need to compensate for that. The Fluance PA10 is great for this.Notably, the cartridge and stylus come perfectly aligned, tested to be sure, so you don't have to muck around with that.

Joel B. November 11, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

Sounds amazing

Rocky B November 10, 2022


JollyJackBHR November 7, 2022

The Fluance RT 85 is easy to set up when you follow the directions closely, step-by-step. I had a lot of buzz in the speakers until I connected the ground wire as directed in the instructions. The ground wire is not very long, so you may need to get a longer one. I connected it from the turntable to a screw on the back of my AV Receiver. Buzz gone. Balancing the tonearm also requires patience but is manageable. It takes about one hour total to assemble. I was seriously considering the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO (as promoted in the NYT Wirecutter) until I found out that they had recently jacked the price $100 due to "supply chain" issues. I don't appreciate the inflationary price gouging by some vendors these days. I am very pleased, so far, with the piano white Fluance.

kris m November 6, 2022 Oregon, United States

the universal tone arm makes it a breeze to change phone cartridges-makes it a bargain at this price

Thomas S October 31, 2022

Sounds great, dialed in the tuning really easy. Worth the price for the acrylic platter and better Ortofon Blue cartridge.

Donna, Y October 28, 2022 Florida, United States

Amazing sound quality and construction. It's more than I expected.

beth j October 27, 2022

Wife bought this for me for anniversary gift. And love it.I had a decent basic Sony turntable, used for 15 years.I really like the quality of the flouance. I almost got a 83 with reg platter and red cartridge. Would have worked ok, but I need a substantial upgrade. I'd definitely recommend that model to anyone getting first turntable if they have a receiver and speakers.I also got the flouance amp, since not built in. Sound is awesome, I hear all sorts extra stuff. I truly now know, when people say it's best on vinyl that I know what they mean.Only complaint is I originally ordered the 85 in the dark brown wood and it came with a very obvious chip on the front corner, and could tell box had been opened after opening the purchase of the light wood model.

adwin w October 27, 2022

So when I open the box, turned out that it didn't come with a headshell with a stylus, either counterweight.How do I start listening to my records???

Anthony K October 23, 2022

Took me to get the arm correct,digit are difficult to read on the tone arm.

Michael B October 23, 2022

I originally bought a Project T1 but thank goodness something was wrong with it and I had to send jt back in. I went looking for a different option and found this Fluance. Simply put, this thing is 10x better than the Pro-ject, and matches my AudioEngine A5 setup perfectly. I absolutely love this setup and can't recommend it enough. If you are on the fence with something else, just buy this and thank me later.

Amazon Customer October 23, 2022

Have been listening to the Rt85 for about two months and would say it has burned in. The sound is very nice, clean, warm and open. It was very sharp at first, but has smooth out over time. Looking forward to hearing what it sounds like when paired with a ifi phono preamp.

Ella L. October 17, 2022 Arizona, United States

I LOVE my Fluance RT85! It sounds amazing, the walnut finish is gorgeous. Records sound warm, clear, and precise. The auto stop feature is key and has prevented me from wearing out the stylus. Balancing the tone arm was not the easiest—but Reddit was helpful for that. We use this player every day and it gives us joy every time. Don’t hesitate to buy this! Especially with the Ortofon cartridge while still available.

Alison B October 12, 2022

I love my Fluance RT85 so much, extremely well build turntable and has wonderful sound. I have it paired with Fluances preamp and a pioneer reviver, which powers my Sony passive speakers.

Richelle L October 12, 2022

Fluance has put together a tight piece of kit that not only looks stunning but also sounds absolutely amazing! I am very, very happy with my purchase of the RT-85! Heck, the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge that comes with the RT85 alone sells for around $300 Cdn, so I felt I was getting a great deal. The reviews I read and watched about Fluance tables really helped influence my decision to make a purchase, as did the fact that the product is designed in Canada. Also, I had previously bought the RT82 and was so thrilled with it that I decided I needed the RT85 as well. No regrets here after making the purchase. You will also need to buy a pre-amp to get things working; I just went with the pre-amp offered by Fluance.

James T October 12, 2022

Beautiful and sounds great

Dan V October 12, 2022 Ohio, United States

Beautiful wood base, nice controls, sounds great, Ortofon 2m Blue offers a detailed and full window to my albums...it's also quieter than my former Nagaoka MP110. Quiet running, easy to level.

Minor nitpicks....the counterweight numbers are small and hard to read, which makes set up difficult. The tonearm is damped when lowering on to a record, but not when lifting up off the record. Would be nice to have the tonearm return to rest after the turntable stops (it just rests in the runout groove). Tonearm is aluminum but feels a bit on the light side.

spg6611 October 7, 2022

I love the sound produced by this turntable. I upgraded to the Blue Ortofon 2M cartridge. I am using it with the Fosi Audio Box X4 Phono Preamp. My set up includes a Denon receiver and passive speakers. I am amazed by the warmth and beauty of the sound. I listen to all styles of music, but it is especially beautiful for classical and jazz. I am still in the break in period so I am looking forward to how it will sound in the near future. Turntable assembly was simple, but I did have to attempt the tonearm leveling several times until I got it right. For some reason, I had trouble following the instructions even though, in retrospect, they were very clear. Once I did, the sound was amazing. I followed the instructions which said to position the speakers away from the turntable and NOT on the same surface as the turntable. I can't emphasize enough how much difference this made. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

amazoner October 5, 2022

Easy set up, great sound ,Ortofon blue is very detailed

Portland N September 28, 2022

This turntable is great. Great price, amazing sound and a quality platter that not many turntables come with these days. If you want sound not altered by anything digital this is the way to go. The big catch on this one, you will need to buy a pre amp as well. This turntable doesn't come with one built in, for the sake of not altering the sound digitally. The Fluance one on Amazon works great, but it is definitely necessary.

Leon R September 28, 2022


Mike September 28, 2022 California, United States

The sound re-production quality from the turntable is incredible. The Ai61 powered speakers sound amazing and the Bluetooth capability is an added bonus. This system has awakened my love for vinyl and has made my music enjoyment even better. I'm ecstatic over this purchase.

Timothy W September 25, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

Great turntable with a wonderful sound. We are happy we found it.

David D September 22, 2022

After lots of researching, I decided to go with the RT85. It's a great turntable.

Tim M. September 22, 2022 Ohio, United States

It came packaged well and set up was easy with the included user manual. I ordered the bamboo plith which looks great! This turntable is heavy and the acrylic platter really sets it off. The operations is very smooth and it tracks well. The Ortofon blue cartridge is very detailed, especially in the upper midrange areas. I thoroughly enjoy this turntable! I did plenty of online research and for the money, there's nothing that can come close to this!

Ambrose B September 20, 2022

Box arrived with a sizable dent. Packaging on the inside was robust enough everything checked out fine. Assembly was easy. Unit is nice looking. Mechanical functionality is dreamy, feels like quality. This tt sounds just amazing. Totally and completely happy with my purchase.

pigmeat38 September 17, 2022

Fluance proved to me that you don't have to spend a fortune for a great sounding turntable. Sounds excellent paired with my McIntosh system running thru Klipshhorn speakers

Paul W September 16, 2022

Stunning sound out of an incredible work of art.

Bennett J September 15, 2022

Technics SL-3300 Fully Automatic Direct Drive Turntable I bought in 1979 finally gave up. I gave it to my son who wanted to fix it.This presented me a great opportunity to replace the vintage turntable with a better turntable with modern technology I thought.It is very difficult to find comparable turntable. Then I figured turntable just need to spin with good needle to track the vinyl that I went to basic and picked belt-driven Crosley C100BT-BK with preamp.I plugged in to my system and sounded very good with low volume until I slowly turned up the volume to hear distortion. I thought my amplifier was conflicting with pre-amp and checked the switch setting, which was not the issue. I can only go up to quarter volume or it will start distorting. I like crisp sound with volume up, and this turntable won't live up to it. I packed it up for return.I wanted to spend a little more and went on top of the line Fluance RT85 fully manual belt-driven with Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge is priced $200 by itself.I pick this one because it does not have preamp as I did not want that to be an issue causing sound distortion.This is a solid unit and I tested with different music for sound quality and it was great.Third day, I put on Golden Earring's Moontan side B looking forward to immensely rich sound but when the tonearm came down I got awful scratchy noise, lifted the tonearm to find there was no needle. The needle was broken off. I returned the unit immediately.

Wolfgang September 14, 2022

Tough to decide whether to upgrade an automatic with better stylus or work an already great sounding table requiring more guess work. I noticed the other lower quality players couldn't play some older records as evenly as this player does. Sound quality is noticable better but playing every record well is important. The RT85 seems to get the job done better than many others out there. I would upgrade in a heartbeat for an auto player of this quality. This turnable plays the new and old albums properly and that's why it wins.

Bradford C September 7, 2022 California, United States

I’m new to turntables. The RT-80 through RT-84 models include a mat for the platter, but the RT-85 doesn’t. I mistakenly thought that meant it didn’t need one. Records were quite treble tilted and staticky. Once I bought a cork mat for the platter, it sounded excellent!

Glen September 3, 2022

Sounds wonderful. I'm hearing so much more, the soundstage is vast and immersive! Connected to the Fluance preamp with a 20ft rca run to my amp, and although that's probably not the most ideal setup, it's still light years ahead of my previous setup with a technics LP120. What an absolute pleasure. Love the auto return feature too. To my ears it sounds better than my friend's Pro-Ject EVO when connected to the same system too. Go for it!

Amazon Customer September 2, 2022

Had the turntable for about 18 months and have absolutely loved it. I do want to say it is not perfect though and there are some things I wish I had known before I bought it. Here are some of those:-A few parts are made of plastic and are rather flimsy and cheap looking.-The tonearm lock has chipped some of the paint on the tonearm over time because it is cheap plastic-The dust cover is a dust, fingerprint, and scratch magnet-I had an issue for a month or so where some of the lighter records would not play correctly because the cue arm would not fully lower the records. I learned this is because I would not keep it lowered in between playing records and eventually it stopped lowering fully. This is my fault but I wish they would have explained this better in the instructions to prevent these kinds of problems.Overall though it is a great turntable and as a bonus they do have a great technical support team that helped me work through some of these problems and of course has a killer price.

Jarod K September 2, 2022 British Columbia, Canada

Fantastic turntable! sounds excellent, looks sleek and is well worth every penny.

RV-Junkie August 31, 2022

Love this product...

Angie R August 23, 2022

Love the sound of vinyl.

Darin B August 22, 2022

The sound is absolutely incredible, but make sure you buy the fluance phono preamp with the record player. The clarity and sound of this is unreal

steve August 19, 2022

Find excellent sound quality, the cartridge & platter are on another level at this price range seen some reviews calling the turntable delicate not so as every turntable I've owned has been delicate.

Happy C August 13, 2022

I got my first turntable in 2000 when I was 15 years old. It was an old Marantz 6110 Semi Automatic with an AT cartridge. I loved that machine and it sounded great paired with my Marantz 2220B receiver. I used that until 2012 when it gave up the ghost. My next turntable was a Technics SL-DD22 Semi Automatic which I've used paired with a Shure cartridge until now. I always missed the feel of my heavier Marantz with its solid feeling S shaped tonearm and removable headshell.This Fluance RT85 is a slick looking player with a classic feel, much closer to my Marantz than the Technics ever was. The plinth is heavy and stable on its three adjustable feet. The frosted acrylic platter is rock solid. The S curved tone arm is sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all. The detachable headshell is equally well made. The cuing lever mechanism is incredibly smooth. The antiskating adjustment and and vertical tracking adjustments work very well. The dust cover and its hinges also feel solid. The cover raises and stays up while playing. Everything about this table has a quality feel to it. The turntable's component parts do their job without getting in the way of playing music.The Ortofone 2M Blue cartridge and stylus paired with the RT85 sound simply amazing and overall compared to my previous tables this is simply my best experience listening to vinyl thus far. I hear tambourines, bells, backup vocals, etc in my albums that I've never heard before. The bass from my Klipsch R-41M speakers (which aren't the strongest in that department and will ultimately benefit from a powered subwoofer) is also quite improved with this table/cartridge/stylus combo.I'm impressed with what $500 has bought me. The value here is also impressive. The Ortophone 2M Blue costs half the price of this turntable on its own. So you're basically getting a heavy, well built turntable with acrylic platter, selectable speed control, removable headshell, adjustable feet, and auto shutoff for $250 with the purchase of a $250 Ortofone 2M Blue. If you're considering purchasing a Uturn or some other similarly priced TT with an acrylic platter you'll be paying more than $300 and you won't be getting an Ortofone 2M Blue included.If you're looking at Uturns, the Rega P1, or even the other Fluance models do yourself a favor and consider the RT85. I so not think you will regret your purchase.

SUNnFUN August 13, 2022

My second turntable since the Pioneer I bought in 1975 (which I added a $175 Stanton cartridge to). This one I think is better. It lives up to the reviews given on Amazon. Just wish it had auto-return like my old Pioneer.

Dan H August 11, 2022

Disappointed that I didn't buy this earlier

blair c August 9, 2022

Just getting back into the culture. Didn't want to go cheap. Read up on this and liked what I had read. Very happy with purchase. Recommend.

Luis D August 5, 2022 California, United States

Purchased the RT85 to replace my (still working) Yamaha PF-30 with an Ortofon OM 10 stylus that I purchased in 1986.
So far, I am very pleased with the RT85 and its performance!
Setting it up was relatively easy (thanks YouTubers).
It helps if you have a Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge (about $20) to be certain you are setting the correct manufacturer stylus force adjustment .
Once set up and plugged into my Denon receiver's Phono inputs, I tested different types of LP's: Amadeus soundtrack, Santana, Santana Abraxas, The Zombies Odessey and Oracle (mono and stereo) and Analogue Productions version of The Beach Boys Pet Sounds in mono. I'm waiting for a few more hours of break-in use before I play The Beatles in MONO LP's.
I also purchased the Fluance Vinyl Record Accessory Kit. I never knew that the HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer would make a difference - it does for me (although without it, it still sounded good)!
The only issue so far is the placing the 'stylus guard' back unto the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Removing it is easy. Returning it back to its place took a little work, especially while making certain I don't bend/break the stylus nor the cantilever.
Thank you for your patience in reading my lengthy assessment.
Good music listening to all of you!

Joe C August 3, 2022 New Jersey, United States

Outstanding entry-level turntable. High quality across-the-board in terms of workmanship material Quality value ratio in my opinion is outstanding. So far I have no concerns and love the way it sounds. Is sleek and fits in nicely with the set up. Let me hear more!

A. G August 3, 2022

I recently purchased this turntable direct from Fluance and was very unhappy. The turntable I received was defective out of the box and their customer service is atrocious. First, it isn't a very high quality turntable. Most of the $500 goes towards the cartridge. The turntable itself is below average in quality. I had tonearm issues from the start. Fluance takes days to respond to an issue. Then they accuse you of causing the issue since they have apparently never shipped a defective turntable. After days you may talk them into taking the turntable back and then you get the threats that if everything isn't packed up perfectly they won't refund any of your money. It is the worst customer service I have dealt with. It took over a week to even get a return label and two weeks later I still have no refund as they must review the return in detail to decide if they should refund anything. I know people want these because of the high quality cartridge. They send them free to influencers everywhere to make sure you have plenty of people telling you it is a steal for $500. If you get one that works maybe that is true. However, if you ever need their customer service good luck. I doubt you could ever get them to honor the two year warranty. At least if you buy it from Amazon returning it when you realize it isn't worth anywhere near $500 will be easy. I bought an Audio Technica for half the price and it works perfectly. Stick with known brands and away from these sketchy internet only companies. Their parent company is Circus World Displays and you will believe it when you deal with these clowns.

R. O August 3, 2022

Far better than the Pro-Ject T1 Phono that had a tone arm lifter that would only lift the needle a millimeter above the record and had laminate that was misaligned and peeling upon delivery.

Liang-Jang C August 1, 2022

Very good sound and quality. It has an auto-stop function. This auto -stop function makes me easy and comfortable during taking a nap. I have owned 4 Fluance audio turntables in recent years.RT85 is the best. Highly recommend.

pg July 29, 2022

At first I was very disappointed with the sound of the RT85 compared to my old Dual 506/Shure V15 Type 4 because the sound was very bright and thin in the mid-range. I finally found an article on brightness with the Ortofon Blue describing the problem and suggesting using a different cable to connect the turntable to the preamp: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ALHVUSC?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_detailsThe article explained that capacitance mismatch with the preamp can affect the frequency response. Much to my surprise this solved the problem and the RT85 is now much closer to the excellent quality of my 40 year old system (which I only replaced due to a variety of reliability problems, not sound quality).

I am updating my original review. I have since listened to a lot more material and even got a second preamp with capacitance control to try to try to further improve the sound. The Fluance with the Ortofon blue is still bright sounding compared to both my Shure V15 Type IV and compared to CDs of the same albums. The bright sound does give you more presence, but it can be harsh on cymbals etc. The turn table itself is quite good - the issue for me is the Ortofon Blue. I am using Martin Logan ESL speakers in a small carpeted room. I have both a solid state amp (Sound Artist SA-200IA) and a tube amp (Willsenton R8) I switch between as well as several preamps, and I find the same results pretty consistently. I can adjust out the brightness with tone control on the SA-200IA (the R8 does not have tone control), but this is never necessary except when I use the FT85. Clearly many other people are OK with the tone but these are my observations for you to consider.

Sam W July 26, 2022 California, United States

Absolutely outstanding turntable, great sound great customer service what more can you ask for.

DerekR July 26, 2022

I bought this turntable as an investment for the rest of my life. I'd say it more than fulfills that role very well. The quality of all the parts is amazing. This is my new child and I am so happy to have adopted it. Also, you never have to worry with Fluance customer service. They have helped me TREMENDOUSLY whenever something has gone wrong. Timely replies and excellent service. That alone is worth so much. Fluance all the way!

TBI - July 22, 2022

It's an awesome turn table. I highly recommend it and the price was reasonable. It's very cool, the gift that keeps on giving.

tim w July 21, 2022

Sounds great, looks great and Iam very happy with purchase. Only one slight thing I would have liked is auto arm return.

Amazon Customer July 21, 2022


Amazon Customer July 20, 2022

I think this is the perfect turntable if you are new or looking to get back into vinyl, as long as you know you are going to stick with this hobby. It's a lot for my first real turntable but after trying out a suitcase record player (absolute trash and ruins your records over time) I knew that the upfront cost would get me something I could truly love and enjoy. This turn table as been all that and more! I listen to it for hours every day. I installed an LED strip under the back to light up the platter.

Chuck H July 20, 2022 Maryland, United States

I am extremely happy with my RT85. Fluance has hit a home run! This will be my last turntable. This turntable is truly the best value and is audiophile quality. Well done Fluance!

Frank L July 19, 2022

I received a quality product that performed to my expectations.

Robert R July 19, 2022

Build quality is excellent! This hefty bad boy, for $499, comes with adjustable isolation feet, an "outboard" motor, an acrylic platter and, drumroll please....an Ortofon 2m blue cartridge, which alone will run you around $240!This all adds up to a GREAT sounding turntable!My vinyl now has clarity and depth that I hadn't heard before.The Ortofon blue cart brings out detail. The bass is fast and punchy.Smooth mids and crisp but not harsh highs.JUST BUY IT!

Southern F July 17, 2022

I don't often write reviews, but this turntable deserves one. Once I got the tracking and anti-skate adjusted, it sounds amazing. I prefer the sound of vinyl over CD's. It is as if the artists are actually performing in the room! I'm using a Pro-ject Phono Box MM preamplifier and love it's full range. I couldn't be happier!

Yannis S July 14, 2022

Good afordable high end turntable

Kindle Customer July 13, 2022

What a great experience.From the unboxing, to the simple setup, to the outrght brilliant performance of this beautiful turntable.I chose the RT85 over the RT85N only because I had a new Nagaoka MP-110 on my other turntable, so I went with the 2M-Blue. Wow! Just like the Nagaoka, the Blue is an outstanding cartridge.Hats off to the Fluance company on a great turntable. ( The acrylic platter was a must have for me.,)

Anand S July 12, 2022

This is wow product. I mean its excellent. The way it perform and deliver the details(high & low frequencies). Blown you away.Must buy. Highly recommend.Only problem i faced that it doesn't show the custom duty amount that you to pay in your country when it reached.They didn't mention anywhere (neither seller or amazon) while buying. So ensure that.Otherwise it is awesome.

Michael L. July 12, 2022 Kentucky, United States

I love the RT 85N - mine worked perfectly right out out of the box. The stylus setup was easy, the feet isolate the TT from hum, and the Ortofon Blue is a great match.

Is this a $1500 turntable? Nope. But it sounds great - better than the competition at this price. The tonearm isn’t tweakable but it is perfect for the cartridge.

Patrick July 11, 2022

Product shipped and arrived earlier than the scheduled date in good condition. It came with detailed instructions and was easy to assemble. Sound quality is excellent. It made my old albums sound new. Great product and good value. Very happy with purchase.

wesley l July 10, 2022

Blue ortofon is a little light in the low frequencies. Bought for my daughter who wanted to upgrade to something substantial.Audio Engine a5 speakers, and cambridge audio preamp. She loved it. Great entry level setup.

JO July 9, 2022

Superb craftsmanship superior sound. I wanted a simple but well designed table and this is it. Solid and quiet. I run it through a tube pre-amp into a Sony with bookshelf CerwinVega speakers. This table Replaced a AT-120 which is fine but I wanted all the design in the components and not all the extra fluff I did not need as in cd recording etc. plus the RCA cords are not hard wired. The auto stop feature is a nice feature. This is the last TT I will purchase as it fills all my needs. So you understand, this is a high quality well designed MANUAL turn table no bells no whistles just superior components that produce outstanding sound. If cartridge align is a problem for you no worries as it's already mounted and aligned. The instructions are well written and easy to understand for the novice if you are experienced, well you know. Throw Aja on. No static at all. Yeah the wife will tell you to TURN IT DOWN.

mg556 July 9, 2022

This has been a fantastic table so far... the auto stop feature is not good to have on while you play 45s because it will often speed/pitch shift near the end of the disc. Aside from that it's a beautiful looking table and works really well. The acrylic platter and the ortofon blue cart sound amazing!

Albert G July 8, 2022

I got this turntable to replace an old one due to I couldn't play 45's. I played an old album from my parents. The Beatles Songbook by The Holly ridge Strings. I couldn't believe the sound quality, it sounded like a brand new record! I could hear the highs and lows with little or no distortion. Blown away by the sound! Can't wait to record my music to Reel to Reel tape in the future!

L a July 7, 2022

I started with an $80 Crosley record player probably 6+ years ago, and subsequently hated everything about it. Then, a $140 Audio Technica unit, and noticed some improvements, but still found the experience to be Skippy, muffled, and generally unpleasant. It was at this point that I sold all of my vinyl and gave up.But, recently I decided to give it a shot, but rather than having 100 records with a bad player, I purchased the best player I could afford, and slowly collect the vinyl, focusing on quality over quantity. Best decision I've made this year.Although I'm actually more of a cassette person, this RT85 is such a joy to use, I actually find myself listening to more vinyl than I normally would.Assembly was dead simple, the only annoyance was needing to purchase a $15 stylus scale for adjusting the counter weight, but if you don't want to damage your records, this is necessary for almost any player.I plugged it into a cheap goodwill amp that has a phono line, into some speakers, done.It sounds great! I'm no audiophile, but I've experienced zero skipping, scratching, squeaking, etc. Just the occasional pops from a dirty record, no big deal.Not only is it beautiful in it's functionality, but it's looks are also top notch.10/10.

G F July 7, 2022

Awesome setup for $1,100 that sounds nearly as good as my buddy's $100k Garrard 301 & YG Acoustics Anat II system. And I'm not kidding. The Mid's are warm and embracing, the High's are crisp and the Low's are punchy, yet clear.So far I've sampled: Miles Davis-Kind of Blue, Steely Dan-Katy Lied, CAN- Future Days, Rubinstein/ Chopin complete studio recordings box-set, Talking heads- Once In a Lifetime. These were all NM-VG+ original pressings from their respective release years/ very collectible.

Amazon Customer July 5, 2022

Super easy setup, with detailed instructions. Comes very well packaged, and looks gorgeous! The sound is absolutely amazing. I am hearing things in Pet Sounds that I've never heard before! In the room, master tape quality sound. Amazing turntable, and a steal at this price!

Grandmaster T July 3, 2022

Sounds phenomenal. Auto-stop is an important feature that sets it apart from lost other turntables on the market right now

Amazon Customer July 1, 2022

Connected it to my DH100 preamp and worked nicely.

Rich B June 30, 2022 Wisconsin, United States

Awesome turntable and Ortofon Blue M2, huge sound stage from the Blue compared to the Red. I purchased the Red to play my old records...going back and forth from Blue to Red is a breeze. Thanks for a great product.

jason June 27, 2022

I like the experience of being there and hearing the music, there isn't a bad seat in the house.

John S June 25, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Great value. With Blue Ortofon as shipped it edges out some far more expensive tables I've had. I'm impressed.

Josh N June 24, 2022 Colorado, United States

The build quality is superb, it looks elegant, it shipped quickly, I couldn't be happier.

Amazon Customer June 17, 2022

Amazing sound and look. Top reviews all over YouTube. Get it. You won't be disappointed. Lights behind it make it look amazing.

Marc-André F June 16, 2022 Quebec, Canada

To say that I love it is an understatement. Greats looks, great sound. I didn’t experience any of the issues other buyers have reported (cover hinges, speed selection button, etc). So far, it’s does the job perfectly.

Michael G June 16, 2022 Florida, United States

Love my new turntable. Looks gorgeous & sounds great! The Ortofon Blue has enhanced everything I play. It's been a thrill re-listening to my records and hearing new details.

Patcharaporn P June 14, 2022

It a great product and shipped to Thailand in perfect condition.

Kevin M. June 13, 2022 New York, United States

The RT85 has a lovely fluidity of function. The output is aurally quite pleasant.

J. A June 11, 2022

I was planning on spending twice as much until I heard Andrew Robinson's review on YouTube. The cartridge cost $275 by itself and then add the acrylic platter along with quality build and nothing else compares. This is a great buy that you won't regret!

Shant June 10, 2022 Massachusetts, United States

I have been using this turntable for about 5 months now. I listen mainly at night, when the family is asleep, about 3-4 nights a week.

I accumulated, in the past months, about 135 records, mostly used, some mint, some poor, and most above average. Many classical music, operas, symphonies, concertos, some pop, rock, jazz, etc.
Before listening, I clean the records, because they usually come with little to a lot of dirt.

Objective observations: on the mechanical side of the turntable:
I had only one record to get stuck at a location where the record groove is visually damaged, likely a cigarette burn. Otherwise, I never had any record skip or get stuck. So, I can say with great confidence that the mechanics of the turntable are excellent.

Regarding pops, I read two contradicting arguments about the needle: if it is tick, then will not get into scratches, and be more forgiving to imperfections or scratches. The other argument is that, if the needle is thin, will go deeper into the groove, and will not be impacted by surface scratches. Yes, I get pops, especially in classical music, depending on the record. 50-60's records tend to have more imperfections (perhaps dust baked into the groove, or the technology is poor), 70-80's records tend to be of higher acoustic quality. I don't think the cartridge is good or bad in this regard. Cleaning almost always improves, unless there are visible scratches.

Subjective observations:
Since I listen late at night, at very low volumes, I need the loudness curve. So I use an analogue equalizer, which gives about 22 db boost to the bass and some boost to the highs. I say this to explain why I will not comment on the tone of the turntable. This is easily controlled with the turn of a knob on the equalizer. If too bright, or bass is lacking, which varies greatly from record to record, this is solved with the equalizer.

Beyond the tone, the turntable produces very clear sound, and if the record is stereo, it has very nice separation, producing amazing spatial qualities.

As for the scratches on the body and the dust cover: I have young kids at home, so I constructed a heavy duty wood cover on top of the turntable. It is protected when not in use. I have not had issues with scratches, but I tend to agree that the dust cover gets tiny scratches very easily.

Overall, I am very happy with this turntable and the choice of cartridge (Ortofon 2M Blue).

Barbara H June 10, 2022

This turntable far exceeded my expectations. I'm listening to my 40-50 year old records and it feels as if I'm listening to them for the first time all over again due to the amazing sound quality.

Robert O. June 9, 2022 Manitoba, Canada

I was considering replacing my av receiver due to poor sound quality with my old technics turntable. I read the reviews for the RT85 and decided this would be my first upgrade. Turns out that this will be the only upgrade required. Beautiful sound tone and quality of workmanship.

Tonny J June 8, 2022 Georgia, United States

I got it with the preamp. Happy with it. If you're on the fence, this thing sounds very nice. A very good upgrade from my AT120!

Roland J June 4, 2022

My pioneer turntable from 1978 finally died and I had to get a new turntable. I did my research and finally settled on the RT85 and am happy I did. This sounds amazing. I was a little confused by balancing tonearm instructions in the manual but fluance had an excellent video online that showed exactly how to do it. I ordered a tonearm scale just to make sure the tracking weight was set correctly and the scale measured 1.89g. This turntable is great and I would not hesitate purchasing any fluance turntable.

Raymond G June 3, 2022

Nice turntable, great looks and functions well. No issues with it, but I returned it and purchased a Rega P3. Absolutely wonderful turntable!

Thomas M June 3, 2022 Florida, United States

Love the turntable. Gorgeous look and sounds amazing.

alex w June 2, 2022

This turntable has met and exceeded my expectations. I am not a complete audiofile like some people I know. Setting it was a bit tricky. I did order the tonearm gram meter to get it dialed in. So that was something I should have done at the time I ordered this. The packaging was great. Delivered day early. My friends who do know equipment said it was a great turntable for the money. And I probably will upgrade the cartridge eventually. I did purchase the record cleaner and that has made a world of difference on the sound. Highly recommend.

Donatas June 2, 2022 other

I have RT85 turntable for a year now and can't say any bad word about it just that it looks nice and blends in to rooms design perfectly. But enough about looks as what's is inside and how it perform is much more important.
So to start with is that I faced little issue at the very beginning it had a hump sound while not playing but fortunately, Fluance team, Brent's help solved the issue super fast by replacing a headshell and put me back in to quality sound. And to be honest not much to be said as everyone has their own preferences in terms of sound quality and looks but what I can say is that I do enjoy the music that comes out of RT85 and definitely recommend it to those who is looking for good quality Hi Fi turn table. Enjoy!

Mark D. June 1, 2022 Indiana, United States

Absolute best turntable for the money out there. The RT85 in white is what I purchased.

Scott M June 1, 2022 Minnesota, United States

Nothing at this price is even close. Needs a little bit of time to break in. But after a few hours of use it cleans up quite nicely.

Dennis A May 28, 2022 Missouri, United States

Came well packaged and was easy to set up with the instructions. The Ortofon 2M Blue stylus sounds fantastic.

dabz May 27, 2022

This is my first turntable so technically I am a beginner. Set up was easy with the included instructions and the sound out of this thing is crazy good. Super detailed with the mods sounding just a touch recessed. Perfect for me - human hearing already is overly sensitive to those frequencies anyway.Matched it with the ifi phone preamp and it is officially the best input into my Denon. Something about the way LP's reproduce treble (especially cymbals) is just unmatched.Love the Ortofon blue cartridge and it is easy to change out if I want..switching speeds is a breeze too with the switch on top. At this price the turntable IS NOT fully automatic though.Splurged for the bamboo and it looks clean and modern. LOVE IT!

Daniel E T May 25, 2022 Florida, United States

I did lots of research before making my purchase. My max price point was $600, with all the features the RT85 had I decided to purchase it. I am not disappointed in my choice. Set was simple and quick, and it sounds amazing. It also looks pretty darn good lookin to. I would have no problem recommending this to anyone looking for a great turntable at an affordable price.

Aisha C May 23, 2022

I bought this as a beginner and love it. Easy to use and would have been easier to set up if the directions were followed

glw May 18, 2022

which was supposed to be included. Otherwise I would give this five stars.

Roscoe May 16, 2022

I am very impressed with the overall quality of this turntable. It sounds amazing and the setup was a breeze.

Mr. C May 15, 2022

This is an amazing turntable. The only thing I don't like about it is the tonearm lift lever will not lock in the up position. As soon as you let go of it, the tonearm starts slowly descending onto the surface. Giving you about two seconds to get the arm moved and the lid closed.

William T May 14, 2022 Kansas, United States

First turntable since I was a kid. Love it. Refreshing to see a product that is designed with intelligence, made with pride, and priced with integrity.

User May 13, 2022

Unbelievable quality for the price. If you're on the fence just do it

David May 10, 2022

Solid construction through and through. Instructions easy to follow. Sounds great and looks great. I would consider this a semi automatic table due to it shutting off when reaching end of the record. My one suggestion for improvement would be to have the tone arm lift to be a little further from the tone arm and dimly lite to easily spot it. Also great quality cartridge.

Adam R May 10, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

What a nice turntable! Quick delivery and well packaged. Dead silent and good sound right out of the box. Thank-you for a great product.

Mike N May 10, 2022 Minnesota, United States

My system: PS Audio Sprout 100, Elac DB 6.2, Elac Sub 3010 (I think), Audiolab 6000 CD transport, and the Fluance RT85 Reference turntable. Couldn’t be happier with a system that totaled roughly $2500 US. The RT85 was the last addition and well worth the investment; very high quality and performance for modest cost (especially as turntables go!) highly recommended!

Richard S May 10, 2022 Ontario, Canada

This turntable is not only beautiful to look at, it's easy to use and sounds excellent.

CompassWill May 8, 2022

sounds great, I love the cartridge. The auto shutoff is nice. I had a speed strobe disk on it that you can download from Fluance, print and cutout and place on platter and the speeds are perfect.

Dave B May 6, 2022

Excellent turntable and worth every penny!

Robert,H May 6, 2022 New York, United States

I got my RT85 and is all and more than I expected. The Otto con blue cartridge sounds great

Dave May 4, 2022 Iowa, United States

Great experience start to finish.

Nick M May 3, 2022 New Hampshire, United States

Fluance seems to have nailed everything but the finish which wasn't completely free of defects but still looks great from a distance.

Dallas R. May 3, 2022 Tennessee, United States

beautiful sound and appearance.

Ken K H April 29, 2022 Ontario, Canada

I purchased the RT85N turntable, best sounding ever!! I Love it so much! It's what vinyl record should be sound like!! Thanks -fluance!! Hope you will soon have replacement stylus NagaokaMP-110, so I could buy from you for backup!!

her? April 27, 2022

Beautiful sonically & visually! A work of art! Not for beginners, painfully fun to put together! Hahaha...The grounding wire it came with would not ground to our analog Onkyo receiver so we used one from our old Technics turntable & thankfully it worked!So far, worth every penny!

Dirk P April 24, 2022 Texas, United States

I gave 4 stars because this review won't let me give 4.5. The turntable is almost perfect but not quite. I'm doing this review because I hope the Fluance people are reading and want to improve their product. The Fluance line of turntables is excellent and just a few details could put them head and shoulders above the rest. I also think that many reviews focus on the sound of a turntable but the real job of a turntable is to provide a blank slate for the phono cartridge to do it's job and a review of the sound is really a review of the cartridge. Years ago when you bought a new turntable the cartridge was purchased separately. I have bought and replaced many cartridges in my time and they are all very different in sound and configuration. I will try to focus on the turntable itself.
I bought a new Fluance RT85 turntable to replace my trusty Dual 1229Q bought new in 1975. Don't get me wrong I've owned many turntables over the years but the Dual was that tank that was all metal and made in Germany. There just isn't anything like it but even though I thought it would be my lifetime turntable it broke and I was told it was irrepairable because no parts are available. I was drawn to the fluance because of it's feature of stopping at the end of the record. I searched high and low for a decent automatic turntable but it seems that if you want a fully automatic turntable you must compromise on quality. I purchased the fluance RT85 thinking I would just have to live with the compromise of a basically manual turntable. After using it for about a month I don't really feel like it's a compromise at all. If fact I've come to like this turntable very much and don't miss my old turntable as much as I thought I would.
I will start with the pros.
1. This turntable is very nice to look at. Whatever finish you choose (I chose bamboo) it looks well made, almost like a piece of furniture. And that polycarbonate platter really makes it look high tech. Your friends will notice and your wife won't complain about it's presense in the living room.
2. The servo motor. Constant accurate speed. Enough said.
3. The aforementioned mechanism to stop the turntable at the end of the record. It isn't perfect in it's operation but it's nice to have something to stop things when you can't get back to it in a timely manner. While I wouldn't consider this a semi-automatic turntable because the tonearm isn't lifted and I would prefer that things were fully automatic this is much better than fully manual.
4. The mass. Finally a substantial turntable. That heft adds to the quality feel and doesn't hurt the sound isolation either. The platter on my Dual was a 9 pound machined piece of aluminum.
5.The silence. One of the first things I noticed was how quiet things were when I played a record. Between tracks is just slience (except for the occasional snap crackle pop, but that is the record's fault). I've been listening to records for many years and this really stood out to me. Who knew that a 50 year old record could sound so quiet.
6. The tonearm pivot. The specifications say that the tonearm pivot has actual ball bearings for low friction. One thing I've noticed about turntables with lesser tonearm mechanisms is that the don't track well and this causes distortion, especially close to the center of the record. No audible distortion here.
7. No phono stage. I know many think this is a con but the simple fact is that most phono stages these days aren't very good and buying you own or using the one in your amplifier is far superior to any that might come with a turntable. I think a lot of people don't realize just how important the phono stage is. It's usually called a preamp but it does much more. The recording on the record is compressed and must be restored using the RIAA equalization curve. Most modern phono stages fail to do this well so choose wisely. I use a Shitt Mani. That clear signal path fluance lists as a feature is indeed so.
8. The pointy rubber feet. How nice to have such substantial feet that are adjustable. The turntable stays planted and level. I threw away all the little pieces of cardboard I used to level my old turntable.
9. The packaging. OK I realize that the box it came in might seem like the least important thing here but I do appreciate that someone spent a good deal of time thinking about how to package things. All came undamaged, was easy to remove from the box, and the turntable assembled quickly and easily. My cat also appreciated the box once I was done.

Now for the cons (warning: nitpicking to follow).
1. What is up with that cueing mechanism? First of all the cueing lever is the same color of black as the rest of the tonearm base and becomes virtually invisible and difficult to find when you need it, especially when the lights are low. Second, lifting the cue lever barely lifts the tonearm off of it's perch and the tonearm doesn't rise until moved toward the platter. At this point the arm is so high that it's difficult to determine weather it's over the lead in groove or not. This often results in missing the record lead in groove. If the tonearm would rise to it's height when the lever is lifted it would be easy to judge how height to lift the tonearm before moving it over to the platter. Or the cueing height could be adjustable like many I've used in the past.
2. Plastic back panel. The panel in the back that holds all the connections seems thin and flexes quite a bit. When attaching the cables and the power connection I was concerned that I would break it. Also the power plug lacked that positive click to let you know that it is in place. Perhaps thicker plastic and slightly more premium connectors would bring this up to the standard of the rest of the plinth.
3. The tonearm. The tonearm works well and seems to be of good quality but definitely doesn't look as premium as the plinth. Being S shaped, with a headshell much like many lesser turntables, and painted black it looks like a generic Japanese tonearm. It's obvious that this setup is not low mass (however I played a very warped record with no issue proving that it's not high mass) and is perhaps a cost saving measure. Even a headshell of a different color or maybe carbon fiber would potentially help this look and function.
4. The tiny coarsely marked anti-skate wheel. Now I realize that fluance isn't the only manufacturer to have this but it doesn't make sense to me. When I set the anti-skate I would like to know that I am setting it to correctly match the tracking force and when the anti-skate wheel is so small I can hardly read it and the markings are .2 grams apart with no numbers this can be frustrating. I know I keep going back to my old turntables but they generally had larger wheels with precision markings and sometimes with scales for both elliptical and cd4 styli.
5. The cartridge. Everybody seems to think that the Ortofon 2m blue is a great cartridge and the price (if purchased outright) certainly would seem to reflect it's desirability and while I do think it sounds good it doesn't blow me away and a tracking force of 1.8 grams seems excessive. I'm used to my old shure cartridges that tracked at 1.25 grams. Too bad they went out of business. It would be nice if Fluance offered the option of purchasing the turntable without a cartridge at a reduced price so the end user could use one they already posses or purchase one of their choice.

Other thoughts
1. The motor cover plate. The plate that covers the motor seems to be an after thought. I've seen several unboxings on utube where the person assembling the turntable didn't put the plate on before installing the belt on the motor and then wondering why there were two 45 adapters. It should be fastened with screws or snapped on, perhaps at the factory. I have a picture in my mind of the engineer at the factory seeing the first turntables rolling off the line and thinking the motor needed a plate and when it was too late to install it decided to put it in the box for the end user to install.
2. It sure would be nice to see a fully automatic or semi-automatic turntable. Perhaps it's already in the works.

Finally if your on the fence about purchasing go ahead and buy. You won't be disappointed.

Chris April 24, 2022

Easy setup. Great sound from an amazing needle.

Grill'n April 24, 2022

A huge upgrade from my previous turntable. Great value and sound from this combination of components. After about 20 hours of play I feel the sound has improved even more. Highly recommended.

CarsonNPR April 24, 2022

Plus, it is simple to setup. And the shipping packaging is well done. The Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge is a substantial step up from the lower Fluance models. Style is certainly appreciated but it is the results when listening that count most. I am pleased listening to a variety of jazz lps. It is replacing an Audio Technical LP-120USB. The cartridge is likely the primary area of improvement.

Roland S April 22, 2022

Set up was a breeze, high quality product. I haven't found any downside.

cregg w April 22, 2022 Washington, United States

Exceptional product

Terence M April 21, 2022 British Columbia, Canada

Excellent sound only issue I had was with speed control found knob took a couple of tried to change from one speed to another.

Derek S April 19, 2022

This turntable blew me away in every area. Setup was simple but so much more fun balancing tonearm weight and tracking settings vs. a plug and play turntable. The Ortofon 2M Blue has a wonderful sound paired with whatever your favorite phono preamp might be (I've got mine paired with a Schiit Audio Mani 2 and it's amazing). The aesthetic is wonderfully simple but not too ultra-modern. Couldn't be happier, especially at the sub-$500 price point.

A. L April 19, 2022

I've collected vinyl for many decades and have several turntables ranging from vintage Thorens and several Technics to an expensive VPI with Clearaudio Maestro cartridge. I'm a big fan of the Ortofon line and when I saw that the RT85 Reference came with a 2M Blue installed I had to jump at the opportunity. I had purchased speakers from Fluance some years ago and was impressed with their quality and customer service so I expected nothing different with this purchase. I read several of the online reviews that were impressed with the quality of the build, the ease of use, the wonderful Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and the outstanding sound quality. My unit arrived professionally packed and assembly was a breeze. Kudos for a clearly written user manual. Even though I am not a beginner the clear instructions would be easy for anyone to follow. Once installed I put it to the test with a wide variety of genres and styles of music. I'm still impressed and I've been listening every day for a few weeks now. This is a killer combo and I'm still shaking my head in amazement that Fluance has been able to pack so much quality in such an inexpensive unit. The auto stop feature is especially appreciated as my other manual turntables lack anything like that, requiring me to get up and replace the tonearm at the end of each side. While auto stop is not as convenient as semiautomatic, it's a welcome addition to an otherwise manual turntable. Well done Fluance for putting a quality audio product within reach of almost anyone who is into vinyl. It really shines with my Parks Audio Budgie Tube preamp and has become my favorite turntable!!!! Five solid stars!!!!

Jaime F April 17, 2022

After reading all the reviews I decided to pick this as my beginner turntable. Looks amazing, sounds amazing.Set up was quite simple following the instructions that came with it.I would highly recommend this turntable

chocoa April 17, 2022

It is hard not to put fingers on the belt when changing records.

Dale R April 16, 2022 Alberta, Canada

My lucky bamboo RT 85 is absolutely awesome! Came packed perfectly with great set up info. I smile every time I start it up so happy and it's Canadian !

xeniabill April 14, 2022

Sounds great, even with some of my old vinyl. Makes the music better. Great value for the money, looked at many different brands in this price range. No regrets here.

John C April 13, 2022

Nice turntable, opened box and packed nicely . Noticed a big scratch on front and a what looks like a piece chipped out on the other corner. Looks like they just painted over it.I just Try not to look at the bad spots. They should have caught the flaws in the factory Very disappointed. Set everything up according to directions bought dynameter to set force , checked angle with protractor. Everything sounds like static and pops on the through the album . Tried brand new Lps. same thing. Cleaned stylus and records before play. Bought zerostat, no better. Should have sent it back. Only been set up for 2 weeks

Eric S. April 12, 2022 Washington, United States

Here are the things I learned with this purchase, acrylic is just a fancy word for plastic, “solid wood” is just a fancy word for MDF, variable speed control I thought I could live without and rely on your components to achieve a consistent and arcuate speed, however I realize this is important to me because over time this would not be correctable. I could have saved $200 with the RT82 and with my system achieved what would probably sound very similar I have a non-digital Yamaha 5.1 channel receiver with its own phono stage, Mission 701LE speakers and a klipsch subwoofer. In researching I found that the $400 to $800 turntables I was looking at were made in North America, UK or central Europe, I mistakenly thought that Fluance turntables were made in Canada form an on-line reviewer, does the “T” in the model number mean Taiwan? The arm lift leaver is flimsily and I could see this fail over time, milling a larger “label well” in the platter I think would be a good feature.
Anyway… enough with the bad here is the good.
The unit sounds great, easy un-packing, assembly and adjusting, despite the arm lift leaver the build is solid, the plinth and feet do an amazing job (thanks for the bubble level), I can tap the table it sits on and here nothing, the subwoofer is only a meter and a half away with no feedback. According to the paper cutout protractor the cartridge was aligned properly. The auto stop feature works fine although could you recommend an auto tone arm lift kit, the fact of the cartridge sitting at the end of the an album triggers a silly anxiety, and the dust cover is well a dust cover… it does the job.
Question, The 2mblue has an output voltage at 5.5 mV, the Yamaha has an input sensitivity of 1.5 mV. I find that a loud recorded boom on a couple of tracks seem over modulated (right word?) Is this a mismatch? Also the retail cartridge ships with a stylus brush, it would be cool if it was included in the kit instead of just thrown away.
Could you send me a paper Turntable Stroboscope to ease my speed control anxiety?
Overall the words describing my experience is “not un-satisfied” this was to be my forever turntable however after the warranty period is over I probably will sell it.
please feel free to edit for review summation.

J. B April 12, 2022

I came home one day to see my Project RPM 1 Carbon laying face down on the ground. The cat was kind enough to get on my turntable stand and push it off the edge, at least that's the theory.I spent more time and effort plus more money than I should to try and salvage the damage. Eventually, common sense prevailed and it was time to find a successor to a table I'vebeen very happy with. I really wanted to spend more money, but decided to try the Fluance RT85 as the reviews are very favorable.I bought my Fluance in white and was really hoping to get one with the Nagaoka cartridge, as it's great value in the budget needles, but it's been out of stock, so I settled for the Ortofon Blue.Let's start with the initial setup. That was a breeze. Fluance gave clear and concise instructions, and everything was packaged well. A novice should be up and running in twenty minutes.Once set up, I placed my first vinyl on the turntable. I was met with shrill highs and a wide and open soundstage with the Ortofon Blue. Holy cow, that cartridge just promotes ear fatigue. If I were to map it, I'd say it's reproduction is a 9/10 on bass a 9/10 within the mids and a 12/10 on highs. Talk about biased on cymbals, and high range singers. This cartridge is tough to enjoy. And I tired to enjoy it. But, not only is it shrill, it intentionally seeks out every static pop and imperfection in my vinyl collection.After a few days, I was trolling the Fluance site and impulsively purchase a second headshell. I thought, "what if I yanked the my old Denon DL-110 from my Project turntable and stuck the cartridge on the Fluance?" A few days later, the package arrived, and now I'm writing a review!!!One dislike is that the motor is slow to start and squeaks while it's starting up. Once you get past that, it is fine, and I've had no issues with speed control.And dropping the Denon cartridge on this turntable really made it exciting to listen to. My old Project had a light tonearm and the Fluance has a nice medium mass tonearm. Compliance wise, we have a better match between the Denon cartridge and the Fluance tonearm. And, wow, does it show! My soundstage immediately improved. The highs are perfect, bass is tight and fast, with a nice well balanced sound. The only thing I'd complement the Ortofon on is the openness of the soundstage and the mid range was perfect. The Denon can get slightly muddy on metal, especially death metal with shredding guitar and blast beats. But going into anything acoustical or jazz and rock, I'm very thankful to have the Denon on this thing.Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase. I wish Fluance had more customization. I almost ignored them over the lack of cartridges. If they had the ability to select different options, like a Sumiko Olympia, Nagaoka MP-150, and a couple moving coil carts like the Audio Technica ATOC9XEN or Denon DL-103, I'd have ordered one sooner. Thankfully, I did grab this turntable and with the addition of the Denon DL-110, I think this setup will be atom around for a while. I'm really thankful I didn't spend more money and came here. For the most part, the Fluance RT85 is a great all around turntable. And if I'd ordered the one with the Nagaoka MP-110 I'd probably be very happy as is. However, I'm glad to have the Denon cartridge on mine and my vinyl is seeing more action than it has in a long time!

Carl B April 12, 2022 Arizona, United States

Great sounding turntable. My second Fluance turntable. Only downside the lever to lower the tone arm feels flimsy. My RT 81 felt higher quality in that area.

Ron D April 11, 2022

I'm extremely happy with my RT 85. I previously had an AUDIO TECHNICA LP60 and the jump in sound quality is astounding. Customer service is great, I had a few questions and they were very helpful. You can put LED lights behind the acrylic platter to get the cool effect you see in the pic.

Jerry S April 11, 2022 Arizona, United States

Speed is slow, no way to adjust the speed, no adjustment on the bottom of the player.

John M April 10, 2022 Virginia, United States

This turntable was purchased two months ago, which has been a fantastic purchase. Over the past few months I have come to enjoy and appreciate this turntable more each day. As many others have said, the cartridge needs to time to break in. As the cartridge breaks in the sound from this turntable becomes mellower, fuller and richer. Just be sure when setting up the turntable that you balance and set the tonearm tracking force. Once this is done you are pretty much ready (assuming you have a phono amplifier in your receiver or you have added a phono amplifier to your system) to enjoy the music this turntable extracts from your vinyl record collection. You will not be disappointed. The only drawback is that the turntable does not automatically stop with all records and there is not an automatic tonearm return. Still, this is a good buy that has my full recommendation!

Mike A April 9, 2022

Sound quality is good

Rob M. April 8, 2022 Nova Scotia, Canada

The installation and calibration were thoroughly explained and the accessories ideally suited for same. I've been an audiophile for over 50 years and this turntable is wonderfully fabricated.

Michel F April 6, 2022 Quebec, Canada

Have my RT85 for a month now and it sounds great with my British CREEK amp and a Cambridge phono preamp. My old vinyl’s sound amazing on the RT85 with the 2mBlue cart. I’m happy with my purchase and highly recommend-it.

Dustin N April 6, 2022 Virginia, United States

Believe the hype. After breaking in the stylus, I have to whole-heartedly agree with the other reviewers in experts that you just can't buy a better turntable at this price point. If you've been on the fence, you shouldn't be. Fluance made me a believer.

Michael Z April 1, 2022 California, United States

for the first time in the last 30 years I took out all of my 200 LP's from the 60's-80's. Put my old (vintage?) system to gather. McIntosh 2100 that I got in 1970, Sansui au999 from the same year and had my ADS 810's (midrange) reconditioned and added this RT85. Wow. My LP's are in the sleeves and in great shape...but there are no "pops" or anything. Just beautiful should. Love the finish, love the elegant style and really love the acrylic platter. Great purchase at a great price. Thanks. I'm very happy:)

Michael March 31, 2022 California, United States

I recently started hooking up my vintage stereo from 50 years ago. McIntosh 2100, Sansui AU999 and ADS 8/10 speakers. Turntable was shot and no parts available. So, I got the RT85. Walnut. Put it together in literally 10 minutes (easy instructions if you need them and very well packed). Had to wait a few days for a midrange speaker to come back from being redone...but I got it all together yesterday. What a pleasant surprise. This table is lovely to look at and elegant in performance. I have over 200 up's from the 60's through 80's and they are in good shape...and I hear no scratches, popping or "skating". I could not be happier.

Oseguera March 30, 2022

Easy to assemble and it looks great.

PJW March 29, 2022 Ohio, United States

All I can say is Wow! The first LP I played was All N All by Earth Wind and Fire, an album I have owned for 45-odd years. Detail I had never experienced before came pouring out! This turntable is whisper quiet, smooth as silk, and the 2M Blue cartridge is something else! The only negative I can give is the markings on the tonearm weight not being highlighted made it a bit harder while setting the tracking force. But a small flashlight held in my mouth took care of that. And I do not expect to have to do this again. So, YES! I highly recommend this table. You will NOT be sorry to spend 500.00 to get this much sound!

RAYMOND D. March 29, 2022 Maine, United States

I purchased the RT85 turntable, and followed the setup instructions,within about 15 minutes I was listening to Supertramp Crime of the century,I have listened to this record many times but have never heard it sound better than it did on this turntable. It put a smile on my face,if anyone is looking for a turntable, I would highly recommend looking at the RT series of Fluance turntables,you get alot of value for the money,especially considering the quality cartridges that are pre-installed from the factory.I'm blown away with this turntable by the sound and it's stunning good looks.

kevin a March 28, 2022

Really nice sound, took me back 50 years ago. Enjoying spinning lots of old vinyl Rock and Roll .Great table with upgrade.

Chris T March 27, 2022 Michigan, United States

Incredible sound quality, stylish appearance, great price for how good the quality is.

Paul L March 26, 2022

Our kids bought a Beattles record for my spouse for Christmas. They had their eye on this record player for a long time. Now we spend our evenings listening to records. The sound quality is great.

Ryan S March 25, 2022 California, United States

At this price I have not one bad thing to say about this deck. The performance you get for 500 bucks is astounding. I'm even OK with the Ortofon Blue cart which is a big jump up from the Red. This is a no brainer budget deck. I have some other very expensive setups 20X more expensive and I am still content and enjoy the sound from this player. No it's not as good as the big money stuff but it's still good enjoyable and forgiving sound. It is very impressive that you can buy something this good for this price.

Jak B March 25, 2022 Illinois, United States

Like many others here, I am dusting off and literally washing/cleaning, 100's of decades old vinyl, throwing them on the piano white RT85 and having a blast. This turntable is a great price point and especially easy to listen to. I have an old B&O 8002 TT purchased years ago, rotting in my basement, I will have refurbished, cuz I know a guy. But doubt I will let it replace the Fluance. If you want super high end, look elsewhere, but if you want a very nice sounding, great looking TT, this should fill the bill.

tom March 24, 2022

The rt85 is a great value for your money. Use it as a reference turntable against 1000 dollar tables.

John C March 24, 2022

Loved the sound!

A P March 24, 2022

I am not an audiophile, just a guy who likes to listen to records. I bought the white Fluance RT85 because of the positive reviews and because it looked cool with its acrylic platter, etc. I have owned many different turntables and record players over the years, but this one is the most expensive.Overall it's an okay turntable, but that's probably as far as I would go with it. Colored vinyl really pops on the white, though the visual aesthetic proves more impressive than actually using it.The entire tonearm mechanism feels super cheap. The tonearm lever, stand and safety latch actually feels like something you'd find on a cheapo plastic portable record player like a Crosley. Maybe I got a bad one, but that's my honest opinion. There's a lot of slack in the lever, it bounces the arm if you lift it too quickly and the tonearm safety latch feels like its going to break off every time I use it.My last turntable was a Pro-ject Essential III and even though the body of this Fluance is much more substantial, the entire experience of lowering the needle with the tonearm lever on the Pro-ject was more solid and satisfying, whereas the RT85 feels flimsy and crappy.The Ortofon 2m Blue looks cool, but to be honest, for a $250 cartridge it doesn't really sound much better to me than the OM10 on my Pro-ject, which didn't sound much better to me than the ADC QLM32 Mrk III on my Hitachi HT-324 from the 80s. I told you I'm not an audiophile.Aside from the whole tonearm mess, I still think this is an okay turntable. Not worth $500 in my opinion, but one man's trash may be another man's treasure.Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed. But, just like all hobbies, we all buy new, more expensive gadgets, looking for perfection, but only getting mediocrity.I was hoping the grass was actually greener, but turns out its just more grass.

hope s. March 24, 2022 Texas, United States

You cannot beat this turntable for the price point. Smooth sounding and the aesthetic is quite remarkable. A solid investment. You need not look further. The rega line, project, and u turn pale in comparison. I am Extremely satisfied with my purchase and look forward to Fluance making a fully automatic direct drive and I will snap that up!

Timothy E March 24, 2022 Florida, United States

What do multi-decade audio enthusiasts like me use to benchmark the RT-85? Decades ago I bought a complete high end Bang & Olufsen system and became immersed in the fidelity and stage presence of the music.

Like many others, I eventually ditched turntables in favor of CDs and, in turn, in favor of streaming. I recently decided to return to the vinyl world, and had in my mind some remembered greatness of the B&O Beogram turntables. So with a faulty (and subjective) memory, how does the RT-85 stand up?

To my ears, this is a great sounding turntable out of the box. It is helping me to rediscover the magic of a plastic spinning thingy wiggling a needle and making sound.

I am running with an 85-watt-per-channel Yamaha A-S500 and a pair of Vandersteen Series One tower speakers. The sound is superb with really good channel separation. The Ortofon seems like it has a bright sound but I am using the Bass/Treble/Loudness controls on the receiver to adjust the sound to my liking.

My only complaint about the RT-85 is that the auto-stop feature DOES NOT WORK. I have run through about 40 albums and none of them engage the auto-stop feature that Fluance advertises. This is a common complaint and it perplexes me that engineering can't seem to make what would appear to be a very minor adjustment to their mechanism.

Overall, I give this turntable a 4.672 rating (I am deducting for the auto-stop failure).

One other item to mention: when I initially set up the turntable it would not rotate. Turns out the motor cover was rubbing on the motor shaft despite my proper installation. At some point in the future I may take my dremel tool and enlarge the center hole, but for now I am using the turntable without the defective cover installed.

John H March 22, 2022

Why that headline? Well, I've owned record players before, but at a reference standard - never. This is the first where I am actually presented with calibration of the stylus, a platter that is acrylic and durable, and a belt drive. The quality produced is awesome to me - almost better than the sometimes overly perfect AIF or WAV quality of CD's. I think taking the time to enjoy albums played on proper equipment is an adventure to be enjoyed - and the Fluance RT-85 is perfect for me. It might be the ticket for you too.

A. V. March 21, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

Easy set-up. Really love the acrylic platter. True sound reproduction and it looks great!

Joey, C March 20, 2022 Quebec, Canada

Incredible sound, Impeccably built, clear instructions. A class act all the way!

P. C March 17, 2022

Easy to put together, great sound and looks a quality product

Steve K. March 17, 2022 Michigan, United States

Upgraded from my vintage Pioneer Pl-518, bigger improvement than expected. Love my bamboo Rt-85. One minor observation is the cue lever feels a little unrefined though it does the job. Worth every penny, just buy it!!

Doug March 16, 2022 New York, United States

Great quality, great value......loving spinning vinyl again and sounds fantastic!

Tim R March 12, 2022 Oregon, United States

Love my rt85, makes my 40 year old vinyl sound like new

The T March 10, 2022

Bought this to replace an old Project deck that was getting a bit long in the tooth. Needs a bit of protection from electrical noise coming off the mains, but once that was in place my records sounded magnificent as if I had spent significantly more than the modest asking price.

LesLes March 10, 2022

Easy to setup and performs like the more expensive turntables on the market.

Carl Poulin March 10, 2022 Quebec, Canada

The tonearm seems to be very fragile, even cheap. But good listening experience. Design is nice, price too. Let's say... three star and a half.

Jamie L March 7, 2022 Michigan, United States

Excellent all the way around, build quality, set up, and sound. I love my new turntable.

Chetanlal S March 6, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Great Turntable. The box it came in was damaged, so I was afraid of what I might find inside, but It turned out to be in good shape. It was very well packaged. It sounds great just like I had hoped it would, I would definately recommend this turntable, well worth the money.

Randy M March 4, 2022

This is a great turntable. Sounds amazing and looks great. It is easy to setup and has specs that are comparable to turntables costing much more. The finish of the deck is quite nice. Since I paired it with my Denon AVR-X3700H receiver I didn't need a pre-amp. Great turntable! I love it!

Charles B March 3, 2022

Hard to believe they sell this for only$500.00

tomtom March 3, 2022


Justin March 3, 2022

Extremely good turntable for the money with a great cartridge that costs half the turntable on its own. I ended up selling my RT82 and getting this one instead and I've notice a massive jump up in sound quality that is definitely worth the extra money if you can afford it.Also build quality is very good but my unit does a small issue with the power dial not properly aligning with the labels for 33 rpm and off which is not that big of a deal and not worth lowering my rating.

Bill T. March 2, 2022 Illinois, United States

This is the first turntable I’ve had since 1983 so I have nothing really to compare it to. But that being said the turntable is Beautifully designed and sounds great.

Eric March 1, 2022 Quebec, Canada

Im realy happy with this turntable for the look and, of course, the sound of it.
I used to play vinyls on a basic tt with a basic cartridge and I was a little bit septical about the greatness of the 2M blue orthofon cartridge.
It's sound realy good and, of course, it has more details.
I just tried the orchestral intro of One night in Bangkok and you can clearly hearded more details than if you stream!

Al K March 1, 2022 Alberta, Canada

Really impressed with the turntable base, cover, and the platter. Not so impressed with the tone arm, and definitely unimpressed with the Nagoaka MP-110 Stylus. Accentuated static and vinyl pops even with new vinyl - distracting to be honest. Maybe I should have bought the 2M Blue......my rating is a 3.5/5

Jeff E February 24, 2022

This is a great turntable with excellent sound very easy to operate does the job

Ktrek February 22, 2022

The RT85 is the best turntable I have ever owned. It sounds fantastic! The Ortofon Blue cartridge and stylus are superb. I spent an extra hundred and bought an Ortofon Red stylus that is interchangeable with the Blue. I wanted something to use on records that are not in the best condition without ruining my Blue, which is around $200 to replace.The unit does not have a built-in preamplifier and so if you are considering buying one that may be a deal killer unless your amplifier or receiver has a preamplifier. It also does not have an automatic return feature, which would have made it even more awesome but not a deal breaker for me. It does have a switch on the back that allows you to turn on an auto stop feature to keep the stylus from going around endlessly but I found it takes around ten rotations before it stops. By that time I am up and turning over the record.It tracks at only 1.8g but you could go as light as 1.5. I prefer to stay with the recommend weight.I found the unit easy to set up right out of the box with very little to put together. It took maybe twenty minutes. The cartridge was already perfectly aligned by the factory and that is a fantastic perk because doing so can be a pain for those of us not too good with small detailed adjustments.The turntable is very very quiet. I hear no noise from the platter whatsoever. The acrylic platter is heavy enough to give good stability.If you are thinking of a turntable in or around this price range I doubt you could get better performance for under $1000 that is this quality. I have owned many turntables in my lifetime and this is a winner. I'm sure the models under the RT85 are very good machines as well but I think it would be worth saving your money a little longer to save upgrading later and spending more money. You probably wouldn't need to buy another turntable for many years to come.

John B February 22, 2022 New Jersey, United States

Great specs for the price. Playing it through a Rotel 1572 and B&W 704s. Looks great and pretty easy to set up. I like the auto shutoff feature.

Jason A February 22, 2022 New York, United States

This thing is beautiful and it sounds amazing. Set up was fairly simple with most of the time being spent adjusting the tonearm

Mike N. February 21, 2022 Ohio, United States

I recently purchased a Fluance RT85W to match my vintage Sansui 9090DB stereo receiver and stacked Advent speakers, all original from the 1970’s. Back in the mid-80’s, I upgraded by Dual turntable for a direct drive linear tracking Technics. Then shortly thereafter, compact discs entered the scene and I slowly got away from vinyl.

Lately, I got back into vinyl. The Technics turntable plays LP’s okay but it just didn’t sound the way I remembered, so I started doing research on vintage turntables. During my research, Fluance kept popping up as a top contender even compared to more expensive units.

After careful consideration and reviews I decided to go with the Fluance RT85W. I love the vintage wood look. I took my time assembling it and setting it up. My only complaint is the numbers and hash marks on the balance weight are hard to read with my old eyes. I am 71 years old. But with the help of a magnifying glass, I got it set perfectly.

Then it was time to dust off Idlewild South by the Allman Brothers. I was blown away by the sound. The highs, the lows, the clarity are unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this album sound like this before. Then I put on Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson, followed by Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

My mind is blown. Now I can’t stop playing albums. It’s like I’m 25 all over again. This Fluance turntable with the Ortofon 2M blue cartridge puts CD’s to shame. Sure, the CD’s play music but with the Fluance turntable it’s like the band is right there in the room with me. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and look forward to many years of enjoyment from it.

mattm9y February 20, 2022

What a beautiful turntable. Perfect finish, and clean and simple design. It arrived well packed, and was easy to set up. The Ortofon 2m Blue is an awesome cartridge, and the sound from the first tonearm drop was already wonderful. I am extremely happy with this setup. The only complaint I can come up with is the numbers on the counterweight could have a little more contrast. They are a hard to see in lower light.

Marcos February 18, 2022 Florida, United States

The Fluance RT85 is an excellent turntable and a massive upgrade for me coming from a Teac TN-300. Even after I upgraded the cartridge with a Grado Gold3, the Teac's sound was not great. Comes the Fluance, and my vinyl record listening experience went much higher than I ever expected. To start, the build quality is super solid, and you get a lot for your money. The looks, man, I got the lucky bamboo finish, and it is just gorgeous and the acrylic platter, oh man, this is a very nice setup. I am now discovering my vinyl records all over, and the experience is so rewarding. The Ortofon blue with this turntable is just a perfect combination. The sound is smooth and balanced with tons of detail and sound stage. I am using the RT85 with the phono stage of my vintage Sony TA-F700ES integrated amplifier and Klipsch RB-81 speakers, and the sound is balanced, rich with excellent instrument separation. I have not experienced any issues with the turntable; the motor is silent and smooth. This table offers options that you will typically see at triple the price, like the acrylic platter and the leveling feet, which by the way, was a breeze to get it level.
I highly recommend this model to anybody that wants to get an excellent turntable at a great price; you will not regret the investment. I am not planning on upgrading anytime soon; this is my endgame table.

John P. February 18, 2022 Pennsylvania, United States

Absolutely love the build quality, the look and of course the sound!

Erik I February 17, 2022 British Columbia, Canada

After much research and comparisons I settled on the RT85. Incredible value, quality workmanship, and most importantly it sounds fantastic.
Running it through a vintage (c. 1979) Yamaha CA-610 amp and PSB Image 4T speakers.

O. B February 17, 2022

The RT 85 arrived in perfect condition. It took about 20 minutes to assemble and hook up to my pre-amp and receiver. Couldn't be happier with its quality and performance.

Thom B February 16, 2022

An outstanding turntable. Quality in every way. I only wish I could adjust the height the tonearm but you can't have everything at this price point.With a lot more than the asking price all the same. The sound quality is top notch!

William H February 16, 2022 Colorado, United States

Great turntable for the price. You get an excellent platter and stylus.

EWalt February 13, 2022

I don't normally write reviews but I thought it would take this time for this one. This is my fourth turntable. Sounds better than the Pro-Ject Carbon Debut. Buy this turntable, you will thank me later.

ALK February 12, 2022

Very solid turntable. Great sound quality. Love playing my old records again!!

Dan February 10, 2022 North Carolina, United States

A great turntable. Mighty happy with its performance, sounds outstanding. Had to remove the pulley cover though; I installed it firmly in place but the belt on rotation slightly touches it, creates noise. Too close a tolerance; I'll address it again later.

John P February 8, 2022 New York, United States

I like this turntable. I don't think you can beat it for this price point. I'm
glad I bought it.

JC February 7, 2022

It is a few more dollars than the others but I think the mechanics and the sound are worth the extra!

Thomas C February 6, 2022 New York, United States

Sound is ok with some distortion but the packaging was a rebundle and a mess . Having seen unboxings on your tube this was a disappointment and furthermore The on off button was damaged. I voiced this concern to customer service and they seemed unconcerned . I’m impressed with the product but disappointed in the delivery, presentation and customer service

Greg B February 6, 2022 Georgia, United States

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, have been listening to vinyl for 45+ years, have NEVER heard vinyl sound so good

Bigbill February 5, 2022

It's perfect

William S February 5, 2022


Bruce P February 4, 2022

Great sounding table. Simple, elegant, effective.

Randy C February 4, 2022 South Carolina, United States

I’ve had my RT85 for about a week now. This was purchased to set up a system at my office and I’m extremely pleased with it. It is a fantastic turntable and sounds better than some that I’ve paid much more for.

Robert E February 3, 2022

If you are a person who likes to upgrade then save your money and buy the this RT-85. I originally purchased the very capable and great sounding Elite RT-81. I purchased the Schiit Mani phono stage to go with it. Great combination that plays well together. Later I added a cork Matt and the Nagaoka Cartridge which improved the sound and was easy to setup. You cannot upgrade the platter. Yep getting costly.If you are a person who who is new and plan to just do casual listening or really has a basic HIFi system and plan to use the built in phono stage, this is good value money and sound wise.But upgrading pushes you into the prices of the RT-82/83/84/85. The upgrades will not ultimately get you to the RT-85 sound level and will cost you more. The RT-85 has all the upgrades and the sound quality is well above the RT-81.The sound stage, quiet background, details and clarity all really put it ahead of the RT-81. I have it paired with the IFI Zen phono stage. That is a great combination. I listened to the RT-85 with the Schiit Mani but prefer the Zen as it plays well in my system providing a more natural sound when it comes to horns, drums and acoustic guitar. Sound stage instrument and vocals seem to be placed naturally in my system. Instead of making upgrades just wait and buy the RT-85. Ultimately you will have much better sound quality and will save money.

Zane T February 3, 2022

Replaced my old fisher studio turntable with rt85. Ez to set up. Did my own calibration, with proper scale & tracking gauge, setup to manufacture specs. Ok, Blue Ortofon 2m blue is $250 bucks alone.! Sound quality makes lp listening sooooooo much better....It's hooked up to my 80's equipment (mos fet amps) which the preamp has phono inputs. (RT85 NEEDS a preamp)If your looking for quality and value, this is, in my tone deaf opinion, is hard to beat!

Jeff M February 3, 2022 Saskatchewan, Canada

I was excited to receive the turntable but that changed to disappointment as soon I set it up and played my first album. The turntable produced random loud static noise through my stereo system. I setup the table as per instructions and even tried a completely different stereo system but these loud static discharges continued. I worked with customer service with no resolution so I have now returned the turntable.

Kissiah Y February 2, 2022

Bought this as a gift for my partner, and she loves it! I love it, too!

Ray A February 2, 2022 Indiana, United States

The HT85 Turntable is awesome. And the Fluance service center was prompt to assist with a damaged product. Julie in customer service was very helpful.

Chris S February 1, 2022 Manitoba, Canada

I bought the RT85 about three weeks ago. After years of using used tt’s, with maybe not the best sylus’s…all I can say, is WOW. Completely impressed. Some of my records sound like I’m REALLY hearing them for the first time. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Mike M January 30, 2022 North Carolina, United States

I have owned this turntable (RT85 in Walnut) for about a month. This is the first turntable I've bought since my old Technics manual model I bought back in '78. It was direct drive but could not keep proper speed anymore. Having not played albums in some 30 years, I decided it was time to to return to them and start with something new.
I picked the RT85 for several reasons. 1) It seemed to review pretty well with Youtubers online. 2) I liked the looks of it. 3) I liked the idea of the acrylic platter. 4) I liked the external belt with a switch speed control rather than moving to a different pulley. 5) The Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge seems to review well. 6) I like the adjustable three legged stance. 7) It was within my budget. 8) It has the auto stop feature at the end. 9) And it has the detachable head shell for easy change.
What I don't like about it. 1) Even though MDF is generally more stable and heavier than wood, its not wood. And veneering MDF doesn't make it wood. 2) The arm lock is thin, flimsy plastic and imagine it will break off in time. 3) The arm lift doesn't feel solid either. I can lock the arm even with the lift up. 4) And the motor or platter mechanism makes a "clicky, winding" sound that I can hear before the music plays. It doesn't seem to transfer to the playback though. All in all, the problems don't bother me.
It is a good, solid playing turntable. The speed seems to be right on, the arm and lift works well, the auto stop functions properly, and the playback sounds great. I feel I made the right purchase. And with the Ortofon Blue and acrylic platter, I feel I got more for my money. I would buy it again.

Menglong Y January 29, 2022 New Jersey, United States

Great record player, stunningly beautiful

Chase W January 27, 2022

Great value for money. I expected good quality but even those expectations were exceeded

M January 27, 2022

Love this. Sounds great with my Bose speakers.

Tom U January 26, 2022 Arizona, United States

I've had this turntable for two weeks and I absolutely love it! The quality is first-rate. It is solid and elegant. The piano white along with the acrylic platter grab attention. Performance-wise, it's five stars. The calibrated tone arm floats perfectly to the vinyl. The 2M Blue stylus delivers crisp, authentic reproduction. I will say that it appears to pick up dust/dirt easily, requiring frequent (every two records) cleaning to avoid noise. I couldn't be happier with my choice and look forward to years of great sounding music!

VladSmear P January 26, 2022

Was looking at this and the pro ject carbon. The Fluance was a no brainer. The deciding factor was that the Fluance came with an acrylic platter while the pro ject didn't and the Fluance came with the blue Ortofon while the pro ject came with the cheaper red Ortofon. Plus the Fluance is 50 dollars cheaper.

Lionel January 26, 2022

Excellent QualityLooks Good

Scott B January 26, 2022 California, United States

Everything about this turntable is first rate. The hinged cover over the turntable is a nice touch. The bubble leveling tool is over the top. Great sound too :-)

Avalovebug January 24, 2022

the luxurious sound set envelops the room around you. there is no better sound in the world that is better than this extraordinary turntable. when the wax meets the needle and the sound and colors fly you will find the Ortofon 2m blue of superior quality.

Mike H January 23, 2022

Great turntable. I've been very satisfied with this so far. Easy set up (beginners may need to take their time and read the instructions and maybe watch a video or two) But I was familiar with the process from previous turntables. The ortofon blue cartridge is one of my favorites. Definitely recommended for a midrange priced turntable. Features I'd expect on higher priced units.

kathy s. January 23, 2022 Iowa, United States

Been buying vinyl since the 1960's. Back in the day when it was said vinyl was no longer going to be made we decided to invest in a good quality turntable. Bought a Bang&Olefson. What a great turntable. Thought there would never be anything better. Boy were we wrong! First of all we could no longer get needles for the B&O and no one new how to repair them. Bought an "el cheapo" turntable to get us by. Bad move. After much research we decided on the RT85. Wasn't sure I should be spending $500 on a turntable. Again, boy was I wrong! Worth every penny. The sound is absolutely amazing. Makes even the oldest of vinyl sound good. Set up was a bit time consuming but easy to do. My only gripe is the Auto Stop does not work on every album . Didn't say that before we bought it but does in the owners manual. If anyone is on the fence about this one. jump the fence and do it!

Boatwright January 22, 2022 Montana, United States

Listening to albums that have been dear friends for 50 years and they have never sounded this good!

joseph g January 22, 2022

Sounds amazing. For entry point of $500, $1,000 overall with preamp and powered speakers, this was exactly what I was looking for. Did a lot of research, and chose this model. It's the same turntable from RT82 to RT85, just the cartridge is upgraded. I got started from a friend, but they had a cheap model (sub $100), that for me wasn't going to be an option after researching and understanding all components of the players and how they could degrade the vinyl record over time. I want my albums to last a lifetime! High recommend. Currently playing the new Underoath album, Voyeuristic. Love it!

Rich L January 21, 2022


Roger F January 20, 2022

Is absolutely a wonderful record player has great sound I got the bamboo it looks absolutely great

Patrick N January 19, 2022

Belle construction et finition. Facile a assembler. Le son est remarquable. Pour ma par la Fluance RT85 remplace un platine Technics SL-1800 de 1979 avec une cartouche Rega carbon. Sans nul doute une meilleur clarté et définition des aigus.

David R January 19, 2022

Yes, this turntable is not cheap but it is one heck of a value! I have not had a working turntable in 20 years and my old vinyl albums have never sounded better. This turntable has reignited my passion for vinyl and I am finding myself researching and purchasing new records. The sonic range can be simply amazing given the right recording. If you are hesitating about purchasing at all, just do it and you will be thrilled! LOVE this turntable from Fluance! Thank you Fluance for making an audiophile turntable affordable!!

Justin January 19, 2022 Washington, United States

I have had my RT85 for 1 day and am already a believer.

The sound is a meaningful upgrade to my 25 year old Technics TT, even with an upgraded stylus.

Purchasing and shipping was a breeze and setup was incredibly well laid out.

And it looks incredible in my listening room.


Kevin L January 19, 2022 Louisiana, United States

I received my RT85 just after the holidays. The ordering process was easy. I also ordered an extra belt and the record wait. Everything arrived on time and if perfect condition. The assembly went well except when putting on the counterweight I pushed it too far on the tonearm. This turntable/cartridge combination sounds fantastic. I have a collection of records from the 70,s, 80's and 90's that for the most part were very lightly used and they sound terrific. I am looking forward to adding to my collection and enjoying this turntable for years.

J B January 17, 2022

For beginners this is a great starter for those that want a step above entry level but not the price of an higher end model. The included accessories alone make it a deal. The needle by itself costs almost half of the cost of the records player.

Al January 17, 2022

TL;DR: The RT85 is a fantastic turntable, the absolute best overall package for the money! BUY IT!Detailed review:Assembly and setup:In my opinion, assembling the turntable is very basic and simple, however, if you've never done this before, I HIGHLY recommend you watch some videos on balancing the tone-arm and understanding the anti-skating weight. Doing this wrong WILL absolutely damage or DESTROY your beautiful 2M Blue cartridge's stylus.I highly recommend buying a digital scale to measure the tracking force of your 2M Blue cartridge (1.8g) I did it manually as described by the manual and even though I was VERY careful with how much I turned the weight dial, it measured 1.85g on my digital scale when I verified it, so I ended up using the digital scale to fine-tune the manual effort! Probably not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.Also, get yourself a protractor and measure the alignment of your cartridge! Mine was spot on from the factory, but you should never assume this to be true! Wrong alignment can degrade sound quality and damage your stylus.Leveling the turntable takes time, so be patient! I recommend you fully assemble the turntable and hook it up to your HiFi before you level it in its final resting location.What I LOVE:The sound quality of the 2M Blue cartridge is fantastic! Its really bright and flat, no extra bass and no weird sound curves. Its a beautiful listening experience with a well distributed sound-stage.The bamboo plinth (my specific model) is fantastic - its NOT glossy, its matte! I really didn't want a glossy model since they are fingerprint magnets! My turntable isn't a show-queen, I intend to use it daily! A glossy one will just look terrible after handling it all day AND its easier to scratch up (especially micro-scratches).Acrylic platter is awesome! No mat required. It sounds good, feels good, and looks really good too! It offers plenty of potential for custom LED lighting and what not.The dust cover hinges are really nice! They are actually spring-loaded - its very easy to operate and feels solid (unlike other turntables I've used in the past).What I don't really like:Semi-auto mode is kind of weird, I like the fact that it will stop a record from spinning if you forget to turn it off. However, just make sure you understand this! Always lift the stylus using the cue lever BEFORE handling the tone-arm! If you fail to do this, you will scratch your records and or possibly destroy your stylus. I noticed that with semi-auto mode, the platter will spin again momentarily while you move the tone-arm back to its resting position after it has automatically stopped. It will also NOT start spinning until the tone-arm is positioned over the record (even if you have already selected a playback speed). All these layers of logic add complexity to the usability and the steps required to operate the table. If you're used to fully manual turntables, you could find yourself doing something out of order and damaging your stylus by mistake, so just try to understand the operational flow of the RT85 in semi-auto mode. OR, you can turn this whole feature off completely.I'm not a huge fan of the cue-lever on the RT85. It feels kind of cheap and its weirdly positioned. I wish they would have made it more pronounced and distanced it a little bit from the rest of the tone-arm assembly.I'm also not a huge fan of the tone-arm locking mechanism, it works ... but just doesn't feel as premium as the rest of the turntable.Lastly, and this may be nit-picking ... the 2M Blue stylus cover is a little difficult to put back once removed. Its easy to remove it off of the cartridge, but a bit hard to put back on. Be careful here, one wrong move and you'll end up jamming the stylus cover into the stylus and ruining it!Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase! Highly recommended table for the money - you will not find a better deal IMHO than the RT85 at this price-point.NOTE: the record weight pictured in my review is purchased separately.

jason r January 16, 2022

such a beautiful turntable in all aspects. classy, well made and sounds like a true monitor phono

Ruben H January 14, 2022

Una ganga por la aguja que trae

Matthew J January 13, 2022

My daughter started getting into vinyl so we bought her a Bluetooth Audio Technica and BT speaker. Since we both have the same taste in music I got the bug too, but I wanted an all analog turntable setup. After doing some research I landed on the Fluance RT85.Setup was mostly straightforward, though I needed a bit of help with setting the counterweight to balance the tonearm. Fortunately Fluance's site has a support page and after searching for "balance tonearm RT85" I found a video which cleared up my questions.I paired the turntable with a Fluance PA10 phono preamp and Yamaha stereo receiver and I'm very happy with the setup - vinyls sound great from my Klipsch bookshelf speakers. There is no automatic start - you set and lower the needle manually but it is an easy process. There is also a handy auto stop feature that can be switched on to stop spinning when a record is done, saving the stylus and your records.My only minor gripe is that if you are using a separate preamp from the amp/receiver there is only one included grounding wire and RCA cable. The recommended setup is to have a ground wire to the preamp from the turntable and a separate ground wire from the preamp to the amp/receiver. I knew this going in and RCA cables are easy to find but a ground wire of good quality was harder to come by. If you have the time and tools you can make your own, but I ended up ordering a ground wire from a high feedback seller on EBay. If your amp has a phono input and you won't be using a separate preamp this is a moot point but I still wish Fluance had included two grounding wires for both types of setups.If you're looking to get started with HiFi vinyl sound I think that this is a great place to start. Just make sure you're aware of how you want your setup to be and make sure that you have all of the equipment to do so.

Jeff E. January 12, 2022 Texas, United States

Even better than I expected. Easy to set up, and the sound is so crisp and clear I was astounded - even though I have had other, more expensive tables in the past. This is honestly the best value for the money anyone could hope for.

Michel D January 12, 2022 Quebec, Canada

The best turntable I ever had. The quality of the materiel. The packeging. The acrylique plater et the ortofon 2M blue are the best

David G January 12, 2022 Florida, United States

Simply an outstanding value. If you want a first class ticket to vinyl that will not break the bank. Excellent build quality and a great stylus pairing. This can be your first and last turntable. But the RT85 you will not be disappointed.

Walker January 9, 2022

I bought this, and a preamp, for my old records. It does not require a mat under the record if you are using vinyl, but I did waste some time looking for one (that was asked for) until I found the wording that said one was not sent for this machine, and was not needed. The instructions were for more than one machine, and that was confusing.

Tom S January 7, 2022 New Jersey, United States

The RT85 is a great value for the money, highly recommended. I’ve had it for about 17 months and couldn’t be happier with its performance.

Patrick J January 7, 2022

Great 2nd turntable to buy as you continue your vinyl escapade. That's not me, I am the other ideal customer - a 35 year old who cannot justify droppin 1 month's rent on a Technics SL1200. Really nice 2M Blue cartridge, but they just added an additional cart option that you should seriously research. I will leave you in suspense but let me just say that you will likely want new option. Overall, I'm happy though. The soundstage is massive. The 2M Blue is incredible. It's not the "in" cartridge anymore but it is so freakishly detailed. The 2M Blue will reintroduce you to electronic and psychedelic music. It's fast and tight. You can actually hear inside the studio. I love it. I'll have this thing for 5 years - 10 years. I like the Walnut finish but I've heard the bamboo looks cool.

Spencer W January 7, 2022

I bought this as a step up from a lower end model of Audio Technica turntable.Set up was easy watching a video online and the sound is light years ahead of my old AT60.Glad I went with the RT85. The acrylic platter and Ortofon blue stylus are a great value.

Lee January 7, 2022

Ordered a RT85 from Fluance and although the table is very nice looking, the dust cover had a slice off the bottom missing. Kinda like when you slice cheese off the block and its uneven. I called customer service and they wanted me to send some pictures. I sent them off and when they responded, they told me it was a factory defect that happens. Okay, so are you sending a new dust cover or?? Nope, we are not sending you one. I was miffed to say the least so I sent it back for a refund. A small issue like I had, lost them a 500$ sale because of poor quality control and poor management. The other issue was that the table had poor isolation which sounded like a microphone when tapping on the plinth. Looks are not everything so buyer beware. Disappointed.

Leftyeffort January 7, 2022

Love it, but I am in the key demographic. That being said, I'm really happy to hear what I've been missing. The level of detail retrieval is amazing. It paired well with the ifi Zen and my hand built Kt88 amp.

Vandreezen January 6, 2022

Great sounding, good value for the money, fairly easy setup. the only issue I had was with the motor cover, I could not get it to fit correctly (it interfered with the motor operation). Not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was a manufacturing flaw. I just left it off. and it looks really nice!

smoothiediva January 4, 2022

I normally only buy vintage HI-FI equipment. When my aging Technics SL-Q350 turntable was unable to maintain a consistent speed, I started researching my options. I was torn between finding another vintage turntable, refurbishing my old Technics or purchasing a new turntable. After researching I decided the RT-85 was my best option. I was a little hesitant. Upon receiving it, I inspected, assembled and hooked it to my 1978 Marantz 1090 integrated amplifier. To say the least my old vinyl came alive. Now almost a month later and over 40 hours of listening time, the Ortofon cartridge is broken in and the sound quality is even sweeter.To sum it up, I could not be more pleased.

Ron D. January 2, 2022 New Jersey, United States

Great value for the money. Packaged well and easy setup. Sounds beautiful.

BritHorrorHound January 1, 2022

I purchased this to replace a Project RPM 4. There was nothing wrong with it, but I was tired of having to manually change the speed by lifting the platter every time, and I couldn't change cartridges at will (I'm a firm believer that certain cartridges are better for certain types of music!).I'd seen many good reviews for this deck, it had the facilties I wanted, so took the plunge.It seems well built, looks good, and the provided Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge gives a satisfying sound, although I do still prefer my Audio Technica AT440MLb overall.Sound is superb and the deck is silent in operation, no hum.My only slight gripe is that despite being well built, if you tap the deck or lid you hear it through the speakers, so even though it's a heavy plinth and has isolation feet, it doesn't seem to soak up vibration that well, but that's a minor matter, how often do you go deliberately tapping the plinth?I think for the money it's an excellent turntable and one I'll be happy to use for the foreseeable future.

Tony, S January 1, 2022 Washington, United States

Huge upgrade from my first record player, $100 pioneer.

Tara E December 31, 2021

The RT85 is an easy recommendation for anyone that wants to actually enjoy their vinyl and not just have it playing in the background. There seems to be significantly more clarity and tone from every album. So much so that you'll want to upgrade all your other components. How good can this TT sound? Some of those silly descriptions from audiophile publications start to make sense... Like effortless sound, big soundstage, music unveiled and so on. For $500 bucks? AND you can get white, which looks even better than the pictures.Its what I hoped it would be. Don't spend 1000-1500 on something else. Consider this and spend the difference on another component.

Joe C. December 30, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Purchased RT 85…. Build quality is outstanding, and sound is crisp! Listening to CSNY LIVE Album brings out the clarity very well.

mike, s December 27, 2021 North Carolina, United States

Just set my RT85 up last night and was blown away by the detail from my 35 year old vinyl. And this coming from a 1990s receiver phono preamp.

STEPHEN December 21, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Kudos to DAWN in Sales Dept as she was excellent to deal with in regards to my purchase. As for the turntable, it speaks for itself or should I say 'sings' for itself. Incredible turntable !!!

John B December 20, 2021 Oregon, United States

I give it a 5 star, but I had the patience to see it through. I would say the time the blue ortofon takes to warm up is much greater than advertised. Being sure to have no static & clean records helps a lot. This is a good upgrade turntable, but take the time to get the tone arm balanced correctly, and have patience. Once my needle was warmed up (closer to 80 hours) it sounded great. Now I absolutely love it. The depth of the sound stage is stunning. I paired it with iFi phono pre-amp and am very very happy! I got the bamboo and just love the simple elegance of the look. I can never go back.

Kenneth S. December 17, 2021 Oklahoma, United States

We purchased the RT8 months ago and have found it to be everything we wanted in a turntable. We liked it so much we have made this second purchase for our son.

Erik S. December 17, 2021 other

Excellent sound and very enjoyable sound experience l

Deepak S December 16, 2021 other

Probably the best value turntable on the market. I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on this turntable and after taking into consideration all the feedback went ahead and ordered the walnut finish of the RT85. After a few days use I can say this is well worth the money spent. The turntable looks great and sounds very dynamic. I love that they even give you the small bubble to make sure the turntable stays level. It’s the little things that make all the difference. My only gripe is the turntable lever feels very basic and does not suit the rest of the turntable which looks classy and sounds so sweet. However that still does not stop me from giving it all 5 stars. You will have to spend a lot more to get all the features of the RT85 in another turntable.

Lynn I December 15, 2021 Delaware, United States

My vinyl collection came out of retirement and never sounded better!

Bruce W December 11, 2021

Had this turntable for many months now and it has been great the sound is amazing.I don't have the best stereo but hooked up to my Kenwood ka-88 and vintage series II Bose speakers. Compard to my old technics turntable night and day. I would buy this turntable again In a heartbeat.

Jeremy S December 10, 2021

Great sound and quality, Very happy with this purchase, would recommend.

LANCE A December 10, 2021

I set up turntable. really not a problem, took about 1 hr. I took my time. Sounds good , really easy to use, no need for a fully automatic. It has some nice features like auto shut off and the tone arm locking mechanism. Has worked flawlessly for a couple of months now.

Scott H December 10, 2021

Quick background: I have had a Technics P-Mount turntable and a Pioneer PL-512 for a while now. Even though my Pioneer has the very great Nagaoka MP110 paired with the Schiit Mani phono preamp, I still wondered about the Ortofon Blue cartridge. So many other-the-top reviews of that thing.... Also, the high respect Fluance gets in general... Made me want it. If you are like me, you are always keeping on eye out for anything that will take your HiFi analog audio system to the next level. I could never relax and appreciate what I was hearing when I played vinyl. Are you like that too? Well, that OCD behavior ended when I got this TT!Pros: * The acrylic platter - dampens vibrations so WELL and also the static is way less because of it. * The thing is so darn quiet. You turn it on and it starts spinning and you cannot tell it's even on! Quiet as a mouse. * the thing is just so crustal clear. I definitely noticed a big time improvement of sound once I got maybe 30-40 hours of play time on the Ortofon Blue. * No SIBILANCE! Maybe the first TT I have ever had that pulls that off completely. Now, many think it's the Ortofon cartridge, but I think it's more in the quality of the TT itself. The tone arm is excellent. The TT tracks so well. The TT ships pre-aligned with the cartridge head alignment (or the VTA) spot on. I did have to adjust the Counterweight Balancer to get it within the 1.50 - 2.00 grams. I feel the things I mentioned above to be the real reason Sibilance is gone completely on my records with this TT. Records in various degrees of condition (good, mediocre, bad) all track so well with this cartridge and TT. * No Inner Groove Distortion (IGD). The inner most song on each side of a record can suffer from distorted sound. Since the tonearm and cartridge come so perfectly aligned... that is the reason I feel there is no IGD. * The feet (3 of them) are so easy to adjust to get your TT leveled (which will make a difference). The RT85 comes with it's own leveler to help you see how level (or not) your TT is! * looks aren't super important to me, but I gotta say this thing looks awesome (I got the "lucky bamboo" model).Cons: * the TT has "auto stop". I have had many turntables with auto stop. Comparatively, this is the WORST auto-stop you can get. The manual claims 30 seconds after it gets in the "filler" grooves that the TT will stop spinning. 30 seconds is a long darn time. I've had it go into the record's label and the sound was sickening when that happened causing me to run to the turntable to get it to stop. I wish you could adjust this 30 second thing. I am used to it now, but at first, it was nerve wracking. I cannot believe how awesome the deck is engineered and they couldn't get auto-stop to work correctly (bizarre!).* The tone arm lifting lever is a thin piece of plastic. it seems so cheap....so again, why? Could they not have put a metal tonearm on this?For once, I put a record on and I never have the feeling I need to tweak something. I seriously can listen to my records now instead of over-analyzing my system and not even paying attention to the music that is playing. I thought I'd never get to this point, but I have. Get this TT...you will not go wrong!

Ken M December 7, 2021 Nova Scotia, Canada

RT85 TURNTABLE WITH PA10 PRE AMP paired with Denon receiver 3 way Cerwin Vega tower speakers with 12" woofers Crystal Clear Perfection

Mike M December 4, 2021 New Jersey, United States

I am from the generation that grew up on Compact Discs and MP3's, so I never owned (or even heard) an actual record player. Therefore I am a neophyte when it comes to rating the performance of a piece of equipment that I have no experience with. However, the RT85 is an absolute pleasure to listen to, I love it.

Howard K December 1, 2021 New York, United States

I love my new turntable. It's beautifully designed. The plinth with the damping feet is magnificent. The packaging is impressive - especially the white gloves. My only concern is that the cueing lever feels is a little flimsy. The customer service provided by Brent was unsurpassed. He assisted me with my purchase and guided me as I installed the unit. I have already recommended Fluance to a friend.

kevin c December 1, 2021 New York, United States

don't regret a thing, very easy to setup

Dave S December 1, 2021 North Dakota, United States

After much research and reviews , I decided on the fluance Rt85. I was looking for a high quality turntable that would pamper my precious records, sound great , and be something to look at as well. This checks all the boxes. I chose the bamboo finish. The turntable showed up quickly and well packed . I was even able to sign up for a promo code to save a little off the price before ordering. I will admit the setup of this is not entry level stuff but with patience and help from some other knowledgeable friends , I got figured out in a couple of hours. First off , all the components of this unit are of high quality : from the cartridge, to the platter and plith . The tone arm and belt motor are solid and have a quality feel to them. Upon spinning some of my first choices of vinyl , I could immediately hear an upgraded listening experience. I would highly recommend this turntable for people who are serious about quality and great sound.

Hank L December 1, 2021 Oregon, United States

I am very glad that I listened tp all of the reveiws on you tube.

Hank L November 30, 2021 Oregon, United States

All of the reviews are correct!!! This is beautiful and sounds amazing!
I am so glad that I took the chance to order it even without seeing one in person....so the reviews on you tube sold it. I do wish that it had a small led to help when it is dark.

Joseph K November 25, 2021 other

Pleasing sound; easy to set-up. No problems observed after two weeks of operation. On some records, the auto-stop does not work; but Fluance website says it is because of the way the final grooves are cut on them. It is only a minor inconvenience.

Gene November 25, 2021 Illinois, United States

Ordered the RT85, and received it in a few days. Set up was simple. The quality seems excellent. I ordered this one in piano black and the finish his superb. Sounds great and so far very happy.

Bruce L November 23, 2021 Wisconsin, United States

This is a true value for an Audiophile that wants beauty along with practicality. It was nearly instantaneous to assemble and setting the balance and anti-skating was easy.

William S November 23, 2021 Ohio, United States

Love the way it works and looks. The directions for set up were easy to follow and everything sounds great

Ryan November 23, 2021 Indiana, United States

The only reason I gave two stars is because of the ortiphon blue cartridge. This cartridge is absolutely beautiful. The deck itself is sub par. It takes twenty or thirty seconds to get up to speed and has a loud motor sound. After emailing them during my return period I was assured that this was normal. I’m sorry, but at this price range I shouldn’t be leaning against the wall for thirty seconds just to drop the needle. The motor is so weak that even lightly applying a carbon fiber brush will stop the motor. Really any other $500 turntable would be better than this. My biggest regret is not returning it in the first thirty days. I didn’t buy this to end up feeling like I am settling. I’m going to cut my losses and buy another turntable somewhere else. At least I have an overpriced ortiphon blue right?

Larry J November 16, 2021 California, United States

I've had my RT85 for a couple of weeks, so this review pertains to my initial impressions. The direct order processing and shipping speed is easy and fast! The packaging is well constructed and the setup was straightforward including setting the correct tracking weight and anti skate settings. I'm currently using it through my 40 yo Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 8000 amp and Klipsch RP600M's. (A new Rotel A11 tribute amp is in transit). So far, I couldn't be happier! It is a beautiful turntable, and the piano black finish is striking. With the exception of glitching one-time, where the platter did not start turning when I moved the tonearm into place, it has worked and sounded beautifully. As with any Hi fidelity turntable/cartridge it's imperative that you are playing clean vinyl, and have a clean stylus (a nice addition would be a stylus brush). My only minor complaint, is that the cueing lever does seem a little undersized and cheap, and can be slightly hard to see in a dimly lit space. All in all I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. The auto-stop is a great feature (I'm not sure I'd get a table without it). At this price point there really isn't anything that close considering the Ortofon blue is $236 separately, and it includes a heavy acrylic platter. I expect the sound clarity to improve further mated with a new amplifier. The test will be it's longevity, but so far I'm very impressed. Get it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Ryan November 12, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Beautiful piece of functional art. I didnt realize how much stress my previous tables were giving me, always in a panic to catch the needle. This is something u can turn on then leave the apt to make happy hr. Or if u happen to be in the bathroom a little longer than planned woooopse. 5 stars if the pitch wasn't wobbly on activation, hoeever the benefits outweigh this.

squawkparrot November 11, 2021

I didn't need to go to the expense of a direct drive DJ, super heavy-weight turntable as I was using it in the home. I researched the options of other turntables. This, the piano black, top of the range, Fluance looks beautiful and sound delicious. The attractions included the fact the the turntable stops once reaching the end of the LP, after a short interlude, an essential requirement, as often, I've fallen asleep when the music has washed over me. The lever for raising the arm and the hydraulic lowering so that the stylus hits the record softly is a plus and, as I get older will protect the collection. The turntable sits on three adjustable and dampening feet. You are provided with a bubble level to set the table. The cartridge comes assembled and the rest it easy to set up, to start enjoying your music. The acrylic plater looks novel and terrific. The lid is damped so it raises and lowers smoothly. All for £500, and you have an Orfoton 2M Blue cartridge, which would cost, currently, £189.00. I love it, married to my Cambridge amp and speakers, it's gorgeous, and, I'm enjoying my old LP's over again, and buying new.

Richard M. November 9, 2021 Washington, United States

Fit and finish is first rate. (Walnut finish) Set up went fine. First record selection sounded great. This is going to be a lot of fun, re-listening to my record collection. Great turntable! Thank You Fluance for a first rate product.

Bob R November 4, 2021 Washington, United States

Great sound and appearance. I have a large record collection and I am hearing details in music I haven't heard before. I had a problem (my fault) with set-up and support staff (Rebecca & Julie) were outstanding in solving the issue in a timely manner, both were personable, professional and quick and efficient.

Pierre L. November 4, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Une table tournante de qualité qui a un beau look et livrer en 24 heures a ce prix,c'est imbattable. Il faudrait voir pour avoir des instructions en francais. L'installation a été un charme.

Curtis S. October 30, 2021 Florida, United States

I never knew my stereo system could sound so good!

Gary L October 27, 2021 other

I really regret buying this, but it's too expensive to send back from New Zealand. Sounds is good, quality of finishing is good. But the sound isolation (I'm not sure of the correct term) to the tonearm, platter and body is terrible. Even the slightest touch to the lid or body and you can hear it through the speakers. When you touch the tonearm to move it you hear everything, and you get the resonance though the speakers. I tried my old Technics turntable and its isolation is far superior.

When I first turned on the turntable I had the amp a bit too loud and actually and got a terrible feedback for the first time ever.

Otherwise it's good, but this sound isolation has really spoilt the experience, every time I lift the lid or move the tonearm I cringe.

G L October 24, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

Fantastic player and fantastic service. The set-up is easy and the sound is amazing. Rebecca from the Customer Experience Team was super helpful and friendly, and really went the extra mile to help me with my purchase. Overall, zero regret.

Jon E. October 24, 2021 California, United States

Overall I love it great turn up very loud but when you listen to music with lots of bass it fades out and comes back up again and then does it again when there’s loud bass overall just turn down the bass but it won’t sound the same I like my music very loud.

Edward G October 15, 2021 New Jersey, United States

Amazing deal for a turntable. I replaced my Technics 1200MKV with this one and could not be happier. My records never sounded better. Beautiful white turntable and love the auto start and shut of feature. My only criticism is the location of the cueing arm. I don't have great lighting by the turntable and have to fumble for it everytime. Sometimes move the tone arm over the record while searching. Customer service has been great and very responsive.

Masten October 15, 2021 Ohio, United States

I bought this turntable from Amazon and received it on 10-13-2021. I also bought the Fluance PA10 phono amp. As a beginner the instructions on balancing the tonearm were a little confusing, but I figured it out. This thing is INCREDIBLE. I did a lot of research and it came down to the Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO manual belt drive which sells for $599. I chose the Fluance based on the reviews, the auto stop and the $100 price difference. I am thrilled that I did! I can't believe how amazing the music sounds. The depth of the sound is incredible, I feel like I am listening to the music in surround when I am listening to it in stereo. I hear instruments in songs I didn't even know exist. One thing that I noticed the most is the crispness of the cymbal crashes. I cannot recommend this turntable high enough. I have re-discovered vinyl.

Garrett M. October 9, 2021 Connecticut, United States

Really enjoying this turntable! Looks fantastic in the living room and, even more importantly, it plays exceptionally!

Robert R Naste September 30, 2021 California, United States

Fantastic sounding turntable. I purchased this for my girlfriend and I liked it so much I'm thinking of selling one of my more expensive $2,500 tables and replacing it with a RT85.

Brian C September 27, 2021 Washington, United States

Sounds great!! Simple set up made me feel like a wiz!

Lamb C. September 22, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

more than pleased with this, in particular the platter is just as hoped, it's quiet. The setup was easy (for once in my life i read the instrux and watched the vids BEFORE starting) and everything checked out the first time. It's my first experience with a cartridge of this type and it will take a little getting used to/some EQing for my room to get it just right. The white frame is great because i can use it in a semi-darkened room for relaxation. Hope to never buy another kind of tt.

Jennifer S September 20, 2021

I'm surprised that this has such perfect reviews! I was disappointed that it was skipping. And I know how to set up a turntable correctly. Same with my other record player I bought from fluance. The R81. It costs $70 to mail to have problems fixed with their warranty. I might as well buy a new one. Sigh

joeyapples September 18, 2021

This turntable is a great value if you look at the cartridge and acrylic platter included. I primarily elected to purchase this over a Pro-Ject or other competitor due to the included auto-stop feature in case I ever forget to stop the turntable or get busy doing other things. With that said, I tend to actively listen to my records with an IFI Zen Phono Pre-amp, Schiit Magni 3+ amp, and Sennheiser 6XX headphones. I don't have another higher value turntable to compare but the sound from this is an improvement over the JVC linear tracker I was using. I followed the setup instructions to set the tracking force and checked afterwards with a scale. The value was dead on at 1.80g.

supertool September 16, 2021

My nearly fifty year old Dual 1218 turntable was having serious problems that I couldn't fix, but I was skeptical about buying a new turntable having been told that "they don't build them like they used to." It used to be that top quality turntables were all direct drive, while the cheapest were belt drive. But modern technology such as electronic speed control have changed everything. Anyways, the performance of this turntable with its Ortofon 2M Blue stylus is a vast improvement over my old Dual 1218 with its Acutex stylus. It's also nice that it is supplied with premium quality RCA cables. I'm amazed with the sound clarity on all my records, each instrument sounds just right, the vocals are clear and the artist's voices are true to what they sounded like when I heard them live, the channel separation is excellent and all the subtle background sounds can be heard as well. There is a downside to this sensitivity in that every little scratch and nick in my old worn records can be readily heard as snaps and pops. As to the speed, it's spot on as verified with a strobe light and disc. The speed controller really does its job so there's no need for a manual pitch control like in the old days. The turntable runs completely silent with no mechanical or feedback noise, so you really can't tell its even turned on until the stylus contacts the record. The auto stop feature is great since it not only stops the turntable at the end of a record, but also only starts it when the tonearm is removed from its rest and placed over the record. Since it is connected to a switched power outlet at the rear of my receiver, I simply leave it turned on all the time with the speed set to 33.Initial setup was almost trouble free, except for the instructions telling me to slip the counter weight onto the rear of tonearm until it clicks and then turn it until the tonearm is balanced. So, I turned and turned and turned without getting even close to the balance point. I viewed a few online videos, and realized that you have to keep pushing the weight past the first click until it clicks again and then again and then again, four times in all before it is finally truly installed. After that, two quick turns and I got it balanced. Phew ! Also, the markings on the tracking force and anti-skating dials are a greyish color that are very hard to see, so I needed a bright work light to see them clearly to make the adjustments. I did appreciate that the cartridge was already installed and aligned on a separate carrier that screws into the tonearm. This should also make stylus changes much easier.I've had the turntable for over a month, and not experienced any problems. I went ahead and purchased the 1.7 lb weight from Fluance, although frankly I can't hear any difference. One thing I would not advise is running a cleaning brush on a record with the turntable turned on, since the motor is not very powerful and it could cause the belt to slip and wear as the speed controller attempts to maintain the set speed.So, overall, I am very pleased with this purchase, and at it's current $500 price I think it's a steal.

David P September 16, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

The Rt85 was everything I wanted and more. I absolutely love it. If you’re looking for a quality turntable look no further.

Bert L September 14, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Great features for the price. Very glad to to own!

Joseph S. September 13, 2021 Washington, United States

Great packaging. Good directions. Easy set-up. Beautiful bamboo. Love the performance. I am hearing more of my music. Thank You

Matthew K. September 11, 2021 Oregon, United States

This table is wonderfully built. The setup was straight forward. Balancing the tone arm and leveling the table was easily done. The table has a wonderful sound. The amount of upgrades are well worth the initial purchase price.

The only con I have is the provided RCA Red/White cables were defected and made a horrible signal artifact. When I reached out the customer service they asked for way to much proof to replace the cables. Someone who pays $500 for a table is trying to scam $20 cables. I pitched better cables off Amazon and now this setup is everything I dreamed it was.

Kevin L September 10, 2021

Found my old LP collection from the 80-90's. I bought this to listen to them. The vinyl sound is much better than I remember. This is a great-sounding turntable at a very reasonable price.

PeterT September 9, 2021

This deck is fantastic, everything it is reported to be. Reduced the value purely because I was not advised that there would be duty to pay which was charged at my door (£95). Also 4 stars for simplicity as power adaptor is North American so had to buy an adaptor. Multi-option plug power adaptors are available and would be a better option.

archie17 September 2, 2021


Dru c August 30, 2021

Simple to set up. Counterbalance the tonearm by feel. Sounds great with my vintage setup.

PapaWheelie August 30, 2021

I've been researching turntables for some time now. I kept coming back to the Fluance RT85. I feel that the RT85 is a great value.It comes with an acrylic platter and a solid plinth. The best upgrade is that it comes with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Alone this cartridge cost $200.I feel you won't be disappointed.

Anthony August 29, 2021

We liked everything.

Matt-Man August 29, 2021

The bamboo color base is really cool. There was a bit of newbie fumbling to balance the tone arm but after I figured it out with the help of a useful video, I was really impressed with the sound. I grew up listening to LPs and kept many of the ones I had bought in the late 70s through the 90s. Aside from the nostalgia factor the thing I like most is that the Fluance RT85 with 2M Blue cartridge sounds noticeably better than any turntable I've had previously. Three Cheers!!

Brian August 27, 2021

Plays excellent. Very detailed. Paired with schiit mani. Get a stylus scale. Take your time setting it up. Make sure it's level.

K. r August 27, 2021

The sound quality is amazing, the quality and workmanship is by far the best I have seen.

Alan W August 27, 2021 Washington, United States

very happy,great!!!!!

Justin S August 24, 2021 North Carolina, United States

For the price point, you're going to be hard pressed to beat it. Maybe the music hall could rival but not in terms of the cartridge. The only real area of criticism would related to the tonearm, of which i've had zero issues. In fact, I would argue any discrepancy in build quality of the tonearm is more than negated by the cartridge. So while it may be nice to see a little more refinement in that area, to match the rest of the features the TT offers, it really is a great package. 3 feet leveling system is the way to go, couldnt have been easier to get leveled. Would like to see the weight stabilizer included with the table, honestly think the difference it made to my overall sound would qualify it as an essential accessory. But really I couldn't be happier with this turntable, so glad I went with the RT85.

Amazon Customer August 22, 2021

What a good looking turntable,easy set up and excellent performer.

Axl_Rose August 21, 2021

I watched many positive reviews and saw that this was on many "Best Gear" lists so decided to try one. Shipping speed was good and all. I had issues with the turntable humming even with the ground wire properly hooked up to the amp. Secondly, I had issues getting the counter weight to thread correctly on the end of the tonearm and once on, found it nearly impossible to get it to track correctly after setting it to the 1.8 grams of force and the anti-skate to 1.8 (as best as I could see because the markings are minuscule). During install the belt slipped off the acrylic platter and that in itself was a struggle to get back on.Aside from hum, the whole mdf plinth acts like a microphone and you could talk next to it and hear slightly through the speakers...In the end, I prefer the AT-LP140 over this and in my mind it is a better turntable sans the Ortofon 2m Blue.Any how, I am no noob to audio gear but this experience was frustrating. I am not sure where all these fivestar reviews are coming from...

Rob R. August 21, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Loving my new RT-85 and Signature Hi-Fi speakers.

RJ August 19, 2021

Easy to assemble. Good idea to watch a video about how to set the thing up. Its pretty simple, even for someone who has not had a vinyl player for about 20 years. I initially thought the entire ortafon stylus was the 'protector' piece, luckily I didn't toss the thing since its about 200 bucks. Make sure you get a pre amp and the fluence speakers seem to work well. My only gripe is that it sometimes goes quiet and then 'pops' loudly. I guess its part of the break in process for the system. Hopefully it works that out after use.

M. S August 19, 2021

Everything that I have been missing all this time from my vinyl records, I am hearing it finally. There is nothing else to say but: AWESOME to the max! Can't recommend it highly enough.

Chris A. August 19, 2021 New Jersey, United States

I stumbled on Fluance products through an online ad, shocking, I know. But then I dove in and researched the product line because I was in the market for a new vinyl set up. Turns out the brand is well designed, the pieces are not only beautiful but sturdy and most important: THEY SOUND GREAT! The Piano White RT85 Reference turntable with acrylic platter, Ortofon cartridge and matching bookshelf speakers with a 10" sub woofer and my listening room just took a huge step up, all for less than $1k - Amazing value.
Like many, I've had a cobbled together vinyl set up for ages and have endured it out of habit. I finally treated myself to an upgrade and I couldn't be more pleased with everything: from the packaging to the white glove set up and the highest quality components. I love my new audio set up and I now love this company. I look forward to many years of listening enjoyment and can't wait to try some of the other products. WELL DONE FLUANCE! *****

dml August 18, 2021

As expected.

Derek K August 18, 2021 Wisconsin, United States

Set up instructions are a bit wonky so be thorough reading them before you get started. Nice turntable though, no complaints on performance.

Joseph T August 18, 2021 Michigan, United States

Having owned the RT-85 for over a year now I thought it was time to finally do this review. Our RT-85 gets used four or five times a week for at least a couple of hours each use.

The Piano Black finish is what we dislike the most about the RT-85. It's not durable at all. Meaning, when you clear a record off and all the debris falls on the plinth, you have to do something to clean that debris off every once in a while. You can't use a soft swiffer or even use the softest micro fiber cloth on the RT-85 plinth because you will scratch the finish! For this reason the only thing you can safely use to clear off the plinth is a can of compressed air. The finish is so easily scratched we actually have couple scratches around the speed selector and have no clue how they even got there, had to be from just turning it on and off. So the slightest touch can actually scratch the piano black finish. We can't use the white gloves every time we play records! Thought those were just for the setup. Anyhow, if we had it to do all over again we certainly would never have chose the piano black.

The cue lever feels extremely cheap, this is my only other complaint about the RT-85. But I need to remember the extreme value of this turntable purchase, the Ortofon Blue is a $236 cartridge and the acrylic platter is a $120 upgrade. So in reality the RT-85 is a $143 turntable that comes with $356 worth of upgrades. When I remember this, I suppose the cheap feeling cue lever is not really something to complain about.

My 2 star deduction is solely based on what I feel is a very poor durability finish. We take pride in our HI-FI gear around here and want to keep our gear looking beautiful for as long as possible. With the RT-85's Piano Black finish and our regular use, I don't believe that will be possible. I'm considering disassembling the turntable and taking it somewhere to have it professionally vinyl wrapped. I can't think of any other solution to cover the poor durability finish.

Richard S August 17, 2021 Illinois, United States

IMO, the best turntable for the price, probably even a higher price point. Great sound, no noise, and the 2m Blue is a nice plus. Easy to set up, the only trouble I ran into was getting the pulley cover on right, but no big deal.

Carin S August 15, 2021

I have been enjoying this 'Fluance RT85 Reference Series High Fidelity Turntable'. It has been over six months now since the purchase and setup, and the listening quality of the albums that I played is unsurpassed in comparison to others.The tone-arm and cartridge are great, well balanced, smooth skate and glide and the Blue M2 Ortofon cartridge has a very noticeable gain in the range of sounds picked up.I would definitely recommend this turntable for anyone who is looking for audiophile sounds without breaking the budget!

Gregory E August 15, 2021

It took my husband forever to figure out how to set up the tone arm properly, using the instructions, internet/youtube advice and how-to videos. But everything else was pretty easy between the two of us figuring it out (instructions are, as with most electronic equipment these days, not always easy to decipher). But I cannot ignore the fact that it looks fantastic and albums sound awesome. I have many Fluance speaker systems throughout the house, and this is my second Fluance turntable. I have always been entirely satisfied with their products. This was no exception.

David N August 13, 2021

Pros: easy to set up. It comes with everything needed to get it properly set up and running.Price: at $500 it is a good value considering the cartridge.Motor: dead quiet. No audible rumble.Sound quality is excellent.Cons: For those wanting auto return, it stops at the end of play but no auto return.Overall i am happy with my purchase with no desire to upgrade anytime soon.

Michael J August 13, 2021

The only thing not to like is the cueing lever - it's small and on the Piano black it kind of disappears.

David D August 12, 2021


jstan August 10, 2021

Wonderful sound quality thru AudioQuest 6' Evergreen cables to my Onkyo receiver & AR HC6 speakers. Can't speak to the quality of the included cables, as they are way too short to be useful unless the turntable & receiver are sitting right on top of each other in the same cabinet. Fluance could easily leave the cables & ground wire out of the package, allowing for a modest price drop.I haven't had a turntable in 20 years, but found the setup to be pretty simple. Getting the counterweight set up properly took a bit of doing, but no big deal. For the longer ground wire, I bought some 12 gauge stranded THHN wire from Home Depot & attached some heavy-duty spade connectors. Its heavier than needed, but the usual 16 gauge wire always makes me nervous. I zip-tied the ground wire to the RCA cables so they can support each other in the open space between the turntable & receiver.Absolutely need a cleaning kit to dust off my old but well-cared-for records.I was concerned about the longevity of the tiny drive belt, but the lady at Fluance said it should last for several years of normal play; will probably get a couple extras just to be safe.Great product, and has a better stylus than the $1200 direct-drive unit I was going to get (plus the RT85 is available NOW, not at some unknown date in the future). Runs whisper-quiet with no record playing. I listen with the dust cover attached and up, and haven't heard any weird vibrations so far.

D. v August 10, 2021

I've owned the Fluance RT82 for a couple of years now and I really liked it but it never blew me away. But we all want that, right? Is it so much to ask to playback these albums we love the way we know they can be heard? No. We deserve it and so do the artists. This turntable accomplishes that. I started with some songs off of The Cure's "Mixed Up", then I played some Doja Cat, Ratt, Toro Y Moi's "Boo Boo", and ended the night with the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. This was the icing. I love this soundtrack and I always hoped I'd hear it the way the movie made me feel about it and somehow the RT85 makes it sound even better. It brought out elements I never knew existed in all of the songs I played and reveals the deep and beautiful nuance. I know this is partly due to the wonderful Ortofon 2M Blue cart but just how much? I don't think you can slap a nice cart onto a subpar turntable and have it sound like this.The foundation matters. The MDF plinth, solid acrylic platter, great tonearm (yeah, I think it's great), and accurate speed control all lay this foundation. And I love LOVE the auto-stop. Some "purists" say that this is cheating and isn't the way a turntable is supposed to function but I'm not sure how that sentiment started and if they realize that this technology has been used on turntables since forever. I prefer not to have to watch every time a side ends so the needle doesn't dig a groove in the record or wear down because I'm living life as my music plays.I feel like I need to address the tonearm as well. It's been stated that the RT85 has the same tonearm as Fluance's cheaper models but it does not feel at all the same as the RT82. The design looks the same but the lift lever is different and I feel like the internal mechanics are different as well. This model sets the needle down perfectly softly while the RT82 causes the needle to bounce off my vinyl if I'm not careful. Yes, I have both perfectly weighted and tracked.In closing I absolutely love the RT85 and I don't feel like I'll ever desire another turntable. It's a perfectly fantastic package.

Mike M August 9, 2021 Alberta, Canada

Awesome turntable, quality throughout, easy to set up and sounds fantastic. I would highly recommend this to a friend.

Matt S. August 7, 2021 California, United States

Excellent build quality and sound.

Cody August 5, 2021

I upgraded to this from the audio technica 60 and wow I didn't realize how much of a difference the upgrade would make. It sounds lightyears better than the audio technica well worth the money. Also the audio technica is a good starter turntable, but this is great if your looking to go to that next level! Highly recommend!

K. t August 3, 2021


Spencer August 3, 2021 Ontario, Canada

This was my first real turntable purchase and I couldn't be happier with it! I had an older all-in-one setup handed down to me previously, but the sound wasn't great and it has seen better days, so I thought it was time for an upgrade. The unit is sturdy, it looks great in our space and it sounds super clean with my setup.

The shipping was fast and the setup process was all pretty easy, especially for someone who hasn't set up a turntable from scratch before. I was a little confused when setting the counterweight and anti-skate settings, but one of the videos on Fluance's support page cleared that up.

Jun August 3, 2021 other

It was a very attractive price for Japanese users. And the performance is also wonderful.

Michael S. July 29, 2021 New Mexico, United States

I could say a thousand things about how terrifically made this turntable is, especially for the price. Instead I'll cut right to the chase. I've owned a turntable of one sort or another since I was three years old. Just some of the names I've owned over the years would be B&O, Denon, Technics, Garrard, Sansui and a host of others. Quite frankly, I would put the sound reproduction of this turntable against any of them, and I am the definition of an audiophile. The quality of the sound of this turntable is so high as to thumb it's nose at others in the price range of $3500 or more. Sure those other turntables may have a chassis made of Titanium or Platinum, or have a stylus wrapped in 24k Gold, but how much of an effect will those things actually have on the sound reproduction quality? Minimal at best. Don't believe me? Order one and see. If you don't like it, all you have to do is send it back, but I doubt you will.

Andrew L July 28, 2021

I bought this for my girlfriend and paired it with a schitt mani pre amp. It feeds a schitt magni (she also uses headphones) and then finally they are playing through a pair of Klipsch the sixes.I have to say this set up does great work and it starts with the turntable. This turntable has such a great build quality that punches way above its weight and really shows off the laws of diminishing returns when compared to my Rega RP6.M

James C July 27, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Absolutely adore this lil machine. Worth so much more than I paid for it.

anon July 24, 2021

One look at the specs tells you this is hardly a budget turntable. Specs like those are usually seen at or above the $15,000 mark. It is an outstanding bargain at this price. What are you waiting for?

Tim P July 22, 2021

Love this item, pay a few extra bucks its worth it

Rick, F. July 22, 2021 Florida, United States

Beautiful and well made. Appears to be very high quality in every regard. I am very pleased!

Alex G July 21, 2021 other

I ordered a RT 85 from the Fluance website, and 4 days later it arrived on my front step. In less than 1/2 hour I was listening to music. The setup was easy and the sound is amazing. I spin vinyl daily and couldn’t ask for a better deal than I got from Fluance, The orlofom 2m blue gives excellent Sound.

Chris M. July 21, 2021 Alabama, United States

This is my second Fluance turntable. I have an RT83 that I upgraded with an acrylic platter. The Fluance tables are well built, nicely packed and easy to set up. I like the speed control and I really like the way the cue lets the tone arm gently float down to the platter.

Eric E July 21, 2021 Missouri, United States

This is my second RT85 in 12 months time-- why have i purchased two of their top of the line turntables? Because i needed another one in WHITE. Yes i bought the piano black one in Dec 2020 because they didnt offer a piano white one at that time. I love the RT85, its got all the features and sounds exceptional. Now i've got the white one which matches the rest of the components in my room perfectly and it sounds just as good as the orig that i purchased. Very happy customer here

Woodzie July 19, 2021

The Fluance RT85 is a beautiful turntable. The set up was quick and easy. I've run it through a Cambridge Audio Alva preamp as well as a Denon receiver/amplifier. The sound is clear and full. The Ortofan Blue stylus and acrylic table make it the best deal out there in entry to mid level turntables.

Vinay July 18, 2021

Excellent turntable. 100% worth the money.

Matthew S. July 17, 2021 California, United States

Excellent sound reproduction. Clean, clear sound.

Mark W July 13, 2021

Hard to beat for the price. Sounds like it should cost twice as much. Gorgeous table with equally gorgeous sound.

raul f July 13, 2021

Seems to be a good quality sound is way better than my pioneer. Time will tell if it was worth it.

Tony G July 13, 2021 Michigan, United States

Originally ordered a Lucky Bamboo RT82 in March 2020, but while I was waiting for it to ship, I reconsidered and upgraded to the Luckyt Bamboo RT85. I am glad I made the upgrade decision. After listening to my RT85 for a couple of months, I can say that I am completely happy with my purchase. It has rekindled my interest in vinyl and in music in general. Good for my soul.

jonathan July 11, 2021

We have used this turntable for about 8 months now and have nothing but good things to say. It was simple to set up, sounds wonderful, and is well constructed. It also looks great too. Currently using the pre-amp in an Emotiva BasX TA1, Emotiva 8 Sub, and AudioEngine HD6 speakers and we love it.

Lou N July 10, 2021 New Jersey, United States

RT-85 is all I expected per reviews. Very happy with the performance.

william m July 9, 2021

Thought I reviewed this already love this table and sound from the ortofon 2m blue needle, had some technical questions in the beginning their team was quick to respond

Larry Jeter July 8, 2021 Maryland, United States

67 year old jazz cat been buying records and audio from the age of 11 so at having 40,000 records a good turntable is a must, got the rt83 a year ago had a problem with tonearm lever call customer support not a problem sent it back we sent a replacement, WOW was so happy that i bought another table the rt 85 , love the 2 table the best and this company and customer support with beautifully crafted table and white glove are first class the best i don't mind spending my money there, the rt 85 with the acrylic platter and ortofon blue MAN oh MAN, so now thinking upgrade the rt83 with the acrylic platter , Brent in customer support , good guy great help

Carlos S July 7, 2021 Florida, United States

Love my new RT-85!
It is everything and more you could hope for the price..
beautifully designed and built.
Shipped perfectly and very easy to put together.
Good show Fluance!

Dana F July 5, 2021

A beautiful turntable. It was easy to set up, and it sounds great. Love the adjustable feet. 5-stars all around.

Jacob July 5, 2021

I had just gotten into vinyl just last year and started out with a cheap record player. But after doing some research I wanted to get a turntable that would perform beautifully, and a lot of signs pointed to this. The price point alone is worth its performance. Highly recommend if your budget is high enough.

Steve Bonin July 5, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I really like this turntable. If I had to improve on it I would put a chrome metal tonearm lift level on it. The black plastic is hard to see in low light and a little short. That being said, this is a very nice turntable. The Ortifan Blue cartridge is very revealing

Robert T. July 5, 2021 Georgia, United States

I was replacing a Garrard Lab80 MK2 I have been restoring. The Lab80 was bought new in the middle 60’s, and has served me well. After much consideration I wanted to treat myself to something new. This was my choice based on reviews, and I have not been dissatisfied. It took awhile to acclimate to a totally manual turntable, but the results from the RT-85 have been impressive. I have cleaned and played 50 year old vinyl with resulting sounds not previously heard. There seems to be some break-in period for the table and cartridge, but not a limiting factor. I could not be more pleased, and very happy I made this choice.

Doug S. July 2, 2021 Florida, United States

Packaging for shipping was excellent. Turntable setup video review is a must. This turntable will blow you away. The sound is fantastic and that's the whole purpose. I defy anyone to find a turntable with all of these features for the price. I've played vinyl since 1965, I know a good piece of equipment when I use it. I researched all similar priced turntables, this RT85 is the best bang for the buck.

David Muniak June 28, 2021 Ohio, United States

Setup was easy and all parts were securely packaged and labeled. The turntable was up and running in 20 minutes. Performs flawlessly. I'm falling in love with my LP collection all over again. My only question is why the brochure recommends removing the dust cover when playing LP's. What's the point of having hinges on the cover?

Kevin D. June 27, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Great modern turntable. Features found no where else like the 2M Blue cartridge installed. Who else does that?

Rick W June 26, 2021 Tennessee, United States

The eligance is second to none and the sound clarity is amazing.

jack c June 23, 2021

After getting back into my vinyl collection I purchased an A/T120. Really enjoyed it and the sound. But after a while and reading a number reviews I thought I would roll the dice and upgrade to a mid priced turntable. So happy I did. Only wish I had done it sooner. The sound is like night and day. I am hearing instruments I have never heard before. It was delivered early and set up was extremely easy. Would definitely recommend for a mid priced upgrade.

cyberbee17 June 17, 2021

It's a fine turntable. A 4-star experience in overall. Static noise is still present in full silence before playing a record. Connected properly including the ground wire. Some people complained the Fluance suitable preamp is not of fine quality. Installed much better praised Nobsound T3 MM Phono Preamp. Same thing, expect to experience notable static noise in full silence before playing a record. That would be the first thing to improve on this tunable. In fact, a number of the class comparable European turntable systems manufactured 40-50 years ago with the embedded preamp and amplifier had fine less of the static noise turned on in full silence before playing any record. The comparable class Japanese turntables of the same era connected to outer preamp and amplifiers were a way better in static noise presence(no such noise almost). So, looks like we're still dealing here with the Chinese quality control even those this one Made in Taiwan, which is normally of a better quality production by default comparing to the mainland production. Don't think you should pay thousands of the United States dollars to get these most basic features like static noise reduction. It should be present by default on any middle class turntables or systems. It may have not been a default for the turntable systems 50-70 years ago in the immediate post-WWII era... Also, I mentioned there is no Auto-return feature on this one. My bad. It's not by default. But, there is a switch on the back allowing the Auto-Stop. It's not the full Auto-Return function as was normal on a middle class turntables systems with embedded preamp and amp 40-50 years ago, but the Auto-Stop still does the job. The main point, once the record is ended it must stop so the stylus doesn't scratch the record getting damaged itself after a while. So, at least, the Auto-Stop is presented. The bug in the design here is that the Auto-Stop should be ON by default. And, there should be an option to switch it OFF. Otherwise, they could switch it ON at the factory itself before packing. It may take time before user finds the Auto-Stop is still present but is turned OFF by default. A solid 4 star experience with that feeling that somehow a few drops of bs were added to a fine well made stew otherwise... Still much to appreciate yet the problem with the smell, which is the sine static noise in full silence with the system turned ON before starting to play a record.

Michael L June 16, 2021 California, United States

Got the RT85 to replace 7-8 year old Denon DP300 with Ortofon 2M Red. I was going to upgrade to the 2M Blue and really started listening to my vinyl collection for the first time in years. In reconnecting with my TT I became aware of quite a bit of noise/rumble when I cued an album manually. So I started researching new TT possibilities. The Fluance RT85 kept coming up as an incredible value. I purchased the RT85. It came as described, well packed with short helpful instructions. In assembling the TT I was impressed how much more solid it felt compared to my Denon. Now for the performance, WOW! Mechanics are smooth and quiet. Audio is Great! The combination of the isolated motor, the beautiful acrylic platter and the 2M Blue works magic for me.

KennyV June 10, 2021

There’s a lot I could say about this but I’m gonna keep it short. Fat, clear, defined and oh my God. This is how everyone should listen to their music.

Greg P June 10, 2021

I couldn't be happier with this turntable. I'm getting back in to vinyl and this was replacing a 35 year old turntable. Easy setup, it looks great and more importantly it sounds incredible.

Brian C June 10, 2021

We've had records kicking around for 35yrs. which was the last time I listened to a record. Everything is new to me again but this is the piece I decided centre my new system around after lots of reading & Utube. I thought about starting at one of their lower models but after doing the math, the RT85 was the way to go. There is a some assembly required but it is pretty easy. Everything went together smoothly and this thing is simple, solid and sounds great. Doesn't have all those novelty gimmicks, but I like it that way, less to go wrong. Just the features I want (KISS) and it sounds great with the premium stylist cartridge.

Kelly June 10, 2021 Missouri, United States

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Everything from shipping to sound quality was tip notch. I had lofty expectations on sound quality and was blown away. Great set up directions and the white gloves were the icing on the cake. Could not recommend more.

Alan June 4, 2021 Georgia, United States

I purchased and received the RT85 just a few weeks ago. Absolutely wonderful! In comparison to what I had it was like going from standard definition TV to 1080P HD in one day. Thanks to the RT85 I am finding huge enjoyment in my record collection again! This is a beautiful turntable. The acrilyc platter and the 2M Blue are game changers for me. The features of the RT85 at this price cannot be bested. Thanks Fluance!

Adam B June 3, 2021

I love this TT! Setup was easy and sound quality is amazing! I already had a nice mid-level table, and was hesitant to upgrade; unsure if I would notice any sonic improvement. The Ortofon 2m blue and acrylic platter make a huge difference. Build quality is better than expected as well. Auto off and speed control are nice bonus features. This has to be the best value in turntables at <$500.

edmc June 3, 2021

Everything you need for a high end analog system

David G June 3, 2021 New Brunswick, Canada

I think it is impossible to find a better quality and higher value turntable in the $500 USD range. The RT85 holds its ground when compared to turntables in the $750-$1000 range.

The turntable is gorgeous and built sturdy. The cartridge is very high quality and the acrylic platter really adds to the look and performance of the unit. I think it sound great and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to spend $500-$750 on a turntable.

Victor June 3, 2021 Ontario, Canada

The turntable RT85 sounds very good. It is very well built and beautiful. The support resources including the documentation and videos are very helpful to the 1st time buyer like me so that I could unbox and set up the entire turntable properly to start the music listening

Keegan L June 2, 2021 North Carolina, United States

It’s good

Brian K June 2, 2021 Illinois, United States

Love my RT85. Easy to set up and sounds beautiful with the fluance speakers

JRATT May 31, 2021

This turntable was packed well and very easy to set up. Twenty minutes after opening the box I was listening to CCR.The sound is amazing, crisp, clear and perfect. This turntable's build quality is well QUALITY! I love the detail you hear from each record, I am not sure I have every had a turntable that sounds this good. It sounds as good, if not better than my Denon DP 47F, that was damaged beyond repair in my last move. Curtis Mayfield Super Fly sounds fantastic. If you are looking for a turntable that will give you the most bang for the buck, for just $500, this is it.

Jessie E May 31, 2021

I originally bought a Crosby briefcase player... instant buyer’s remorse! It didn’t work fresh out of the box. I decided to never go cheap again and bought the Fluance RT85. It was a huge difference. The product is high quality and the instructions helped me set it up properly. I absolutely love it and listen to it everyday. I’ve never owned a record player before, but I’m super proud to call this one mine! Definite thumbs up.

Eric M May 28, 2021


Randev C May 28, 2021 other

I have had this RT 85 for over a month now, performance wise no complaints. The auto stop is a good feature for ppl who fall asleep.

Kathren O May 24, 2021

Great value in an entry level turntable. Acrylic platter, respected Ortofon Blue cartridge , nice finish. Highly recommended.

James H May 20, 2021

I love everything about this turntable. I love that you change cartridges on the fly, the quiet motor, the elegant look.I can't find anything negative to say about this turntable. Very easy to put together. Probably takes longer time to take everything out of the box. The Ortofon blue is a great cartridge which is $200 by itself. I like that you get a little bubble level and the 3 feet are easy to adjust to get the table level.You will not be disappointed if you purchase.

Denis C May 18, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Very fast delivery, very easy to put the turntable together. Great quality, I'm rediscovering my old vinyls and it's a very sharp looking turntable.

Leonard T May 17, 2021

Beautiful looking turntable, comes with a high quality acrylic platter, gorgeous veneer and glossy finish heavy plynth, s-shaped tonearm, high quality Ortofon Blue 2m stylus, smooth belt drive. This turntable has so many out of the box great things going for it over other turntables in this price range. We are in love with this turntable!

Amazon Customer May 17, 2021

This TT has exceeded my expectations! This is great value.

JoeHawkins May 17, 2021

I bought this when I retired my 40+ year old Nikko P50 direct drive table.Oh boy this RT85 is one hell of a deal. Took me a few days to get used to the belt drive since my old one was direct drive. But man this thing rocks ! Great work, Fluance!I can highly recommend this player. It’s rock solid, sounds fantastic, looks great and the price is right. What more does one need?

Amazon Customer May 16, 2021

Beautiful turntable. Very high quality. Easy setup. Vinyl sounds amazing. Running through an Onkyo amp with built-in phono pre-amp, and Boston Acoustic speakers. Very pleased with my purchase.

ozzman May 13, 2021

This is a great turntable. Smooth operating, no motor noise. The cartridge is fantastic. Sound is wonderful. Highly recommended...

DT May 10, 2021

I did the research and this TT and the Project Debut Carbon EVO came in as the two best in this price range. I was going to try both but after hearing the RT85 with the included Ortofon Blue cartridge, I didn't see the point in trying the Project. And one feature that I really like is the auto stop feature when it gets to the end of an LP. All the others keep spinning and this can significantly wear down the needle if you forget or fall asleep. I can recommend this turntable to anyone looking in this price range.

Ktown D May 9, 2021

Love my new Turntable! But I was most impressed with this companies customer service! We had an issue that they made right before I even had time to complain. Super impressed all around.

Fred A. May 7, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Very pleased with my turntable, matches very well with my Klipsch speakers, excellent sound quality and easy setup. Very glad I purchased.

Amazon Customer May 6, 2021

This is a great recorded player and very easy to set up.

Spencer May 6, 2021

This turntable sounds so good! Detail is crystal clear, especially highs. But the mids and lows sound great too. As an example for the highs, I was listening to a track on the Tool Lateralus album that has a high hat hit early in the track, and it sounded really similar to what you hear playing a high hat in real life. I’ve listened to that same record before on other turntables and never heard that before! On a Billie Eilish record I could hear a lot more detail in her vocal layering - vocal parts I’d never heard before, which was cool. All the components are study. I was surprised by the weight, and I think that must contribute to an impressively low level of noise. Set up was pretty straightforward and fun for me, and I didn’t have problems with installing the dust covers like some of the other reviewers did. I’m really happy with this, feels like Christmas in May!

Patrick F May 5, 2021 Missouri, United States

The Fluance RT85 has exceeded our already high expecations. This is a fantastic turntable. Everything sounds great; and the Ortofon Blue tracks records quite nicely - our previous turntable had troubling with some records.

Victor E May 3, 2021

You won't find a better turntable and cartridge for this price.

J. C May 2, 2021

I bought an RT85 a few weeks ago so feel confident in making some review comments about it. I think it's important to know what this turntable is and isn't, in order to keep expectations in line with the price you are paying. To keep this short, here's my summary of pros and cons:Pros:- Beautifully made, finished, and packaged. Just gorgeous to look at.- Easy to assemble and setup. Everything is in the box, including decent RCA cables, a turntable level, 45 rpm adapter, power supply, etc. Less than 1 hour after you open the box, you're listening to records.- Easy to change headshells with a relatively strong screw-on connection.- Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge has excellent sound.- 33/45 switch and a quality belt-drive system for very good hifi sound.Cons:- The arm has significant microphonics. That means when you touch the arm or the lifter, it makes noises through the speakers corresponding to your hand touches. Does not affect playing after you release the arm on the record. The company says this is 'normal' but an older Denon turntable it replaced did not do this with a similar cartridge.- The arm is not adjustable for height. The height matches the Ortofon cartridge perfectly (the arm is parallel to the record when playing) but is not right for other brands. I tried two other cartridges/headshells and one was so much less in height that the needle wouldn't go down far enough to touch the record until I installed 5mm of shims to lower the cartridge within the headshell. I'm not sure what the benefit of removable headshells is if you can't adjust the arm easily afterward.- The RT85 comes with the special acrylic platter (instead of metal). They claimed this platter doesn't need a mat under the record, so none was provided. This is really not true in my experience. If you try to clean the record with a cleaning brush while it is rotating on the platter, it will slip on the platter - not good for the record! I'm using a 2mm felt pad on mine and not only does it not slip but the sound is improved.- It has a 3-point (3 feet) mounting system. Yes, 3 points define a plane, but that doesn't make this turntable particularly stable. Not recommended for DJ or rough handling use.Overall, remember you're getting both a turntable and good cartridge for $500 so you can't complain too much. The sound quality is good but not up there with the multi-$k esoteric ones. The only reason I bought this turntable was because I needed a removable headshell for testing purposes and this turntable is the only one I found with a belt drive, which is the best for hifi. However, if you are a DJ with similar needs, you will probably be looking elsewhere to get the full flexibility you need.

Tony W May 2, 2021

This is a great turntable! I have nothing bad to say about it. It has great features, a lot better than other turntables in its price range. It sounds fantastic, good build quality, and it's also easy to set up. And that ortofon 2m blue cartridge brings out more details on my old 2m red. This is a good buy.

Ovidiu K. May 1, 2021 Ontario, Canada

For the price the RT85 sounds amazing. Not only that but the build quality and components appear top-notch.
I definitely recommend this turntable.

Aidan M April 30, 2021

I went back and forth with a number of different tables including a Rega P1 or a Pro-Ject Debut. Fluency showed up later in the picture, but the RT85 ticked all of my boxes. Even though Fluance is a newer brand, lots of reviews recommended their products and any skepticism was quashed once I got my RT85.I wanted a table with a nice cartridge, an auto-stop feature and an aesthetically pleasing one. I upgraded from a 13 year old AT-LP60 that was always giving me speed issues and subpar performance that didn’t bring any life into my vinyl. Now that I wanted to get back into my record collection, I decided a better table would make it more enjoyable.PACKAGEThe table arrived in perfect shape. In fact, I opted for an open box model for a bit less and was sent one straight from Fluance. I have not noticed any damage or wear whatsoever. Some other open box items may have a blemish or two, but everything here was flawless and packaged like new. Lots of things were included - an easy setup guide, a bubble level, 45 adapter, rca cables and a ground wire, AND white gloves. I do recommend using the gloves to assemble everything - the table is quite prone to fingerprints and smudges. Once it is setup, you won’t have to touch more than the tonearm and the speed setting.BUILDThe RT85 features (in my case) a walnut colored plinth and an acrylic platter that doesn’t require a mat. It’s hefty, but not too heavy to be burdensome - it’s great to have a little weight to it for its security on a table and to isolate the table as beat as possible. It has clean edges that give it a sleek and modern look. The removable dust cover is perfect for keeping the surface dust free when you’re not playing and it slides off and on with ease. The rubber feet are adjustable and cushion the table perfectly. With the included bubble level, you can quickly adjust the feet to achieve a perfect balance.The tonearm balancing is easy to figure out and the included instructions guide you step by step through the process, which I highly recommend you read through a few times to get it exactly right. The table does require a phono preamp - if it had one built in, you’d be limited to the performance of an onboard preamp. Requiring a separate preamp gives you unlimited options for how you’d like your sound to be.PERFORMANCEThe RT85 features an Ortofon 2M Blue, which in its own right is not only expensive but a heavy hitter. Considering that the price of the 2M blue is nearly half the price of the table, it is nice to see that Fluance didn’t cut any corners on the rest of table. Throwing on a new copy of John Mayer’s Where The Light Is, I was amazed at how quiet everything sounded right off the bat. Neon shone through, bright and detailed, but also a warmth that allowed for a full body presence. Guitar plucks and strums sounded expertly realistic and alive. Bass thumped deeply without being boomy or overwhelming. Including the sound of the audience, every audible characteristic had its own room to be heard on a wide but controlled and inviting soundstage. Even on older LPs where bass can be a bit underwhelming, it had plenty of life when played on the RT85.The 2M blue captures plenty of detail and subtle nuances. I noticed a huge improvement from my last turntable, where music sounded flat and lifeless. I finally began to hear the differences that makes vinyl stand out. Music became much more engaging and lively, each part of a track being given its own space to cut through. While playing older records with quite a bit of wear, I do hear some “snap, crackle and pop”. It’s unavoidable in the world of vinyl, but the Fluance plays just fine through it and after a deep clean, records may have some surface noise but it disappears once the tracks begin and I can still hear the music with incredible clarity. In most cases, it’s the record and not the table anyway.The RT85 performs quite accurately. It adjusts to wow and flutter automatically and I consistently had results within a few degrees of 33 1/3. I never notice any speed fluctuation and so far, everything I’ve played sounds perfectly normal and as I remember them. It can play 45s as well and includes the adapter. The tonearm is nice and light, but a little delicate so it’s important to lock it in when not being used and use care when queuing something up so that the stylus lands where it needs to. It’s important to keep your records clean, and in turn the table and stylus will function well. I use a carbon fiber brush to clean each side before playing and I drop the stylus in zerostat gel after every side.The RT85 does have an auto stop feature that enables when the stylus has reached the end and nears two inches of the spindle. I find that it doesn’t work often for me, but that is typically because the record label reaches over two inches and then auto stop won’t engage. It’s not anything that bothers me too much.CONCLUSIONThe RT85 is such an amazing upgrade for me. I’m hearing so much more from my vinyl and that’s convinced me it was worth it. I find myself using it on a daily basis and the ritual of playing records makes the entire experience quite enjoyable with a good turntable. This is an excellent table for anyone looking to make the jump from an entry level turntable to something more serious if you consider vinyl to be a passion and want to hear what it really offers. The excellent value and quality of the RT85 makes this stand out as an solid performer, even with stiff competition in this price range. I highly recommend it.

Steve C April 29, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Fantastic sound, very crisp and clear...and flat (as expected), on first set up was lacking that bit of warmth I had with my old Dual 510, will need to tweak/re-eq. Almost perfectly satisfied...except...the placement of the lift lever. With a well-balanced and weighted arm, reaching across the turntable to lift the arm via the lever will almost certainly result in knocking the arm and having it bounce and skate across your record. The lever is too close to the arm itself, you need to consciously make sure you come in from the right *very carefully*. Lifting the cartridge up directly doesn't help, the arm is too light and you're almost guaranteed to drag it across at least some distance of the surface the moment you touch it.
Hopefully I can retrain my muscle memory to account for this, because the sound is wonderful.

Joe T April 28, 2021 California, United States

It's beautiful. From the sleek finish to the convenience of speed selection with no manual manipulation of the belt, the clean sound of the Ortofon Blue, smooth as silk cue lever, auto-stop function.... It really has it all. I LOVE it.

Erik S. April 27, 2021 Oregon, United States

This was a birthday purchase by my wife for me, upgrading from an AT-LP60X. It is a huge step-up and I look forward to enjoying my RT85 for a long time. I have been pleased with everything from the timeliness of the shipping to the unboxing to the setup. I sounds amazing and looks at least as good as it sounds. I love it!

Jo-Jo M April 25, 2021

The Fluance RT85 is a massive step up from my previous turntable (the AT-LP60), in terms of both sound quality and quality of construction. The combination of the Ortofon Blue cartridge, the acrylic platter, and the overall precision and craftsmanship of the unit is really hard to overstate. This is a beautiful, beautiful turntable with very little coloration to the sound. Once properly grounded, it is dead quiet with no discernible noise or distortion at all.Set-up was easy. If you take your time and follow the instruction manual carefully, you honestly can’t go wrong. I had also watched some tutorials on YouTube in preparation for it’s arrival, so I already had a pretty good sense of how to set it up.Like most higher-end turntables, the RT85 does not have a built in preamp (which prevents any added coloration to the signal), so a separate purchase may be necessary if you don’t already own a stand alone phono preamp. Despite the added cost this is actually a plus, since it gives you complete control over how to shape the signal.The sound of the Fluance RT85 is pristine and accurate. The servo motor speed is constantly monitored and corrected for accuracy, so there’s no need to fine-tune the speed adjustments. The cartridge, which comes pre-aligned, reproduces a full soundstage with a wide, flat frequency response and incredible detail. I have the auto-stop disabled, so I can’t review this feature- but it’s nice to know it’s there, if I should ever need to use it.It would truly be hard to imagine a more elegant turntable, even at two or three times the cost. It simply steps out of the way and lets you appreciate the original quality of your LP’s and 45’s, without adding or subtracting anything from the sound.If you are looking to make the leap into a reasonably affordable, reference quality turntable, the Fluance RT85 is the perfect way to take your appreciation of vinyl into the audiophile realm.Five stars for both sound quality and craftsmanship!

NickP April 23, 2021

After researching turntables for a year, decided on the Rt85 and I'm so glad I did. The upgrade from my Audio Technica LP60 is a giant step. And albums that skipped on on my AT turntable play through perfectly on the Rt85.

Philip G April 23, 2021 other

I love it! With the specs and reviews from the website does helps for me to make the right choice

Brian K April 22, 2021

Amazing sound. The blue cartridge sounds amazing and the turntable looks sweet. Went to this from an ATLP120 and I now feel I’m actually ready to truly listen to my record collection. What a great price for a great product !

Jaret H F April 20, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Extremely impressed. Very quick shipping, excellent packaging. The white gloves were a nice touch! Super easy setup, incredible sound. Overall very well built.

Matthew P April 18, 2021 Illinois, United States

Totally worth every penny. Very detailed sound. All the 5 star reviews....I concur.

Chris April 18, 2021 Prince Edward Island, Canada

Terrific sounding turntable! Huge upgrade from my Project T1. Thanks for making making audio products affordable, Fluance. Signature speakers are next on the list for purchase!

Anibal v April 17, 2021

Excelente producto.

Brian April 17, 2021 Alberta, Canada

Upgraded to the RT85 from the RT82.
Pretty darn happy with the whole set up. For the price point it's starting to get some decent competition but certainly holds its own in this category.
My only complaint would be that I wanted the RT85 so soon after it's release I wish I had waited just a little longer when the natural finish was introduced. Perfect table for those who want improved performance while keeping the price point within reach of a lot of aspiring vinyl junkies who can appreciate the improvements that come along with upgrades to your table.

Adam April 16, 2021

I upgraded to this table from an Andover Spindeck and I am over the moon happy with it. It does take a little bit of setting up but it isn't that hard if you can follow the direction. Thr 2M Blue cartridge sounds amazing and the overall build of the table is great.

Randy N April 15, 2021 Michigan, United States

I upgraded to the RT85 from an ATLP120 and immediately noticed the difference; it's a cleaner brighter and more focused sound. It looks beautiful too. I have had this for two weeks and so far I have zero complaints.

Brent W April 14, 2021

This turntable sounds great mostly due I think to the Ortofon Blue cartridge and very low amount of noise transmitted from the platter to the tone arm. The build quality is excellent and it looks great. Clear instructions for the setup. The auto stop takes awhile at the end of the a record, about 19 revolutions. The auto stop works with most of my records, but it does not work with the older records where the tonearm moves back and forth horizontally a half an inch or so at the end of the record. I think that back and forth movement was designed to trigger an automatic record changer. Small detail, it is after all a manual turntable. Very good value for your money and I highly recommend it.

Holly April 14, 2021

Amazing Phonograph. I'm in love with the music it produces. Youtube setup for record players. It will help out a ton.

Ryan C April 14, 2021

This is the most stunning, fine-tuned vinyl player I have ever experienced outside of a studio. I am so blown away by the sound quality. When spinning a clean 180G vinyl, it outputs as if the experience is live. I was so moved by the experience. I am hearing layers to songs I've heard my entire life that I never knew existed. The machine is class. Everything is top quality, from the platter, belt drive, arm, weights, the feet, solid wood plinth... I love it. Worth every penny. My only complaint, is that I wish the cover on top were made of tinted glass and not plastic.

Kevin W April 14, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Excellent sound. Works so well with the Fluance preamp, great delivery, well packaged, excellent functionality.

Tyler, D April 13, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Amazing turntable for the price. Shipped fast, packed well, and setup is straightforward. I also bought the Fluance preamp and it's great for the price

Andy K April 12, 2021

Dialed the set up, it's super key. Get a tracking force scale and blank record to set the anti skate. Make sure all connections are solid. Sound is what we are looking for and this turntable can deliver. Gets better every time I spin it. Not fancy and no bells or wisstles.

ArtyFufkin April 11, 2021

Great turntable. Replaced an old Kenwood TT and this sound so much better. Audiophile quality for great price.

KayG April 10, 2021

Beautiful Turntable! Great So Far! Nice and Sturdy QualiTy. Easy setup

James G April 9, 2021

Excellent Cartridge!As soon as the amp came on, I heard a hum from the nearest speaker. No problem on opposite speaker. Since it was easy to do, I connected different preamp. The hum was better but still present. I took the headshell off and put it back on. No difference. I turned the gain on the preamp down and the volume up. Still present. Switched wires from turntable to preamp. Regardless of wire, the grounding issue (assuming that is what it is) follows the Right output of the turntable.I was willing to retire a 50 year-old Dual but once you've had a turntable without grounding issues, it's very hard to ignore. I don't think I'm too hard to please in this regard. If it's new, just out of the box with a grounding problem, I doubt it will ever get better.I don't want to send it back but unless someone has some advice for a definitive action that will eliminate the hum, that seems precisely what I should do.If it weren't for this, I would like the turntable. It was easy to set-up and looks great!

Mark G. April 8, 2021 Missouri, United States

You know all those professional reviews you see that say this is the best turntable for under $500? They're right.

Rock & April 8, 2021

If you have looked this far and love good sound from your records and have $500, BUY IT NOW. The RT85 is an incredible turntable. The Ortofon 2M Blue is a top notch cartridge valued at half the cost of this table and is included. Set up is very easy even for the beginners in the group. Veterans will have no issues. I have had mine about a month and love it. The acrylic platter also allows for some fun with LED light. Go for it, you know you want it.

Robert C April 7, 2021

I really can’t knock it for the price. The Ortofon Blue cartridge does a nice job, also. The RT-85 does an adequate job of rejecting vibration, which was a big problem with the Audio-Technica I was previously using. The performance of the motor and belt seem rock steady to my ears. Be advised: you will need to purchase phono preamp. I chose the Fluance, and it sounds very transparent. So, be planning on spending an extra hundred bucks. I notice a bit of the sound of the motor/platter when my amplifier is cranked and the needle is down, but once the music starts it’s not an issue. I’m giving it 5-stars at this price point.

Tom P April 7, 2021

50 year old vinyl sounds great on this turntable when paired with the Fluance pre-amp. I definitely would buy this turntable if you want high end sound for a mid price.

David M April 7, 2021 Puerto Rico, United States

I am very happy with my purchase. The turntable looks elegant and of high quality. The sound is at the height of the company.

Dave C April 7, 2021 Saskatchewan, Canada

Speedy delivery, great packaging, not only an amazing turntable, but a beautiful piece of art to play music.

Tony H April 7, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Did alot of research before buying. After 1month of use we continue to be thrilled with our purchase. Excellent addition to our audio system. Exceeded our expectations.

Ted R April 6, 2021

This was a long-considered upgrade to an old Bang and Olufsen TX2 with an aged MMC3 cart. The unit was easy to unpack and setup and I was playing records within the hour. The documentation is thorough and the performance is exceptional at this price point. The Ortofon 2M Blue is able to extract detail from my older records that I hadn't heard before. Once I add the Fluance record weight this table will be even quieter and capable. Very satisfied with this purchase!

Jim D April 6, 2021 New Hampshire, United States

The Fluance RT 85 is a work of art. Just standing back and gazing at this turntable you know you have something special. The attention to detail is far beyond its competition . I've had many high-end turntables but this is the sweetest , warmest sounding turntable I've owned. It start you out with all the upgrades ( Ortofon 2M Blue, Acrylic platter,) that you would normally expect on a $1000 turntable. I just cant say enough nice things about the sound and craftsmanship of this gem. I am running the RT85 through 2 hot-rodded Carver amps and a C-1 Carver pre-amp with both Klipsch 8000's and Bose 901's speakers depending on my music selection. Also the sales women Laura is just as kind as one could only hope for. I have had zero issues and setup was a breeze. This turntable is all i will ever need . Do yourself a favor and buy this now you wont be disappointed .....

Amazon Customer April 5, 2021

I will not repeat all of the other reviews but I will say that the RT-85 is one of my best purchases in a long time. I have been using it for a month or so now and wow is it good. The Ortofon blue is good but I also have better carts too. They all perform great. This table is better than all of my vintage tables I have owned before and I had some great ones. The quality and value that Fluance provides is a stand out for me and I prefer to support companies like them but there aren't many left that do it like them. Don't hesitate like I did. This thing is awesome!!!!!

Amazon Customer April 5, 2021

Sounds amazing. Easy setup. Cartridge is a game changer. its also sexy AF.

Dano O March 30, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

Heard of the Fluance name on marketplace, and took interest. Via word on the web, it is the best, or others are. I sat in. Bought the marketplace RT80 to get introduced. Joined a Fluance site, and bought a few updates. Before I ever placed a record on it0, I bought my RT85. In this price range, and for this price, as an audiphile , this is near perfect. My winner for life.

Shadowfox March 29, 2021

What a great buy. After a lot of research I thought that this had the most value for the money. No more hum like I got from my AT 120usb. The ortophon blue is great sounding and I love the acrylic turntable. East to put together and use. The only downside....the auto off does not work on most lps.

Amazon Customer March 29, 2021

It was a gift for my adult son and he loves it. He really likes the look of it and the wood.

chauncy March 29, 2021

This turntable is perfect! Beautiful. Place it on an isolation platform, gave it some lighting, and wha laaa! This RT85 makes the LPs sound crisp and clear.

John L March 27, 2021

This is my present to me; an upgrade to my Numark TT200 that I also purchased at Amazon 20 years ago, that finally gave up the ghost. After much research, the Fluance was my choice for a quality audiophile-like turntable that ticked all the boxes. I am experienced with TTs so setup wasn't difficult. This does require assembly. The box arrived in good condition and when specified. I was very excited to have a new TT. Carefully I removed all the parts and assembled them. Calibrated the TT and enjoyed it in short order. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge adds a high level of definition and the clear acrylic platter isolates any vibration or noise from the playback. Playback is smooth with the belt-driven motor. The tonearm is a sturdy build and the lift mechanism drops gently onto vinyl. The auto-stop stops the platter from spinning after 30-seconds to prevent stylus/vinyl wear. It does NOT return the tonearm to the rest. It is a predominantly manual TT. There is NO pre-amplifier on this model. All items were packaged neatly and in good condition. I am enjoying hearing my LPs and adjusting between 33 and 45 RPMs is an easy do. The dust cover is hinged and closes and opens gently. All cabling is provided and includes white handling gloves to prevent any smudges or oil from hands onto the components. I am hoping for a long enjoyment of this TT and perhaps upgrading my receiver/amplifier/speakers down the road to expand on the sound that this quality TT provides. I think this is a great choice when selecting a $500 TT. My alternate choice would have been the Rega Planar 1 or 2. Both great choices in this price category. I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your music! Jc

JH March 26, 2021

Back into vinyl. The new 180 gram are for the most part excellent. Needed an upgrade from my old Technics TT. Looked at all the reviews, online consults with dealers, and vids. Came down to this marvelous TT. My system is a respectable one, no mega buck Audiophile quality. I didn’t want to spend a mint on a new TT with my other components being from the 90’s. I also purchased the Fluance phono preamp replacing a NAD unit. So far, and I’ve only done about 10 hours of listening, I am very pleased with my choice. So now the main components of my system are Canadian except for the CD player made in Belgium and speakers B&W England. Wow, enchantment is how I would describe my listening experience. Hearing things from old recordings I never heard before. I really don’t think it gets any better than this without jumping into the audiophile rabbit hole. Some of my 1st plays included, Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s, Ella and Louis (with my attached video), and Joni Mitchell, Blue. Initially, I was listening for details and sound quality, then finally to just hearing the music. I cannot give a better compliment to the RT85W than that. I will update as I explore more of the music.

Chris P March 26, 2021

This is honestly the best record player for the price. I’ve tried Pro-Ject and Audio Technica turn tables before and this one offers so much for price. The sound is incredible. The main criticism people give this turn table is the build quality of the main base of the turntable, but I don’t see any issue with it at all. It’s solid and looks amazing in bamboo. If you want to enter into medium quality record players, this is the way to go.

Steve i March 25, 2021

Piano black finish is beautiful. Sound is phenomenal - audiophile at a great price point

Mark P March 25, 2021 Michigan, United States

I've had the RT85 for a couple weeks now and it is performing great. I have the walnut base and it looks great. easy and straightforward setup. I've coupled it with a Schiit Mani phono preamp which performs admirably. The Ortofon 2M blue is a nice cartridge. I'm also using a AT VM95ML. I was also considering a similarly priced Pro-ject turntable...I believe I made the best decision going with the RT85...I have several different cartridges and swapping is a breeze with the Fluance tonearm. I'm a totally satisfied customer!

factoryguy March 23, 2021

Great value and nice sound. I am very impressed overall. I added this to my home theater setup to provide an additional option and a nice conversation starter. My old vinyl collection is getting some fresh spins after 30 years in mothballs. Love it!

Daniel N March 23, 2021 other

Amazing turntable superb value,looks and sounds fantastic.

WESLEY B March 22, 2021

For the money and it's looks this turntable knocks it out of the ballpark! I looked and studied this table for a year before I pulled the trigger and purchased it. My previous table is a Technics SL-1200 MK2 and it is in excellent condition. I mounted a Audiotechnica AT-120E on it, and after learning how to align the cartridge,adjust tracking weight and anti-skate along with the VTA and arm height I thought was sounding great! I thought of ordering the 2M Blue and putting it on the technics table for an upgrade. Once I received the Fluance table and set it up I was blown away by it's sound! I was hearing things I hadn't heard before on my 1st table. The sound and seperation was truly amazing. It caused me to go on a vinyl spending spree that I'm still on! My lp's I purchased in the 70's and 80's sound amazing along with the newer 180 gram albums I'm collecting. Just wish I purchased the table sooner!

Ken C March 21, 2021

The RT85 is a very nice turntable. It is good value for the money, attractive to look at. I guess my hopes were higher for the sound Quality. I own a Shure M97xE cartridge on a old Technics turntable. It sounds very good, but I had read so much about the Ortofon 2M cartridge thinking it was going to blow that away. It didn't. Maybe the old cartridge is better than I thought.

Chris B March 21, 2021 Minnesota, United States

Amazing turntable that will just blow you away. Best bang for your buck with a turntable.

Adam l March 20, 2021

Value for the money can't be beat

Laurel P March 20, 2021

So I started my vinyl hobby by stealing my mom's Crosley 5-in-1 record player and taking it to college with me. That was a year and a half ago. After getting acquainted with the Crosley, I started buying some of my favorite albums on vinyl. The first record I bought was Business As Usual by Men At Work. I played that record hundreds of times, much to the annoyance of my two roommates. Eventually I became dissatisfied with the built-in speakers and the tinny quality the Crosley would produce. Sometimes it was playing brand-new records and it would "skip" which is apparently a common issue among the brand. I would send records back to where they came from or frame them instead of listening to them.I dove into my vinyl research. I had no idea where to begin. When I started, I was only doing my research on turntables. I didn't know I would end up buying 3 more external parts to complete my setup. But after months of thorough research, I finally decided on this turntable. I had decided on an Audio-Technica at first, but the more research I did the more I realized that was a very "basic b*tch" turntable, as they say. Well, after reading the Amazon reviews on this Fluance turntable, I knew that this was the right one for me. Auto-stop was the biggest reason that I found this turntable to begin with, and I'm so glad I did. But I haven't even used the auto-stop function yet...My setup: Fluance RT-85 turntable, Schiit Mani Preamp, Denon AVR-S540BT receiver, and Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers.Some things I learned as a first-timer:1. It's really not as hard as it seems to get everything set up.2. Get a shelf or shelves with enough surface area for the receiver, preamp, and turntable.3. Get speaker stands.4. Make sure you have the cables you need. You're most likely gonna need to buy your own speaker wires, RCA cables, and ground wires. I had to run to Lowe's and buy a pair of RCA cables last minute! These companies are sending you a product but only telling you what cables you need. Including them is for amateurs I guess.5. But seriously, setting up the turntable took less time than organizing my record collection. This table is REALLY easy to set up.6. Balancing the tonearm is not as hard as it looks. Just make sure you're turning the whole counterweight and not just the dial when it tells you to... save yourself an hour of troubleshooting. ;)7. Clean your records before you play them, and use an anti-static brush every time you put one on the turntable, unless you like the sound of popcorn in your speakers.Overall, I came here to say that the sound quality is AMAZING... I can't possibly put into words how much of an upgrade this is over the ol' Crosley. Before, my new records sounded dated right out of the box, like I was listening to audio recorded on a flip phone. I thought it was a charming part of the vinyl experience. But listening to my Fluance, I will never, ever give up the clear, crisp, sweet sound of a good vinyl setup. I just put on an album I've listened to at least a thousand times in my car and I immediately heard a guitar plucking that I've never picked up on before. It's like I'm in the studio with the band playing in front of me, and it's beautiful. This is the way music is meant to be enjoyed. It's so good, it makes me emotional. I don't know if I'll ever get over the way this sounds until I've listened to my whole collection 3 times over. So I'm off to do that now...

YH March 20, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Loving it

Steven L March 19, 2021

I am very impressed with my new Fluance RT85 turntable. It came extremely well packaged and had an excellent instruction manual for easy setup. The Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge makes this table really sing. I am so impressed with the sound quality and build quality of this product. White cotton gloves are an extra feature to aid in setting up the table and help from getting finger prints all over. Be careful not to place anything on the dust cover as it will scratch very easily. I play records every day and Fluance has not let me down so far.

Robert L March 19, 2021 Texas, United States

Well, I am going to start this review off differently. Most of you have probably already read many glowing reviews on the RT-85 Turntable submitted by the hundreds of fans. I will also write a quick review of the turntable itself in a bit, but let me start off a bit differently and discuss the company and their service.

I received my turntable a couple weeks back and was so excited to unbox it and get it going. When I unboxed it, I noticed a small very light (hardly noticeable) 6” scratch on the dust cover. Other than that, the turntable was in perfect condition. I contacted Fluance via their website and told them about the scratch and sent pictures. Within one day, they contacted me back and offered to give me a 5% discount to make up for the problem. I explained to them that I appreciated the offer, but I was not looking for money and how the scratch, although it was so small, bothered me. I explained to them that I knew it sounds petty, but that I had just gotten a NEW, beautiful and fantastic TT, but the scratch just drove me nuts.

They LISTENED….. and within 10 days or so, they sent me a brand-new dust cover. Now, I don’t know about you but being in sales most of my life, you can’t beat service like that. Most companies today have lost all sense of fairness and service. But not Fluance. Any company that will take care of their customers like they took care of me is a company that I want to do business with, recommend to others, and will continue to do business with. Excellent and Thank You Fluance!!

Now for the review:
I have had a few TT’s in my life, most notable was the Technics 1200. As life goes, I got rid of it and most of my record collection during the 90’s. The last year with having to be locked-up all the time with Covid, I decided to get back into music. I got a cheap beginner’s Sony TT and started collecting so of my old favorite records. Within 6 mouths I was enjoying the return to vinyl so much, I decided to get a new TT, did my research and settled on Fluance RT-85. I ordered my RT-85 a few weeks after Christmas and had to weight about 4 weeks to get it in. I guess the holiday sales and Covid had them backed up. Was it ever worth the wait!!

The RT-85 comes well boxed. There was no visible damage on the outside of the box. When unboxed, all the parts were there and setup was more than simple. The TT is just beautiful and I highly recommend the RT-85 for not only the Ortofon Blue cartridge, but also the acrylic platter. If nothing else, the acrylic platter really enhances the look and feel of the turntable. Anyway, I used the online video for setup which is quite useful and makes it simple. I balanced the tonearm/cartridges, installed the weight and set it at the required weight. I then checked the weight with a separate arm load meter and it was spot on. I also checked headshell alignment and it too was spot on. Fluance couldn’t have made the whole process easier. Be sure and use the provided white gloves because the high gloss finish will readily show fingerprints.

When I turned it on, it is absolutely deadly quite with no auditable HUM what-so-ever, like I had in the Sony. Hooked up the Sony TT also and compared the two. The sound is incredible from the RT-85. You get higher highs and lower lows, better separation and distinct, crisp sounds, and it presents a bigger stage. I couldn’t be happier.

My only negative if you could call it one is the wall-wart plug. I would have preferred a standard plug with the transformer inside the TT itself. But that is me just being picky to come up with a con. We got a jillion wall-warts on everything these days.

In Summary, I know you can’t get a better turntable for the price out there today. It is every bit as good if not better than the Technics I had back in the day and 1000% easier to set up. It does all that I need in a TT to do and does it outstandingly. That combined with the impeccable service I got from Fluance, makes this purchase and company a hands down winner in my mind. It really is a no-brainer. Just do it.

And by the way, as soon as my daughter heard it, she was so impressed that she wants one too! Looks like I have a second Fluance TT to buy before Christmas this year.

Matt B March 19, 2021 Texas, United States

Beautiful turntable that sounds amazing. My vinyl collection has never sounded better.

Andrew K March 19, 2021 Virginia, United States

Really loving my RT-85 so far. Feels like I've got a worthy set up now. The ortofon blue sounds great. I'm still getting a little static but I think its because I need to clean my records. Would definitely recommend buying to anyone who has the money. Great value.

Marsala, R March 16, 2021 Illinois, United States

Looks and sounds incredible. I took a step up from the entry level turntable I was using. It wasn't much more money for this step up as the RT85 is an incredible value for the sound and quality you get! If you're new to vinyl or not, this is an amazing amount of quality for the value!

James T March 16, 2021 New York, United States

Best turntable I have ever owned. Sounds fantastic! I have a Vintage 100 watt receiver from the 70s and it never sounded so good!

Jerry D March 15, 2021 Texas, United States

I love my new Fluance RT85 turntable! I compared and researched this to other brands as well as other models within the Fluance line. In the end, I decided on the RT85. It's the perfect balance of design, quality, function and value. Also, my turntable arrived in perfect condition because a lot of thought and design went into the protective packaging it was shipped in. Nothing but great things to say about Fluance. Thank you!

Todd, S. March 13, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Did a ton of research and am happy with my selection. Liked my entry level Audio Technica, but the sound on the RT85 is next level. Looks great on my cabinet too. Solid technical support if you have any issues (Thanks Dawn!).

Michael K March 13, 2021 Georgia, United States

RT85 is excellent! One of the best players under a grand for sure!

CWtex March 11, 2021

I ordered my piano black RT85 to replace my 45 year old Technics 1300 with Shure M97xe cartridge. I don't see the point of running vinyl thru digital devices so my system is tube based. Ear834 phono stage, allnic L-1500 preamp, Michaelson Austin TVA-1 power amp. all thru custom designed speakers with Aurum ribbon tweeters. Setup was straight forward however I used a scale to set the RT85 tracking weight. For $15 i recommend buying one ..just to be sure on tracking weight. Don't want to dig trenches in your vinyl. I used blank vinyl to calibrate my anti skate. My impression so far has been good. I am definitely seeing extended range with more defined bass. But it is a Ortofon Blue cartridge. I liked that the cartridge was already mounted in shell saving time spent aligning cartridge. A little getting used to RT85's manual operation as my old turntable was automatic. not a big deal. I do like the auto shutoff at end of record. No issues across multiple albums having always sensed end so far. No issue with the turntable ground. I have virtually no hum on my system. If you have tubes you know what I mean. I have seen grumps about the cue lever being cheaply made but I have no issue. It lowers the arm at a slow and gentle rate where I want it. I leave the cover on although the manual suggested taking cover off while in use. Perhaps the thought is the cover can induce some rumble. However I have not detected any but then my system and turntable are 20 ft away from speakers and sub in an equipment closet. All in all I am pleased with the purchase. A solidly built turntable with a premium cartridge. I do like the acrylic platter. It is supposed to isolate the vinyl from unwanted vibration. OK I can buy that. After the break in period I am hoping the performance is even better. I am not a crazed audiophile but my equipment is definitely quality with the RT85 fitting right in. With that said I am pleased with the purchase.

D W March 11, 2021

The main reason to buy Fluance 65 over a Rega was for the ease of changing headshells and cartridges.However the counterweight is unreadable, virtually impossible to adjust even trying to read the numbers by holding a torch with one hand and turning the weight with the other. Even then the values were wrong!After buying an £11 digital stylus scale the errors became apparent when using that and the skating track on a testing LP.First the Ortofon 2M Blue (now after 15-20 hrs play is sounding better).Counterweight shows 1.7g my readings give 1.85 with anti-skate=2.Now to fitting other headshells+cartridge. All were less deep than the 2M so needed a thick mat to allow the stylus to reach the record.All had a difference in weights and non-matching anti-skate values.The worse was the Elys cartridge, too light even with the counterweight moved as far forward as possible which only gave a reading of 0.99g and 0.8 anti-skate. (Surprisingly it still tracked OK and sounded good)Support: Faults etc. you pay postage and charges both ways. Buying parts to UK:New counterweight with white markings: £16.49Postage: £22.28 Duties and taxes: £12.11 Order Total: £50.88So I need to pay £51 for a fluance error! Some support!Vinyl Platter + Accessory Kit = 153.36post £45.21 + £65.03 = Total: £263.60Turntable Belt 12.43 + £21.95 + £11.23 Total: £45.61One last point (Amazon error not Fluance). I ordered Walnut and they sent Black. Should have returned it then, 4 days too late now.

Amy W March 10, 2021

If you are looking for a TT in this price range, and you’re going back and forth among options, I will encourage you to stop looking and buy the RT85, even if it takes a while to get delivered. This is the best TT you can get ~$500, if you are going for new and not vintage.This thing is built for ppl with audiophile leanings. 3 lb acrylic platter, beautiful gloss finish, speed switch, and, most importantly, the Ortofon 2M BLUE cartridge included (those usually go for ~$250 separately). All of these features seem more high end than the price suggests. No unnecessary parts, so in that sense, pretty minimal and not distracted.The only thing that may hold u up is the belt drive. Some say this is less reliable than a direct drive, but this TT has a servo motor that checks the speed 500/sec. The speed on my table is always spot on so far.The plinth seems solid. The dust cover is a little annoying to install, but you can get it with patience.The sound coming out of this thing through my ART DJ PRE II preamp and active speakers is so crisp and realistic. I feel like I’m in a room full of performers. The instruments are separated well.All in all, amazing purchase. Get it. And if something goes wrong, the customer service at Fluance will be pretty accommodating.

Unshapenbow March 10, 2021

Best turntable for this price range. Definitely recommend

Nick S. March 10, 2021 Ontario, Canada

After months of research this was the turntable I chose to purchase. Canadian made, easy assembly and the white gloves add a nice touch. Highly recommended!

Lonnie M March 10, 2021 Tennessee, United States

Love this turntable. Researched numerous other models and brands. This one stood out for its price and functionality. Also. Love the auto shut off function. My cartridge thanks you.

Michael March 9, 2021

The good: The sound coming from this turntable is great. I love the look. It was easy to set up.The bad: After 1 week of use, the auto-stop feature started triggering in the middle of an album - so I turned it off. Then, the album would not stop when I returned the tone arm to its resting position (before, even if turned on, the album would not start to spin until you moved the tone arm over the record). So now I have to turn the turntable on and off when changing albums.Conclusion: These issues are minor, but they could be part of a larger problem that hasn't reared its head yet. Additionally, this is kind of an expensive turntable. I'd expect the features to work properly at this price point. I'm not yet sure if I'll return it, but I'm leaning toward doing so.Edit: I contacted Fluance customer service and they helped troubleshoot the turntable. The turntable now functions as expected.

Arnold L March 9, 2021

Awesome cartridge. Sounds great

Michel R March 9, 2021

Usage a domicile, HiFi; superbe platine, qualité sonore impressionnante, cartouche Ortofon Blue de grande qualité; vraiment le meilleur rapport qualité prix; comparable à des platines au double et même triple du prix; conception canadienne

Joe A March 9, 2021 New Jersey, United States

This turntable has all the features and analogue sound reproduction that I hoped for and more. Quality build at a great price!

Mack C March 9, 2021 Georgia, United States

We are enjoying our new RT85 and listening to vinyl records again. I am very please with our choice of the Fluance turntable and the sound of the old songs we have listened to that during the last week since receiving it. The set up was very quick and easy.

Eric L. March 9, 2021 Washington, United States

Got the RT-85 and absolutely love the sound...the turntable is gorgeous....and the 2m blue is amazing. Had a small issue with a squeaky hinge and got help within a day from Julie from customer service and she sent out a replacement immediately. The quick response was amazing and the quality of the turntable is wonderful. This is my first fluance product and I'm very impressed! Thank you guys!!! :)

Mike B March 8, 2021 Arizona, United States

This is an amazing turntable. I recently got back into vinyl and using this turntable shows I was right for going back. I have been a CD guy since the 80’s. Then I moved to streaming and digital MP3 audio. Wow! Going back is amazing. I hear instruments I’ve never heard in long ago purchased music.

The walnut plinth is beautiful and set up was a breeze. The weight on the arm was a little off. I set up the tracking weight with a digital scale I bought for tonearms and just a little fine tuning. Best turntable I’ve ever owned.

Alain C March 8, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Just hooked it up on the weekend and it sounds amazing

Stephen March 6, 2021 New Jersey, United States

Overall great sound. Auto stop feature only worked on the first lp I played; hasn't worked since. My old turntable didn't have that feature anyway.

Brian W March 6, 2021 Colorado, United States

Awesome! A beautiful piece of art as well as an excellent performer. I'm very pleased with my decision.

Eric L March 6, 2021 Quebec, Canada

I really like my new turn table. It sound great. Setting it up was easy. The packaging is well done

Lee G March 5, 2021

The 3 pound acrylic platter combined with the Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge are features common in turntables 2-3 times this price. The painless set up, looks, and design distancing the motor from the cartridge are also a plus.If I had any complaint it would be the almost 5 week wait to get the turntable. However, once I started using the Fluance RT85 all my frustration on the wait went out the window.

Noah A March 5, 2021 Illinois, United States

Incredible Product! Great value for what it is, including the acrylic platter and Ortofon 2M Blue.

Patrick B March 5, 2021 New York, United States

I was in the market because I wanted to upgrade my cartridge and stylus for my stereo system. After a lot of research it seemed more prudent to get a new turntable as opposed to a new cartridge. The RT85, came with one of the cartridges I was interested in and it had additional features I find necessary like a 33 and 45 toggle that does not require a manual belt switch. That seems perhaps insignifanct but it has a discernable enjoyment in ease of use. I was impressed that it had an acrylic platter and after watching and reading several reviews it was clear that for the price this was the way to go. I have only been using it for about 10 days, but my instincts are that this turntable is remarkably underpriced and in general should allow for additional easy cartridge swaps and upgrades should I desire to go in that direction. With other highly regarded turntables going for $750, $1,000 or $1,500 that are considred affordable entry level, I simply don't see what you get in those ranges that the RT-85 doesn't deliver.

Ed K. March 5, 2021 Illinois, United States

Could not love this turntable more. On first play it was immediately clear how big an improvement it was from my previous one. It reveals more details and color on records I thought I knew well. l Beautiful and easy to setup, and the auto stop is a great bonus.

James S March 5, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Amazed by the quality. Sound is so clean and clear. Walnut looks great. Set-up was easy but still had a few questions and service got back to me right away with good guidance.

Rayan D March 5, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

If your looking for top audio gear from a top notch company look no further! Fluance is such a great company to deal with, they care about their customers and in my opinion the products are beyond amazing at a price that is unbeatable! I will be doing all my future audio purchases with Fluance.

Sam T March 4, 2021

This product is very easy to setup. The sound quality is very good, definitely will hold its own when compared to more expensive brands and models. i am very very pleased with its performance. The vinyls I thought were throways because of noise and scratchy sound when played on my previous turntables, definitely found new life on fluance. They were not defective lps at all . On fluance, they played clean and scratch-free.

Gary M March 4, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

I've had my new RT85 for almost 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. Set up was very straightforward. The detailed manual helped although I had seen a number of youtubers post set up instructions before.

I chose this unit as I felt it had a great blend of audiphile components, classic design with just enough ease of use to make playing records most enjoyable.

The sound is rich, full and warm. I have a first 10 list of albums to play and with the great sound it's like I'm hearing some of them again for the first time. I've already recommended the Fluance Reference line to a few of my friends who are in the market to upgrade their old turntables.

Wes K March 4, 2021 Connecticut, United States

Easy setup, packaged well, sounds outstanding. Wish I had bought this sooner.

purplhaz March 3, 2021

I love this player! I looked at them for months before finally pulling the trigger on this one. Sounds so much better than my old Stanton. Really couldn't beat the bang for the buck on this one.

Lawrence C March 2, 2021

Ease of setup and great value for a quality turntable.I was looking for a nice turntable to replace my 70's Pioneer PLA 25 which is beyond repair. Most of what I looked at in my price range was fairly cheap in quality and didn't have the sound I was looking for. After reading the reviews of the RT85 I thought I would give it a try. Most happy I did...... Very nicely made and especially good looking. Delivers all the sound quality I've been missing.

Donn March 1, 2021 Florida, United States

I spent months researching turntables and comparing options and upgrades. The RT85 offers so much with its beautiful black finish (and 2 other options), the acrylic platter and the amazing Ortofon 2M Blue cartirdge. I could find no other turntable at this price point that offered both an acrylic platter and an equivalent cartridge to the 2M Blue. This was the first turntable that I had to set up on my own, and it was pretty straight forward. My family and I were listening to some of our favorites in around 30 minutes from box opening to power up. I absolutely love this product!

Joel M March 1, 2021

No record player close at this price

joseph w February 28, 2021

Great product

Rick m February 28, 2021

i auditioned these at a friends place a very good turntable unfortunanely , due to the price increase of 50 for black.... i decided to go with the project carbon debut evo.

John February 27, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I was looking for a replacement for my shure m95ed cartridge on an older sony ps5520 turntable that was very attractive.

I read all the reviews and with the features and price of the RT85 could not substantiate replacing the shure cartride.

I have waited a few months to write this review for the cartridge to be broken in and was very very surprised at the difference in sound quality of this turntable. The other thing is that it is so quite when running.

If you can afford this it is a very high end turntable for a budget price.

Jim S February 27, 2021 Wisconsin, United States

Amazed... stunned... WOW! The RT85 is without a doubt the best turntable I've heard under $1000.00. I was a LINN BASIK with a Denon DL-110 Cartridge owner for years and loved it. I started having wow/flutter issues so I was on the hunt for a new turntable. I've purchased vintage equipment for years and was ready to consider a new turntable. I began seeing folks talk about Fluance on blogs and mentioning the amazing RT85 turntable with the Ortofon Blue cartridge and acrylic platter, not as upgrades but installed! I decided to give the RT85 a try and I am so happy I did. I'm listening right now and I can't stop smiling. I chose the Walnut plinth and it is drop-dead gorgeous! The 85 also comes with adjustable vibration feet, another amazing feature. The unit ships beautifully packaged. The setup is easy and fun. A little tweak of the Ortofon Blue (it was 95% there, excellent for a shipped install) and I simply could not believe my ears. The RT85 sounds better than any CD player I've owned. The speed control motor is incredible, with spot-on accuracy. There is an auto shut-off feature which I love. At the end of the album after 6 rotations or so, the platter stops, keeping the stylus from wear in case I'm out of the room. The cue function is smooth and gentle, too. I also purchased the Preamp, even though my receiver has a phono input. If you need one, get this one. The hinges are steady and smooth and the dust cover is elegant. This turntable looks as great as it sounds!

George February 26, 2021 Illinois, United States

So I tried to resurrect my Beogram 1600 recently. It worked, but most of the albums sounded muddy. Washed out cymbals, muffled voices, muddy bass. And the sound was extra crispy in the crackle and pop department despite deep cleaning. So I bought the RT85 (because I wanted the acrylic platter and blue cartridge). Set up was EZPZ, although I had to use my phone camera on magnify to see the calibration marks on the weight and anti-skate adjustments. I cleaned the first record I tested (Led Zepplin, The Song Remains the Same) with the Fluance kit. Very nice. EZPZ. So, I lowered the needle and let it rip. AMAZING SOUND! Chills, tingling, smiling, giggling. This is what I wanted my stereo to sound like! And I'm 65, so my reference point is one night in San Francisco in 1967 listening to my sister's boyfriend's stereo. I just remember tubes and huge speakers. I have never been able to replicate the clarity of his system, until now. So thanks Fluance, thanks Ortofon! I can go peacefully now.....

Mike M February 24, 2021

I could not be more happy with this turntable.And the $499.99 price is a great price for what you get!

Neil A February 23, 2021

Wow it’s just awesome

Neil N February 21, 2021 Ontario, Canada

The RT85 is the bomb! Paired with an NAD external phono preamp, the RT85 lit up my vinyl and made it fresh again. Solid quality and the piano black looks great! I replaced a Project Carbon with the RT85 and there is no comparison. The Ortofon 2M Blue is sublime! Highly recommend this table.

Kevin D February 16, 2021

When we first decided to get back into vinyl we didn't want to spend allot of money so we bought a Fluance RT81. After a year we just felt something was missing. What was missing was the RT85! It's like hearing sounds from an album that you have never heard before! I dont claim to be an audiophile, not so sure I want to, but for the money the RT85 is worth every dollar.

ROBERT C February 16, 2021

Amazing packaging for protection! "Top notch Quality", & the specification's meet or exceed those costing $1,000 or more...Absolutely a Frik'n awesome manual turntable!!! Thanks Fluance....

Kerry February 11, 2021

Very nice Turntable for the money. Great Isolation!

Dan P February 11, 2021

after running into a couple problems I called and Rebecca answered. She is real and helped me both times. Wonderful turntable. My second decent one in a row. I will keep the Rega in reserve if any issues with the NEW baby happen. Thanks Rebecca. Thanks Fluance

Alan M February 11, 2021

Auto-stop, acrylic table, Ortofon 2M blue cartridge, wood base, smoked color dust cover. Nothing to discuss.....

Hal A February 10, 2021 Tennessee, United States

I love this table. I sold my "High-End" player because it required so much tinkering all the time. The dust cover alone was $300!! The Fluance RT85 sounds just as good, comes with everything I need including a great stylus and it's beautiful.

Jose M. G. February 10, 2021 Texas, United States

Amazing product!!! Love the finish and outstanding performance.

David M February 9, 2021 Ohio, United States

I really like my RT85. Like others have written, the setup was straight forward and super easy. I have a collection of vintage vinyl ranging from Andre Segovia, to Santana, to Pink Floyd and ELP... great to hear them again... I continue to have a feedback problem however. I have reseated all the connections (Denon AVR X3600H) through Klipsch Forte IIIs and a Rythmik FV15HP sub), the ground and the headshell. I have isolated my hum to a proximity issue... I will be getting longer RCA and ground cables to move the RT85 as far from my receiver as possible...

JTM February 8, 2021

Just a great turntable, none better at this price.Take you time unboxing, parts are everywhere and installation and setup takes time like all high end decks.

Margaret L February 8, 2021

Great option to play some of the old LPs that were stored away. Great Fun

Gary G February 5, 2021 Texas, United States

Great turntable and speakers. However, what really impressed me was the people at Fluance. I ordered this as a Christmas present, which I also get to hear. USA customs held this up in Detroit and it was nearly impossible to get it to Texas by Christmas. However, Fluance made it happen.

Hector R February 4, 2021 New York, United States

This is the 1st turntable I've had since the mid 80's and it plays beautifully, love the look, the set up was easier than I'd thought it would be. I was hesitant at 1st trying to convince myself to spend so much on a record player, and I'm so happy I did. The quality of all.the parts are awesome, the sound is amazing and I do not regret getting this.

Chad C February 3, 2021 Ohio, United States

I opened the box and in less than 30 minutes I was listening to music and it was a great listen. For $500 the rt85 provides one with superior sound. Listening to everything from The Beatles to The Pretty Reckless to various jazz and blues albums the sound jumped off the vinyl and filled the room. It is very hard to believe this turntable is not closer to a 4 digit cost. The 3 pound acrylic platter and the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge themselves cry out for a larger price tag then the rt85 sells for. I listened to quite a few turntables in this price range before buying the rt85. For the money this might be the best turntable out there.

Matt A February 2, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Love my new RT85! Simple to set up out of the box, and fingerprint free thanks to the included gloves. After comparing several similarly classed turn tables, I chose the RT85 for the included Ortofon 2M blue cartridge and the acrylic platter, upgrades that would add several hundred dollars to similar Rega and Pro-ject 'tables. Set up with a vintage Yamaha CA-410 amp and Tannoy speakers, I was blown away by the sonic experience. This 'table offers a totally immersive soundscape that completely outclasses my previous gear. I put on OK Computer by Radiohead, and it was as if Thom Yorke was here in my living room. I would highly recommend this turntable, or any Fluance Reference turntable to anyone looking to poke their head into the audiophile's rabbit hole.

Stanley January 28, 2021 Arizona, United States

3 weeks into this table and I couldn’t be happier. Solid audiophile grade table.

Michael W January 26, 2021 Arkansas, United States

Solid table at a great price, that comes with audiophile features and Ortofon 2M Blue stylus. Fluance turntables come with everything you need to get up and running (minus receiver/amp/pre-amp and speakers) right out of the box. Great care is also taken in the packaging, for anyone concerned about shipping.

Dave W January 26, 2021 Illinois, United States

I researched tt to exhaustion and it seemed like Fluance was the one. It came super fast, in perfect condition and is BEAUTIFUL. Directions were awesome and concise. Looks like I made the right choice! Was wondering why it seemed a little dull in the upper frequencies but when leaving the lid open as suggested it made a huge difference

Harvey W January 26, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Decided to upgrade my Audio Technica LP60X. After Researching and reading all the reviews I decided to purchase Fluance RT85. It would of been ideal to look and listen to before purchasing. I received it in a week and anxiously opened the well packaged and boxed turntable. Set up was quick and easy and I was listening within 20 mins. The Fluance RT85 did not disappoint and was on Mark with all the reviews I read. An added bonus is this was a Canadian developed product.
Vinyl is spinning and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Andrew L January 25, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Quick shipping, easy set up, and not to mention it's a beauty of a record player

Daniel S January 25, 2021 Missouri, United States

This product exceeded my expectations and is a joy to use. I have owned lower quality products and feel that the upgrade to a Fluance turntable has been profound.

Joseph L January 24, 2021 Texas, United States

This turntable has all the bells and whistles. Very easy to set up and sounds amazing with my Kanto YU4 bookshelf speakers. Love how Fluance offers videos on YouTube to help with set-up. Mine did come with a scratch but Fluance was able to help take care of that - great customer service!

Jonathan Z January 23, 2021 Georgia, United States

Best turntable for a beginner audiophile

Brad H January 22, 2021 Florida, United States

Amazing piece of equipment. My expectations were high and I have not been disappointed! I am listening to music more than ever now!

Cheyne B January 21, 2021 Ohio, United States

The RT85 turntable was an excellent purchase; very good quality for the price being asked. Looking forward to really breaking it in and, concordantly, the many hours of listening enjoyment that it will entail.

Dwayne A. January 21, 2021 Alberta, Canada

I love my new RT85. I'm going from a pro-ject classic which is a decent entry level turntable. This turntable with the Ortofon Blue gave me a clarity and sound stage that I didn't know was possible with my gear.

James C January 21, 2021 Ohio, United States

This is my 2nd RT-85 turntable. I bought the 1st one for my Son as a housewarming gift. When I heard it, I fell in
Love with it instantly. Had to get another for my listening pleasure....

Tom R January 20, 2021 Alberta, Canada

I am so happy with this turntable. The soundstage has expanded over my Pro-ject deck, and the bass is more noticable and refined.
The deck is extremely well made and was easy to set up. Couldn't be happier.
I was disappointed in the amount of time it took for it to get to me (Christmas Season), but Brent at Customer Service was incredible helpful and worked to make my purchase an overall enjoyable experience. I did think about cancelling the order and getting something else, but there is nothing comparable at this price point with this stylus. I am so glad I didn't let disappointment in shipping produce a bad decision as this deck is phenomenal. And Customer Service (Brent in this case) really worked to make me happy. Overall an excellent experience with an outstanding product and customer service.

Ben K January 19, 2021 Illinois, United States

the turntable looks and sounds beautiful

Joseph January 19, 2021 Texas, United States

Looks and sounds great seems to look like it is well build.

Chris P. January 19, 2021 Ohio, United States

Haven’t listened to vinyl in decades. This turntable made me understand why that was a mistake. Sounds incredible.

Devin S January 19, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

So far so good. Couldn't be happier. Setup was super easy. The turntable looks and sounds great. I'm no audiophile, but I could immediately hear the vast sound improvement from my AT LP-60.

dean j. January 18, 2021 Indiana, United States

very impressed with the deck. easy set up, and it really does sound sweet. Nice job guys. Combination of acrylic platter and Ortofon cart. is a great pairing. Excellent value.

Sabrina G January 17, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Simple and precise with attention to detail.
Great sound without breaking the bank.
The acrylic plater is a must.

Mark G January 17, 2021 Tennessee, United States

Upgraded to a RT85 at Christmas. Don’t know why I waited so long. Couldn’t be happier with it. Quiet, easy to set up and sounds fantastic

Jeff H. January 16, 2021 Washington, United States

The RT85 is an excellent turntable for the price. The acrylic platter and Ortofon 2M blue cartridge are usually found on turntables costing significantly more. The sound quality is superb and the table is beautifully designed. Set up was easy. I also liked the autostop feature.

Rob A January 13, 2021 California, United States

Very please with my RT85 so far. It's a serious upgrade in quality (and looks!) from my prior turntable. The quality of components is unparalleled for the price, plus it's one of the only high-quality turntables to have autostop these days. Setup was pretty straight-forward and Fluance provides lots of helpful videos if you want to make sure you get things just right. Customer service was super responsive as well!

Curtis T January 12, 2021 Minnesota, United States

I couldn't be happier with the RT85. I put in a lot of listening hours immediately and it's stellar. Setup is a breeze, the Ortofon 2M blue is lush, distinct and fully present.

Special shout out to Julie in Customer Service who helped resolve a question instantly. Fluance people are great.

Finally, bamboo finish and acrylic platter are a dope combo! :-)

Victoria B. January 11, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

This was better than I could ever expected. The design is so sleek and sexy. I got the Fluance85 in black and it looks so good with the frosted acrylic late. The functionality of it all is incredible and the sound is superb. I am so happy with this purchase.

Cosmic-Surf January 11, 2021

I guess I should first say being 53 years of age, I have owned several turntables in my life. I have also owned a few thousand vinyl albums, some which have come and gone with every move, some which remained. But I confess that in the 80's, when CD's came on the market, I was there and ready. I never looked back. Now that millennials have discovered vinyl, I am still not looking back. Frankly, I am surprised that the "save the planet" generation would staunchly bring back vinyl, which needs oil to be manufactured. Anyway.. So why did I buy yet one more turntable? Because I still own hundreds of albums on vinyl, which I do like to listen to. Will I stop buying and playing CD's. Nope. But I do enjoy listening to vinyl as well.The myth that vinyl sounds better than CD's is just that, a myth. The sound you hear, either from a CD or a vinyl record, depends on many factors, which first and foremost start with album production and mastering. Music has to be mastered for vinyl as well as for CD. Now, I know a thing or two about mastering and music because I worked in the music industry for nearly 20 years as a recording artist, and have also worked closely with mastering engineers in various studios. Engineers will often add "analog sound" to a digital recording to give it that "vinyl" and "tape" sound. It's amazing the hoops we'll jump through.Adding to how an album was put together, sound also depends on what equipment you have. You can buy a wonderful turntable with the most expensive stylus and still not get the best sound if you have a mediocre receiver and speakers. Or you can spend top dollar and get the best receiver and speakers that money can buy, and you are still at the mercy of the acoustics in the room you're playing the music. Or your speaker placement.Why did I mention all of this? Basically, to say give yourself a break and just enjoy the music! I have read so many articles by so many "experts." Some say good things, others are totally clueless. CD's and vinyl can BOTH sound great, again depending on all the factors I mentioned above. One thing you will not get with CD's are pops and scratches. On vinyl, these cannot be avoided, and often these may be even pressed in at production time. It's a fact of vinyl life many of us lived with for years. But a good stylus and well-made turntable can help minimize the noise.So where does this turntable fit into all of this? Well, for me, I was not going to spend upwards of $1,000 or more for yet another turntable in my life. Been there, done it. Vinyl is not my main music preference anymore and will never be. And the fad will most likely pass again. I set my limit at around $600 and researched many turntables based on my years of vinyl experience. I had turntables that were noisy. I had turntables that picked up every sound around them. When I was a kid, I even had a Winco record player! I had the good and the bad. I knew I wanted a turntable that was solid and had good sound reproduction capabilities, and I have a good receiver and speakers that I have been happy with for some time. After much research, I started deleting turntables from my list and landed on this one. I have now had it for two weeks and listened to plenty of vinyl on it. Here is my take.First thing, this turntable is solid as a rock. It is relatively heavy and in part because of this, it is quiet. The motor not being under the plate adds to the quietness. All you hear is music, as it should be. The set-up took about 10 minutes, but I pretty much knew what I was doing. I would suggest reading the manual, but also keeping in mind to leave the anti-skating knob to ZERO until you balance the tonearm. This is obvious, but easily missed. If you change the setting of the anti-skating first, the tonearm will not stay put to balance it. The manual provides you with the specific settings for the cartridge you have, and it is quite accurate and work perfectly.Some said they had problems with the lid hinges. I did not experience that. They just slide in with a little conviction. The lid is like every turntable lid I have ever owned. It does the job, stays securely open when playing records and closes without falling down.The Ortofon M2 Blue cartridge fits into the tonearm with no issues. Simply slide it in gently and turn the knob, which will finish adjusting it into the tonearm. That's it. Later, if you wish to spend more money, you can upgrade to the copper or black cartridges, which some say sound superb. I can't attest, but the blue one sounds pretty darn good and I am sure even better after it is used a little more.The acrylic plate is probably one of my favorite things about this player, I guess because I never had that in any player I ever owned. It is solid! Not to mention it keeps the static down. And no, it does not need a rubber mat, so it does not come with one.I also like the adjustable feet (there's three, two in front, one in back). They are really solid and adjusting them is very easy because they are accessible once your turntable is settled. Truly great.Some mentioned the lever to raise and lower the tonearm being plastic and flimsy but, frankly, it is solid unless you decide to use it like a stick-shift in a Maserati. It does what it is supposed to do and if you use it like you should, there is no issue. It works great as the tonearm gently descends on the record.Bottom line, you can't go wrong with this turntable. It is solid as a rock, reproduces sound flawlessly and is easy to use. If you're on the fence, think no more.

Sipholux January 11, 2021

A bit late I also pulled my old records out of the attic and got myself a Fluance RT85 turntable. Fluance makes sure that all reviews mention that it uses an Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus which by itself costs $236, so yes, it is a great deal and this marketing worked on me too.The bottom line is that I like the sound, but I don't get the idea of an acrylic platter. It's supposed to be heavier and thus more stable and have less "wow and flutter" which is other words to say that it has less pitch distortion due to possible variations in speed. Sounds good as another marketing pitch (pun intended), but have you tried cleaning a vinyl record on an acrylic platter? It does not work: the light pressure of the velvet brush on the spinning record causes the record to stop spinning, but the acrylic platter does not stop spinning, and rubs (scratches?) the bottom of your precious vinyl. Before you jump and cry: "OMG he cleans records on a spinning platter!",, yes I do and other people I know do the same, but even if the turntable is not spinning, dragging the velvet has always more friction than the acrylic platter on the bottom, and cause to drag the vinyl on the platter.It annoyed me enough that I ended purchasing Fluance's silicone platter mat. It solved the problem but it also reduced by 2 to 3mm the distance between the vinyl and the stylus in its elevated position, and of course reduced the VTA (vertical tracking angle). This would not matter if the VTA was adjustable, but none of Fluance's tone arms are adjustable to my knowledge, and according to Fluance's website, a wrong VTA will cause more wear on the stylus and reproduce sound less accurately. But then the change was only about 1 degree so should I even care?

Julio, R January 8, 2021 California, United States

I have to first state that I'm a total beginner when it comes to turntables, so I don't have much to compare to. I wanted to get something nice that I wouldn't really have to worry about upgrading, but nothing crazy expensive, so the RT85 fit the bill (better value than the RT84 in my opinion for just a little bit more). I had done my research and watched plenty of video reviews. It's definitely a nice piece of audio gear! Great sound and quality. I guess we'll see how it holds up with some time. Do your research before buying but I can almost guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase if you decide to go with the Reference line.

Jon D January 8, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

Great Table with an impressive instruction manual which is very easy to set up. You get a nice quiet servo-controlled motor for outstanding speed consistency and accuracy, a nice 3 pound acrylic platter riding on a quiet bearing system with a quality brass bushing on the spindle. The tone arm is decent and will treat your records well but is one of the weak points. Table is quiet and pretty solid but could use some improvements with dampening the plinth. If Fluance decides to make an RT-86 with a better quality tonearm and dampened plinth, I would be willing to upgrade on my next purchase..
All in all, a great value and I am very pleased with the slightly warm and lively sound.

Wayne K January 8, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Great looking TT audio is the big feature that impressed me very happy about the unit.

Martin H January 6, 2021 New York, United States

Terrific turntable. Well made and great sound!

Eric C. January 6, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

Great turntable. Looks great and sounds even better. Excellent bang for your buck.

Jonathan S January 4, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Great value, wonderful sound and high quality machine. Table looks great! Easy to set up & had it spinning in minutes! Woudl recommend the unit to anyone in the entry to mid range upgrade market.
Came with minor defect in the finish under the plate & am waiting for a response to my inquiry regarding this detail through the website. Taking a couple days but over the holidays it can be expected.

David D January 4, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I have rediscovered the beauty of vinyl records and I could not be more happier with the RT85. It was super easy to setup and it sounds incredible. I also think it looks really stylish and modern in the piano black.

Donald S. January 4, 2021 South Carolina, United States

Beautiful turntable with a beautiful sound.This is a high quality product that is superior to turntables costing twice as much! This is a must have component for any audiophile!

Russell T January 3, 2021 South Carolina, United States

Set up was so easy, had it up & running in less than 15 minutes. And I took my time.
This is by far the best turntable for less than $1,000.
So far it has tracked all of my LP's flawlessly, even ones that sounded crappy on my old ProJect table. The Ortofon blue has a lot to do with that. I simply cannot recommend this turntable enough. Unless you have very deep pockets, you shouldn't consider anything other than the Fluance RT-85.

Rocco D January 2, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I was juggling the idea of getting an RT85 for around a year or two. I finally talked myself into it and what an amazing upgrade. The sound quality and build quality is fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised that the wood finish looks better in person. The Ortofon 2M Blue brings a whole other level of sound out of your speakers. The Bass quality is fantastic and will bring new life to any genre of music. I highly recommend it, it'll help you realize how great the vinyl collecting hobby can be.

Torry December 30, 2020 California, United States

Class Company
RT85 series beats competition, contains all bells & whistles (platter & cartridge) for great price
Straight forward setup.
Auto Stop greatly appreciated.

Wish came double boxed.
Ground screw was extremely difficult to turn and on first play had massive hum which simply needed more tightening.

Joseph V December 29, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box the turntable is absolutely stunning to look at I got the piano black, very easy to put together hooked it up to my stereo and Wow I have an Audio Thechnica 120 and it does not even come close well that could be because of the stylus but whatever I couldn’t be happier, I even bought the weight and I really believe it helps the bass sounds deeper the auto stop doesn’t work all the time but that’s apparently because of the grooves at the end of the records so the manual says but Kudos to the Fluance team very impressed I would not hesitate to recommend the Fluance turntables especially the RT85.

GLenn R December 29, 2020 California, United States

More then I expected. Had fair turntables since the early 70's, First time that I have had a nice turntable and am re enjoying my albums from years past. Warm with great separation and imaging.

Bill C December 28, 2020 Iowa, United States

I bought a new RT85 as a Christmas present for myself after researching turntables for several weeks. I have been extremely impressed with the quality and sound of this turntable and matching Fluance phono preamp. For well less than $600 US, I don’t think there is a better turntable / preamp combo for the money.

Gary December 28, 2020 Saskatchewan, Canada

This is the first turntable that I have purchased in approximately 30 years, and I am very impressed with the RT85. Setup was quite easy, the sound quality is excellent with the 2M blue cartridge, not the mention how great it looks with the acrylic platter, which also adds to the sound quality. I have had it for about 2 weeks and so far I couldn't be happier. Top notch product, thanks Fluance.

Amazon Customer December 27, 2020

Fantastic turntable to play and listen to your favourite records.

J E December 26, 2020

Beautiful piece of equipment. Sound is spectacular.Set up is as easy as can be. If you can read, you can set it up.Can't imagine this being any better.

David P December 25, 2020

Wow. Just wow. This table is awesome. Paired with a great preamp and my goodness does this sound good. Worth every Penny.

Samuel December 25, 2020 New Brunswick, Canada

Very beautiful turntable, love the high black gloss, puts out great sound with the ordofon blue cartridge . very warm.

Edgar L December 23, 2020 Georgia, United States

I bought the RT85 and it’s money well-spent. Plugged into the back of my 1981 vintage receiver and it sounds great. The only feature I think is missing is a strobe light and a speed adjust dial so I can know the turntable is spinning at the right speed.

Mike O December 23, 2020 California, United States

I love this turntable. It was very easy to assemble and in 15 minutes I was playing a record. The sound is perfect. I am glad I bought this turntable.

Sean C December 23, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

Awesome turntable, easy to set up, sounds great and absolutely beautiful. Definitely recommended.

Paul L December 23, 2020 Massachusetts, United States

I tend to do a LOT or research. I was very close to pulling the trigger on a different brand when one of the reviews I was watching mentioned FLUANCE. I typed in the name in the search bar and began to doing a LOT more research. After all the positive reviews by both owners and audiophiles I decided on the RT85 and boy am I glad I did. The order process was simple, it arrived on time and set-up was easy and straight forward. It looks and sounds amazing and I give kudos for the attention to detail. Fit and finish is beautiful, but to me the most important thing is how it sounds and it sounds great. I received it on a Friday afternoon and I was spinning vinyl less than an hour later (really took my time making sure everything was correct) Looking forward to having this turntable for a long time.

Tim M. December 22, 2020 New Jersey, United States

At the prompting of my 17-year-old daughter (who's a singer and into music), I was in the market for a turntable. I wasn't sure how much I'd have to spend to get a relatively high performing turntable ($500? $1,000?) and was pleasantly surprised to read the reviews of the RT-85, which came with the very solid Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. The RT-85/2M Blue sounds great with my Conrad Johnson / Thiel gear. While you can seemingly spend as much as you want for a TT, the RT-85 sounds great at what I consider to be a very reasonable price. My old albums sound great; I'm shocked how good they sound and how engaging the sound is compared to digital sources. Highly recommended.

Londell December 19, 2020

This is definitely a "big boy" turntable.Set up is relatively simple - except for the leveling part. I think the feet could be a bit easier to turn in order to achieve this.But I digress.The Ortofon 2m blue cartridge is an excellent addition to this turntable. All the richness of the bass comes out.If you haven't bought one of these yet, you better do so soon!!!!

Eric E December 19, 2020 Missouri, United States

Believe the hype. These turntables are manufactured with vinyl love and precision in mind. Solid quality parts, smooth as butter and incredible sounds for the low cost. Splurge for the top of the line reference RT85 you won't regret it

Mike H. December 19, 2020 Virginia, United States

I grew up in the vinyl age of the 70s and 80s and up until this purchase, all of my turntables have been vintage. When my last Technics table failed, I decided to purchase a new one. I looked at a menagerie of new tables, and picked Fluance over Rega and Pro-Ject. The value and quality made it a "no-contest" comparison for me. The shipping was fast, especially for December during a pandemic, and the set-up was relatively simple. So far, I am very pleased with the RT85 and I would highly recommend it. The plinth is much heavier than I expected and the table construction is solid all the way around. I am using it with a 1973 Marantz receiver and a pair of 1980s JBL speakers and the sound is awesome. I am very pleased with the purchase, and I know the customer support will always be there!

Jake C December 17, 2020 Illinois, United States

This sounds awesome. I went back and fourth for a while trying to decide what model to go with. I have no regrets!

michael p December 17, 2020 Minnesota, United States

All around beautiful table. the value cannot be beat. The acrylic platter and 2m blue stylus really make this tt worth the purchase and made this the table to get for me. The reason for 4 outta 5 stars is simply there is a flaw, but i acknowledge this probably an issue with most tt’s. It’s vibration dampening could be better. If i could i would give it 4.75 stars outta 5. I love the table. its a beautiful table! Don’t hesitate just get it!

David J U December 17, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Arrived quickly the Rt85 ascetics are beautiful and the Blue stylus has great sound.

Todd W December 16, 2020 California, United States

Incredible clean sound all the way around! It truly is a different listening experience when you play vinyl on this record player. Amazing price and value, and includes a fantastic needle that normally would not be included. Best turntable hands down.

Lou K December 16, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

I sold an expensive Nottingham turntable with a very expensive Soundsmith cartridge when I moved from a house to a condo. Ever since then, I have been missing the joy of spinning vinyl. I wanted to get another turntable, but did not want to shell out the amount I had for my previous deck.

The Nottingham/Soundsmith combination was absolutely lovely, but the cartridge was very sensitive to surface noise (pops & clicks), probably because of the fine line stylus.

The Fluance RT85 with Ortofon 2M Blue comes very close to the performance of my previous expensive turntable, and is less sensitive to surface noise which makes listening to my old vinyl collection more enjoyable. I have found that it takes several hours of playing time to get the Ortofon Cartridge open up, especially in bass response.

Overall very happy with my new RT85. I love the auto stop feature... so far I have not found an album where the auto-stop does not work.

Michael S December 16, 2020 Maryland, United States

My RT85 is excellent. I received it a few weeks ago and have been listening constantly ever since. I compared it to a few other Fluance and the vendor models and went with the RT85. The value for price (Ortofon Blue and still under $500) was amazing. The main reason I selected it was because there were online reviews and professional reviews that said the Fluance won for sound quality. They are right. It sounds excellent. I am using powered speakers and also have a headphone preamp connected. Both work perfectly and sound great. Another key piece for me was my interaction with Fluance customer service. I called with questions on the needle and the preamp and they walked me through my questions and were very helpful. After the discussion with them I immediately did the purchase right then on the call. Shipping was fast even with everything going on this year. Very happy with my RT85!

Cassie H December 16, 2020 Indiana, United States

This is the first Fluance product I have bought. It is both beautiful and high-quality. The sound is better than any other turntable I've owned. Worth the price for the upgrade.

Addison S December 15, 2020 Oregon, United States

I love this turntable for the same reasons everyone else does. Setup is excellent. The thing is beautiful. It sounds amazing.

I just bought a second one for my dad.

George P. December 14, 2020 Connecticut, United States

I've had this for about three months. Still love it. Looks and sounds great. All the positive professional reviews out there were accurate. I had a problem last month with the stylus and the customer support (Dawn and Julie) was very helpful and resolved my problem without hassle. The lift lever for the tonearm that others have complained about being 'cheap' is no big deal. I would've added a silvery tip to it to make it easier to see in low light, though. I also bought their preamp since my receiver has no phono jack. No problems.

Jimmie M December 14, 2020 Colorado, United States

I love this turntable. Easy setup.

Rob S December 13, 2020 Arkansas, United States

Good balance of quality and value. Made the right choice. Very happy with it.

Thomas G December 13, 2020 South Carolina, United States

Flawless fit and finish, silent operation, superb packaging. Kudos to the industrial engineers and designers for the designs, and to those craftsmen who put it all together.

Nick R. December 12, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Beautiful and crisp.

Mike D December 12, 2020 Ontario, Canada

After weeks of reading reviews and opinions on turntables I was unsure if I should just upgrade my cartridge. So I ordered a new upgraded cartridge but it was on back order for way too long. So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new turntable as I was replacing a turntable I had bought new in 1979. I was going to purchase the RT82 but then changed my mind and went with the RT85 when looking at the price difference and cartridge. I have never spent this much on a turntable before so it was a big decision. I had to pre order as it was on order but not for long. I was notified on a Thursday it had arrived and was going to ship Friday. I was shocked when I received it on Saturday!!! I was just in the process of picking out the records I wanted to listen to first. Set-up was a breeze and all was going in maybe an hour or so. I first played my Supertramp Album / School and I have to say I got chills with the sound and clarity, I ended up spending most of the day in heaven!!! If I have any suggestions I would really sugges you have and use a good Zero Stat static gun, which I had. This turntable is amazing and I just can't believe how good my vinyl sounds. I was somewhat concerned at the start as I wasn't sure if my vinyl was in good enough condition to get the best out of it. I haven't come across one album that has disappointed me at all, and most of my vinyl was purchased in the 70's and are original pressings. If you can squeeze the money for this turntable I highly, highly recommend it for sure. COVID has now given me the time to enjoy my collection which if anything is a bit of light during this time.

Jason M December 12, 2020 Colorado, United States

After not having a turntable for a number years, I felt it was time to ditch the iPhone/Bluetooth listening setup for something more tangible.

My current set up is:
- Fluance RT85
- Klipsch “The Sixes” (w/R120 Sub)
- Pro-Ject Tube Box S2

I could not be more pleased with the sound my music system produces. Talk about eye opening!
The quality and attention to detail on the RT85 is outstanding.

I did have an issue with my RT85 making a clicking sound every time the platter rotated, but the Fluance Customer Service team responded quickly and lived up to their claim that they “want you to be happy”.

Coming from the direct drive world of the SL1200, I look forward to seeing how well the Fluance performs over time. The fact that they stand behind their products and offer a 2yr warranty is great.

Alexander K. December 12, 2020 Ohio, United States

Just got RT-85 for birthday and love it: absolutely quiet and keeps speed perfect. Very recommend.

Steve K December 12, 2020 Manitoba, Canada

Great turntable. Bought this to replace my Rega P1 good decision.
It sounds 1000 times better and looks much better too. My only peeve is that the cueing lever feels like cheap plastic it works well but just doesn't feel right.

John Patrick, B December 12, 2020 Virginia, United States

The item was boxed well and no real problem in set up. It is superior to my previous turntable. Reasonable price so thank you!

John B. December 12, 2020 New Hampshire, United States

The auto shut off simply does not work - on any of my records - its a good turntable if you want a fully manual.

gee December 10, 2020

I bought the RT-85 at the end of September to replace a Denon DP-300f that inexplicably stopped working properly. The RT-85 is a beautiful turntable---both looks and sound. The positive professional reviews are accurate---great turntable. After about six weeks or so, the stylus broke. I called Fluance and, without any hassle at all, they had me send the broken one back and they sent me a new one. By the way and in contrast, Denon's customer support is just plain awful.

Kris A December 7, 2020 Arkansas, United States

Made my day when my RT85 showed up and I got it up and running. Great as expected. Family loves it.

Shaun December 6, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

Love the RT85. Walnut finish is gorgeous. This is the first record player I’ve bought in 30 years. The instructions articulated the counterweight and tone arm setup clearly. All parts went on silky smooth. Sound is fantastic. Very satisfied.

Rich December 4, 2020

So, you have $500 to spend on a turntable. What to do after all the research you've done? The problem is you can't compare the sound of different TT's. Most people reading this are not in the weeds audiophiles. We don't constantly buy and sell components looking to tweak this or that. We just want something that sounds really good for the money and we plan to keep that gear for years. I can answer the "sound" part. My Fluance RT85 sounds fantastic to my ears. After years of listening to cd's on my really nice system, I was skeptical that I would hear a major difference. I was wrong. The sound is hard to quantify. It's richer, fuller, more musical. Value for the money? I can't answer that. Does a $500 TT sound that much better than a $300 TT? I don't know. I had my budget, so I decided to buy the "best" TT, according to reviews, in my price range. Value vs. other brands? I had narrowed my choices to Fluance RT85 and Pro-ject DC EVO. Does Fluance sound better than Pro-ject? Probably not. I just felt the value was greater with the Fluance because of the acrylic platter and the generally agreed upon great sound of the ortofon blue cartridge. Plus, the anti-skate set up with the Pro-ject turned me off. So, long story short, you can't go wrong with the Fluance RT85 in this price range.

Huy V. November 27, 2020 Connecticut, United States

Elegant and great sounding turntable. Easy to set up and use. Highly recommended!!!

Lee M. November 27, 2020 West Virginia, United States

Great table! With the RT-85 in one room and my trusty RT-81 in another room, I'm very happy throughout the house. Thanks Fluance!

Allen T. November 27, 2020 Georgia, United States

set up was a breeze and it sounds terrific with the Ortofon 2m blue cartridge , the acrylic platter looks great against the walnut finish on the plinth , This turntable is amazing for the price I only wish I would have bought it sooner

David K November 25, 2020 South Carolina, United States

Beautiful crafting, supierier design and spectacular audio

Mike November 24, 2020 California, United States

I am very happy I purchased the RT85. I recently upgraded my stereo system for a better sound experience and wanted to add listening to the awesome vinyl audiophile jazz records that are coming out. I wanted a record player that was going to deliver a great sound but not break the bank. I feel The RT85 nailed it. I am listening to a Lee Morgan record right now as I write this review and I am completely satisfied. Thank you Fluance.

Prasanth November 24, 2020 New Jersey, United States

Went from a audio technica lp 120 to rt 85 .
Even though the initial difference wasn’t like day and night as I was expecting ,rt 85 sounded better and continues to improve in sound quality as I kept listening to my favorite records .The best part of rt 85 for me is in the way this turn table looks and the included ortifon blue cartridge .

Howard B November 24, 2020 Nova Scotia, Canada

Great produst. Could not be happier. Was very impressed how quickly I was notified about turntable back in stock. Great communication and service throughout. Super fast delivery.

Billy November 21, 2020 Colorado, United States

Love it this far.

Tomh November 21, 2020 New Jersey, United States

Took awhile to get the Tonearm weight and anti-skating set correctly, but once done, it sounded great. Heard a little noise from the belt when starting up, but that goes away pretty quickly, Then, Silence. Haven't had time to play it much yet, but it handled the old Shure test record well and the music sounded great.

Albert M November 21, 2020 Georgia, United States

So, I'm jumping in vinyl for the first time since the mid 80s. Why? Because as I understand good vinyl on a good turntable in a good system can sound good. Also I love the fuss & physicality of it.
Why the RT-85? I wanted an out of the box turn table that hit all the performance marks for a turntable at it's price point. It was well reviewed, and seemed like a good place to buy.
What did I get? An out of the box, easy to set up, stylish turntable. I was playing my first album in 30mins. (took me as long to run the audio cables as it took to set up the table.) The hardest part was balancing the tone arm.
What do I like? To my ears it sounds great. The fit and finish are splendid. The auto stop works fine.
What do I not like? Nothing, though I think I'd like 4 feet. (three works fine though.
Overall, I am very pleased.

Jason M November 16, 2020

Beautiful turntable! Sounds great and was easy to set up.

Juan R November 14, 2020 California, United States

Nothing can beat it in terms of price, the quality is excellent and the wood grain is beautiful would definitely recommend.

Jason S. November 9, 2020 North Carolina, United States

I’ve lived with the RT85 for almost 7 months now and I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Like many others my RT85 is an upgrade from the AT-LP120 technics wannabe TT. There’s no comparison. The RT85 is built like a tank! Setup was a breeze. Super quiet operation. The ortofon 2m Blue sounds better and better after each spin. It’s true what they say about a good 30 hour break-in on that stylus to really bring out the magic in it. The cartridge was perfectly aligned when I received it. I’ve noticed that records that had a lot of sibilance on my old TT sound great on the RT85. No inner groove distortion or any issues that I had before. The ortofon is really kind to my noisy records as well. Seems like I don’t hear as many pops and clicks on my more “used” records. The sound is amazing. I can’t really put it into words you just have to hear it for yourself. I’m using a Bellari tube preamp into Klipsch R-51pm powered monitors with a Polk 10” sub. Couldn’t be happier with my setup. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of these, go ahead and do it! You won’t be disappointed!

Daniel S November 4, 2020 New Jersey, United States

Got this turntable about two month ago and absolutely love it! The sound and performance of the Ortofon 2m cartridge is a highlight, while the overall build of the product is excellent. I highly recommend this product!

Frank November 3, 2020 California, United States

Needed to replace my 30 year-old Fisher rack system turntable. Along the way, my budget kept increasing...and I'm glad it did! I went with the RT-85. The professional reviewers are right, the quality of this turntable is usually found in a product twice this price. The sound is superb - every instrument is crisp and I have come to realize how special vinyl can sound. Don't regret this purchase at all.

Murray November 2, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Looks great. Sounds great. Should sound even better after some use on the Blue cartridge.

Gabriel de Souza November 1, 2020 Florida, United States

Such a beautiful turntable!

John S October 31, 2020 California, United States

I could not believe how much better this turntable sounds, totally worth the $500 it cost, I’d put it up against any turntable costing 4 times as much.

James, B October 31, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Writing this after a couple of weeks, I've nothing but positive thoughts about my Fluance 85RT purchase. For the money, this table punches up above its weight class and delivers performance usually unseen at this price. Quiet function, quality build. The Ortofon Blue is a fine cartridge that will please most people. I'm upscaling to the Black however and expect tremendous results pairing it with my 85RT.

Ken S. October 31, 2020 North Carolina, United States

The Fluance RT85 brings my music to a new level. Set up was easy and it also looks great !

Chuck S October 31, 2020 Illinois, United States

This is a great, steady table. I've thrown every conceivable genre of music at it, and it really makes my Vandersteen Model 2s sparkle. I got my RT85 in Walnut, which is dark and shiny and gorgeous. I also have an RT83 in Piano Black, and it is equally lovely. Well-made, well-packed, prompt shipping, and helpful support. Perfect!

Jeff M October 29, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

We bought this based on great reviews and we were not disappointed. To get this quality you would need to spend a lot more money. Great sound quality and worth every penny. We own another turn table that we paid a similar amount for and the sound quality is not comparable. We will be ordering the blue cartridge for it!

Vernon D October 29, 2020 Kansas, United States

As an owner of six other turntables (one of which was the rt81) I greatly anticipated the arrival of the st85. I was not disappointed! Matched with my 30 year old Cerwin Vega speakers, the sound was smooth as silk. The sound stage was wide and each instrument was clear. Whether I played Blood, Sweat & Tears, Tony Bennett or Cream, it was all good!

Stephen B October 28, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Love my RT85 bet turntable I have ever owned and I would put it up against any turntable costing 2 to 3 times as much.

Nick Y October 25, 2020 Minnesota, United States

Beautiful Table!! Easy to install and sounds fantastic!!

Chris W. October 21, 2020 Texas, United States

I was looking at a Marantz turntable, though at $1,500 it would have took a month or 2 to scrape that much up. I was surprised to see the RT85 has most of the features of that turntable for 1/3 the price. The choice was obvious and I am very happy with my new turntable.

Maxime A October 21, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

I learned about the Fluance RT 81 when looking up a tube amp on youtube. I have not heard of the brand, so decided to look into it as I was in the market for a new turntable.
EVERYTHING I read or heard was pointing me towards the RT85. It was beyond my original budget of about 300USD, however, the cartridge that comes with the RT85 alone costs 200USD+. What a bargain.
The packaging was well made and everything secured. The assembly took 10min, with white gloves (provided!). I love the bubble level that comes with it too.

Overall, a crisp and clear sound come out of this baby. I could not be any happier.
I am so glad I purchased this over a Music Hall or U-Turn.

Amazon Customer October 20, 2020

This thing is so well built it feels like a piece of furniture. The set up was fast (under an hour) and it sounds so incredible you almost can't even believe it. I paired it with a Cambridge Pre amp and Klipshe 51's. It sounds like a venue. It is some of the best money I spent in all of 2020.

William W. October 17, 2020 Maryland, United States

Having started my collection of vinyl and quality equipment starting back in 1983 I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of my RT85. Playing records from the 70s sounded practically new again. I love the simplicity of the bayonet style tone arm which makes swapping cartridges so easy and Ortofon Blue is a fantastic cartridge. I'm still getting use to the acrylic platter as my old Technics SL M3 used direct drive and a rubber platter mat. But the sound that comes from this turntable is just awesome. That makes this turntable amazing for the money!

Brien H October 16, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

I am amazed at the quality, look and function of this turntable. I am very pleased with this choice even after having had a few turntables in the past. I don't believe you can go wrong with the RT 85!

Donald Lanier October 15, 2020 Texas, United States

This is the nicest turntable I've ever had the pleasure playing my vinyl collection on! The spring loaded adjustable feet are excellent at isolating the table. My turntable sits between 1200 watts of subs and is rock solid no interference from the subs at all with the dust cover closed while playing. The fit and finish on the Walnut wood is awesome. The blue stylus is superb in sound quality. You have definitely built a rock solid turntable with a beautiful finish that sings to my ears. The 3 pound acrylic platter is a very nice touch and no mat required to play an album. The smoked dust cover is a perfect match with the Walnut finish. I coupled the turntable with your preamp and a Schiit Loki and the sounds is excellent thru my Denon to my Klipsch speaker setup. I know the book calls for a 24 hr. burn in period for the unit so I let it burn in till the next evening. My vinyl collection consists of 1975 thru 1985 rock eara all original cut that i collected as a kid. (150 plus vinyl albums all VG+ quality)
I have been giving this table a work out every day for about 4 to 5 hrs. each day since I got it without 1 hiccup. I did order a spare belt since I don't exactly know how long they last at the rate I'm using this RT85. I checked all measurements and alignment at setup which appeared to be a waste of my time since everything was spot on from the factory. The only thing I had to tweak was the stylus weight by .15 grams to set it spot on at 1.80 grams. Not an issue since I have a stylus scale. I couldn't have asked for a better turntable, it has surpassed all my expectations in quality build and sound. I dought a person could find a better quality turntable at 3x the price.
Thank you Fluance for what you have produced in the RT85 turntable to bring out the kid in me while playing vinyl on your turntable master piece. You have set the bar very high for all turntables. Thanks again for what do!!!!

Tom R October 14, 2020

It's virtually impossible these days to go to an actual brick-and-morter audio store and compare turntables side by side. Even the few dealers who sell them don't have them set up that way. So we're left with what information we can find online. In quick comparisons of this table and others in it's price range (Pro-Ject, Rega) one thing jumps out at you right off - the Ortofon Blue cartridge that comes with this table. As you can see in a lot of the reviews here, it does get your attention.Putting a $250 cartridge on a $500 turntable is either impressive or silly. Impressive if the turntable as a whole is up to the quality of the cartridge; silly if it's putting high-end racing tires on a Hyundai. Turns out, it's justifiably impressive.I can't make one of those, "this is the best turntable for the money" claims because I haven't heard all the other tables out there. But I can say that I'm both impressed and surprised to find this level of quality at this price.ProsThe fit and finish are excellent. Nothing (except maybe the slightly flimsy cueing lever) feels cheap or plastic.Set-up is a 15 minute breeze, and the included instruction manual is far better than most.The "auto-stop" feature works (and doesn't seem to be available on most tables of this price.) It's a godsend for those of us who can't jump up out of a chair as quickly as we once could.Finally and most importantly, the sound is great. Tight, detailed, and it creates a soundstage that only vinyl can - the sense that the musicians are right there in front of you. I've always held that a well-made LP played on a well-made turntable beats digital sound every time. That's a statement that starts lots of arguments, but this turntable is certainly up to the task of proving the point.ConsIf you tap the plinth while the table is running it creates a pretty hefty boom through your speakers, meaning the plinth is fairly resonant. This probably won't cause most people any real-world problems (you're not going to be tapping the thing while it's playing), but it could cause some loss of resolution if your music is both very loud and very bass heavy. It may also be the reason that the Fluance, even more than most turntables, benefits by having the dust cover removed while playing. (Which is actually quite easy - Fluance has designed the thing to lift straight out without having to flex the hinges.)There is no way to adjust either the vertical tracking angle (VTA) on the tonearm or the azimuth on the cartridge. I'm sure that won't be a big deal to most people buying a turntable at this price, but it may frustrate those who like to tweak things a lot.The lack of VTA adjustment and the fairly high mass of the tonearm will limit the choices you have of cartridges you may want to use if you feel like changing things around. The Fluance website offers some guidance in terms of what cartridges will work...but a lot won't. Again, probably not a deal-breaker, given that the Ortofon cartridge it comes with is excellent.

Henry T October 14, 2020 Illinois, United States

There is no doubt that this is the best decision I have made in purchasing a new product which I am a total newbie.I am a CD guy since the 90s and this is my first venture in records! I am a happy and satisfied guy. Overall from purchase to shipping then unboxing and setup until I play my very first Grover Washington winelight used record, it’s gonna be something I will remember!

Dominic N October 10, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Very pleased with the purchase so far. Delivered one day ahead of schedule. Set up was easy with very clear instructions. They even provide a Youtube video.
I also purchased their PA10 preamp which I know will be perfectly compatible and good quality (based on reviews).
Very beautiful to look at . The RT85 came with the Orthofon Blue, I am pleased with the sound quality although I don't have anything to compare with. There is room for upgrade (Bronze or Black) but I am not in a hurry.
I can now enjoy many of the vinyls in my collection from years ago.

Bill F. October 10, 2020 Ontario, Canada

The RT-85 arrived well protected and looks beautiful. It took about an hour to assemble, but that's due largely to my limitations.
The sound is great, but honestly, not a huge amount more than my previous early 90s Technics it's replacing (one that was nowhere near a top of the line Technics). Still, I am quite satisfied.
The only problem I have is that the turntable doesn't stop at the end of the side even though I set it to do so. It only did it on Sgt. Pepper's, but no other album. That is quite disappointing.

D.L. October 7, 2020 Texas, United States

What a beautiful and awesome sounding turntable this is! WOW
I upgraded my entire AVR 7.1 surround system to Denon and Klipsch speakers and the RT85 turntable was the last piece of the puzzle and what a excellent turntable it is! Love the sound it produces thru the Fluance pre amp. Thank you for making this old man happy hearing my 40 year old album collection.

Alan Lenseigne October 5, 2020 Arizona, United States


Bernie October 5, 2020 New Jersey, United States

After doing months of research I couldn't be happier with the quality of the table. In addition to great sound quality I get positive comments on how good it looks in my family room.

Jason G October 3, 2020 Ontario, Canada

This RT85 has made me feel like I am hearing many of my vinyl records for the first time. Incredible detail! I purchased the Piano black and absolutely love the look. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this sooner.

ray m October 1, 2020 Pennsylvania, United States

This is my long awaited, debated and frustrated-over upgrade to a refurbished Technics SL-1900.

Arrived quickly, unpacked and assembled easily, totally refreshing experience.

Only downside is lacking an option for built-in preamp. Not a big deal at all.

Ken C. October 1, 2020 Arizona, United States

I looked at specks and features on many turntables and found the RT85 to be the best in it's category. This being my first purchase with Fluance, I found they take great care in packaging their product. As I'm unpacking the RT85 I noticed the parts that make up this turntable and the Walnut Finish is more attractive in person than in the pictures So Now, to make a long story short, Murphy's Law took place as I was setting up the turntable. An internal part was damaged. I had to call Customer Service. Well ! 10 Gold Stars Here ! Brent and Akeem got on top of this issue and took care of the matter immediately. I have to say the Customer Service Is Top - Notch ! Well now I'm waiting for the new replacement and anxious to get this on line ! With All The Great Reviews, I'm sure the turntable will play music just fine. I'll write another review when I get the replacement on line.

Giovanni C September 30, 2020

I bought this turntable because of the favorable reviews and features. I have mostly direct drive turntables and i wanted a belt driven one of good quality. And this one convinced me to give it a try. It all started with my search for an Ortofon Blue Phono cartridge for my Technics SL-1210 MK2, a turntable I cherish for many years. Then I came across the Fluance RT85 that came with the Ortofon Blue cartridge, plus an acrylic platter and automatic end of record stop, so the the stylus doesn't get worn out when the record is finished. I also liked how you can see the belt rotating the platter. It is also convenient that it comes with a dust cover. A lot of very expensive turntables do not include one. But when I listen to records I take it off, because I think it sounds better, perhaps there is no extra vibrations. The sound is very clear and quiet. It's very easy to use and I would recommend to any lover of vinyl, even beginners. Because sooner or later if you are starting listening to vinyl you're definitely are going to be happy with this beautiful turntable.

Ron H September 26, 2020 New York, United States

Awesome turntable , love my RT85T , did not set it up due to repainting greatroom , setup with an LR 9090 receiver and AR 310 HO tower speakers. BY the may 36 hours from placing my order to my door, fantasist.

Tri L September 26, 2020 California, United States

Love the fluance RT85. Setup was easy and instructions were great. The board looks absolutely fantastic, got so many compliments on it. Sound quality is amazing. Absolutely great performance and quality for the price.

Richard September 26, 2020 Missouri, United States

Putting together the turntable was quite simple using the included instructions. Balancing with the level was genius, I'd never seen a round level before. The sound comes through better than any turntable I've heard.

Bill W September 25, 2020 Arizona, United States

After several decades of not having a turn table, I recently purchased a Fluance RT-85. I don't remember my vinyl ever sounding this good! The sound quality is outstanding, the bass especially, is so pleasing. Very happy with my purchase, have been enjoying it every day.

Bob September 25, 2020

I love the turntable but unfortunately the auto stop stopped working!! Still a bargain for a high quality turntable though!

Mark S. September 24, 2020 Illinois, United States

I had a great turntable before that I had upgraded with an Ortofon 2m Blue. Being familiar with the cartridge made evaluating the table/arm much easier as I was hearing the differences between the tables and not trying to eliminate the influence of a new, unheard cart.

The RT-85 is simply sublime for the price. My ONLY minor gripe is that I wish the tone arm lift lever was all metal and not plastic. There is nothing functionally wrong with it and it's merely a feel thing for me.

To me, this table/cart combination is the new line for the point of diminishing returns.

Troy D September 24, 2020

This is well worth the money. The sound is fantastic.

Chris September 24, 2020 Michigan, United States

I was blown away on the first needle drop. I've always owned cheaper turntables. You know that expectation you have when you make that leap to a higher-end piece of gear? This one exceeded that expectation. I'm very happy with the RT85. Do yourself a favor and get one... and enjoy. Cheers.

John L September 23, 2020 New York, United States

My Piano Black RT-85 is a champ! Wonderful upgrade from my old TT. It has amazing clarity and separation, you hear things in the mix you have never heard before. The Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge isolates each instrument and presents the sound stage with elegance. Let the cartridge break in for at least 30 hours, the whole spectrum opens up.

Suraj J September 23, 2020 Washington, United States

The Fluance RT-85 is a work of art both aesthetically and sonically. I ordered mine in walnut finish. It looks and sounds like a table that typically costs two or three times. The 2M Blue renders details in a very pleasing manner. Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase!

Michael P September 23, 2020 Maryland, United States

This is my second turntable after purchasing and entry level automatic turnable. The sound quality and features of the RT85 are great. I'm still new to vinyl and the setup was very clear and concise. Overall I'm very happy with this turnable and would purchase it again.

Kurt P September 19, 2020 California, United States

This is the smoothest, most high fidelity turntable I have ever heard in a home setting. For vintage enthusiasts the piano black finish plays elegantly against the black of the vinyl and the brushed aluminum of vintage amplifiers. For those first getting in on the vinyl renaissance, with colorful records to boot, the clear acrylic platter showcases the record as the work of art, with no obscuring slip mat or platter texture underneath, just the semi reflective surface of the piano black plinth. For a home listening experience that is aesthetically pleasing on even unanticipated fronts, this is the best offer at this price point anywhere I’ve found. Fluance may well be loosing money on the whole just to offer this magnificent model—the Ortophone Blue cartridge and acrylic platter alone retail upwards of $150. If you can save just a little longer, getting in with this model will set you up for many rewarding analogue listening experiences going forward. 5/5.

Theresa R September 19, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

Very high quality, solid turntable. Looks and sounds great.

David B. September 19, 2020 Illinois, United States

This is an incredibly well made turntable. It takes some extra effort to set it up out of the box and you’ll need some accessories to help assist the set up process, but you’ll be happy with the end result. The modular RCA connections in the back make it easy to repair if the RCA cables go bad and also enables more variety of positioning of the turntable, because you choose to purchase a different or longer RCA cable.

Kyle W September 18, 2020 Wisconsin, United States

Elegant and excellent sound reproduction. The upgrades of the player and phono cartridge are nearly worth the price alone. This is an excellent record player. I would recommend to everyone!

EladEb September 18, 2020

Nice high quality sound,If you got a good+ phono preamp like the the puffin.For me its lacking a bit of mid but for it price it's real high league.

Tony C September 18, 2020 Virginia, United States

The entire Fluance customer experience has been terrific.

After 6 months as a satisfied RT-81/Ai40 bundle listener, I was ready to upgrade to the Reference Series RT-85 and it lives up to all the buzz. It's stunning in its design, construction and sound. The gloss walnut finish is flawless and the Ortofon 2M Blue delivers dynamic sounds - great with rock, jazz, acoustic and classical (vintage LPs as well as new). Previously I added a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge and Schiit Mani pre-amp and they remain part of my vinyl.

For a 100% online buying experience Fluance really delivers 5 Star value.

Liz T September 17, 2020

I purchased a RT85, unfortunately the Dust Cover was broken in 2 Places, and the Right channel didn't work.I've got to say; 'Fluance Audio' was very good about returning and refunding my money.This review is about the product though, NOT the company I purchased from.I liked the three point rubber foot mount, it makes leveling very easy.The Ortofon Blue is an awesome cartridge ($220 value easily).The Acrylic Platter was nice (Looked Cool), but I'm not convinced they add to, or subtract from, the sound quality (about a $120 value though).Do you consider MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as real 'Solid Wood'.?.? (IMO: No) - It does, however, get treated with your choice of wood veneer, or Painted Black.Not much to say about the motor; yep, it spun the record...Very, Very disappointed in the Tone-Arm; - Threading the cartridge to the tone-arm was rough, like the threads were very poor quality. I had to move the Cartridge around until the threads finely lined up. - The tone-arm plastic Locking mechanism didn't lock the arm down, The tone-arm could still move around. - The Cueing mechanism in the UP position, IMO, did not raise the cartridge nearly high enough. - Dark Lettering on the Black Weight balance; maybe it's my eyes getting old, but I couldn't see the numbers.I am VERY surprised at the number of 5 star reviews on this turntable.I feel lucky mine didn't work and I got my money back.I tried to be honest and fair;I sincerely hope if you purchase one of the RT versions that YOU ARE HAPPY because that's what matters most.Unfortunately, sorry, but I just wasn't impressed at all.

Sudsakorn B. September 17, 2020 California, United States

It's too early to talk about the performance of the RT85 Lucky Bamboo as I've just received it on 09/14/2020. But there are some points, which I wish to express.
1. The order was promptly executed by Fluance.
2. The shipping UPS took only 5 days from Canada to Thailand with a little delay due to severe weather in Mount Hope, ON according to the report and a Sunday in Thailand.
3. The package was very well packed. There is a list of contents printed on the flap of the box.
4. The set up is so easy. I checked the alignment of the cartridge. It was already correctly aligned.
It will take a while to tell how good the RT85 is. Let it spin.
* I live in Thailand.

Brie G. September 16, 2020 Washington, United States

My husband had been researching turntables and was really excited when he learned about the Fluance RT85. I knew he really wanted it, but it wasn't really in the budget at the time and then he ended up getting laid off due to Covid after 22 years at his company. The one he wanted wasn't available for awhile so I was so happy to find it available and surprised him for out 10 Yr anniversary. He's been very pleased with it! I must say, it sounds amazing and looks classy! Very happy with it!

Arthur R September 16, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I'm very happy with my purchase of my RT85. Amazing Walnut finish and sound.

Aleksander September 16, 2020 Alberta, Canada

I was a bit scared when ordering this turntable to Norway. I took a risk and I have no regrets. Beautiful workmanship and good sound.

Ross F September 16, 2020 Texas, United States

I didn't know how much better my setup could sound. The RT85 is worth every penny.

Greg P September 15, 2020 Georgia, United States

No complaints. Set up was simple and it sounds great. I'm very impressed with the leveling feet and the amount of isolation they provide.

Art M. September 13, 2020 California, United States

All the online & You Tube reviews were right on! For the money, this is a great turntable & cartridge. I had little tear of joy listening to my old vinyl. Highly recommend the RT85.

GreenJeans September 13, 2020

Love the look and operation. The Ortofon 2M blue cartridge/stylus included is great - sells alone for more than half of the total cost of this product.

Dan S September 12, 2020 Iowa, United States

Purchased the RT 85. Paired with Klipsch the Fives in my office. Awesome deep sound and look!

LynnH September 12, 2020 California, United States

Beautiful component, easy set up and arm calibration. Up and running in 30 minutes

Pete H September 12, 2020 Washington, United States

Works great so far, no problems. Shipping was quick. I'm a believer in FLUANCE!

Chuck H. September 11, 2020 California, United States

When I received my RT85W I was happy with how carefully it was packed. After unpacking I found it easy to put together. I was in awe of the sound coming out of my old LP collection, It is as if I have different LP's. This RT85 with the 2MBlue is amazing.

Josh H. September 11, 2020 North Carolina, United States

Beautiful, solid turntable. Excellent sound quality with the Ortofon Blue cartridge. Well packaged and easy to assembly, worked well right out of the box. Well worth the price tag!

Rick C. September 11, 2020 New York, United States

I’m speechless. So, I’ll just offer two words: Superior product.

Anand M September 11, 2020 Virginia, United States

I'm loving the RT85. After a couple of weeks of A LOT of use, the Ortofon Blue cart is sounding beautiful. The table, with what I assume is brilliant assistance from the optical scanner that helps tracking speed, makes even my really old and not-so-perfect albums sound rich and warm.

Instruments and vocals are rendered is really excellent in three dimensional sound on my Polk bookshelf speakers. I'm blown away by the value of the RT85. Looks, sounds and feels like a $1,000 turntable.

My only very minor criticism is that autostop doesn't work on some records, especially new pressings. And the "Q-up" tool doesn't fit on the table. But I'm guessing this issue isn't limited to Fluance tables. And high-end tables don't typically even include this feature.

Highly recommend the 85 to anyone looking to upgrade their vinyl experience and enjoy your library like you're listening to albums for the first time. Yes, it's that good and at an amazing price.

Lastly, setup was super easy for me and I'm a novice at this sort of thing. Great directions. Unboxing was a fun and rewarding experience. White gloves--super classy, Fluance!

Jeremy P. September 10, 2020 California, United States

Judging by all the reviews I read looking to upgrade from my technics DL-22 of 34 years my anticipation was high.
When it arrived and I opened the box and seeing the piano black finish looked amazing. Assembly was very easy I couldn't wait to slap some wax on the acrylic platter and hear through the blue ortofon stylus. Well it did NOT disappoint! I spent the last few month's narrowing down to three turntables and decided to go with the RT85.
So yourself a favor buy it. At the price you can't go wrong compared to paying double or triple and getting the same quality...

Anthony R. September 10, 2020 Oregon, United States

After a lot of comparing and reading a fair share of reviews (like you are, right now!) I decided to dive into the world of hi-fi turntables with the RT85. It lives up to all the hype. The design: sexy; the sound: full and immersive; the build: solid and sturdy. I can only echo what hundreds of others have already said.

I can add this bit of specific news regarding the customer service. My first night while listening to records there was a lot of crackling and popping, my best guess being from static electricity buildup from the packaging. Styrofoam, I'm looking at you. I sent an email to customer support, and Julie (sweet, sweet Julie) asked me to send a video of the issue. After the first night, the popping had stopped, which leads me to further believe it was built up static from the packaging. The video reflected this. Julie sent me an anti-static brush and stylus cleaner anyway. Go Julie!

Gordon C September 9, 2020

The turntable was delivered as promised. It was well packaged, so no damages. The instructions were easy to follow and I was ready to start playing records within a few minutes. The sound quality is very good for a turntable in this price bracket. I love the inclusion of a pair of white gloves - nice touch :-)

Allie B September 9, 2020 California, United States

I've been wanting a really nice turntable for my growing collection and this was the perfect choice, it sounds amazing and matches the rest of the wood furniture in my room, couldn't have made a better purchase

Chris M September 9, 2020 Michigan, United States

I was blown away on the first needle drop. I've always owned cheaper turntables. You know that expectation you have when you make that leap to a higher-end piece of gear? This one exceeded that expectation. I'm very happy with the RT85. Do yourself a favor and get one... and enjoy. Cheers.

Bruce B September 8, 2020 Ohio, United States

Easy to setup and great sound. I've had no issues at all and highly recommend it to others.

Chris w September 7, 2020 Alberta, Canada

Sounds great and looks even better. Love it as an upgrade from my LP60x

Craig C. September 7, 2020 California, United States

Recently, after upgrading my system, I got the itch to listen to my extensive collection of LPs, covering almost 50 years. It was well past time to replace my long-stored '70s vintage Technics direct-drive turntable and Stanton 681EEE cartridge. Pretty good for the era, but alas, the cueing lever had lost its magic and the stylus was well worn.

After much research, the Fluance range bubbled up to the top of my $500 budget. The RT85 is a compelling value, especially with its acrylic platter and pre-installed Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Those would be pricey upgrades if done after the fact. I think the hardest part is choosing the plinth. I first veered to walnut, then returned to basic black. Little did I know that Fluance was soon to introduce bamboo! (Too late for me.)

The RT85T looks classy and sounds truly magnificent through a Cambridge Audio system with direct analog signal path. The soundstage is right there. Symphonic pieces resonate in all their glory, while rock punches through with a solid, well-balanced tone. As a bass player, I love hearing the tight bass response of the Ortofon Blue. Yet the midrange and the high frequencies are also reproduced perfectly. Incredible presence and dynamic range that only vinyl can deliver. No inner-groove distortion and I'm sure it will sound even better after break-in. The auto stop is a great feature in a busy house. Very happy with this purchase.

A couple of setup tips: Be sure the trim piece that sits over the motor spindle is fully seated, otherwise you will get a rapid ticking sound. When balancing the tonearm, do the rough adjustment with the tip protector over the stylus, then carefully remove it and fine tune. (It takes a lot of turns to get the counterweight where it needs to be, which is closer to the fulcrum.) Then zero the calibration index and turn *the whole thing* to read 1.8 grams. Treat the stylus with extreme care, as it is infinitely more delicate than a Stanton or Shure (don't ask me how I know). :/


Devin L September 7, 2020 California, United States

My experience from set up to use has been a pure joy! Great sound and design!

Harry P September 6, 2020 Kansas, United States

I was pretty happy and proud when I bought my first real turntable, a Dual 1019 in 1968, but I think I'm even more pleased with my purchase of this new Fluance. The value per dollar ratio is just as important to me now as it was back then, and I feel like I made a really smart purchase.

Although I knew it would be placed on a classic walnut cabinet, I opted for the gloss black model to accentuate the contemporary feel of this modern piece of equipment in the new but still retro vinyl world. Glad I did, because the piano black is beautiful.

I chose the RT85 for several reasons, but the top three were the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, the acrylic platter, and the auto-off function. After having it up and running for just these few days I can say now that I would not buy a turntable without those features.

I have eclectic tastes in music and some old, untrained ears. But like you, I like what I like... and I appreciate hearing all of it that I can. So say what you will about analog v. digital, and I admit I've been actively listening and actually paying attention with this new turntable, but the music has been incredible with voices, and sounds, and nuances that I'd been missing.

The proof is always in whether I would buy the same thing again or do some more research. No doubt about it, I would buy the RT85 again. Happily.

Andrew Slaunwhite September 5, 2020 Nova Scotia, Canada

For the last 2 years I have been searching far and wide, reading reveiws on different players and really trying to get a feel for what exactly I wanted to get out of my next turntable. Eventually I came across Fluance and the masses of incredible reveiws on these tables. I knew I wanted a solid built table with a quality cart and the ability to switch head shells. With the RT 85 I received those features. I had already been accustomed to the quality of the Ortofon Cartridges so my expectations were set. What I didnt realise was how much this turntable would perfect that sound and exceed those expectations. The bass has so much more punch on this table and just a warmer feel. I would have to assume this comes from the chunky platter that is supplied, and the anti vibration feet working in harmony to reproduce a clean quality sound. The price range is perfect for the quality you receive, and I have been far more than satisfied with my purchase. If you are a novice in the analog audio world and want to get serious about your set up without breaking the bank, this table will without a doubt meet all of your needs and even go so far as to exceed them. Thanks Fluance!

Ethan C. September 4, 2020 Florida, United States

After enjoying my older Audio-Technica LP120 for about 2 years, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I have been researching new turntables for awhile and I had my mind set on the RT-85 after reading reviews and watching a lot of YouTube videos. From the time I unboxed the turntable I could tell the quality was top notch. After reading over the instructions a few times, I went ahead and started the set up. Set up was a breeze and the instructions were spot on. After the initial set up I auditioned the turntable with Norah Jone's Come Away with Me Album as this is the album that I like to use for comparison. I immediately could tell the improvement over my old turntable. The bass was powerful but well balanced. The highs were crisp but not over powering. Norah Jones's vocals were heavenly. I felt like I was listening to her right in the room. I would give this more than a 4 star rating but it was either a 4 or a 5. I could not give it a 5 for the following reasons. These are very minor gripes. The first was that the numbering on the counter weight, They were not visible very well and were same color as the counter weight which made it very difficult to see. The second was that I did not see which side the acrylic platter needed to be on so I had to just do trial and error. These two gripes very minor, but made me not rate this a 5 star.
Over all I am in love with this turntable and I can see many more nights of heavenly music on this RT-85.

Q September 4, 2020

Simply put...the Fluance RT85 is the best turntable for the money. I tried a U-Turn and a Pro-Ject, but I wasn't truly satisfied with either. I sold those and bought the RT85. Wow! I love it. The RT85 costs a little more than my old U-Turn, but is less expensive than my last Pro-Ject. Comparing apples to apples the Fluance clearly has a warmer, clearer and well defined sound. The Ortofon Blue cartridge is a real plus. Yes, you can buy better turntables for a lot more money, but for $499 the Fluance is a real bargain. Hands down the best turntable in this price range, and it's not even a contest.

John J. September 2, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

This is a very nice looking turntable. I’m very happy with the sound quality and the entire process from ordering, receiving and setting up was a breeze.

Gary K August 28, 2020 Alberta, Canada

Very impressed with the build, the look, the quality, the sound of my new rt85. I bought two other turntables before this one(nad and audio Technica) and returned them because of how cheap they felt and sounded. I was a little reluctant to spend this much on a turntable but now I am very glad I did. Enjoying some old vinyl again and I don’t think it ever sounded so good. Very attractive addition to my system as well. The service from Fluance has been excellent as well. Very happy and would highly recommend to anyone.

Yuri B August 28, 2020 Ontario, Canada

RT85 is my first turntable. Made of quality materials, features all the options to perfectly set your turnable out of the box - level, adjustable height, user manual and even gloves to to experience a new quality item longer and keep your records without fingerprints. Of course the record player is the heart of your sound but the preamp and sound system and finally the record itself are equally important to feel the perfection of the sound and make your collection become desired again. Absolutely recommended for all who value quality.

Bill F. August 27, 2020 California, United States

The RT85 has just the right features and performance, easy to setup and all the critical cartridge alignment has been done for you at the factory. I have a few records that are in mint condition but are hard to track for some turntable/cartridge combinations, the RT85 tracks my most difficult records really well. Very pleased with my purchase - great value with the Ortofon 2m blue cartridge!

Pietro August 26, 2020 Quebec, Canada

I already own an RT-83 for almost a year. It sounds great and looks fantastic in gloss black. I am purchasing an RT-85 because it is replacing a Rega 3 in our main listening room. Having listened to it at a friends house, the RT-85 blew me away. It sounded better than my Rega P3 ,and looks just as good if not more expensive at more than half the price!

Robert D August 25, 2020 British Columbia, Canada

Very pleased with the overall look and smooth functionality of this turntable. And then the sound, wow now there’s the improvement I was looking for, the crisp clear sound that made the hugest difference in my room. Thank you Fluance , I clearly made the write purchase.

(R) August 25, 2020 California, United States

amazing turntable for the price! definitely worth the peowea

David Q August 23, 2020 Massachusetts, United States

I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I was very much looking forward to enjoying it; unfortunately, that took a little bit longer than expected due to some pending home improvements and I had to see the box sitting in a corner for three weeks. Lets go with the PLUSES and the MINUSES:


1. PURCHASING EXPERIENCIE: the website is fantastic; the amount of the information on the site is good enough to make an informed purchase: every necessary detail is in there and there's no need to look for other resources outside of the Fluance website.
2. PURCHASE PROCESS: very easy. Love the way it is set up.
3. DELIVERY TIME: despite Covid, I got my turntable at least a week before expected (even though it was an international shipment).
4. PACKAGING: very robust. Everything was neatly tucked in.
5. UNBOXING: very easy to unbox and organize everything on the table for a smooth setup. Kudos to the person who came up with the gloves and bubble level: you don't want to leave smudge fingerprints in your turntable during the setup and you will want to make sure the turntable is flat.
6. INSTRUCTION MANUAL: very easy to follow.
7. SOUND: just wow!!! Even my 15 year-old daughter (who's not an expert on turntables) could immediately tell the difference.
8. AUTO-STOP FUNCTION: That was the detail that made it for me. I was looking at a Pro-Ject, a Rega and Fluance. Each of them had something I was looking for, but the auto-stop was the factor that played the decisive role.

**NOTE TO IT TEAM: I'm outside of the US, but the customer review format does not allow me to put my country.

MINUSES (although these were not deal breakers)

1. INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS OPTIONS: you should try to offer fast delivery and slow delivery options to accommodate different budges. The transportation costs and the import duties almost doubled the cost of the turntable (the transportation costs were 30% of the cost of my RT85).
2. BALANCING THE COUNTERWEIGHT: In the setup process I only had a hard time balancing the counterweight. I guess the instruction manual should have said "push the counterweight with some strength". I had to look for a video on the website to realize that I was not pushing the counterweight as hard as I should have.
3. CUE-LEVER AND TONE ARM HOLDER: I have the feeling it's "not robust"; for the price I was expecting something a bit more solid. Perhaps I'm just speaking out of ignorance, but I would've expected a stronger support for the tonearm material-wise. When I lift touch the cue lever I feel it might break. Guess I'll have to get used to it. This wouldn't have been a deal-breaker if would've had a chance to test the turntable prior to my purchase, but our of my three "minuses", this is the biggest one.

Russell B August 23, 2020

Great sound and build. Nice looking too, and easy to set up

Thomas T August 22, 2020 California, United States

So far, it’s fantastic!

Dave S August 22, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I spent weeks and weeks mulling over a few different tables, but I'm very happy with my choice. It's silent, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Plus the 2m Blue cartridge sounds fantastic. I'll be using my RT85 for years to come.

Nicholas R August 21, 2020 California, United States

The RT85 is an amazing machine. It sounds fantastic and easy to setup and use. I just noticed that you can’t use the auto stop for 45s, the player will stop before the 45 is finished. Works great with 33s though. At first 45s were playing inconsistently, sometimes they would sound great and then other times they’d have a lot of cracking but I hadn’t realized about the 24 hour burn in period and I think that’s helped a bit. Overall though it’s a great product that I’ll enjoy for a long time.

Mark T August 19, 2020

So I spent a week trying to get my old technics sl 23a to play 33's to no avail. Then spent the rest of lockdown researching ,reading reviews on here and YouTube (thank you Vinyl TV). After all that,and what with it being my 50th and being made redundant,like alot of folks, went the whole 9 yards and got this beauty. It is the absolute business,looks amazing, sounds better than it looks and easy to follow instructions make it breeze to set up. Had it a fortnight now and it's only going to sound better when it beds in. Can't find any problems with it yet, so I can highly recommend this beast. Buy it,enjoy it,love it, you won't be disappointed.

Cathy S August 19, 2020 Alberta, Canada

Very beautiful and high quality look! Haven’t played yet because I don’t have pre-amp

Joe D August 19, 2020 New York, United States